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Apollo 12

Day 4, part 4: Lunar Orbit Revolutions 3 to 5

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2004 - 2020 by W. David Woods and Lennox J. Waugh. All rights reserved.
Last updated 2020-03-31
LOS Rev 2.
087:14:37 Conrad (onboard): Actually, we're - It's kind of interesting. Dick and Al and I have really switched over to this time schedule, and we're quite happy on it. We - we're not really aware of the fact that it's the middle of the night back there. [Pause.]
087:15:31 Conrad (onboard): Man, is that good cold water, now. Whooo!
087:15:35 Bean (onboard): That's the good kind.
087:15:37 Gordon (onboard): How did it get cold?
087:15:38 Conrad (onboard): I just drank long enough to start getting it out of that tank. You know, emptied the line. It's cold now; isn't that cold?
087:16:15 Bean (onboard): [Garble] P40.
087:16:20 Conrad (onboard): And we have not maneuvered, is that right?
087:16:23 Gordon (onboard): We have.
087:16:27 Conrad (onboard): We have?
087:16:28 Bean (onboard): Wait a minute.
087:16:29 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
087:16:31 Conrad (onboard): How's the gas economy doing, Dick?
087:16:35 Gordon (onboard): I don't know. Not too well, I'm afraid. I let this thing get away a couple of times from me.
087:16:48 Bean (onboard): Okay, we've got ullage on here. We haven't had ullage before. How many seconds?
087:16:54 Gordon (onboard): Nineteen seconds.
087:16:57 Conrad (onboard): That's what's going to cost the gas, pal. Did you pick B and D to do the ullage on? Just two-jet, huh?
087:17:13 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
087:17:24 Conrad (onboard): We lost them - right on schedule. We get them back again at 88:01.
087:17:37 Gordon (onboard): Are those the high gains we use?
087:17:39 Conrad (onboard): High gain - We should be at minus 71 and 206. [Long pause.]
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And we've had Loss Of Signal on the second revolution. We're now 31 minutes, 21 seconds away from ignition for the LOI-2. Scheduled to reacquire the spacecraft in about 45 minutes. And as you heard toward the end of the of that pass , we gave the crew a go for LOI-2. All systems on the spacecraft continuing to look absolutely nominal. We have completed the Change Of Shift at this time. Flight director, Pete Frank, now, taking over from flight director, Glynn Lunney. At 87 hours, 18 minutes, this is Apollo Control, Houston.
087:18:01 Bean (onboard): 88:01 - Look at that! God, we're so much on the nominal flight plan, I can't believe it!
087:18:06 Gordon (onboard): Keep it up.
087:18:07 Bean (onboard): 88:01, it has MSFN Acq, and that's spectacular! Would you believe that?
087:18:13 Gordon (onboard): The burn was 4 seconds off. LOI-1.
087:18:17 Bean (onboard): Yes, but that 4 seconds just made up for the whole - what was different in the trajectory; it put us back in the right place, I guess. That's phenomenal.
087:18:33 Gordon (onboard): Where are we - 39 from the burn. [Pause.]
087:18:56 Conrad (onboard): How are we coming out? Just like you said - at 1700 pounds on the helium, huh?
087:19:05 Bean (onboard): That was the big one. Now it doesn't go down so fast.
087:19:09 Gordon (onboard): I've got blow down capability now, don't I?
087:19:11 Conrad (onboard): Oh, yes.
087:19:13 Gordon (onboard): We have blow down from what?
087:19:15 Conrad (onboard): I think it was a fairly big number.
087:20:23 Conrad (onboard): They are putting us in a different orbit, though.
087:20:27 Bean (onboard): Are they?
087:20:29 Conrad (onboard): Well, they're putting...
087:20:30 Bean (onboard): [Garble] by 54 and we're showing about 65 by 53 - 1 mile.
087:20:47 Conrad (onboard): [Singing].
087:21:03 Conrad (onboard): Da-da-da-dum, da-deedle-de-de. There's old Cassiopeia.
087:21:39 Conrad (onboard): You got DSE motion, Al?
087:21:40 Bean (onboard): Yes.
087:21:42 Conrad (onboard): All right. I just forgot to ask.
087:21:47 Bean (onboard): [Garble] hell out if [garble] do.
087:21:52 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
087:22:08 Bean (onboard): There's Aldebaran. Right straight ahead.
087:22:15 Gordon (onboard): There you go.
087:22:19 Bean (onboard): Menkar.
087:22:24 Gordon (onboard): Man, look at the [garble], Wow!
087:22:30 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] I'm going to look out this window. This is by far the best window. Oh, there's Orion.
087:22:41 Gordon (onboard): Yes, right over here.
087:22:44 Conrad (onboard): I can't figure out where Rigel [garble].
087:22:46 Gordon (onboard): There it is.
087:22:47 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
087:22:48 Bean (onboard): What's this bright one down here, kind of to the right?
087:22:56 Gordon (onboard): Mars. There's Canopus.
087:23:03 Bean (onboard): I don't see Canopus.
087:23:05 Gordon (onboard): It's over here. It's over on this corner, down south of Orion [garble] there's one with a big...
087:23:18 Conrad (onboard): Man, that docking target is bright.
087:23:20 Bean (onboard): Dick, let's see how bright it is.
087:23:23 Conrad (onboard): You could dock on that son of a bitch at night with no strain.
087:23:28 Bean (onboard): I know those little - God dog, that thing's bright! Those little things on the handrails are just that bright.
087:23:42 Conrad (onboard): Twenty-six minutes.
087:23:44 Gordon (onboard): All right.
087:23:45 Bean (onboard): Yes.
087:23:50 Gordon (onboard): 59 [garble].
087:23:53 Conrad (onboard): Okay, you did the Verb 49, and you have trimmed, huh?
087:23:57 Gordon (onboard): No.
087:23:58 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
087:24:00 Gordon (onboard): I haven't trimmed in roll.
087:24:02 Conrad (onboard): You haven't trimmed in roll. Okay.
087:24:14 Bean (onboard): We've done the sextant star check. Let's take her down to 8 minutes.
087:24:27 Gordon (onboard): Let me check my circuit breakers first.
087:24:30 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
087:24:32 Bean (onboard): Yes, this is much better.
087:24:37 Gordon (onboard): Where's the flight plan?
087:24:40 Conrad (onboard): Right there. What do you need?
087:24:43 Gordon (onboard): All right, give me the trim [garble] firing.
087:24:46 Conrad (onboard): Oh.
087:24:47 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] plus - 1 foot.
087:24:53 Conrad (onboard): Trim X to 1 foot. Otherwise, you just take what you get.
087:24:58 Gordon (onboard): I don't see any trim needed. Not the way this beauty's performing.
087:25:10 Conrad (onboard): Gee, I hope the LM performs this well.
087:25:35 Conrad (onboard): You know, they made a gross tactical error; they should have rigged the LM up so the CSM power could power the IMU. And you could bring the IMU up en route and align the god darn thing, you know, maybe get a good drift check on it and all that crap.
087:25:54 Gordon (onboard): Okay, all my circuit breakers and everything look good.
087:25:58 Conrad (onboard): Do you always take the radio with you and cut the rest of us out?
087:26:01 Gordon (onboard): Yes. The rest of us would like to hear it a little bit.
087:26:03 Bean (onboard): You don't like this song [laughter]. It's an Al Bean song.
087:26:09 Gordon (onboard): We'll let you listen to - whatever the cat's name is.
087:26:14 Bean (onboard): Got to watch the end of it; got to rewind; we ought to shut down. You want to shut down?
087:26:19 Gordon (onboard): Can't we hear your song?
087:26:20 Bean (onboard): That's the end of it.
087:26:21 Gordon (onboard): We can't hear your song, huh?
087:26:23 Bean (onboard): You want to hear it? Let's hear it again, huh? [Laughter] You don't like it, I know [laughter]. It's got to be loud to be enjoyed.
087:26:31 Gordon (onboard): Let's hear your song.
087:26:33 Bean (onboard): Okay.
087:26:34 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Dick. CB Stab Control System 8 panel, all closed.
087:26:41 Gordon (onboard): All closed.
087:26:42 Conrad (onboard): SPS, 12 of them, closed.
087:26:45 Gordon (onboard): All closed.
087:26:47 Conrad (onboard): Okay, your Delta-Vc is set correctly on 159.4.
087:26:52 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
087:26:55 Conrad (onboard): Manual Att, three of them, Rate Command.
087:26:59 Gordon (onboard): Rate Command.
087:27:02 Conrad (onboard): Limit Cycle, On.
087:27:04 Gordon (onboard): Limit Cycle's On.
087:27:06 Conrad (onboard): Att Deadband, Min.
087:27:07 Gordon (onboard): Min.
087:27:08 Conrad (onboard): Rate, Low.
087:27:09 Gordon (onboard): Low.
087:27:10 Conrad (onboard): Trans Control Power, On.
087:27:11 Gordon (onboard): On.
087:27:12 Conrad (onboard): SCS TVC, two of them, to Rate Command.
087:27:15 Gordon (onboard): Rate Command.
087:27:16 Conrad (onboard): Delta-VCG to LM/CSM.
087:27:19 Gordon (onboard): CSM.
087:27:20 Conrad (onboard): TVC Gimbal Drive, Pitch and Yaw, Auto.
087:27:23 Gordon (onboard): Auto.
087:27:24 Conrad (onboard): All right, we're holding for 8 minutes.
087:27:47 Bean (onboard): You guys got your things put up? [garble]?
087:27:53 Conrad (onboard): Yes, I think we've got everything in order.
087:28:07 Conrad (onboard): If they put this in - If they made up a Hollywood movie, just like this, you wouldn't believe [garble] ...
087:28:14 Bean (onboard): What do you mean?
087:28:17 Bean (onboard): Listening to this music on the back side of the Moon.
087:28:19 Conrad (onboard): That's right [laughter].
087:28:22 Gordon (onboard): What's the matter...
087:28:23 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] that's so flashy and [garble]...
087:28:24 Gordon (onboard): ...you got something against music?
087:28:26 Conrad (onboard): No, I'm just saying that.
087:28:27 Bean (onboard): Nobody would buy it. This is corny, cornball; you've got to be hard out there.
087:28:32 Conrad (onboard): Say, the biggest thing I missed on Gemini V was not having any music; every once in a while, they'd pipe some up over HF, but - our old nickel-dime tape recorder there, I'd have given my right arm for it.
087:28:53 Bean (onboard): What's the burn time?
087:28:55 Gordon (onboard): Burn time is 17 seconds...
087:29:00 Bean (onboard): What [garble] we going to come on with it...
087:29:02 Gordon (onboard): That's interesting. It says burn time plus 1 second. And if the engine performs like it did the last time, it's going to shut down about - on time. That's too short a burn not for us to notice it.
087:29:15 Bean (onboard): They've probably got a handle on it.
087:29:17 Gordon (onboard): They may have, yes. Hey, you know we've an awful hot engine. And that very - you know, we may get - If this engine stays like this, we very well may get 24 hours knocked off our translunar coast...
087:29:31 Conrad (onboard): Oh, that would be nice.
087:29:33 Bean (onboard): Oh, I'm sure it will.
087:29:35 Conrad (onboard): That had to be an extra hot engine to save the propellant to do it.
087:29:47 Conrad (onboard): Yes, why don't you rewind it right now; then we're in good shape.
087:29:50 Bean (onboard): Okay. After the burn's over, we can have a little more music.
087:29:59 Gordon (onboard): I like the kind of ship you run, [garble] happy.
087:30:00 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter].
087:30:09 Conrad (onboard): Keep the sailors happy - give them exactly what they want.
087:30:18 Gordon (onboard): We sure have.
087:30:19 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter].
087:30:25 Bean (onboard): I'll be glad when you shave that Fu Manchu [garble] off your face [laughter].
087:30:27 Gordon (onboard): Yes. That's terrible.
087:30:28 Conrad (onboard): Doesn't it look good? I might keep it, now that I hear that comment.
087:30:35 Bean (onboard): You wouldn't like it if you saw yourself. Go look at yourself.
087:30:39 Gordon (onboard): It's too low; it needs to be shorter.
087:30:43 Conrad (onboard): If it's that repulsive, I ought to wear it.
087:30:47 Bean (onboard): Pete, there isn't enough there to even see it.
087:30:49 Gordon (onboard): That's right.
087:30:51 Conrad (onboard): God, I hate to shave! Oh! It's going to hurt.
087:30:54 Gordon (onboard): No.
087:30:55 Bean (onboard): It'll feel good...
087:30:56 Gordon (onboard): Yes, you're right.
087:30:57 Bean (onboard): Take a bath.
087:30:59 Gordon (onboard): Yes, hey, I'm going to...
087:31:00 Bean (onboard): ...a bath tonight.
087:31:01 Conrad (onboard): Tonight the night?
087:31:02 Bean (onboard): Tonight's the night.
087:31:03 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] it down with hot water.
087:31:05 Bean (onboard): Take a bath, shave, get all cleaned up, good night's sleep...
087:31:09 Conrad (onboard): [Singing].
