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The Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, or EPSCoR, establishes partnerships with government, higher education and industry that are designed to effect lasting improvements in a state's or region's research infrastructure, R&D capacity and hence, its national R&D competitiveness. In addition to the research and technology development, the awards enable faculty development and higher education student support.

The EPSCoR program is directed at those jurisdictions that have not in the past participated equably in competitive aerospace and aerospace-related research activities. Twenty-eight states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico currently participate. Seven federal agencies conduct EPSCoR programs, including NASA.

NASA EPSCoR Jurisdictions and their Directors
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The goal of EPSCoR is to provide seed funding that will enable jurisdictions to develop an academic research enterprise directed toward long-term, self-sustaining, nationally-competitive capabilities in aerospace and aerospace-related research. 

NASA EPSCoR objectives are to:

  • Contribute to and promote the development of research infrastructure in NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions in areas of strategic importance to the NASA mission.
  • Improve the capabilities of the jurisdictions to gain support from sources outside the NASA EPSCoR program.
  • Develop partnerships between NASA research assets, academic institutions, and industry.
  • Contribute to the overall research infrastructure, science and technology capabilities, higher education, and/or economic development of the jurisdiction.
  • Work in close coordination with Space Grant to improve the environment for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in the jurisdiction.

The two main components of EPSCoR are:

  • EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Development, or RID. This component enables jurisdictions to build and strengthen relationships with NASA researchers. The RID has a three-year base period of performance with a potential single, two-year renewable period of performance. Awards are $125,000 per year. NASA intends to announce the RID opportunity every three to five years, pending funding availability.
  • EPSCoR Research Awards solicits topic-specific proposals addressing high-priority NASA research and technology development needs. Awards are up to $750,000 for a three-year performance period. NASA intends to announce the EPSCoR CAN for Research Awards yearly, pending funding availability.



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