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Glenn Digital Specialists Earn NASA Awards

Four of NASA Glenn Research Center’s digital specialists were selected as 2023 NASA Photographers and Videographers of the Year. The winning photos and videos showcased NASA’s people, places, and projects, as captured by NASA’s talented photographers and videographers. There were numerous submissions from all NASA centers for several categories. The following four winners from NASA Glenn stood out for their outstanding work: 

Jim Zunt and Dennis Brown: First  Place Videographer Award in the Production Category

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads… but we still need tires! In this episode, we rolled on over to NASA’s Glenn Research Center where engineer Heather Oravec is reinventing the wheel – literally! Heather explains her work in creating wheels intended for use on other celestial bodies, such as the Moon, and how she got traction in this unique career.
Credit: NASA/Jim Zunt and Dennis Brown

Jordan Salkin: Third Place Photographer Award in the Portrait Category 

Two young men stare intently at ice formations on a spinner of a proprotor model.
Curtis Flack, left, and Paul Von Hardenberg inspect the ice formation on the spinner of an Advanced Air Mobility proprotor model. The data from the test will be used by icing researchers to better understand the risks of icing on electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles, which will assist with the design and certification of new aircraft.
Credit: NASA/Jordan Salkin 

Jordan Salkin: Third  Place Videographer Award in the Time Warp Category 

NASA has demonstrated a breakthrough in 3-D printable high-temperature materials that could lead to stronger, more durable parts for airplanes and spacecraft. NASA Alloy GRX-810, an oxide-dispersion-strengthened alloy, can endure temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, is more malleable, and can survive more than 1,000 times longer than existing state-of-the-art alloys. Credit: NASA/Jordan Salkin

Jef JanisSecond Place Photographer Award in the Places Category 

Black and white photo of the Glenn Research Center hangar that is in the distance. Clouds above the hangar look like they are moving fast.
NASA Glenn’s Flight Research Building. The hangar has been home to many unique and innovative aircraft over the years.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis 

Jef Janis: Third Place Photographer Award in the People Category 

Looking inside NASA Glenn’s Central Air Equipment building showing two large compressors with an employee in front of each compressor. A robotic dog stands in the center and awaits commands.
“Astro,” a robotic dog, helps prevent hearing loss by assisting NASA employees with inspections in noisy Glenn test facilities. Able to be operated remotely, Astro serves as their eyes and ears, keeping employees out of harm’s way while machines and compressors are running.
Credit: NASA/Jef Janis