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Tri-C Students Shadow NASA Professionals  

A student, left, looks at a 3D printer on a table as a NASA employee, right, explains how it works and why it is important to research.
NASA Glenn aerospace engineer Jonah Sachs-Wetstone, right, explains to Cuyahoga Community College student Rayan Jami how 3D printers in the Innovation Lab produce rapid prototyping.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

Students from Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) visited NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland on Feb. 15 to shadow NASA professionals in a variety of career areas – from offices to laboratories. During the event, students and their advisor acquired knowledge about the NASA Internship Program, Pathways Internship Program, and NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars program.

A well-dressed college student, left, and a subject matter expert sit across from each other at a large desk. A large screen with faces of online meeting attendees shows on a large screen in the background.
NASA Safety Center’s Kevin Rainbolt, right, reviews Safety & Mission Assurance agency enterprise solutions with Cuyahoga Community College student Evan Sims.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis

In addition to the presentations, students moved through various exhibit stations, which included the Graphics and Visualization Lab, Space Communications and Navigation, and Can You Drive My Rover (Arduino) demonstration.              

Four people sit around a large table in a well-lit meeting room in a discussion. A blank dry erase board hangs in the background.
Members of NASA Glenn’s Office of Communications talk with a Cuyahoga Community College student about career areas in communications. Left to right: Jacqueline Minerd, Rosemilley Agosto Ruiz (student), Brian Newbacher, and Jan Wittry.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis