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STS-82 official crew portrait

STS082-S-002 (December 1996) --- These seven astronauts are prime crew members for NASA’s STS-82 mission. They are, on the front row, from the left, Kenneth D. Bowersox, Steven A. Hawley and Scott J. Horowitz. On the back row are Joseph R. Tanner, Gregory J. Harbaugh; Mark C. Lee and Steven L. Smith. Bowersox and Horowitz are commander and pilot, respectively, with Lee assigned as payload commander. Hawley, Harbaugh, Smith and Tanner are mission specialists. The seven are pictured with a small model of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), which they will be paying a visit representing the second HST maintenance mission. Bowersox was pilot for the STS-61 mission, which performed the first maintenance on HST. Hawley was a mission specialist on STS-31, the mission whose astronauts originally deployed the HST.