The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal


Edited by Eric M. Jones and Ken Glover.

Commentary by the Editors and

Apollo 11 Astronauts
Neil A. Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin,
Apollo 12 Astronauts
Charles (Pete) Conrad, Jr.
Alan L. Bean,
Apollo 14 Astronaut
Edgar D. Mitchell,

Apollo 15 Astronauts
David R. Scott
James B. Irwin,
Apollo 16 Astronaut
Charles M. Duke,
Apollo 17 Astronauts
Eugene A. Cernan
Harrison H. (Jack) Schmitt

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Introductory Material

Program Summary, Overviews, and Supplementary Material

Background Material

Training and Ground Support

Flight Hardware

Command and Service Module
Lunar Module
Lunar Roving Vehicle
Suits and Life Support Equipment


Cameras and Lunar Surface Tools

  • Reading the Frame Counter on the Hasselblad Mags
  • NASA Photography Equipment and Techniques
  • Photographing Stars
  • Apollo Photography and the Color of the Moon
  • Apollo 11 Hasselblads
  • Catalog of Geology Tools
  • Handbook of Pilot Operational Equipment for Manned Space Flight
  • Where No Flag Has Gone Before
  • Condition of the Apollo Flags in 2009-2011
  • Lunar Geological Exploration Camera
  • Additional Documentation

    EASEP, ALSEP, and other Experiments

    Landing Sites, Maps, Geology

    Flight Plans and Procedures

  • Additional Material

    Closing Material


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