087:31:14 Bean (onboard): You got anything else to do tomorrow? All right, that's what we'll do then. We'll go for a little lunar landing, how's that? Unless you got something better in mind - a little surfing at the beach, or something.
087:31:25 Conrad (onboard): Hell, yes.
087:31:26 Gordon (onboard): How about the backside Sand? Go play in the sand on the back side.
087:31:29 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter] Yes. Let's take the LM down and land on the back side. Wouldn't that shake them up? [Laughter].
087:31:36 Bean (onboard): We could do our old DOI burn an hour later. We saw something on the back side that was a little more interesting than the front side.
087:31:48 Gordon (onboard): Look at that! The glycol pump's back down again.
087:31:51 Bean (onboard): Yes, that baby really cycles it.
087:31:53 Conrad (onboard): So far, Dick, I imagine we haven't stabilized yet. It's got up to 55.
087:31:58 Gordon (onboard): What time is it? How much time we got for the burn?
087:32:02 Bean (onboard): Seventeen minutes.
087:32:03 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
087:32:12 Conrad (onboard): Play that music just before reentry, and get us in the proper frame of mind. We could get it out and play it coming down in the chutes.
087:32:24 Gordon (onboard): Wouldn't that be cool?
087:32:27 Bean (onboard): Yes, we're here, Houston, listening to a little music as we come down in the chutes. Everything in chickieboo - Where's the ship? [Laughter] We could drive them crazy with that stuff.
087:32:51 Gordon (onboard): We ought to get...
087:32:53 Conrad (onboard): [Singing].
087:32:42 Conrad (onboard): [Singing]
087:34:13 Conrad (onboard): Fifteen minutes.
087:34:35 Conrad (onboard): Boy, that would just put the frost on the cake, you know that?
087:34:38 Bean (onboard): What, a 24-hour return?
087:34:40 Conrad (onboard): Yes, knock 24 hours off the return. Boy...
087:34:44 Bean (onboard): Just think of that.
087:34:51 Gordon (onboard): How much more Delta-V do we need to do it?
087:34:55 Bean (onboard): A thousand...
087:34:56 Conrad (onboard): We got enough right now - we got enough right now, but we didn't have the reserves for midcourse. We were within, say, 1 percent of running it out of gas. So...
087:35:09 Gordon (onboard): We're not [garble] on the SPS for the midcourse anyway, are we?
087:35:12 Bean (onboard): We might...
087:35:14 Conrad (onboard): I think for some disperse cases, they got to - don't know what the reason is, but I can tell you out of my [garble] because it said we had to have a - it said we had enough to do it right now, but we had zero reserves for midcourse. And it said - you know, if we had a particularly good engine, they wouldn't plan on it. And it said - you know, nobody usually has that good an engine. It sounds like this engine's pretty good - most engines have been over burning, you know.
087:35:46 Bean (onboard): Historically, here, we can shut down 6 seconds early. That baby had to really flat be honking.
087:36:04 Conrad (onboard): You know, our GDC seems to - Did you just align that thing or something?
087:36:10 Gordon (onboard): Not too bad when you're standing still.
087:36:13 Bean (onboard): Yes, I wonder what the rotation is?
087:36:15 Gordon (onboard): Well, I guess [garble].
087:36:18 Bean (onboard): I don't understand.
087:36:28 Bean (onboard): Give me the water gun, Pete, if you got any - a few moments, while we're talking about things. I could go for another drink.
087:36:38 Gordon (onboard): That food - you eat a lot of that food, and even though you put water in it, it's still - still dry.
087:36:45 Conrad (onboard): It's still dry. [Singing].
087:37:21 Gordon (onboard): About 30 degrees [garble].
087:37:27 Conrad (onboard): Yes, any minute.
087:37:29 Gordon (onboard): Here it comes...
087:37:33 Bean (onboard): How come we're dumping?
087:37:36 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] about half [garble]...
087:37:38 Conrad (onboard): I'll tell you another thing it is; it's the thrusters firing...
087:37:41 Bean (onboard): How many - how many...
087:37:42 Conrad (onboard): ...the thrusters put out stuff; I never saw that on Gemini, but these 12 put out some little - something or other.
087:37:50 Gordon (onboard): You know you got about - 11 minutes, Al.
087:37:54 Bean (onboard): Okay.
087:37:58 Gordon (onboard): You do want to shave between now and then?
087:38:05 Bean (onboard): Yes, I guess. Maybe you ought to - take a couple of pictures.
087:38:09 Conrad (onboard): Yes, how about changing attitude here for a minute? There's a couple of good shots right underneath us.
087:38:24 Gordon (onboard): I've got a feeling we'll be in [garble] attitude in [garble].
087:38:36 Bean (onboard): Watch the whole setup. Don't want you to be scrambling at the last minute.
087:38:39 Conrad (onboard): That's right. You always want to stay way ahead; I hope I can do that tomorrow. I'll find out. I don't see why not. We'll be spring-loaded to a think-ahead condition.
087:38:56 Gordon (onboard): Maybe he's right.
087:39:13 Bean (onboard): You set the DAP?
087:39:16 Conrad (onboard): It's all done. The DAP's set; we're standing by waiting for 8 minutes, and that'll be along in a minute and a half .... and a half. A minute and a half.
087:40:11 Bean (onboard): Say, you going to have TV on your window in the - when we separate tomorrow?
087:40:15 Gordon (onboard): All that stuff, yes.
087:40:20 Conrad (onboard): Yes, you just lock it up in that window.
087:40:21 Gordon (onboard): Put the monitor over here in my spot right here where I can see you, man [Pause.]
087:40:33 Bean (onboard): Oh, man, the television [garble] [Pause.]
087:40:42 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Dick, let's have that GDC Align.
087:40:51 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
087:40:55 Conrad (onboard): Alright. You're on next, Al.
087:41:04 Bean (onboard): I'm ready, babe.
087:41:05 Conrad (onboard): He's got his one line circled.
087:41:09 Bean (onboard): [Garble] counts.
087:41:11 Conrad (onboard): Okay. No special rules on this burn - 10 degrees per second, 10 degrees in attitude, burn time plus 1 second, trim X-axis to 1 foot [Pause.]
087:41:55 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Al?
087:41:56 Bean (onboard): I'm ready.
087:41:57 Conrad (onboard): You can bring on the Bus Ties.
087:41:59 Bean (onboard): Got A - B is on.
087:42:03 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Dick, TVC Servo Power 1, AC 1/Main A.
087:42:06 Gordon (onboard): AC 1/Main A.
087:42:08 Conrad (onboard): TVC Servo Power 2, AC 2/Main B.
087:42:11 Gordon (onboard): 2, AC 2/Main B.
087:42:12 Conrad (onboard): Rot Control Power Normal, two, to AC.
087:42:15 Gordon (onboard): AC.
087:42:16 Conrad (onboard): Rot Control Power Direct, two, to Off.
087:42:18 Gordon (onboard): Off.
087:42:19 Conrad (onboard): BMAG Mode, three of them, ATT 1/Rate 2.
087:42:21 Gordon (onboard): ATT 1/Rate 2.
087:42:23 Conrad (onboard): Spacecraft Control to SCS.
087:42:25 Gordon (onboard): SCS.
087:42:26 Conrad (onboard): RHC number 2, armed.
087:42:28 Gordon (onboard): Armed.
087:42:31 Conrad (onboard): Okay, you can bring on your Gimbal Motors. Number. 1, Pitch.
087:42:36 Gordon (onboard): Mark...
087:42:37 Gordon (onboard): On.
087:42:39 Conrad (onboard): Number 1, Yaw.
087:42:40 Gordon (onboard): Mark...
087:42:41 Gordon (onboard): On.
087:42:42 Conrad (onboard): Okay, verify your trim: plus 1.45 - minus 66.
087:42:53 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
087:42:55 Conrad (onboard): Alright. Verify MTVC.
087:43:00 Gordon (onboard): MTVC.
087:43:02 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Spacecraft Control to CMC.
087:43:06 Gordon (onboard): CMC, zero.
087:43:08 Conrad (onboard): THC, clockwise.
087:43:11 Gordon (onboard): Clockwise.
087:43:12 Conrad (onboard): Verify no MTVC.
087:43:13 Gordon (onboard): No MTVC.
087:43:14 Conrad (onboard): Give me Gimbal Motors number 2.
087:43:17 Bean (onboard): I'm ready.
087:43:18 Conrad (onboard): Pitch 2, mark...
087:43:19 Bean (onboard): On.
087:43:21 Conrad (onboard): Yaw 2, mark...
087:43:22 Bean (onboard): On.
087:43:23 Conrad (onboard): Okay, verify the trim.
087:43:27 Gordon (onboard): Trim [garble] to wiggle that baby around.
087:43:37 Conrad (onboard): Verify MTVC.
087:43:46 Gordon (onboard): MTVC.
087:43:47 Conrad (onboard): Translational Hand Controller, Neutral.
087:43:49 Gordon (onboard): Neutral. Trim zero.
087:43:51 Conrad (onboard): Verify no MTVC.
087:43:53 Gordon (onboard): No MTVC.
087:43:55 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Verify GPI returns to zero.
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This is Apollo Control Houston. We're now at 87 hours, 44 minutes into the flight. We're less than 5 minutes away from our scheduled Time Of Ignition for Lunar Orbit Insertion burn number 2. This burn designed to lower our apolune and bring us to an orbit of 66 nautical miles by 54 nautical miles. The burn is scheduled for some 16 or 17 seconds duration. We're presently passing around the far side of the Moon. We are scheduled to reacquire the spacecraft in 16 minutes. This is Apollo Control Houston.
087:44:01 Gordon (onboard): Zero.
087:44:02 Conrad (onboard): Rot Control Power Normal, two, AC/DC.
087:44:05 Gordon (onboard): AC/DC.
087:44:07 Conrad (onboard): Rot Control Power Direct, two of them, Main A/Main B.
087:44:09 Gordon (onboard): Main A/Main B.
087:44:10 Conrad (onboard): BMAG Mode, three of them, to Rate 2.
087:44:12 Gordon (onboard): Rate 2.
087:44:13 Conrad (onboard): And I'll give her a Pro, ready?
087:44:15 Gordon (onboard): Roger.
087:44:18 Conrad (onboard): That's it. BMAG Mode, three of them, ATT 1/Rate 2.
087:44:21 Gordon (onboard): ATT 1/Rate 2.
087:44:22 Conrad (onboard): And I'll give her an Enter. 204. Are we ready?
087:44:28 Gordon (onboard): Ready.
087:44:29 Conrad (onboard): Go.
087:44:31 Conrad/Gordon (onboard): 2, minus 2, 0. Plus 2, minus 2, 0. [Long pause.]
087:44:44 Gordon (onboard): Four [garble]
087:44:47 Conrad (onboard): Okay, we're trim. Three minutes and 58 seconds and counting; FDAI Scale, 5/5.
087:44:53 Gordon (onboard): 5/5.
087:44:54 Conrad (onboard): Limit Cycle, Off.
087:44:55 Gordon (onboard): Off.
087:44:56 Conrad (onboard): Rate, High.
087:44:57 Gordon (onboard): Rate, High.
087:44:58 Conrad (onboard): Let's update the DET.
087:45:00 Gordon (onboard): It's right on.
087:45:01 Conrad (onboard): Yes. All right, only difference between this burn and the other is we got 19 seconds' worth of ullage.
087:45:10 Bean (onboard): That's a nice long...
087:45:11 Conrad (onboard): Nineteen-second ullage and 17-second burn. Okay?
087:45:13 Gordon (onboard): Burn, baby, burn.
087:45:14 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
087:45:18 Bean (onboard): Okay. You got a Pro; I've got to get my heaters down [garble] all that stuff. They're Auto.
087:45:27 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Al, we're just standing by for 2 minutes.
087:45:28 Bean (onboard): ...B or A in, which first?
087:45:31 Gordon (onboard): A.
087:45:34 Bean (onboard): You go to B or just use A?
087:45:35 Gordon (onboard): I'll go to B.
087:45:36 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
087:45:37 Gordon (onboard): Use both banks, yes.
087:45:41 Conrad (onboard): That's right. Have to keep the burn up in case something goes [garble] to it.
087:45:47 Bean (onboard): AC's got a problem, too. [Long pause.]
087:46:23 Gordon (onboard): Still seem to be venting something.
087:46:26 Bean (onboard): That's our thrusters.
087:46:29 Gordon (onboard): Is it kicking stuff out?
087:46:30 Bean (onboard): Yes.
087:46:32 Gordon (onboard): I don't know whether they kick stuff off the side of the spacecraft, or - or - or whether they manufacture when they - their products combust.
087:46:40 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Dick. Delta-V Thrust A switch to Normal.
087:46:43 Gordon (onboard): Thrust A's Normal.
087:46:45 Conrad (onboard): Translation Hand Controller, armed.
087:46:47 Gordon (onboard): Armed.
087:46:48 Conrad (onboard): Both RHCs armed.
087:46:49 Gordon (onboard): Armed.
087:47:01 Bean (onboard): ...Command Reset.
087:47:02 Conrad (onboard): Okay, stand by for the DSKY blanks.
087:47:04 Bean (onboard): All right - Man, I agree with you, Dick.
