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NASA Television’s channels NTV-1 (formerly the Public Channel) and NTV-3 (formerly the Media Channel) are now in high definition. NTV-2 (formerly the Education Channel) is a standard digital feed. NTV-1 provides real-time coverage of NASA missions, events and special programming. NTV-2 provides real-time coverage of NASA missions, education content and special programming in standard definition. NTV-3 provides mission coverage, news conferences and relevant video and audio materials to local, national and international news-gathering organizations.

All NASA Television channels are available on Satellite AMC-18C. Specific parameters for each channel are:

NASA’s Live Interactive Media Service (LIMS) is KU-Band service. KU-Band parameters are provided prior to each event. NASA Television will schedule each LIMS event on a satellite in proximity of AMC-18 whenever possible.

News networks, their reporters, and other broadcast media organizations must tune their satellite receivers to the NTV-3 to ensure reception of clean feeds for all mission coverage, news conferences, and other agency distributed news and information.

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