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Floyd Bennett - Lunar Module Descent and Ascent


NASA TM X-58040 (8.6Mb PDF) NASA Technical Memorandum, "Apollo Lunar Descent and Ascent Trajectories" by Floyd V. Bennett, presented at the AIAA 8th Aerospace Sciences Meeting, NYC, 19-21 January 1970. Planning and post-flight analysis for Apollo 11. Scan by Gary Neff.

NASA TND-6846 - Pages 1 - 18 (1.9Mb PDF) NASA Technical Note, "Apollo Experience Report - Mission Planning for Lunar Module Descent and Ascent" by Floyd V. Bennett, June 1972. Scan by Colin Fries. This is an expanded version of the previous paper and includes planning and post-flight analysis for both Apollo 11 and 12.

NASA TND-6846 - Pages 19 - 42 (2.4Mb PDF) Scan by Colin Fries. NASA TND-6846 (9.8Mb PDF) Scan courtesy Shelly Kelly, University of Houston - Clear Lake.


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