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NASA’s Modern History Makers: Carrie Green

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NASA’s Sound Bites video series celebrates members of our workforce and shares their diverse experiences and insights. On this episode we meet Carrie Green, deputy safety mission and assurance lead for the European Service Module. The service module supplies the Orion spacecraft’s main propulsion system and power, and on future missions will house life support systems for astronauts. Green’s work helps NASA understand and mitigate risks related to spaceflight and ensure our missions are safe. When she reflects on the younger version of herself, a girl who was passionate about space and wanted to be the first woman on Mars, she is struck by the irony. Perseverance and a belief in her purpose, things she learned from her mother, have led to a career at NASA where she is at the forefront of human exploration.

NASA is in a Golden Era of aeronautics and space exploration. In partnership with commercial and private businesses, NASA is currently making history with significant missions such as Artemis, X-57 Maxwell, and X-59 Quesst. The NASA’s Modern History Makers series highlights members of NASA Glenn’s workforce who make these remarkable missions possible