087:47:06 Gordon (onboard): You in High Bit Rate, Al?
087:47:09 Bean (onboard): What?
087:47:10 Gordon (onboard): Are you in High Bit Rate?
087:47:11 Bean (onboard): Certainly am.
087:47:13 Gordon (onboard): Oh. I didn't see the switch.
087:47:15 Bean (onboard): Okay, keep an eye on me, babe; you never know.
087:47:18 Conrad (onboard): Will hold that until 19 seconds, just before trim?
087:47:22 Bean (onboard): You never know.
087:47:27 Conrad (onboard): Do-te-do-do-do-do.
087:47:43 Bean (onboard): Okay, they're going to want the residuals so hold that - [garble] flash [garble] the watch. Okay, you're standing by for DSKY blanks; EMS Normal, and a Proceed.
087:48:00 Gordon (onboard): Okay. Move it to Proceed.
087:48:02 Conrad (onboard): I've got the Proceed.
087:48:12 Gordon (onboard): Okay, DSKY blank - average g's on.
087:48:25 Gordon (onboard): EMS to Normal; stand by to ullage.
087:48:29 Gordon (onboard): Ullage.
087:48:31 Bean (onboard): You can feel it, can't you?
087:48:32 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
087:48:34 Bean (onboard): 10, 9 - makes a creaking.
087:48:40 Gordon (onboard): 8, 7, 6, 5 - arm. Standing by...
087:48:47 Bean (onboard): [Garble] on...
087:48:48 Gordon (onboard): Ignition.
087:48:49 Gordon (onboard): ...you got both ball valves.
087:48:50 Bean (onboard): There's [garble] other thing.
087:48:51 Conrad (onboard): You've got that.
087:48:52 Gordon (onboard): 3, 4, 5...
087:48:54 Bean (onboard): [Garble] looks good.
087:48:55 Gordon (onboard): 6, 7, 8...
087:48:57 Bean (onboard): Excellent.
087:48:58 Gordon (onboard): ...9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 - It's going to shut off on time - 16, 17...
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We should be burning LOI-2 at this time. We're at 87 hours, 49 minutes into the flight. We will not reacquire until 11 minutes, 45 seconds from my mark. This is Apollo Control, Houston.
087:49:05 Gordon/Conrad (onboard): Shutdown!
087:49:06 Bean (onboard): It shut down early.
087:49:07 Gordon (onboard): A bank Normal.
087:49:08 Gordon (onboard): All ball - all [garble] valves are off.
087:49:09 Conrad (onboard): TVC Servo Power.
087:49:10 Gordon (onboard): Gimbal Motors.
087:49:11 Bean (onboard): Gimbal Motors.
087:49:12 Gordon (onboard): Yaw 2.
087:49:13 Bean (onboard): Mark...
087:49:14 Bean (onboard): Off.
087:49:15 Gordon (onboard): Yaw - Pitch 2, rather.
087:49:16 Bean (onboard): Mark...
087:49:17 Bean (onboard): Off.
087:49:18 Gordon (onboard): Yaw 1.
087:49:19 Bean (onboard): Mark...
087:49:20 Bean (onboard): Off.
087:49:21 Gordon (onboard): Pitch 1.
087:49:22 Bean (onboard): Mark...
087:49:23 Bean (onboard): Off.
087:49:24 Conrad (onboard): Main Bus Ties, Al.
087:49:25 Bean (onboard): Okay. Here they come.
087:49:26 Conrad (onboard): All right, let me copy them.
087:49:27 Gordon (onboard): Plus 30, plus 1.
087:49:29 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Get our average-g [garble].
087:49:34 Bean (onboard): Plus 3.
087:49:37 Gordon (onboard): Minus 4.4 on the EMS.
087:49:41 Conrad (onboard): Wait a minute - [garble] plus 1.
087:49:44 Gordon (onboard): What was it?
087:49:46 Conrad (onboard): Minus 4.2?
087:49:48 Gordon (onboard): It's 4.4 on the MS, Pete.
087:49:50 Conrad (onboard): Minus 4.4?
087:49:51 Gordon (onboard): 4.4.
087:49:53 Conrad (onboard): With a minus sign?
087:49:54 Gordon (onboard): Yes, with a minus.
087:49:56 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] valves are about to close.
087:50:00 Bean (onboard): I can see these ball valves start to open before we get thrust.
087:50:04 Gordon (onboard): Yes. I'm sure you can.
087:50:06 Bean (onboard): About halfway open.
087:50:07 Gordon (onboard): Where's the attitude I'm supposed to go to?
087:50:09 Conrad (onboard): All right, just a second. You're supposed to go to roll, 180, 269. [Long pause.]
087:50:30 Bean (onboard): Pete has the checklist, Dick.
087:50:33 Gordon (onboard): Okay. Just a second.
087:50:35 Bean (onboard): Here we go, 66.3 by 54.7.
087:50:38 Gordon (onboard): Okay, wait a minute [garble] 66.3 by 54.7; that's what the - that's what this was - 64.9 by 53...
087:50:53 Bean (onboard): Hey, look at that - look at this crazy thing! Look at that dome. Right here. That big [garble] there.
087:51:01 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
087:51:02 Bean (onboard): Look at the cliffs.
087:51:06 Conrad (onboard): That's a big crater.
087:51:09 Bean (onboard): Gosh damn! You're going to - look at this [garble] Christ sakes!
087:51:16 Conrad (onboard): I didn't know that thing was Armstrong's [garble].
087:51:19 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] okay [garble] do the rest of the checklist.
087:51:21 Bean (onboard): Gee, that's broken. Neeeeee, let's read the rest of it, Pete.
087:51:31 Conrad (onboard): Bus Ties.
087:51:33 Bean (onboard): They're Off.
087:51:34 Conrad (onboard): EMS Function, Off; EMS Mode, Standby.
087:51:36 Bean (onboard): It's done.
087:51:37 Conrad (onboard): Limit Cycle, On.
087:51:38 Bean (onboard): It's On.
087:51:39 Conrad (onboard): Att Deadband, Max.
087:51:40 Bean (onboard): Max.
087:51:41 Conrad (onboard): Trans Control Power, Off.
087:51:42 Bean (onboard): Off.
087:51:43 Conrad (onboard): Rot Control Power Direct, two, Off.
087:51:45 Bean (onboard): Two Off.
087:51:47 Conrad (onboard): BMAG Modes, three, Rate 2.
087:51:48 Bean (onboard): Rate 2.
087:51:49 Conrad (onboard): PCM Bit Rate, Low, Al.
087:51:51 Bean (onboard): It'll be Low in a minute.
087:52:08 Gordon (onboard): Fuel is 35.9 - 35.4 - the oxidizer's 35.9, if you want to call that.
087:52:21 Conrad (onboard): Fuel's 35.4...
087:52:23 Bean (onboard): Unbalance is 110 - increase.
087:52:24 Conrad (onboard): Make it full increase.
087:52:30 Gordon (onboard): How's the balance, Al?
087:52:32 Bean (onboard): Good.
087:52:33 Gordon (onboard): Have we been at increase the whole...
087:52:34 Conrad (onboard): Yes, they're...
087:52:35 Gordon (onboard): That's right.
087:52:36 Conrad (onboard): ...they're full increase.
087:52:37 Gordon (onboard): Just what they're supposed to be doing.
087:52:38 Conrad (onboard): Yes [garble].
087:52:42 Bean (onboard): Wait a minute - Let me have this page.
087:52:49 Conrad (onboard): You - you're ahead a whole - hour ahead. There you go. 180, 269, 0.
087:53:00 Bean (onboard): Increase now 110.
087:53:07 Conrad (onboard): We're doing the best we can.
087:53:08 Gordon (onboard): It's going to [Pause.]
087:53:24 Conrad (onboard): It's funny to see this big machine doing like this look out the window and see it roll. Haven't been near a body in so long.
087:53:35 Gordon (onboard): Hey, you never know you're maneuvering out in space, do you?
087:53:38 Conrad (onboard): No.
087:53:39 Gordon (onboard): Except for the Earth going [garble]
087:53:41 Bean (onboard): [Garble] go by.
087:53:42 Gordon (onboard): Now you look out the window and it's - kind of - weird.
087:53:45 Conrad (onboard): Here's a goddamn cliff and a bunch of mountains. Look at them!
087:53:51 MS (onboard): Look at - that's...
087:53:52 Conrad (onboard): That's that one I wanted some pictures of.
087:53:55 Bean (onboard): We got pictures of it.
087:53:56 Conrad (onboard): No, that's another better set of them.
087:53:58 Bean (onboard): I took pictures...
087:53:59 Gordon (onboard): No, that's the same bunch.
087:54:00 Conrad (onboard): Yes, but we're closer is what I'm saying.
087:54:01 Gordon (onboard): Give me the camera then, quickly.
087:54:03 Conrad (onboard): Here.
087:54:04 Bean (onboard): [Garble] 80 degrees...
087:54:06 Gordon (onboard): 80 and - what time is it?
087:54:07 Conrad (onboard): Oh, about - how many minutes after?
087:54:09 Gordon (onboard): About 30.
087:54:12 Bean (onboard): About 20, about 20.
087:54:14 Conrad (onboard): Thirty-nine and it's now 53 - at 14 minutes, should be five-sixths.
087:54:22 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
087:54:24 Conrad (onboard): Go ahead. Here you go.
087:54:26 Bean (onboard): Get some good ones here.
087:54:27 Gordon (onboard): I can give you a 250...
087:54:28 Conrad (onboard): Hell, my window's all foggy.
087:54:33 Gordon (onboard): Hey, the window's all foggy.
087:54:36 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
087:54:37 Conrad (onboard): Some day I'm going to just up and get in the spacecraft design business and...
087:54:41 Bean (onboard): Splendid.
087:54:45 Gordon (onboard): God, I wish somebody would.
087:54:47 Conrad (onboard): There's one thing we didn't do. Did we do a Verb 66?
087:54:50 Bean (onboard): No.
087:54:56 Gordon (onboard): Thirty-nine...
087:55:00 Conrad (onboard): Hey, you know something? That ain't on here either. I'm going to put that on this damned checklist.
087:55:06 Gordon (onboard): What's that, Pete?
087:55:08 Conrad (onboard): To lock those hand controllers. It's not on any of them - that I know of.
087:55:18 Conrad (onboard): Main Bus Ties are Off. Null - null residuals - and right here. [Long pause.]
087:55:40 Conrad (onboard): What do you call your - your - Translation Hand Controller?
087:55:44 Gordon (onboard): THC.
087:55:45 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Okay. That won't happen again
087:56:02 Conrad (onboard): Okay, we get them in 6 minutes. But that clock is so bad now. 56:10. 56:31.
087:56:34 Conrad (onboard): We got to pitch - 269.
087:56:39 Bean (onboard): That's right?
087:56:40 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
087:56:45 Conrad (onboard): You want a Verb 49, kill it, or are you going to...
087:56:47 Gordon (onboard): No, just stop it and then just give it to the DAP.
087:56:50 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
087:57:03 Bean (onboard): What's that? That what-you-call-it? That flashing [garble]?
087:57:10 Conrad (onboard): That old [garble] or whatever it is?
087:57:13 Bean (onboard): But I'm [garble]...
087:57:15 Gordon (onboard): You got the High Gain Antenna in Reacq?
087:57:18 Conrad (onboard): Yes, we're all squared away.
087:57:48 Conrad (onboard): Say, Al?
087:57:49 Bean (onboard): Yes, sir.
087:57:50 Conrad (onboard): You going to have to start charging Bat B.
087:57:53 Bean (onboard): Okay.
087:57:54 Conrad (onboard): Might as well put it on now, huh?
087:57:56 Bean (onboard): Okay.
087:57:57 Conrad (onboard): It's supposed to go on at 88:12. Might as well get it on.
087:58:03 Bean (onboard): It's Rev 3, isn't it?
087:58:05 Gordon (onboard): Huh?
087:58:06 Bean (onboard): This is Rev 3, is it not?
087:58:10 Gordon (onboard): Yes, this is Rev 3.
087:58:12 Conrad (onboard): Yes. LOI-2 started Rev 3.
087:58:19 Bean (onboard): Bat B, you say?
087:58:21 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
087:58:22 Gordon (onboard): Whoo! What a sight! Whoo!
087:58:27 Bean (onboard): Okay, I'm charging Bat B as of right now.
087:58:30 Conrad (onboard): Now, we're going to stay at 60, for...
087:58:35 Bean (onboard): There you go.
087:58:39 Gordon (onboard): [Garble], Al?
087:58:45 Bean (onboard): I've got to [garble].
087:58:47 Conrad (onboard): That's not a bad idea; I'll do it after you [Pause.]
087:58:58 Conrad (onboard): You Bat B charging?
087:59:00 Bean (onboard): That's right.
087:59:10 Conrad (onboard): Okay, and you're taking targets of opportunity.
087:59:12 Gordon (onboard): No. I'm just taking [garble] we did yesterday. And I'm left with a few here. Selected ones.
087:59:20 Conrad (onboard): Okay. I guess what we should do, Dick, is just vent that baby for a couple of seconds afterwards to shut her off.
