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Buzz Lightyear Putting It All Together Activity

Page from Buzz Lightyear Putting It All Together Activity

Product Type: Lesson Plan/Activity
Audience: Educators, Informal Education
Grade Levels: 3-8
Publication Year: 2008
Subjects: General Science, Technology

Buzz Lightyear has the distinguished honor of having been the longest-serving toy in space. He launched May 31, 2008, aboard the space shuttle Discovery with mission STS-124. He returned on Discovery 15 months later on Sept. 11, 2009, with STS-128. Now, back on Earth, Buzz has a challenge for your students: Create a Rube Goldberg-type device that incorporates at least 10 steps to put a marble in a cup. Students use their knowledge of the design process and physical science to design, test, modify and build a successful device.

Buzz Lightyear Putting It All Together Activity [4MB PDF file]

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