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Neil's Little West Crater Partial Pan

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From the west rim of Little West Crater, Neil took a partial pan consisting of frames AS11-40- 5954 to 5961. Both color (assembly by Brian McInall) and black-and-white (assembly by David Harland) versions of the pan are linked here.

A clickable version by Harald Kucharek of Figure 3-15 from the Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report shows the direction in which each shot was taken and allows access to the images.

We don't know if Neil purposefully took 5957 and 5958 as a stereopair but, between the frames he did step to his right. Ulli Lotzmann has combined portions of the two photos as a red-blue anaglyph and Eric Nelson has produced an alternate version with greater emphasis on vertical relief.

In frame 5961, we get a feeling for the height of the rim, since Neil is clearly standing above the level of the LM footpads.


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