087:59:27 Gordon (onboard): I like the way that they're keeping it clean myself.
087:59:45 Conrad (onboard): It's a different Moon over here, and it's not - never apparent to me when it starts changing.
087:59:51 Gordon (onboard): Are you still picking up some mares here?
087:59:55 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Man, are there some big white boulders down there!
088:00:05 Conrad (onboard): What a big pile of...
088:00:06 Gordon (onboard): Here you go, Pete.
088:00:07 Conrad (onboard): Jesus, they're big boulders!
088:00:12 Gordon (onboard): Pete?
088:00:13 Conrad (onboard): What?
088:00:14 Gordon (onboard): Here you go.
088:00:15 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Going to have - Wait a minute. I'll just put it - put it away - Whoops - put it away for a second, [garble] AOS here.
088:00:36 Gordon (onboard): Pete, you're missing - see those big boulders from here. [Long pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control at 88 hours, 1 minute into the mission of Apollo 12. We'll leave the line open at this time. Apollo 12 is now on it's third revolution around the Moon."
088:01:16 Bean (onboard): Thirty-nine plus - 40, 39 - 40 minutes...
088:01:24 Conrad (onboard): We ought to have them; we got them.
088:01:26 Bean (onboard): Okay.
Apollo Control, Houston. We have data at this time.
AOS Rev 3.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
088:01:31 Weitz: Hello, Apollo 12; Houston.
088:01:37 Conrad: Hello, Houston; Apollo 12. LOI-2 burn complete. The burn was on time. The burn time was 17 seconds. The residuals were plus 0.3, 0, plus 0.1. Delta Vc was minus 4.4, fuel 35.4, oxidizer 35.9, increase 110. We're in a 66.3 by 54.7 according to us. Over to you.
088:02:16 Weitz: Roger, 12. We copy.
088:02:21 Conrad: And we have Bat B on the charger at this time.
088:02:26 Weitz: Roger.
You heard that report from Pete Conrad aboard the spacecraft. 66.3, 54.7.
088:02:39 Conrad: We're in the process of - Al is photographing off the target-of-opportunity chart here in order, and we're trying to get as much of that stuff done as we can.
088:02:54 Weitz: Roger, 12.
Long comm break.
LOI-2 has been completed almost exactly as advertised.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. Mission Control sender numbers almost precisely coincide with the onboard numbers, so we show 66.1 nautical miles by 54.3 nautical miles on the ground. We are at 88 hours, 5 minutes into the flight at this time.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
088:09:24 Conrad: Okay, Houston; Apollo 12. We've gone to LM Press on our valve to bring the LM up.
088:09:33 Weitz: Roger, 12.
Long comm break.
That was spacecraft commander Pete Conrad reporting that their pressurizing the LM at this time."
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We have had no contact with Apollo 12 for the last several minutes. However, Flight Director, Pete Frank, has gone around the room. consulting with his Flight Control personnel and all data appears quite nominal at this time. As Apollo 12 progresses on its third revolution around the Moon.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
088:22:00 Weitz: 12, Houston. If you'll give us P00 and Accept, we'll give you a clock update.
088:22:07 Conrad: Okay. P00 and Accept it is.
088:22:30 Weitz: And, 12; Houston. I have a map update PAD and a landmark tracking PAD, when you're ready.
088:22:40 Conrad: Okay. We're ready to copy.
088:22:43 Weitz: Okay. The map update for Rev 4. 89:13:09, 89:37:59, 89:59:18. Over.
088:23:09 Conrad: Roger. Map update, 89:13:09, 89:37:59, 89:59:18.
088:23:16 Weitz: That's affirm. Are you ready for your landmark tracking PAD?
088:23:29 Conrad: Roger. This for H-l?
088:23:35 Weitz: That's affirmative. H-1.
088:23:40 Conrad: Okay. Go ahead.
088:23:43 Weitz: Okay. And the computer's yours, and the H-1 PAD: T-1 is 90:35:41; T-2 90:40:50; the offset is 12 miles North. Over.
088:24:09 Conrad: Roger. Twelve miles North. Okay. 90:35:41, 90:40:50, and 12 North.
088:24:25 Weitz: That's affirmative.
Very long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We presently show Apollo 12 at an altitude of 63.8 nautical miles. It's velocity now reading 5,326 feet per second.
Download MP3 audio file.
088:41:23 Gordon: Houston, 12.
088:41:27 Weitz: Go ahead, 12.
088:41:32 Gordon: ... [garble] number 10 was changed.
088:41:40 Weitz: Roger.
Very long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control Houston. We presently show Apollo 12 at an altitude of 58.6 nautical miles above the Moon. Apollo 12 will be coming into lunar night shortly. At that time the 12 crew will routinely realign their computer platform. We're at 88 hours, 45 minutes into the flight."
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control Houston. We're monitoring the display in Mission Control which shows the onboard data. The crew is presently realigning their platform. We've got some 20 minutes remaining on this pass where we'll have Apollo 12 under acquisition. We're at 88 hours, 53 minutes into the flight. And this is Apollo Control."
Download MP3 audio file.
088:54:58 Gordon: Hello, Houston; 12.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
088:55:01 Weitz: Go ahead, 12.
088:55:05 Gordon: And if you have the DSKY or the torquing angles.
088:55:09 Weitz: Roger. We got them.
088:55:13 Gordon: Okay. I'm torquing at this time.
088:55:15 Weitz: Roger.
That was Dick Gordon talking to Paul Weitz here in Mission Control Center. We're at 88 hours, 55 minutes into the flight at this time.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control Houston. We're presently at 89 hours into the flight. Apollo 12 is nearing its perilune. Its present altitude 55 nautical miles above the Moon. We have 13 minutes until we lose signal with Apollo 12 passes over the back side of the Moon. And this is Apollo Control Houston.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control Houston. We're less than 10 minutes away now from time of Loss Of Signal. As Apollo 12 passes around the back side of the Moon Commander Pete Conrad and Al Bean are scheduled to transfer into the Lunar Module. Flight Director Pete Frank in Mission Control just called his Flight Controllers and said if we have any words of wisdom for the crew before they transfer lets please pass them up within the next few minutes. He's received no response from any member of his team at this time. We're at 89 hours, 4 minutes into the flight.
Download MP3 audio file.
089:05:17 Conrad: Hello, Houston; 12.
089:05:19 Weitz: Go, 12.
MP3 Audio Clip [0 mins 19 sec]
089:05:25 Conrad: Roger. The tunnel's clear, and we're going into the LM.
089:05:28 Weitz: Roger, 12.
Comm break.
That was a call from Pete Conrad to Paul Weitz indicating that the tunnel is clear and they're ready to proceed into the Lunar Module."
Download MP3 audio file.
089:08:10 Weitz: 12, Houston. Five minutes to LOS.
089:08:18 Conrad: 12. Roger.
That was Paul Weitz telling Apollo 12 we've got 5 minutes until time of Loss Of Signal as Apollo 12 passes over the backside of the Moon.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We're 2 minutes away now from Loss Of Signal.
Download MP3 audio file.
One minute away now from scheduled time of Loss Of Signal.
LOS Rev 3.
089:12:44 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] the hose in.
089:12:48 Bean (onboard): Okay.
089:12:49 Conrad (onboard): You got the Comm connector in the...
089:12:50 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:12:51 Conrad (onboard): ...you got everything you need?
089:12:52 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:12:53 Conrad (onboard): Floodlights, All.
089:12:54 Bean (onboard): Okay.
089:12:55 Conrad (onboard): Window shades down. I'll get this one over here.
089:12:57 Bean (onboard): Okay.
089:13:02 Bean (onboard): Okay [garble].
089:13:04 Conrad (onboard): We just go AOS - LOS?
089:13:11 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
089:13:12 Conrad (onboard): Man, those windows sure are bright.
089:13:14 Bean (onboard): [Garble] like that. [Long pause.]
089:13:56 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
089:13:57 Bean (onboard): Now, wait a minute.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. Network has just identified to Flight Director Pete Frank that we've had Loss Of Signal. On this front side pass very little conversation between Apollo 12 and the Houston control center. In fact very little conversation on the Flight Director's loop as the mission has proceeded as programmed. At 89 hours, 14 minutes, this is Apollo Control, Houston."
089:14:05 Conrad (onboard): Descent H2O, open?
089:14:08 Bean (onboard): Open [garble].
089:14:19 Conrad (onboard): Okay?
089:14:21 Bean (onboard): Here's the eyepatch - they're in this bag.
089:14:25 Conrad (onboard): All right.
089:14:29 Bean (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
089:14:48 Bean (onboard): Better leave them right where they are [garble] data [garble].
089:14:54 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
089:14:56 Bean (onboard): [Garble] that one [garble]. [Long pause.]
089:15:20 Bean (onboard): [Garble] put it on my [garble] Okay?
089:15:27 Conrad (onboard): Yes. We don't have to do any burns tomorrow, which [garble] me [garble].
089:15:34 Bean (onboard): I didn't put them up yet [garble] until I put these things up. [Pause.]
089:15:47 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
089:15:49 Bean (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
089:16:10 Conrad (onboard): Hey, you're going to make it look just like the LMS.
089:16:12 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:16:14 Conrad (onboard): Okay. COAS goes up. Yes.
089:16:22 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:16:24 Conrad (onboard): All right. Huh?
089:16:26 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:16:27 Conrad (onboard): No, that's a good card. We don't need that up yet, though. You want to leave that up for EVA and everything?
089:16:33 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:16:35 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
089:16:38 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:16:47 Conrad (onboard): What you doing, Dick?
089:16:49 Gordon (onboard): Getting set up for my P22.
089:16:55 Bean (onboard): What do I hear running down there?
089:16:59 Gordon (onboard): What do you hear running?
089:17:00 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:17:01 Gordon (onboard): What do you mean, running?
089:17:03 Bean (onboard): Sounds like I heard a pump come on or something. I must be crazy.
089:17:06 Gordon (onboard): Heard a thruster firing, maybe.
089:17:08 Bean (onboard): Oh, okay. All right. What else do you need? In here?
089:17:16 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
089:17:18 Bean (onboard): Well, here; I'll hold this. I can read it to you.
089:17:20 Conrad (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
089:17:51 Conrad (onboard): 89:20. What time is it over there, Dick?
089:17:56 Gordon (onboard): 89:17:58 - 59.15.
089:18:00 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Okay. Descent O2, Open.
089:18:10 Bean (onboard): Descent, Open. Coming Open.
089:18:12 Conrad (onboard): And Descent H2O, Open.
089:18:14 Bean (onboard): Open.
089:18:15 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Cabin Repress to Auto. Is that the big bang?
089:18:18 Bean (onboard): Yes, here comes the bang.
089:18:20 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
089:18:22 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:18:24 Gordon (onboard): Now, that sounded strange.
089:18:26 Bean (onboard): I went [garble].
089:18:29 Conrad (onboard): Landing Antenna to Auto.
089:18:31 Bean (onboard): [Garble] Cabin Repress [garble].
089:18:33 Conrad (onboard): Not a word about it. I'm sorry.
089:18:36 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:18:39 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Landing Antenna to Auto; it's in Auto?
089:18:42 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:18:44 Conrad (onboard): All right, just a minute - that's [garble].
089:18:48 Bean (onboard): Okay?
089:18:49 Conrad (onboard): Unstow temporary stowage bag and give it to CSM. Unstow TSB, temporary stowage bag?
089:18:58 Bean (onboard): [Garble] bottom of the box [garble] - here's what you put all the goodies in tomorrow, Dick Gordon.
089:19:04 Gordon (onboard): What goodies?
089:19:05 Bean (onboard): Oh, anything you want to give us.
089:19:07 Conrad (onboard): Yes, the McDivitt purse.
089:19:08 Bean (onboard): [Garble] here it is, here it is; [garble].
089:19:14 Conrad (onboard): I'll try [garble] maneuver[garble].
089:19:15 Gordon (onboard): What do you mean, that I want to give you?
089:19:17 Bean (onboard): All that stuff [garble] transfer over.
089:19:20 Gordon (onboard): What stuff? I don't transfer any stuff over any more.
089:19:22 Bean (onboard): Sure do.
089:19:23 Gordon (onboard): You already transferred it.
089:19:25 Conrad (onboard): No.
089:19:26 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:19:29 Gordon (onboard): Oh, I suggest...
089:19:30 Bean (onboard): [Garble] better get going.
089:19:31 Gordon (onboard): Huh?
089:19:32 Bean (onboard): We'll wrap it up tonight.
089:19:33 Conrad (onboard): We'll wrap it up tonight, Dick.
089:19:34 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:19:37 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
089:19:40 Conrad (onboard): Unstow ISA and install over PLSS recharge station.
089:19:45 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:19:58 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:20:10 Bean (onboard): Right here, some place...[garble].
089:20:45 Bean (onboard): And one more...
089:20:47 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
089:20:56 Bean (onboard): Don't we have to recycle that suit flow deal to get that - whole thing?
089:21:19 Bean (onboard): Okay. They all look good, Pete.
089:21:22 Conrad (onboard): That's good. Okay. Verify cb's per initial activation status check.
