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Figure Captions Copyright © 1996-2017 by Eric M. Jones. All rights reserved


Apollo 15 LM Lunar Surface Checklist

This checklist was scanned by Dave Hardin and Eric Jones; and converted to PDF by Ken Glover.

PDF version (4 Mb PDF)


Individual Pages

Title Page (13k.gif)

Signature Page (12k.gif)

Acknowledgement Page (9k.gif)

Page i, Effective Pages (14k.gif)

Page ii, Effective Pages (cont.) (16k.gif)

Page iii, Effective Pages (cont.) (16k.gif)

Page iv, Effective Pages (cont.) (12k.gif)

Page v, Contents (9k.gif)

Page vi, Contents (3k.gif)

Page a, Flight Plan, 96 - 108 hrs (17k.gif)

Page b, Flight Plan, 108 - 120 hrs (14k.gif)

Page c, Flight Plan, 120 - 132 hrs (16k.gif)

Page d, Flight Plan, 132 - 144 hrs (14k.gif)

Page e, Flight Plan, 144 - 156 hrs (16k.gif)

Page f, Flight Plan, 156 - 168 hrs (15k.gif)

Page g, Flight Plan, 168 - 180 hrs (15k.gif)

Page 1-1, PDI+20 (15k.gif)

Page 1-2, P57 Gravity (11k.gif)

Page 1-3, Partial Powerdown Configuration, Circuit Breaker Panel 11 (CDR) (13.gif)

Page 1-4, Partial Powerdown configuration, Circuit Breaker Panel 16 (LMP) (11k.gif)

Page 1-5, P57, Star Sightings, PDI+45 (14k.gif)

Page 1-6, PGNS/AGS Align, Battery Management (10k.gif)

Page 1-7, Powerdown & EVA Configuration, CB Panel 11 (11k.gif)

Page 1-8, Powerdown & EVA Configuration, CB Panel 16 (11k.gif)

Page 1-9, Powerdown Switch Configuration (14k.gif)

Page 1-10, Powerdown Switch Configuration (cont.) (14k.gif)

Page 1-11, Powerdown Switch Configuration (cont.) (10k.gif)

Page 2-1, Stand-up EVA (SEVA) Equipment Prep (17k.gif)

Page 2-2, Helmet/Glove Donning & Pressure Integrity Check (12k.gif)

Page 2-3, Depress, Hatch Opening, SEVA (15k.gif)

Page 2-4, Post-SEVA (12k.gif)

Page 2-5, Suit Doffing (13k.gif)

Page 2-6, Pre-Sleep (10k.gif)

Page 2-7, PLSS H2O Charge (14k.gif)

Page 2-8, Cabin Stowage and Hammock Deploy (15k.gif)

Page 2-9, Post-Sleep (11k.gif)

Page 2-10, Suit Donning (14k.gif)

Page 2-11, Battery Management (6k.gif)

Page 3-1, Cabin Prep EVA-1 (4k.gif)

Page 3-2, Collection Weight Summary (6k.gif)

Page 3-3, Transition to One-Man EVA (16k.gif)

Page 3-4, LM Repress Failure Procedure (14k.gif)

Page 3-5, Equipment Prep EVA-1 (12k.gif)

Page 3-6, PLSS Donning (13k.gif)

Page 3-7, PLSS Comm Check (14k.gif)

Page 3-8, Final Systems Prep (11k.gif)

Page 3-9, OPS Connect, Helmet and Glove Donning (15k.gif)

