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Marshall Center social media panelStay connected with Marshall and its growing social media channels.
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Michoud Assembly Facility

An aerial view of the primary manufacturing facility at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans.Michoud Assembly Facility is a world-class manufacturing facility providing vital support to NASA exploration and discovery missions.
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Enabling Exploration

Artist concept of SLS on launchpadMarshall develops and manages space exploration vehicles/hardware to explore beyond low Earth orbit.
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Scientific Discovery

Dr. Lisa Monaco, project scientist for the Lab-on-a-Chip Applications Development program, examines a prototype chip.

Marshall develops, builds, and manages spacecraft and instruments, and performs research that enables scientific discovery in space and benefits life on Earth.
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NASA Flickr: Space Station Research Affects Lives

Marshall: Launching the Future of Science and Exploration

Artist concept of SLS launchAt NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., where the nation's journey to space began more than a half-century ago, a dedicated group of engineers, scientists and business professionals lead the development and testing of tomorrow's flagship space vehicles, space systems and rocket engines. We pursue cutting-edge scientific discoveries that improve and protect lives on Earth. And we work to discover the secrets of the universe, increasing our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it.

Marshall became a NASA field center on July 1, 1960. Today, it remains a vital resource for NASA and the nation, with unique capabilities that are essential to the exploration of space. Together with our partners across NASA and around the world, we are engaged in a large part of the agency's work, especially propulsion and space transportation, engineering, science, space systems and space operations, and project and program management.
With our highly skilled and diverse workforce, proven technical and scientific experience, and state-of-the-art laboratories and test facilities, Marshall stands at the intersection of science and exploration -- delivering safe, affordable and sustainable solutions that will change our world… and bring us closer to countless others across the cosmos.

More About Marshall

The Marshall Center's 4200 administrative complex on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. Learn more about Marshall's vital roles in America's space program.
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Marshall StarMarshall Star
Published online every Wednesday, the Marshall Star is the Marshall weekly newspaper.
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Marshall Pocket Guide cover graphicPocket Guide
A fascinating look at the complex, challenging work at Marshall, and how its talented, dedicated team supports NASA goals.
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Cover of Marshall Capabilities brochureCapabilities at Marshall
Marshall brings vital resources to NASA and the nation for solving unique challenges of space exploration. Equipped with superior experience, critical skills and unique facilities.
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Marshall at Work image, showing young woman performing precision workMarshall at Work
Visit our website that highlights recent activities and developments around the center
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Marshall Information Sheet graphicInformation Sheet
An overview of Marshall's key areas of support, outreach initiatives, spinoffs and visitor information.
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Hubble Directly Observes a Planet Orbiting Another StarMarshall Facts
The Marshall Center is a key contributor to significant NASA programs, continuing a legacy of accomplishment.
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