089:21:30 Bean (onboard): [Garble] maybe we can do it later after [garble] held over from yesterday.
089:21:43 Conrad (onboard): Been held over from yesterday.
089:21:44 Bean (onboard): Okay, [garble].
089:21:46 Conrad (onboard): All right.
089:21:47 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:21:51 Conrad (onboard): All right; 16, your top row should be open.
089:21:55 Bean (onboard): [Garble]?
089:21:56 Conrad (onboard): No. 16, your top row should be open.
089:21:59 Bean (onboard): [Garble] all open.
089:22:01 Conrad (onboard): Flood should be in, and ASA in on the second one.
089:22:04 Bean (onboard): It is.
089:22:05 Conrad (onboard): On the third one, everything should be out except Cabin Repress.
089:22:08 Bean (onboard): That's right.
089:22:09 Conrad (onboard): And on the fourth one, you should have S-Band Antenna.
089:22:11 Bean (onboard): In?
089:22:12 Conrad (onboard): DC Bus Volt.
089:22:13 Bean (onboard): In.
089:22:16 Conrad (onboard): DECA - Descent ECA.
089:22:18 Bean (onboard): In.
089:22:20 Conrad (onboard): And the last three.
089:22:21 Bean (onboard): [Garble] and I'll read to you.
089:22:24 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
089:22:26 Bean (onboard): All open on the first two.
089:22:30 Conrad (onboard): All open on the first two rows.
089:22:33 Bean (onboard): Next row [garble] Standby Rendezvous Radar Heater?
089:22:38 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:22:39 Bean (onboard): And Landing Radar Heater?
089:22:41 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:22:42 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:22:44 Conrad (onboard): Now Utility is out. They wanted it left out.
089:22:49 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:22:53 Conrad (onboard): Put a circle around it.
089:22:55 Bean (onboard): All right [garble] next three are in.
089:23:07 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
089:23:09 Bean (onboard): Next three are out.
089:23:10 Conrad (onboard): They are.
089:23:11 Bean (onboard): Next one's in, Descent ECA, and the last one's in. And that should be all.
089:23:15 Conrad (onboard): Okay, that's it. I'll read that to you. Oh, okay.
089:23:20 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:23:21 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:23:22 Bean (onboard): Rendezvous Radar Gyro Select, Primary?
089:23:24 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Or - well, you want to just leave it? We have done that whole thing.
089:23:27 Bean (onboard): We have done that...
089:23:28 Conrad (onboard): Yes. It's all that way. You want to do it again? Might as well. Here we go.
089:23:35 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:23:36 Conrad (onboard): Yes, Primary.
089:23:37 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:23:38 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:23:39 Bean (onboard): FDAI Align switch. We know we have that okay [garble]. [Pause.]
089:23:51 Conrad (onboard): Hey, move this [garble].
089:23:53 Bean (onboard): Okay [garble].
089:24:00 Bean (onboard): Master Arm [garble] Off?
089:24:01 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:02 Bean (onboard): Ascent Helium Selector, both?
089:24:04 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:05 Bean (onboard): Stage, safe, guarded?
089:24:06 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:07 Bean (onboard): Okay, do Comm [garble].
089:24:10 Conrad (onboard): Off, Off.
089:24:12 Bean (onboard): TTCA, Commander, Jets?
089:24:13 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:14 Bean (onboard): Timer [garble]; Lights, Override; [garble] Cross-Pointer Scale, High Multiply?
089:24:22 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:23 Bean (onboard): Landing Radar/Computer - Rate/Err Monitor, Landing Radar/Computer; Attitude Monitor, PGNS; Guidance Control, PGNS; Mode Select, Landing Radar.
089:24:36 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:37 Bean (onboard): Range/Altitude Monitor, Altitude/Altitude Rate.
089:24:39 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:40 Bean (onboard): Shaft/Trunnion, plus or minus 50.
089:24:41 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
089:24:42 Bean (onboard): Rate Scale, 25.
089:24:43 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:44 Bean (onboard): ACA Prop, Enable.
089:24:45 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:46 Bean (onboard): Throttle Control, Auto.
089:24:47 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:48 Bean (onboard): Manual Throttle, Commander.
089:24:49 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:50 Bean (onboard): Engine Arm, Off.
089:24:51 Conrad (onboard): Whoo!
089:24:52 Bean (onboard): Attitude/Translation, 2 Jets.
089:24:53 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:54 Bean (onboard): Balance Couple, On.
089:24:55 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:56 Bean (onboard): Ascent Helium Regs 1 and 2, gray.
089:24:57 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:24:58 Bean (onboard): Descent Helium Regs 1, gray.
089:24:59 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:25:00 Bean (onboard): 2, barber pole.
089:25:01 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
089:25:02 Bean (onboard): Propellant Quantity Monitor, Off.
089:25:05 Conrad (onboard): Off.
089:25:06 Bean (onboard): Propellant Temp/Press Monitor, Ascent.
089:25:07 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:25:08 Bean (onboard): Helium Monitor, Off.
089:25:09 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:25:10 Bean (onboard): Abort, Abort Stage, flush, guarded.
089:25:11 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:25:12 Bean (onboard): System A, B, Ascent. All this stuff is...
089:25:15 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
089:25:16 Bean (onboard): ...Barber pole, gray, barber pole, gray. We know that. This is enabled; this is in Helium.
089:25:20 Conrad (onboard): Temp/Pressure, Helium. Yes. ACA Prop...
089:25:22 Bean (onboard): Okay.
089:25:23 Conrad (onboard): ...enable. Rate/Error Monitor, Landing Radar/Computer; Attitude Monitor to AGS.
089:25:27 Bean (onboard): AGS. Go.
089:25:28 Conrad (onboard): Glycol, Pump 2.
089:25:29 Bean (onboard): 2.
089:25:30 Conrad (onboard): Suit Fan, 1.
089:25:31 Bean (onboard): 1.
089:25:32 Conrad (onboard): O2 H2O Quantity, Ascent 2.
089:25:33 Bean (onboard): Right.
089:25:34 Conrad (onboard): Engine Gimbal, Enable; that's over on my side...
089:25:35 Bean (onboard): Enable.
089:25:36 Conrad (onboard): Descent Engine Command Override, Off.
089:25:37 Bean (onboard): Off.
089:25:38 Conrad (onboard): Landing Antenna, Auto.
089:25:39 Bean (onboard): Auto.
089:25:40 Conrad (onboard): Radar Test, Off.
089:25:41 Bean (onboard): Off.
089:25:42 Conrad (onboard): Test Monitor, Altitude XMTR.
089:25:43 Bean (onboard): Altitude XMTR.
089:25:45 Conrad (onboard): Slew Rate, High.
089:25:46 Bean (onboard): Slew Rate, High.
089:25:47 Conrad (onboard): Rendezvous Radar, Slew.
089:25:48 Bean (onboard): Slew.
089:25:49 Conrad (onboard): Deadband, Min.
089:25:50 Bean (onboard): Min.
089:25:55 Conrad (onboard): Gyro Test, Roll.
089:25:56 Bean (onboard): Roll.
089:25:57 Conrad (onboard): Attitude Control, three, Mode Control.
089:25:59 Bean (onboard): Mode Control.
089:26:00 Conrad (onboard): Mode Control, both, Off.
089:26:02 Bean (onboard): Off.
089:26:05 Conrad (onboard): Mode Control, Off.
089:26:06 Bean (onboard): It's Off.
089:26:07 Conrad (onboard): Event Timer Control, Stop.
089:26:09 Bean (onboard): Stop.
089:26:10 Conrad (onboard): Temp Monitor, Landing.
089:26:12 Bean (onboard): Landing.
089:26:13 Conrad (onboard): RCS System A/B - two Quads, Off.
089:26:15 Bean (onboard): They're Off.
089:26:16 Conrad (onboard): Lighting Side Panels, Off.
089:26:18 Bean (onboard): Off.
089:26:19 Conrad (onboard): Floodlights, All.
089:26:20 Bean (onboard): All.
089:26:21 Conrad (onboard): Overhead/Forward, Bright.
089:26:22 Bean (onboard): Bright.
089:26:23 Conrad (onboard): Exterior Lights, Off.
089:26:24 Bean (onboard): Off.
089:26:25 Conrad (onboard): Lamp/Tone Test, Off.
089:26:26 Bean (onboard): Off.
089:26:27 Conrad (onboard): X-Pointer Scale, High Mult.
089:26:28 Bean (onboard): High Mult.
089:26:29 Conrad (onboard): ACA/4 Jet, two, Enable.
089:26:31 Bean (onboard): Two, Enable.
089:26:32 Conrad (onboard): TTCA/Translation, two, Enable.
089:26:34 Bean (onboard): Two, Enable.
089:26:35 Conrad (onboard): Rendezvous Antenna Release, stowed.
089:26:38 Bean (onboard): Is it? Okay.
089:26:40 Conrad (onboard): AOT - CL, Angle, all zeros. That's done.
089:26:44 Bean (onboard): Okay.
089:26:45 Conrad (onboard): How do you know that - Oh, yes [garble]...
089:26:47 Bean (onboard): CL, that's all zips. Okay. Hey, let me look out here at night just a minute, before we get this thing. Well, we'll get that later. Clean up those - Oh, screw it, let's keep on the time line.
089:26:58 Conrad (onboard): You're looking right [garble].
089:26:59 Bean (onboard): I know I've got a target, but the hell with it; we'll wait.
089:27:03 Conrad (onboard): AGS.
089:27:04 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:27:09 Conrad (onboard): TTCA, Jets.
089:27:10 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:27:11 Conrad (onboard): AGS Status, Off.
089:27:12 Bean (onboard): Off.
089:27:13 Conrad (onboard): Power/Temp Monitor, ED/Off.
089:27:15 Bean (onboard): ED/Off.
089:27:16 Conrad (onboard): Inverter, Off.
089:27:17 Bean (onboard): It's not ED/Off, either. Inverter, Off.
089:27:22 Conrad (onboard): Descent Power, five, talkback barber pole.
089:27:24 Bean (onboard): Barber pole.
089:27:25 Conrad (onboard): Ascent Power, four, talkback barber pole.
089:27:28 Bean (onboard): Barber pole.
089:27:29 Conrad (onboard): Uplink Squelch, Enable.
089:27:30 Bean (onboard): Enable.
089:27:31 Conrad (onboard): Audio Control, Normal.
089:27:32 Bean (onboard): It is.
089:27:33 Conrad (onboard): S-Band T/R, Off.
089:27:34 Bean (onboard): It's all - all our Comm is okay; I'm looking at it right now. It's off, it's Off, it's high. That's in Off. Everything's okay on the Comm.
089:27:41 Conrad (onboard): S-Band Modulate, PM; XMTR, Off.
089:27:43 Bean (onboard): All right.
089:27:44 Conrad (onboard): Receiver, Off; Power Amp, Off; Voice, Off; PCM, Off; Range, Off/Reset; VHF A, Off, Squelch, 3; VHF B, Off, Squelch, 3; Telemetry, Off, High; Recorder, Off; VHF, AFT; Track Mode, Off; Pitch, 75; Yaw, 12 - or minus...
089:27:59 Bean (onboard): I got it.
089:28:00 Conrad (onboard): ...Minus 75, Minus 12; S-Band Antenna, AFT.
089:28:03 Bean (onboard): Okay.
089:28:04 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Suit Gas Diverter, Pull/Egress.
089:28:06 Bean (onboard): Egress.
089:28:07 Conrad (onboard): Cabin Repress, Auto.
089:28:08 Bean (onboard): Auto.
089:28:09 Conrad (onboard): PLSS Fill, Close.
089:28:10 Bean (onboard): Close.
089:28:11 Conrad (onboard): Press Reg in A and B - Press Reg A and B, Closed.
089:28:13 Bean (onboard): Closed.
089:28:14 Conrad (onboard): Descent O2, Open.
089:28:15 Bean (onboard): Open.
089:28:16 Conrad (onboard): Ascent O2, two, Close.
089:28:18 Bean (onboard): Close.
089:28:19 Conrad (onboard): Suit Isolation, two, Suit Disconnect.
089:28:21 Bean (onboard): Suit Disconnect.
089:28:22 Conrad (onboard): Suit Circuit Relief, Auto.
089:28:23 Bean (onboard): Suit Circuit Relief, Auto.
089:28:25 Conrad (onboard): Cabin Gas Return, Auto.
089:28:27 Conrad (onboard): CO2 Canister Select, Prim.
089:28:29 Bean (onboard): Primary.
089:28:30 Conrad (onboard): Primary and Secondary CO2 Canister, Closed.
089:28:32 Bean (onboard): Closed.
089:28:33 Conrad (onboard): Water Sep Select, Pull/Sep 2.
089:28:35 Bean (onboard): Pull/Sep 2.
089:28:38 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Dick?
089:28:39 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
089:28:40 Conrad (onboard): What's the cabin Press?
089:28:45 Bean (onboard): [Garble] 902. Last night [garble] that's what I figured would happen.
089:28:52 Gordon (onboard): It's about 5.1 - hasn't moved a hair.
089:28:57 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
089:28:58 Gordon (onboard): Closed down to three-tenths.
