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People and Missions

Learn about the people who make up the Johnson Space Center community. Everyone from students, scientists, engineers and astronauts contribute to make JSC the agency's lead human space flight center.
NASA Astronaut Corps
JSC is home to the NASA astronaut corps and is responsible for training space explorers from the United States and our space station partner nations.
Mission Control Center
The Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center directs all space shuttle missions, including International Space Station assembly flights. MCC also manages all activity aboard the International Space Station.
Space Shuttle
JSC is the lead center for space shuttle activities and the home of Mission Control and the astronaut corps.
International Space Station
JSC serves as the lead NASA center for the International Space Station -- a U.S.-led collaborative effort of 16 nations, and the largest, most powerful, complex human facility to ever operate in space.


JSC Celebrates 50 Years of Human Space Flight
The Johnson Space Center has been home to the nation's human space flight programs. Review the past, glimpse into the future and download imagery of the past 50 years here.

NASA Johnson Space Center Fact Sheets
Refer to JSC's Fact Sheet Library for information about the center, the station and shuttle and more.

JSC History  →
Explore the history of Johnson Space Center, NASA and America's human space flight program.

JSC Freedom of Information
Passed in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act provides the public and industry a means of acquiring information about federal government activities.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a list of answers to the top 20 questions that are asked most often. Find out about exhibits, missions, souvenirs and other NASA related information.

JSC Environmental Excellence Policy
Johnson Space Center is committed to being a good environmental steward, complying with all regulations and continued improvement of our environmental programs.

JSC Annual Reports  →
Browse a collection of Johnson Space Center annual reports for 1997 through 2001. The reports summarize the Center's activities and accomplishments. JSC is no longer creating annual reports.

Related Multimedia

JSC Multimedia
What are NASA's policies when utilizing JSC multimedia for personal or professional use? Find JSC video and imagery. Browse among online galleries or call the Media Resource Center for more resources.

Related Sites

JSC Education  →
JSC strives to capture and channel students' interest in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.
JSC Technology
Technologies developed originally for space flight have already found a wide range of applications in medicine, energy, transportation, agriculture, communications and electronics.
Space Center Houston  →
Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of the Johnson Space Center, shares the thrill and wonder of space exploration with visitors from around the corner and around the world.
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