Page 3-10, Pressure Integrity Check, Cabin Depress (14k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-2 and CDR-2 (13k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-3 and CDR-3, Egress and ETB Transfer (14k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-4 and CDR-4, LRV Setup (16k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-5 and CDR-5, Cameras, EVA-1 Pallet, LCRU, TCU, LGA (16k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-6 and CDR-6, Geopallet, HGA, LRV TV (16k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-7 and CDR-7 (16k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-8 and CDR-8, Geo-Prep and Nav Initialization (15k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-9 and CDR-9, Travel to Station 1, Station 1 Tasks (14k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-10, Station 1 Sampling Sketch (10k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-11, Travel to Station 2, Station 2 Tasks (15k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-12, Station 2 Sampling Sketch (13k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-13, Station 3 (16k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-14, Station 3 Sampling Sketch (12k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-15, Reconfigure at the LM (15k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-16, ALSEP Off-load (14k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-17, ALSEP Deployment Sketch and Site Requirements (13k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP/CDR-18, ALSEP Sketches (12k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-19, RTG/SIDE; CDR-19, Heat Flow (17k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-20, PSE; CDR-20, HFE and Drill (35k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-21, SWE, LSM (8k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-22, Central Station sunshield (9k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-23, C.S. Antenna; CDR-21, Heat Flow probe, Deep Core (14k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-24, SIDE/CCIG (7k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-25, LRRR (8k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-26, ALSEP Photos (10k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-27, Traverse to LM; CDR-22, Core Stem Retrieval (16k.gif)

EVA-1 CDR-23, LRRR Deployment and ALSEP Photos (9k.gif)

EVA-1 CDR-24 ALSEP Photo sketch (10k.gif)

EVA-1 CDR-25, 5+47, LRV Return to the LM (9k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-28, SWC, LM Inspection, Flag Deploy; CDR-26, Polarimetry (13k.gif)

EVA-1 CDR-27 6+19 Polarimetery (9k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-29 Rock box Packing; CDR-28, ETB Packing (17k.gif)

EVA-1 LMP-30 Ingress; CDR-29, Equipment Transfer (14k.gif)

Page 5-1, Post EVA-1 (17k.gif)

Page 5-2, PLSS Recharge, PLSS/OPS Doffing (13k.gif)

Page 5-3, Post-EVA Cabin Configuration (15k.gif)

Page 5-4, Doff Suits (16k.gif)

Page 5-5, Complete Suit Doffing, PLSS O2 & H2O Recharge (14k.gif)

Page 5-6, Feedwater Recharge, ETB Stowage (16k.gif)

Page 5-7, EVA Debriefing, Pre-sleep (13k.gif)

Page 5-8, Rest Period, Post-Sleep (13k.gif)

Page 5-9, Eat Period, Clean and Lube PGA (13k.gif)

Page 5-10, Don Suits (10k.gif)

Page 6-1, Cabin Prep EVA-2 (4k.gif)

Page 6-2, Equipment Prep and PLSS Donning (13k.gif)

Page 6-3, PLSS Comm Check (10k.gif)

Page 6-4, Final Systems Prep (15k.gif)

Page 6-5, OPS Connect and Helmet/Glove Donning (14k.gif)

Page 6-6, Pressure Integrity Check and Depress (13k.gif)

Page 6-7, Final Prep for Egress (5k.gif)

LMP/CDR-2, LM-to-PLSS & PLSS-to-LM Water Transfer (13k.gif)

LMP/CDR-8, EVA-1 Station 4/ Dune Crater Sketch (13k.gif)

LMP/CDR-9, EVA-1 Station 4 to 5 Traverse Observations (12k.gif)

LMP/CDR-10, EVA-1 Checkpoints 2 and 3 (14k.gif)

LMP/CDR-11, EVA-1 Geology Station 5 (15k.gif)

LMP/CDR-12, EVA-1 Station 5 (Front Crater) Sketch Map (12k.gif)

LMP/CDR-13, EVA-1 Station 6 (16k.gif)

LMP/CDR-14, EVA-1 Station 7 (13k.gif)

LMP/CDR-15, EVA-1 Station 8, Sketch and Tasks (20k.gif)

LMP/CDR-16, EVA-1 Station 8, Comprehensive Sample (15k.gif)

LMP/CDR-17, EVA-1 Station 8 Trench (14k.gif)