089:28:59 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
089:29:00 Gordon (onboard): Make that four.
089:29:01 Conrad (onboard): Ascent H2O, Closed.
089:29:03 Bean (onboard): Closed.
089:29:05 Conrad (onboard): Secondary Evap Flow, Closed.
089:29:07 Bean (onboard): Closed.
089:29:09 Conrad (onboard): Primary Evap Flow, two, Closed.
089:29:10 Bean (onboard): Closed.
089:29:11 Conrad (onboard): Descent H2O, Open.
089:29:13 Bean (onboard): Open.
089:29:14 Conrad (onboard): Water Tank Select, Descent.
089:29:15 Bean (onboard): Descent.
089:29:16 Conrad (onboard): Suit Temp, Cold.
089:29:18 Bean (onboard): Cold.
089:29:19 Conrad (onboard): Liquid Cooling Garment, Cold.
089:29:20 Bean (onboard): Cold.
089:29:21 Conrad (onboard): Verify 192 package lanyard not seated.
089:29:24 Bean (onboard): Not seated.
089:29:25 Conrad (onboard): Forward Cabin Relief and Dump, Auto.
089:29:28 Bean (onboard): I'm going to take off that [garble] - going to try the EVA with [garble]. Let's see, we have to pull [garble] get it out of the way. It's just too much [garble].
089:29:47 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Housekeeping. Unsnap LMP's helmet stowage bag and stow next to Commander's helmet stowage bag on the floor - Velcro. Unsnap Commander's helmet stowage bag. What time is it, Dick?
089:30:02 Gordon (onboard): Stand by, Pete. 09:30:08. Did you get it?
089:30:12 Bean (onboard): Man, we're right on the time line. Yes. Unsnap the other one. Unsnap [garble].
089:30:32 Conrad (onboard): I don't know where the hell that came from.
089:30:33 Bean (onboard): Yes, you do.
089:30:39 Conrad (onboard): Okay, they're all stowed [garble].
089:30:42 Bean (onboard): [Garble], Pete.
089:30:45 Conrad (onboard): No, no. They come off a PLSS.
089:30:47 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:30:48 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] dust cover.
089:30:50 Bean (onboard): Okay. Go ahead.
089:30:52 Conrad (onboard): Unstow 70-millimeter film bag, top left of right-hand side stowage. Unstow 16-millimeter bag; remove 1 Mag; stow bag top right of left-hand side stowage compartment. Install 16-millimeter magazine CDX, F:11, 250, 7, six frames per second. Put up snap straps, we've done' right?
089:31:16 Bean (onboard): I don't know [garble] snap straps [garble].
089:31:20 Conrad (onboard): All right. Well, never mind. Getting back to the unstow 70-millimeter film bag, top left. I don't understand. What are we doing with the 70-millimeter film bag?
089:31:36 Bean (onboard): I don't know [garble].
089:31:51 Conrad (onboard): F:11 - easy.
089:32:00 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:32:02 Conrad (onboard): F:11.
089:32:07 Bean (onboard): All right.
089:32:08 Conrad (onboard): 1/250th at 7 feet. I don't know why it's 7 feet. Six frames a second [Pause.]
089:32:44 Bean (onboard): All right [garble]. [Long pause.]
089:33:09 Conrad (onboard): Stow what bag out of the top right of the left-hand stowage compartment? Huh? I don't understand. Unstow 16-millimeter bag, remove one magazine, and stow bag on the top right of the left-hand side stowage. Over there? Never gone over there, has it? What's this book say? It's full of - baloney.
089:33:37 Bean (onboard): [Garble] right-hand [garble]. [Long pause.]
089:34:14 Bean (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
089:34:45 Conrad (onboard): As pukey a camera as that thing is, it's more trouble than it's worth.
089:34:53 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:34:58 Conrad (onboard): I put up snap strap. I don't know what the hell you're supposed to do with these two bags.
089:35:10 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:35:15 Conrad (onboard): What are you going to do with them?
089:35:16 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:35:17 Conrad (onboard): Forget it. Next thing is Comm activation.
089:35:21 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:35:22 Conrad (onboard): Yes, right there.
089:35:27 Bean (onboard): [Garble] the way it is, but [garble] the thing of it is [garble]...
089:35:36 Conrad (onboard): I don't know what it is; I don't have any idea.
089:35:48 Conrad (onboard): Watch it.
089:35:50 Bean (onboard): I'll get it [garble] yesterday. Kleenex [garble]. [Long pause.]
089:36:45 Bean (onboard): Here's [garble].
089:36:55 Bean (onboard): What are we going to do with those?
089:36:56 Conrad (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
089:37:46 Conrad (onboard): Sunrise, 89:37. I'll bet it's 87:37.
089:37:51 Gordon (onboard): That's exactly right.
089:37:53 Conrad (onboard): This book is amazing. There's the Moon. Oh, man, the command module looks pretty. Son of a bitch! Oooh, oooh, oooh. Look at that, I can't believe it.
089:38:14 Bean (onboard): Ooh, ooh, oooh, look.
089:38:21 Conrad (onboard): [Garble]?
089:38:23 Bean (onboard): [Garble] See if this [garble].
089:38:24 Conrad (onboard): Yes, and will you...
089:38:35 Bean (onboard): Would you look at all the water! It was all over, I mean that's water droplets - not only the ones that are on the LM, but the whole outside of the spacecraft's covered with that crap.
089:38:46 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:38:49 Conrad (onboard): That's it, Al. You haven't got a thing to do until Comm activation at 89 - at 90:30. You got to transfer to LM Power.
089:38:59 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:39:01 Conrad (onboard): 90:30, it says.
089:39:03 Bean (onboard): What will we do between now and 90:30?
089:39:05 Conrad (onboard): Screw around. I got to go back up in the LM - in the command module and take a leak. I'm going to disconnect from my Comm and come back down here so I can get down here and look out this window and motor around a little bit.
089:39:17 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:39:18 Conrad (onboard): All right. Let me stick this book right here in this [garble].
089:39:27 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:39:29 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
089:39:30 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:39:32 Conrad (onboard): Yes. [Long pause.]
089:39:47 Conrad (onboard): How's your tracking exercises?
089:39:51 Gordon (onboard): Well, phooey, [garble] 90 [garble].
089:39:58 Conrad (onboard): Have I got to take a leak! Whoo! Would you hand me my red towel over there?
089:40:07 Gordon (onboard): Yes, sir.
089:40:16 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Al?
089:40:17 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:40:19 Conrad (onboard): You ought to look out the overhead window there and watch this urine dump.
089:40:22 Bean (onboard): Okay. Let me know when you're going. [Pause.]
089:40:34 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] damn son of a bitch! I hate this [garble]. [Long pause.]
089:41:46 Bean (onboard): Let me know when you go.
089:41:48 Conrad (onboard): I am right now.
089:41:49 Bean (onboard): Okay.
089:41:57 Gordon (onboard): I can't see it out the window. It's going off the back end of it.
089:42:01 Bean (onboard): It's coming right out in all directions [garble] slow down?
089:42:08 Gordon (onboard): Oh, hell; he's not seeing the good stuff.
089:42:13 Bean (onboard): Right next to it's the waste water dump and [garble].
089:42:17 Conrad (onboard): [Garble], Al. [Long pause.]
089:43:08 Bean (onboard): [Garble] time.
089:43:12 Conrad (onboard): Not until 90:30.
089:43:53 Conrad (onboard): Man, would you believe I'm hungry again? Would you stick that back in the - here?
089:44:09 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:44:12 Conrad (onboard): When do we pick up Houston?
089:44:17 Gordon (onboard): 90 [garble] 59.
089:44:25 Conrad (onboard): 90:59?
089:44:26 Gordon (onboard): What do you mean, 90:59, it's 89 [garble] pass [garble]. [Pause.]
089:44:40 Gordon (onboard): Okay, hand me the PADs.
089:44:43 Conrad (onboard): We' re going to slide right out of here - [garble] get some [garble].
089:44:53 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:44:55 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
089:44:57 Bean (onboard): Your OPS is at 6800.
089:45:01 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
089:45:36 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:45:40 Conrad (onboard): [Garble], yes; [garble].
089:45:44 Bean (onboard): That's what it says, huh?
089:45:46 Gordon (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
089:46:05 Bean (onboard): We have to configure these 70-millimeter cameras.
089:46:09 Conrad (onboard): [Yawn] Is that the Moon over on the other side there? Out that right window?
089:46:26 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
089:46:27 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:46:41 Conrad (onboard): Look at that crater. Jesus Christmas! What crater's that, do you suppose? Look at that crater! Isn't that something?
089:46:52 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:47:13 Bean (onboard): Somebody messed around up there.
089:47:25 Bean (onboard): You can still [garble] urine out that thing. That's fantastic! We ought to take some pictures of that.
089:47:47 Conrad (onboard): I wonder what that thing is next to it?
089:47:54 Bean (onboard): Maybe it's part of a [garble] or something like that. [Long pause.]
089:48:39 Conrad (onboard): Look out Al's rendezvous window.
089:48:41 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] recognize that.
089:48:47 Conrad (onboard): I'm looking at you. You - you ought to come over here and see the - Command Module.
089:48:56 Gordon (onboard): What's it look like?
089:48:58 Conrad (onboard): Looks neat-o. Also, the urine dump is still spraying urine out of it, you ought to see it. It's fantastic. Out - the stuff comes out at 180 degrees. Shoots in any direction. Funny.
089:49:16 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:49:18 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
089:49:19 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:49:23 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] started.
089:49:27 Bean (onboard): [Garble]...
089:49:32 Conrad (onboard): I'm going to look at the Flight Plan.
089:49:33 Bean (onboard): I'll tell you one thing [garble] out of here.
089:49:37 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:49:38 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:49:42 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Hey, Dick?
089:49:43 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
089:49:44 Conrad (onboard): Hand me the Flight Plan, will you?
089:49:45 Gordon (onboard): You want to do - transfer to LM Power at 90:25?
089:49:52 Conrad (onboard): Okay. We don't want any Comm before that...
089:49:53 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
089:49:58 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:49:59 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] says transfer to LM Power -and Comm activation at 90:30.
089:50:12 Conrad (onboard): Hey, I'm going to close the hatch [garble].
089:50:18 Gordon (onboard): All right.
089:50:37 Bean (onboard): [Garble] - check the OPS thing.
089:50:44 Conrad (onboard): What? What did you say, Al?
089:50:49 Bean (onboard): I'm going to [garble] your OPS.
089:50:50 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
089:50:53 Gordon (onboard): Why don't you secure that dump on that urine [garble] ?
089:50:58 Conrad (onboard): Okay. I'll get it. Look, don't forget - to make sure that this is the ..., you got to make sure that [garble] If the handle's really turned the OPS off, why, you're sunk. Also, make sure that the thing's in there good and tight. If you don't, it'll blow off and run out and you'll be out of OPS.
089:51:29 Bean (onboard): I got 5700 psi in mine.
089:51:32 Conrad (onboard): That's good. I rather doubt it. Boy, don't run that test without checking the - hoses.
089:51:41 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:51:42 Conrad (onboard): Don't do it. It'd really bomb me out.
089:51:45 Bean (onboard): Yes. I understand what you're saying.
089:52:01 Conrad (onboard): What do you want to do, run a full test?
089:52:03 Bean (onboard): That's what it says.
089:52:05 Conrad (onboard): We just testing everything, huh?
089:52:07 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:52:08 Conrad (onboard): Am I going to have to take it off the bracket?
089:52:10 Bean (onboard): That's right.
089:52:23 Bean (onboard): [Garble] let me tell you something.
089:52:26 Conrad (onboard): What?
089:52:28 Bean (onboard): They probably got enough gravity to show on the ground that it's 58. It really says 57, but it's calibrated at 58 and [garble]...
089:52:38 Conrad (onboard): Dick, hold that, will you?
089:52:41 Bean (onboard): Forgot that [garble] on.
089:52:49 Bean (onboard): [Garble] on...
089:52:52 Conrad (onboard): Okay. It's going all right.
089:52:54 Bean (onboard): I got 3.7. Heater looks great - it's not a heater problem [garble]. Be sure you got [garble] ; lot of [garble].
089:53:10 Conrad (onboard): Mine reads 3.7.
089:53:12 Bean (onboard): Mine's closed now; I'm waiting for a bleed down. Wait until I set my watch. Okay.
089:53:21 Conrad (onboard): Uh-oh, I didn't get any heater test.
089:53:23 Bean (onboard): That heater test is bad news. They've had so many failures with heater tests, it's unbelievable.
089:53:31 Conrad (onboard): No. lights.
089:53:34 Bean (onboard): Could you do it with the [garble] on?
089:53:38 Conrad (onboard): Wait a minute. Do I have to have that on?
089:53:41 Bean (onboard): You have to have the O2 Flow on, that's right, babe.
089:53:45 Conrad (onboard): Oops, that got it, you're right. Heater test's okay.
089:53:49 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:53:51 Conrad (onboard): Okay, now I got to wait for it to bleed down, right?
089:53:54 Bean (onboard): You sure do. That's the most important part of the test.
