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Apollo 11 EVA Photo Map

© 2001 by Harald Kucharek and Eric M. Jones.
All rights reserved. Last revised 20 February 2006.


The clickable map below shows the locations from which photos were taken during the EVA. It is based on Figure 3-15 from the Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report. See, also, Thomas Schwagmeier's elegant re-draft of the figure ( 196k ). Clicking on a photo number brings up a 100 dpi version in a separate window. 300 dpi versions are available in the Image Library.
Panorama Station 1 is directly at the +Z strut, near the bottom of the ladder. The bold dash from the Panorama Station 1 direction indicator across the LM is actually an arrow pointing to the real location.

The following photos are not on the map:

The indicator for AS11-40-5898 between the +Z and -Y strut, the plaque, is wrong, most likely it's for AS11-40-5893
More complete captions and higher resolution version of most of the photos can be accessed through the Apollo 11 Digital Picture Library.
map of EVA photographs
AS11-40-5850 AS11-40-5851 AS11-40-5852 AS11-40-5853 AS11-40-5854 AS11-40-5855 AS11-40-5856 AS11-40-5857 AS11-40-5858 AS11-40-5859 AS11-40-5860 AS11-40-5861 AS11-40-5864 AS11-40-5865 AS11-40-5866 AS11-40-5867 AS11-40-5868 AS11-40-5869 AS11-40-5870 AS11-40-5871 AS11-40-5872 AS11-40-5873 AS11-40-5874 AS11-40-5875 AS11-40-5881 AS11-40-5882 AS11-40-5882A AS11-40-5883 AS11-40-5884 AS11-40-5885 AS11-40-5886 AS11-40-5887 AS11-40-5888 AS11-40-5889 AS11-40-5890 AS11-40-5891 AS11-40-5892 AS11-40-5895 AS11-40-5896 AS11-40-5898 AS11-40-5901 AS11-40-5902 AS11-40-5903 AS11-40-5905 AS11-40-5906 AS11-40-5907 AS11-40-5908 AS11-40-5909 AS11-40-5910 AS11-40-5911 AS11-40-5912 AS11-40-5913 AS11-40-5914 AS11-40-5915 AS11-40-5916 AS11-40-5917 AS11-40-5918 AS11-40-5919 AS11-40-5920 AS11-40-5921 AS11-40-5925 AS11-40-5926 AS11-40-5927 AS11-40-5928 AS11-40-5929 AS11-40-5930 AS11-40-5931 AS11-40-5932 AS11-40-5933 AS11-40-5934 AS11-40-5935 AS11-40-5936 AS11-40-5937 AS11-40-5938 AS11-40-5939 AS11-40-5940 AS11-40-5941 AS11-40-5942 AS11-40-5943 AS11-40-5944 AS11-40-5945 AS11-40-5946 AS11-40-5947 AS11-40-5948 AS11-40-5949 AS11-40-5950 AS11-40-5951 AS11-40-5952 AS11-40-5953 AS11-40-5954 AS11-40-5955 AS11-40-5956 AS11-40-5957 AS11-40-5958 AS11-40-5959 AS11-40-5960 AS11-40-5961 AS11-40-5962 AS11-40-5963 AS11-40-5964 AS11-40-5967 AS11-40-5968 AS11-40-5969 AS11-40-5970


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