LMP/CDR-18, EVA-1 Station 8 Penetrometer Tests (15k.gif)

LMP/CDR-19, EVA-1 Return to LM (14k.gif)

LMP/CDR-20 Grand Prix Sketch Map (18k.gif)

LMP/CDR-21 ETB and SRC Packing (16k.gif)

LMP-22 Ingress; CDR-22 ETB Packing (15k.gif)

CDR-23, EVA-1 Transfers and Ingress (7k.gif)

Page 8-1, Post-EVA and Configurations (17k.gif)

Page 8-2, PLSS O2 Recharge (13k.gif)

Page 8-3, PLSS Battery and LiOH Canister Change-out (16k.gif)

Page 8-4, Suit Doffing (15k.gif)

Page 8-5, Doff LCG and Don ICG (13k.gif)

Page 8-6, PLSS O2 and H2O Recharge (16k.gif)

Page 8-7, Configure ETB, Eat Period, Configure for Sleep (15k.gif)

Page 8-8, Rest Period and Post-sleep (15k.gif)

Page 8-9, Eat Period and Clean and Lube PGA (15k.gif)

Page 8-10, Don LCG and PGA (15k.gif)

Page 9-1, Cabin Prep EVA-3 (5k.gif)

Page 9-2, Equipment Prep and PLSS Donning (13k.gif)

Page 9-3, PLSS Comm Check (13k.gif)

Page 9-4, Final Systems Prep (17k.gif)

Page 9-5, OPS Connect and Helmet/Glove Donning (14k.gif)

Page 9-6, Pressure Integrity Check and Cabin Depress (13k.gif)

Page 9-7, Final Prep for Egress (4k.gif)

LMP-23 and CDR-24, CDR Egress (13k.gif)

LMP-24, Geoprep; CDR-25, Rover Prep (14k.gif)

CDR-26, Geoprep and Nav Alignment (8k.gif)

LMP-25/CDR-27, Geology Station 9 (16k.gif)

LMP-26/CDR-28, Scarp Crater Sketch (11k.gif)

LMP-27/CDR-29, Geology Stations 10 and 11 (15k.gif)

LMP-28/CDR-30, Geology Notes (blank) (7k.gif)

LMP-29/CDR-31, Travel and Geology Station 12 (15k.gif)

LMP-30/CDR-32, Chain Crater Sketch (11k.gif)

LMP-31/CDR-33, Geology Station 13 (13k.gif)

LMP-32/CDR-34, Station 13 Sketch (13k.gif)

LMP-33/CDR-35, Geology Station 14 (15k.gif)

LMP-34/CDR-36, Ring Crater Sketch (11k.gif)

LMP-35/CDR-37, Grand Prix Sketch (15k.gif)

LMP-36/CDR-38, MESA Tasks (16k.gif)

LMP-37, SWC Retrieval; CDR-39, ETB Stowage (14k.gif)

CDR-40, LRV Parking (7k.gif)

LMP-38/CDR-41, Equipment Transfer and Ingress (12k.gif)

Page 10-19, EMU Malfunction Procedures 1 to 4 (16k.gif)

Page 10-20, EMU Malfunction Procedures 4a and 5 (17k.gif)

Page 10-21, EMU Malfunction Procedure 5 (Continued) (16k.gif)

Page 10-22, EMU Malfunction Procedures 6 to 9 (14k.gif)

Page 10-23, EMU Malfunction Procedures 10 and 11 & LCRU Procedure 1 (17k.gif)

Page 10-24, BSLSS Don, Activate, and Doff (15k.gif)

Page 11-1, Post-EVA Systems Configuration (15k.gif)

Page 11-2, PLSS/OPS Doffing (14k.gif)

Page 11-3, Preparation for Equipment Jettison & Pressure Integrity Check (16k.gif)

Page 11-4, Jettison (13k.gif)

Page 12-1, Launch Prep. Lift-off minus 2:55 (14k.gif)

