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NASA’s Curious Universe Podcast Returns for Season Five

Futuristic style illustration of a spacesuit with virtual reality capabilities with "Curious Universe" on the front of the helmet. There are grid lines across the top of the image and a swirl across the bottom. The colors go from pink at the bottom to navy at the top. There are illustrated asteroids, a satellite, and, the Lucy spacecraft to the left and gravitational waves and a rover to the right.

NASA’s Curious Universe podcast returns Feb. 13 with a season five release full of wild and wonderful adventures on our home planet and beyond.

This season, listeners will catalog asteroids with planetary scientists, journey to Australia with a science writer covering a rocket launch and learn about next-generation spacesuits from NASA engineers.

Season five of NASA’s Curious Universe will launch on Feb. 13 with new episodes dropping every Tuesday through April 11.

NASA’s Curious Universe first debuted in March 2020 and features a catalog of 42 episodes focused on various topics, including supersonic flight, black holes, and the search for life beyond Earth.

NASA’s Curious Universe is a podcast created with the  “first-time space explorer” in mind and doesn’t require prior knowledge of NASA or its missions. All you need is your curiosity!

Find NASA’s Curious Universe, and the show’s companion Spanish podcast, Universo Curioso de la NASA, on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Soundcloud.

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