SERVIR's ISERV Camera Image of Algeria from Space Station
SERVIR's ISERV Camera Image of Algeria from Space Station

With the installation and activation of the ISS SERVIR Environmental Research and Visualization System, ISERV, on space station, NASA will be able to provide unique images of Earth to global communities.

ISERV is positioned to look through Destiny's Earth-facing window. ISERV receives commands from Earth and acquires image data of specific areas on the Earth as the station passes over.

SERVIR is a unique program that brings NASA's satellite information to the grassroots communities around the globe. The SERVIR team translates remote sensing data into actionable information about issues such as water and land use, disaster management, agricultural problems, and biodiversity conservation. Most importantly, SERVIR streamlines access to this information and develops state-of-the art tools for use by developing countries in addressing the specific environmental concerns they face.

Image credit: Servir/ISERV

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