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Gordon Roxburgh

Journal Contributor Gordon Roxburgh writes: Gordon Roxburgh

I was born in 1974 long after the moon landings had been completed; my first recollections of space exploration were in 1981 when I sat transfixed to the TV watching Columbia lifting off on the first ever mission of the Space Shuttle. Ever since that day in 1981 the whole aerospace subject has fascinated me. The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal allowed myself and others to experience man's first journey to another solar body, even though were we never around when it actually happened.

My main contributions to Eric's fabulous project have been the design, of a simple, but effective, user interface and graphics package to identify and brand the journal while letting it grow and expand within a set and easy to understand structure. I also contributed to digitising of the 'moon to ground' audio into real audio format, helping to make the journal an even more realistic experience.

2 September 2002