Page 12-2, Gravity Alignment and Star Sightings (9k.gif)

Page 12-3, Post-EVA Cabin Cleanup (17k.gif)

Page 12-4, P22 and Eat Period (11k.gif)

Page 12-5, Lift-off minus 1:15 (5k.gif)

Page 12-6, Circuit Breaker Panel 11 (CDR) Configuration (10k.gif)

Page 12-7, Circuit Breaker Panel 16 (LMP) Configuration (9k.gif)

Page 12-8, Rendezvous Radar Self Test (13k.gif)

Page 12-9, Gyro Calibration (12k.gif)

Page 12-10, RCS Hot-fire Check (11k.gif)

Page 12-11, Lift-off minus 0:45 (8k.gif)

Page 12-12, Platform Alignment with Gravity and Star Sightings (10k.gif)

Page 12-13, Lift-off minus 0:35 (8k.gif)

Page 12-14, Lift-off minus 0:30, Switch Configurations (0.4 Mb)

Page 12-15, Switch Configurations continued (0.3 Mb)

Page 12-16, ECS Configuration (8k.gif)

Page 12-17, Lift-off minus 0:15 (8k.gif)

Page 12-18, Circuit Breaker Panel 11 (CDR) Configuration (10k.gif)

Page 12-19, Circuit Breaker Panel 16 (LMP) Configuration (9k.gif)

Page 12-20, Lift-off minus 0:10 (12k.gif)

Page 12-21, Lift-off minus 0:05 (4k.gif)

Page 13-1, One-Man EVA Prep (14k.gif)

Page 13-2, One-Man EVA Comm Check (13k.gif)

Page 13-3, One-Man EVA OPS connect and Helmet/Glove Donning (13k.gif)

Page 13-4, Pressure Integrity Check for One-Man EVA (11k.gif)

Page 13-5, Cabin Depress for One-Man EVA (14k.gif)

Page 14-1, Minimum Time EVA, One-Man (7k.gif)

Page 14-2, 0+00 to 0+10, Minimum Time EVA (8k.gif)

Page 14-3, 0+10 to 0+20, Egress, Minimum Time EVA (10k.gif)

Page 14-4, ETB Transfer, Contingency Sample, Minimum Time EVA (9k.gif)

Page 14-5, +Z Panorama, Minimum Time EVA (7k.gif)

Page 14-6, 0+40 to 0+50, Closeout and Ingress, Minimum time EVA (10k.gif)

Page 15-1, EVA-1 Two-Walking Traverse (12k.gif)

Page 15-2, 0+30 to 0+40 (8k.gif)

Page 15-3, 0+40 to 0+50, Troubleshoot LRV (8k.gif)

Page 15-4, 1+10 to 1+20, Abandon LRV (10k.gif)

Page 15-5, 1+20 to 1+30, GeoPrep for Walking Traverse (14k.gif)

Page 15-6, 1+30 to 1+40, Prepare Low-Gain Antenna and LCRU for hand carrying (12k.gif)

Page 15-7, 1+40 to 1+50, Start Walking Traverse (10k.gif)

Page 15-8, 6+00 to 6+10, Return to LM, stow samples, deploy SWC (13k.gif)

Page 15-9, 6+10 to 6+20, Pans and Polarimetry (12k.gif)

Page 15-10, 6+20 to 6+30, Flag Deploy and SRC Stowage (10k.gif)

Page 15-11, 6+30 to 6+40, Equipment Transfer to Cabin (11k.gif)

Page 15-12, 6+40 to 6+50, Complete Transfer (8k.gif)

Page 15-13, Ingress, End EVA-1 (8k.gif)

Page 16-1, EVA-2 Walking Traverse (10k.gif)

Page 16-2, 0+10 to 0+20, LEC Transfers (11k.gif)

Page 16-3, 0+20 to 0+30, LMP Egress (11k.gif)

Page 16-4, 0+30 to 0+40, ALSEP Offload (14k.gif)