089:54:01 Conrad (onboard): I'm not supposed to time it, am I.
089:54:04 Bean (onboard): Not really. just [garble] bleed down, make sure it's not [garble] is all.
089:54:12 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
089:54:16 Bean (onboard): [Garble] make sure that baby's off [garble].
089:54:55 Bean (onboard): [Garble] right on time [garble]. It's [garble] right next to it.
089:55:14 Conrad (onboard): Say again.
089:55:16 Bean (onboard): It's [garble] close to it [garble].
089:55:18 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Come on, bleed down, you mother.
089:55:24 Bean (onboard): Not yet.
089:55:27 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
089:55:29 Bean (onboard): [Garble] yet, it takes a long time.
089:56:03 Conrad (onboard): I'll hold that for you, Dick.
089:56:06 Gordon (onboard): Thank you. Where am I going to put that landmarking track [garble] this stage? [garble].
089:56:15 Bean (onboard): [Garble] down.
089:56:18 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
089:56:19 Bean (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
089:56:55 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:57:20 Conrad (onboard): Mine just went.
089:57:23 Bean (onboard): Okay. Put that back in [garble], hear? [garble] ready to test yours.
089:57:36 Conrad (onboard): As far as I'm concerned, we don't ever have to test that son of a bitch again.
089:57:39 Bean (onboard): I'm with you, babe. [Long pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
Apollo Control, Houston. We're 2 minutes away now from reacquiring Apollo 12. Apollo 12 now on its fourth revolution around the Moon. As we reacquire spacecraft Commander Pete Conrad and Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean, should be in the Lunar Module. Meanwhile, in Mission Control Center we've had a Change Of Shift among the Capsule Communicators. Don Lind has replaced Paul Weitz in that key position. We're at 89 hours, 58 minutes into the flight and presently standing by for reacquisition. This is Apollo Control, Houston.
089:58:13 Conrad (onboard): Set right here. Right here. Al Bean?
089:58:20 Bean (onboard): Yes.
089:58:21 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] through with one OPS.
089:58:23 Bean (onboard): Not yet [garble] yet.
089:58:24 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
089:58:25 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
089:58:33 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
089:58:35 Gordon (onboard): What's that?
089:58:37 Conrad (onboard): Al Bean's laying sideways [garble], you're laying on your back. I got to do a one [garble] tunnel to figure out which [garble] if I go through this way, I'm [garble] LM [humming].
089:58:56 Bean (onboard): Get in there, you little rascal.
089:58:58 Conrad (onboard): Have trouble making it stick?
089:59:00 Bean (onboard): Looks like it's [garble].
089:59:16 Conrad (onboard): What time is it, Dick?
089:59:19 Gordon (onboard): About 90 hours. One minute, AOS.
089:59:25 Conrad (onboard): You got the right angles on that? Here, give me that flashlight.
089:59:28 Gordon (onboard): You got it. Why? Where's it go?
089:59:33 Conrad (onboard): I don't know, Al brought it over from the Command Module - Huh?
089:59:37 Bean (onboard): It goes in my suit.
089:59:39 Conrad (onboard): You got yours in?
089:59:41 Gordon (onboard): No. Get up this way in order to...
089:59:43 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
089:59:44 Bean (onboard): Flashlight goes in my suit.
089:59:46 Conrad (onboard): Oh, his flashlight goes in his suit.
Download MP3 audio file.
Apollo Control, Houston. We should be reacquiring momentarily. We presently show an orbit for Apollo 12 of 66 nautical miles by 54.4 nautical miles.
AOS Rev 4.
089:59:48 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston.
089:59:50 Gordon (onboard): Houston, Apollo 12 here.
089:59:59 Gordon (onboard): Okay. You want it back? Here.
That's Don Lind calling Apollo 12."
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
090:00:34 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston.
090:00:39 Gordon: Hello, Houston; Apollo 12. Go.
090:00:43 Lind: Very good. Nice to hear your, voice.
090:00:48 Gordon: Roger. I answered you before. You must not have picked it up.
090:00:53 Lind: Sorry about that.
090:00:57 Gordon: That's okay. Pete and Al are in the LM - or Pete's in half and half, and they're going down through their checklist stuff, and I'm standing by ready to hear the P22.
090:01:11 Lind: Very good.
090:01:14 Gordon: In fact - In fact, I want to go ahead [garble].You'll probably lose me on the high gain; I'll give you Omni B when I [garble].
090:01:23 Lind: Roger.
090:01:30 Conrad: And, Houston; 12. We just finished checking out our OPS's, and they checked out 40, both of them.
090:01:38 Lind: Roger. Copy 40, both of them.
Long comm break.
That was Dick Gordon first responding or recently you heard from Pete Conrad reporting on their OPS system aboard the Lunar Module. Both Conrad and Bean presently in the LM.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We're at 90 hours, 4 minutes now into the flight. We presently show Apollo 12 at an altitude of 65.6 nautical miles above the Moon.
Download MP3 audio file.
090:05:36 Bean: Houston, Intrepid.
090:05:39 Lind: Go, Intrepid.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
090:05:44 Bean: Roger. We're just standing by until time 90:30 where we do our Comm activation. Everything looks good in the LM. We've checked all the things we're supposed to, and they're all ship-shape, ready to go.
090:05:59 Lind: Roger. We're ready to go down here whenever you want to do the Comm checks.
That was Lunar Module pilot Al Bean, using the code name Intrepid, identifying that their Lunar Module ship is in fact ship shape at this time.
We're at 90 hours, 7 minutes into the flight. Apollo 12 presently at an altitude of 65.8 nautical miles at its point of apolune. This is Apollo Control, Houston.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 90 hours, 10 minutes now into the flight. We don't expect to hear a great deal from Apollo 12 until 90 hours, 30 minutes at which time spacecraft Commander, Pete Conrad and Al Bean move inside Intrepid, will checkout the communications systems of the Lunar Module. This is Apollo Control, Houston. Standing by.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
090:14:34 Conrad: Houston, Apollo 12.
090:14:37 Lind: Apollo 12, go ahead.
090:14:46 Conrad: Houston, Apollo 12.
090:14:49 Lind: Apollo 12, go ahead.
090:14:54 Conrad: Roger. We're powering up LM Comm at this time starting with our voice check on VHF A with the CSM.
090:15:02 Lind: Roger. You're coming in with a lot of background right now, Pete.
090:15:12 Conrad: Houston, Intrepid. How do you hear?
090:15:15 Lind: Read you well except for your background, which is very high.
090:15:23 Conrad: Roger.
090:15:37 Conrad: Yankee Clipper, Intrepid on VHF A. How do you hear?
090:15:40 Gordon: Intrepid, Yankee Clipper. VHF A loud and clear. How me?
090:15:43 Conrad: Read you the same. [Long pause.]
090:16:26 Conrad: Yankee Clipper, Intrepid. How do you read VHF A.
090:16:30 Gordon: Intrepid, Yankee Clipper. VHF B loud and clear. How me?
090:16:33 Conrad: Read you the same.
090:16:35 Gordon: Hey, that's really sterling. [Pause.]
That's Pete Conrad aboard Intrepid talking to Dick Gordon who is singularly manning the Yankee Clipper this time. We're at 90 hours, 17 minutes."
090:16:52 Conrad: Houston - Houston, Intrepid. How's the S-Band Downvoice Backup and Low Bit Rate? Over.
090:17:01 Lind: Intrepid, Houston. We're still reading you well except for your background, which is still high.
090:17:18 Bean: Okay. We're going to PCM High now. How do you pick it up?
090:17:24 Lind: Roger. Give us just a moment to reconfigure the site.
090:17:32 Lind: Go ahead, Intrepid.
090:17:39 Bean: How's the Voice and High Bit Rate?
090:17:44 Lind: Roger. You're just the same, Pete. We're still reading you satisfactorily; again, you've got a lot of buzz in the background.
090:17:59 Gordon: Houston, this is Apollo 12. I'm talking to you on the CSM S-band, and Al's talking to you on the Intrepid S-band. Are you sure that that's not a ground problem? We're getting - Al's getting good reception up here on S-band with no noise.
090:18:25 Lind: Roger. We'll check. [Pause.]
090:18:59 Bean: Houston, Intrepid. Just went by on that [garble]. How do we look now?
090:19:06 Lind: You're somewhat weaker, but still readable. Still considerable background noise.
090:19:14 Bean: Roger. That's the way it should be.
090:19:25 Bean: Okay. How do you read now, Houston? Down Voice Backup Biomed, Low Bit Rate.
090:19:32 Lind: Roger. Again, you're still somewhat weak, readable, and the background is dropping just slightly.
090:20:04 Conrad: [Garble] Intrepid.
090:20:06 Bean: Low Bit Rate with Biomed. How do you copy? Over.
090:20:11 Lind: Read you very good on this one; your background has dropped considerably.
090:20:42 Conrad: Houston, we just went Telemetry High . How do you read us now, Voice?
090:20:46 Lind: Read you fine on this one, Pete.
090:21:01 Bean: And we are coming at you Telemetry Low and S-Band Range to Range. And will you copy the [garble] on hot mike?
090:21:09 Lind: Roger. [Long pause.]
That is Al Bean and Pete Conrad interchangeably coming on the line as we are under going a voice communication check.
090:21:29 Lind: Intrepid, would you standby on this mode, so we can try a range acquisition?
090:21:37 Conrad: Affirmative. [Long pause.]
090:22:00 Lind: Intrepid, Houston. How do you read?
090:22:07 Bean: Loud and clear, Houston.
090:22:09 Lind: Very good. Read you the same.
090:22:19 Lind: Intrepid, Houston. We're...
090:22:21 Bean: Did you pick up our range then?
090:22:23 Lind: That is affirmative. We finished that acquisition. Thank you.
090:22:28 Bean: Okay. And that completes our Comm checks. We're going to deactivate Intrepid and go back to Yankee Clipper.
090:22:36 Lind: Very good. Thank you.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
That was Al Bean, reporting that they've completed their communication check, they plan to depart Intrepid shortly and return to the Yankee Clipper. Moving somewhat ahead of the Flight Plan schedule. We're at 90 hours, 23 minutes now into the flight and this is Apollo Control, Houston.
Download MP3 audio file.
090:23:43 Lind: Yankee Clipper, Houston. Would you confirm that you're in Omni Delta?
090:23:56 Gordon: Houston, Clipper. Confirm.
090:24:01 Lind: Roger. Thank you very much.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
090:28:13 Lind: Intrepid, Houston.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
090:28:20 Bean: Come ahead, Houston.
090:28:21 Lind: Roger. Two items we'd like to get from you before you close that out and that's the OPS storage pressure and also the GET of activation of LM power.
090:28:35 Conrad: Okay. I gave you the OPS; they're 5800 each and let me - and let me look in the book and find out what time we went on the LM power; just a second.
090:28:45 Lind: Roger. [Pause.]
090:28:56 Conrad: We went on LM power at 90:08:13.
090:29:03 Lind: 90 plus 08 plus 13. Thank you. [Pause.]
090:29:47 Conrad: And, Houston, Intrepid just went back on CSM power at 90:29:35.
090:29:56 Lind: 90 plus 29 plus 35. Roger.
Comm break.
That's Pete Conrad aboard Intrepid reporting the Ground Elapsed Times for power on and power off of the Lunar Module.
090:30:08 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Descent O2, Closed.
090:30:17 Conrad (onboard): Descent H2O, Closed.
090:30:23 Conrad (onboard): Stand by for a bang, Dick.
090:30:24 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
090:30:25 Conrad (onboard): Cabin Repress, closed [garble] shit out of it. CB(16): ECS Cabin Repress, open; window shades up.
090:30:34 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
090:30:36 Conrad (onboard): Except for that flood light. The plug - Pull the plug.
090:30:44 Bean (onboard): Okay. [Long pause.]
090:31:04 Conrad (onboard): Okay. I've checked the AOT. Okay. Go ahead, fold her up, and let's get out. Cabin Relief and Dump Overhead's already opened. And that's it. Ahhh! - [garble] this one.
090:31:29 Conrad (onboard): You have to stay in until 90:51. Screw it. Let's go. Now, you can do it. [Pause.]
090:31:42 Conrad (onboard): Go ahead. Wait a minute. Oop, oops, oops. You going to take that with you?
090:32:03 Bean (onboard): Watch Dick, don't bother him.
090:32:10 Conrad (onboard): Al, I don't like this strap up here. It's going to get in the way of the hatch.
Download MP3 audio file.
Meanwhile Yankee Clipper has started its computer program number 22 for orbital navigation. We're at 90 hours, 31 minutes into the flight and continuing to monitor. This is Apollo Control, Houston.
Download MP3 audio file.
090:32:20 Lind: Intrepid, Houston.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
090:32:26 Conrad: Go ahead, Houston.
090:32:28 Lind: We'd like you to confirm that you're going to pull the circuit breaker on the floodlights so that the light will go out when you close the refrigerator door.
Very long comm break.
090:32:35 Conrad (onboard): It's already out.
090:32:53 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Al - see these straps? I'm just going to leave them in here to do that job. They'll do it even better. Okay? We got plenty of those in the Command Module, don't we?
