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Smart Skies

Welcome to Smart Skies!

Smart Skies was developed by NASA to engage students in STEM using pre-algebraic skills such as calculating distance, rate of speed, and time to make decisions and resolve conflicts in realistic air traffic control situations. In its LineUp with Math program, the challenges aviation professionals face to manage air traffic are simulated in a variety of problem sets which increase in complexity, allowing for flexibility based on individual skills. The air traffic simulator that’s included is available to use online or as a download. 

The program is well-suited to educational settings such as classrooms, as well as informal settings such as camps and even home aviation enthusiasts. The simulator and classroom-tested guides are provided on the LineUp with Math website.

LineUp with Math

About LineUp with Math


Simulator (online)

Simulator (download .zip)

If you have any questions about Smart Skies, please contact us at:

* For those who used our “Flyby Math” program in the past, it is no longer active. However, “LineUp with Math” is better than ever and we are committed to continued updates for Smart Skies.