Page 16-5, 0+40 to 0+50, Traverse to ALSEP Site (6k.gif)

Page 16-6, 0+50 to 1+00, HFE and SIDE deployment (14k.gif)

Page 16-7, 1+00 to 1+10, PSE and HFE Electronics (15k.gif)

Page 16-8, 1+10 to 1+20, Prep for First Heat Flow Hole (14k.gif)

Page 16-9, 1+20 to 1+30, LSM deployment and First Heat Flow Hole (13k.gif)

Page 16-10, 1+30 to 1+40, Central Station Deployment (16k.gif)

Page 16-11, 1+40 to 1+50, (14k.gif)

Page 16-12, CCIG Deployment and Second Heat Flow Hole (14.gif)

Page 16-13, Core Drilling and LRRR Deployment (13k.gif)

Page 16-14, ALSEP Photos and Core Extraction (12k.gif)

Page 16-15, Return to LM at 2+30 (5k.gif)

Page 16-16, LCRU Battery Change-out (10k.gif)

Page 16-17, Geo-Prep (13k.gif)

Page 16-18, Return to LM at 6+25 (9k.gif)

Page 16-19, Closeout and LMP Ingress (12k.gif)

Page 16-20, Equipment Transfer to Cabin (9k.gif)

Page 16-21, 6+50 to 7+00, End EVA-2 (8k.gif)

Page 17-1, EVA-3 Walking Traverse (9k.gif)

Page 17-2, 0+10 to 0+20, LEC Transfers (12k.gif)

Page 17-3, EVA-3 Geo-Prep (13k.gif)

Page 17-4, Start Geology Traverse at 0+32 (8k.gif)

Page 17-5, Return to LM at 5+15 (9k.gif)

Page 17-6, Retrieve SWC and Prepare TV for Lift-off coverage (14k.gif)

Page 17-7, Return from VIP Site (10k.gif)

Page 17-8, LEC Transfers (10k.gif)

Page 17-9, End EVA-3 at 6+00 (9k.gif)

Page 18-1, Emergency Launch Stowage before SEVA (8k.gif)

Page 18-2, Emergency Launch Stowage before EVA-1 (19k.gif)

Page 18-3, Emergency Launch Stowage before EVA-2 (15k.gif)

Page 18-4, Emergency Launch Stowage before EVA-3 (17k.gif)

Page 18-5, Emergency Launch Stowage before Equipment Jettison (15k.gif)

Page 19-1, Emergency Launch, PGNS Activation (12k.gif)

Page 19-2, Emergency Launch, ECS Configuration (10k.gif)

Page 19-3, Emergency Launch, Circuit Braker Panel 11 (CDR) (12k.gif)

Page 19-4, Emergency Launch, Circuit Braker Panel 16 (LMP) (10k.gif)

Page 19-5, Emergency Lift-off, PGNS Align (9k.gif)

Page 19-6, Emergency Lift-off, RCS Hot Fire (7k.gif)

Page 19-7, AGS Activation (7k.gif)

Page 19-8 AGS Target (8k.gif)

Page 19-9, Ascent Propulsion Enable, Comm Configuration (10k.gif)

Page 19-10, Begin Final Countdown (6k.gif)

Page 20-1, Emergency Lift-off, Time Critical (10k.gif)

Page 20-2, Emergency Lift-off, Time Critical (continued) (8k.gif)

Page 20-3, Emergency Lift-off, Time Critical (continued) (7k.gif)

Page 21-1, Manual Ascent (10k.gif)

Page 21-2, Manual Ascent (continued) (7k.gif)

Page 22-1, LCRU Troubleshooting, Loss of Comm (10k.gif)

Page 22-2, HGA Troubleshooting (8k.gif)

Page 22-3, LRV Troubleshooting (10k.gif)

Page 22-4, LRV Troubleshooting (continued) (8k.gif)

Page 22-5, LRV Operations Decal (19k.gif)


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