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Planetary Weather (3-5)

Each planet in our solar system has its own unique weather. NASA SCaN uses satellites to send back data and pictures of their atmospheres through the Deep Space Network, our collection of huge radio antennas located around Earth, so we can learn more about the weather that occurs there. Complete the following to expand your knowledge about weather on other planets and moons in our solar system!

Scan the QR code on page one of the activity or click here to read about the different weather conditions NASA has found on the seven other planets in our solar system! After reading, choose your favorite planet and draw yourself as an astronaut on that planet in the snow globe below. Make sure to draw the planetary weather around you! Read on to page two for fun facts about the space weather on some of the moons in our solar system.

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Planetary Weather Activity Page 1
Planetary Weather Activity Page 2

A coloring sheet with an astronaut inside of a snow globe.
A lunar weather fact sheet. The sheet lists facts about six different moons in our solar system.