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Nov. 10, 2010
International Space Station Spacewalk Live On NASA TV Monday
HOUSTON -- Two Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station will conduct a spacewalk Monday, Nov. 15, to prepare the outpost for future assembly work. The spacewalk will be broadcast live on NASA Television beginning at 8 a.m. CST, Nov. 15.

During the six-hour spacewalk, Expedition 25 Flight Engineers Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oleg Skripochka will work outside the Zvezda service module. They will clean thermal insulation around the vents for the Elektron oxygen-generation system, install a work platform, replace material sciences experiments and move a television camera from one Russian docking module to another.

Wearing Russian Orlan spacesuits, the duo will exit the Pirs docking compartment airlock at approximately 8:25 a.m. The spacewalk will be the fifth for Yurchikhin, who will wear a spacesuit marked with red stripes, and the first for Skripochka, who will wear a suit with blue stripes.

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