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Better Health From Space to Earth Unit

A drawing of a treadmill with labeled measurements 2m and 1m along its sides

Product Type: Educator Guide, Lesson Plan/Activity, Video Learning Clip
Audience: Educators
Grade Levels: 6-8
Publication Year: 2003
Product Number: EG-2003-11-17-LARC
General Science: Health and Nutrition
Mathematics: Computation and Estimation; Measurement
Time Required: Approximately 1 hour

Students will learn about the importance of good nutrition and exercise. They will investigate what we can learn in space about our bodies here on Earth. Students will see how researchers and scientists apply the mathematics concepts of measurement and estimation to study the loss of calcium in bones and the loss of muscle mass while astronauts are living and working in space. By viewing the video and conducting an inquiry-based activity, students will make connections between NASA research and the mathematics, science and technology they learn about in their classrooms.

Host Jennifer Pulley, NASA engineers and scientists pose inquiry-based questions throughout the video, allowing students to investigate, discover and think critically about the concepts being presented. When viewing the video, educators should pause the program at designated times in the segments so students can answer and discuss the questions. Use the activity in the educator guide to reinforce the concepts discussed in the program.

Objectives: Students will
  • Estimate serving sizes of different foods and compare their estimates to serving size information provided on
        "Nutrition Facts" food labels.

Better Health From Earth to Space Educator Guide [9MB PDF file]
Watch NASA CONNECT -- Better Health From Space to Earth
Download NASA CONNECT -- Better Health From Space to Earth

Video Duration: 26 minutes, 12 seconds
Video File Size: 340 MB

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