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Use these educational video segments to inspire and engage students.

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Do-It-Yourself Podcasts

DIY Podcast

Create your own podcast with NASA video and audio clips.

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NASA Student Ambassadors

A woman sitting at a computer console with the words NASA Student Ambassadors Virtual Community underneath

NASA has inducted more than 80 high-performing interns into a new virtual community.

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Math and Science @ Work

    Engage and Educate Advanced High School Students

    Advanced students require challenging materials to keep them focused on their studies and to help provide them insight into the limitless array of options in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM fields.

    NASA's Math and Science @ Work project provides challenging supplemental problems based on space exploration topics. This project engages students by providing real world applications to promote critical thinking and problem-solving while exposing students to careers working in space exploration.

    These problems are for high school students in advanced classes, grades 10-12, and are formatted in a free-response style. Problems are available for Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, U.S. History and Human Geography.

    TECHNOLOGY NOTE: NASA's Math and Science @ Work project partnered with Texas Instruments to provide technology specific versions of some of the series problems. On this website you will find these problems are designated by the type of technology used: TI-Nspire™ technology and/or TI-84 Plus™ technology.

    These problems, as well as other activities using TI technology, can also be found at the TI Activity Exchange →, the TI Math Nspired website →, and the TI Science Nspired website →.

Space Exploration Series

Exploration provides the foundation of our knowledge, technology, resources, and inspiration. It seeks answers to fundamental questions about our existence, responds to recent discoveries and puts in ...

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Mission Control Center Series

NASA has used the space shuttle for human transport, the construction of the International Space Station (ISS), and to research the effects of space on the human body. One of the keys to the success ...

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Research Laboratories Series

Research laboratories at NASA are used in many ways to support missions and manned spaceflight. They assist with the design, testing, and development of current and future NASA programs. Ultimately, ...

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Celebrating Apollo Series

Race to Space

NASA’s Apollo Program had a great effect on the recent history and politics of the United States. In our efforts to better understand space, NASA’s Apollo Program also helped give a greater ...

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Career Profiles

  • Co-op student standing in front of a space shuttle

    So You Want to Work for NASA...

    This resource page provides information about some of the careers NASA has to offer and the opportunities available for students.

Current Opportunities

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