The reference there by Don Lind is a floodlight on the Lunar Module which did not turn off at the time of our first transfer to the LM by the two crewmembers. We're at 90 hours, 33 minutes now into the flight.
090:33:12 Bean (onboard): You got me. Here you go. That a boy.
090:33:17 Conrad (onboard): Go ahead.
090:33:18 Bean (onboard): I got it.
090:33:21 Conrad (onboard): Let me get this stuff out to you. [Long pause.]
090:33:39 Conrad (onboard): Got the stuff?
090:33:40 Gordon (onboard): Yes. I'm just about to.
090:33:46 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
090:33:49 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Hey, the other thing, Dick; don't forget to pull these - LM umbilicals.
090:34:16 Gordon (onboard): Come on in, Pete.
090:34:18 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
090:34:19 Gordon (onboard): If you want to.
090:34:20 Conrad (onboard): Yes, I'm going to come down there - Huh?
090:34:24 Gordon (onboard): Can you wait a while? Well, I'm trying to watch where the hell I'm going.
090:34:35 Gordon (onboard): Hey, Alert button.
090:34:36 Conrad (onboard): I got it. I got it. [Long pause.]
090:35:18 Conrad (onboard): Three five what?
090:35:22 Gordon (onboard): 41. [Long pause.]
090:36:20 Conrad (onboard): Hey, give me your camera with the F-stops for wherever we are.
090:36:32 Conrad (onboard): Well, we're at 90:36 right now, and - Hey, Dick, you [garble]...
090:36:39 Gordon (onboard): Just don't - just don't bug me.
090:36:41 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
090:36:46 Gordon (onboard): I'm going to have to go to three [garble], 0.3 here in a minute.
090:36:50 Conrad (onboard): Okay. [Pause.]
090:37:10 Conrad (onboard): F:8...
090:37:38 Conrad (onboard): 5.6.
090:37:41 Gordon (onboard): Take this pen - it's going to be hot.
090:37:57 Gordon (onboard): Here, let me...
090:38:09 Conrad (onboard): Here you go, Al.
090:38:21 Conrad (onboard): I don't know what your clock says down there, Dick, but you're about...
090:38:25 Gordon (onboard): 90:40:50 is what I'm looking for.
090:38:27 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Well, you're 90:38:21 up here. What's that clock say?
090:38:39 Gordon (onboard): 38:20. [Long pause.]
090:39:20 Conrad (onboard): Holler when you want to go Free.
090:39:24 Gordon (onboard): Okay. I will.
090:39:27 Conrad (onboard): Maybe I better let you do it by yourself...
090:39:28 Gordon (onboard): Yes...
090:39:29 Conrad (onboard): ...[garble]...
090:39:30 Gordon (onboard): ...I think you'd better.
090:39:31 Conrad (onboard): ...I'll get in the corner out of your way here.
090:39:34 Gordon (onboard): I got it perfect though; it looks real good. [Pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We presently show Apollo 12 at an altitude of 61.4 nautical miles above the moon. It's present velocity, 5,340 feet per second.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. The EECOM in Mission Control looking at his data has confirmed the floodlight aboard the Lunar Module is in fact turned off. We're at 90 hours, 40 minutes into the flight and Apollo 12 presently at an altitude of 59.4 nautical miles above the moon. This is Apollo Control of Houston.
090:40:53 Conrad (onboard): You're on your way. [Long pause.]
090:41:21 Conrad (onboard): Looks as black as - as black can be on this terminator. I never saw anything like it. [Long pause.]
090:42:59 Conrad (onboard): I wonder how we got roll in here. [Long pause.]
090:43:52 Gordon (onboard): Pete?
090:43:54 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
090:43:55 Gordon (onboard): Do you have the Flight Plan?
090:43:56 Conrad (onboard): Right here.
090:44:04 Gordon (onboard): Or the 49?
090:44:07 Conrad (onboard): Where is the what?
090:44:09 Gordon (onboard): Wait for 30 seconds.
090:44:11 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] didn't hear you.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
090:44:17 Gordon: Hello, Houston. Let me know when you've copied that.
090:44:21 Conrad (onboard): What the hell we doing with all that roll in there?
090:44:23 Lind: Say again.
090:44:30 Gordon: Let me know when you've copied the P22.
090:44:33 Conrad (onboard): Pretty well, I think.
090:44:34 Gordon (onboard): It's going to be easy to do.
090:44:36 Lind: Roger. We've got it. Thank you. [Pause.]
090:44:36 Bean (onboard): [Garble] really smoking over [garble].
090:44:43 Conrad (onboard): Okay? He's getting Copernicus again, Al; he's rolling back.
090:44:47 Bean (onboard): Okay [garble].
090:44:58 Gordon: Houston, I'm going to look at the latitude and longitude from these marks.
090:45:02 Conrad (onboard): You want to incorporate them in the state vector, wouldn't you say?
090:45:03 Lind: That's affirmative. We've got the data, Dick. You can proceed.
Comm break.
090:45:14 Conrad (onboard): 2 o'clock.
090:45:28 Conrad (onboard): Going to wind up in what attitude?
090:45:32 Gordon (onboard): 291 pitch. On this ball; let it go, just let it go.
090:45:38 Conrad (onboard): 291; we're going the wrong way. We're going...
090:45:39 Bean (onboard): Yes...
090:45:40 Conrad (onboard): ...all the way around.
090:45:42 Gordon (onboard): No. It'll stop and go back. Just let it go.
090:45:45 Conrad (onboard): Take the roll out. What do you have?
090:45:50 Gordon (onboard): Here we go. [Long pause.]
090:46:13 Gordon (onboard): Houston, do you copy Noun 89?
090:46:22 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] close [garble] supposed to be? [Garble]... the program?
090:46:47 Conrad (onboard): I didn't get Minimum Impulse.
090:46:50 Gordon (onboard): SPS and throw them all down.
Download MP3 audio file.
090:47:22 Gordon: Hello, Houston; Apollo 12.
090:47:26 Lind: Houston. Go ahead.
090:47:31 Gordon: Hey, Don, did you people copy the Noun 89?
090:47:35 Lind: That is affirmative.
090:47:41 Gordon: Okay. Let me know how that exercise turned out, will you please?
090:47:45 Lind: Will do. We've got a state vector for you when ever you want to give us the computer, and we got a TEI maneuvering PAD P40 and a map update for you whenever you're ready.
090:48:00 Gordon: Okay. The computer's yours.
090:48:03 Lind: Thank you. [Long pause.]
This is Apollo Control Houston 90 hours, 48 minutes. As you copied that last con..."
090:48:27 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston.
090:48:37 Conrad: Go ahead, Houston.
090:48:40 Lind: We'll wait for the High Gain antenna to uplink your state vector, and the rest attitude in the Flight Plan is good.
090:48:58 Conrad: Roger, Houston.
Comm break.
This is Apollo Control. As you had copied the previous call from the Apollo 12 spacecraft, they have dispensed with using Intrepid and Yankee Clipper identifying to us that Pete Conrad and Al Bean have transferred back to the Command Module. We're at 90 hours, 49 minutes now into the flight and this is Apollo Control Houston.
Download MP3 audio file.
090:50:29 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston.
090:50:38 Gordon: Go ahead, Houston.
090:50:40 Lind: Dick, do you have any comments on the lighting conditions on H-1?
090:50:47 Gordon: No. They were excellent. It was very easy to find the target, very easy to mark on. I thought the lighting conditions were outstanding for that.
090:50:55 Lind: Very good. [Pause.]
090:51:14 Conrad: Okay, Houston. Why don't you give me the map update and the TEI-11 PAD? I'll copy them now and by that time we'll be getting over to the sleep attitude here and give you the high gain in a minute.
090:51:30 Lind: Very good. The map update for Rev 5 LOS is 91 plus 11 plus 37; 180 position is 91 plus 36 plus 21; AOS is 91 plus 57 plus 45. TEI-11 PAD, SPS plus G&N: Noun 47, 37358; Noun 48, minus 0.65, plus 0.49; GET 105:23:55.20; Noun 81, plus 3192.1, plus 0725.8, minus 0139.8; roll NA, pitch 107, yaw NA; ullage, four jets for 11 seconds; and the burn is undocked.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
090:53:18 Conrad: Okay, Houston. We have you on the high gain, and I'll go to Accept at this time, and to wrap up to you with 91:11:37; 91:36:21; 91:57:45. The TEI-11 PAD SPS/G&N: 37358, minus 0.65, plus 0.94, plus - no - no, excuse me, it's just 105:23:55.20, plus 3192.1, plus 0725.8, minus 0139.8; NA, 107, NA; four jets, 11 seconds; undocked.
090:54:13 Lind: Roger. On Noun 48, the Y-trim was plus 049. All the rest was correct.
090:54:27 Conrad: Okay. That's what I have on the PAD. I don't know what I read back to you. I have 049, and how's the LM current look to you at this time?
090:54:36 Lind: Looks very good.
090:54:44 Bean: Okay. We're in the process of buttoning the tunnel back up.[Long pause.]
This is Apollo Control Houston. The TEI-11 pad is a contingency pad that is stored in the onboard computer in the event a development occurred that Apollo 12 needed to return on the 11th revolution.
090:55:27 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston. Would you try Omni Delta for us, please?
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston at 90 hours, 56 minutes now into the flight. We will again loose signal with Apollo 12 in about 15 minutes from this time. We presently show Apollo 12 in an altitude of 55.4 nautical miles. It's velocity now reading 5,371 feet per second. At 90 hours, 57 minutes continuing to monitor, this is Apollo Control, Houston.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
091:00:30 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston.
091:00:38 Conrad: Go ahead, Houston.
091:00:40 Lind: We did not get your state vector completed before we lost you on the pitch there, so we'll continue that now.
091:00:52 Conrad: Okay. [Long pause.]
091:01:25 Gordon: Hello, Houston; Apollo 12.
091:01:26 Lind: Go
091:01:30 Gordon: Roger. On this DAP load for the rest attitude, do you want me to use A-C per roll or B-D? Will you get the readings from G&C on that please? The Flight Plan or simulation.
091:01:47 Lind: Roger. We want to use B-D, Dick. Bravo Delta.
091:01:53 Gordon: Okay. Thank you. I thought so. [Long pause.]
091:02:32 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston. We're through setting up your state vector, and we'd like to try to get an E-dump before you go around the corner.
091:02:44 Conrad: Okay. Verb 74 coming at you.
091:02:48 Lind: Roger.
091:02:56 Conrad: And we have you out our window for the first time since we've been in lunar orbit. We've been too busy to get a look at you. Look pretty nice out there.
091:03:05 Lind: Thank you. We're all smiling for you.
091:03:11 Conrad: We're happy up here.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
That was Pete Conrad saying that the Apollo 12 crew is happy up there. We're at 91 hours, 3 minutes into the flight and some 8 minutes away from that time of Lose Of Signal when Apollo 12 passes above the backside of the Moon.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We're about four and a half minutes away from LOS at this time. Pete Frank is talking to members of his Flight Control team to see if we have anything to say to Apollo 12 prior to Loss Of Signal. We're at 91 hours, 7 minutes into the flight at this time. This is Apollo Control, Houston."
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We're presently 2 minutes away from predicted time of Loss Of Signal and standing by.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
091:10:23 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston. We're about 1 minute from LOS here. We'll see you at 91:57.
091:10:37 Conrad: 91:57. Roger-Roger.
091:10:41 Lind: Roger. So you can adjourn to the wardroom.
091:10:47 Conrad: We's already there.
091:10:51 Lind: Very good.
091:10:58 Conrad: Pretty soon we're going to have movies on the fantail.
091:11:02 Lind: Very good. [Long pause.]
We're at 30 seconds away from predicted time of Loss Of Signal."
091:11:13 Bean (onboard): [Laughter] We may not be good, but we can sure claim to be colorful.
091:11:17 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter].
091:11:22 Lind: So long. We'll see you coming around the other side.
091:11:23 Bean (onboard): [Garble] too far [garble].
091:11:28 Conrad: Roger-Roger.
LOS Rev 4.
091:11:34 Conrad (onboard): You've checked this, now? Verb 21 Noun 01, 32 55, Enter, 16; 16, Enter?
091:11:40 Conrad (onboard): That son of a bitch has gone all over the sky. It shot way past 291, the other direction.
091:11:44 Conrad (onboard): What kind of a deadband you got set?
091:11:52 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:11:56 Conrad (onboard): Well, you see, we've overshot that. Yaw can go out to 7-1/2 degrees, can't it? Yes. Huh?
091:12:06 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] Is that right?
091:12:08 Bean (onboard): You better smoke this thing over; I don't know what the freak it's doing.
091:12:11 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:12:12 Bean (onboard): It says we're there.
091:12:13 Gordon (onboard): What?
091:12:14 Bean (onboard): It says we're there.
091:12:17 Gordon (onboard): That's [garble].
091:12:20 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Okay, what are the Reacq angles?
091:12:28 Bean (onboard): This right here.
091:12:31 Conrad (onboard): What's on there? Huh?
091:12:33 Gordon (onboard): Huh? [garble].
091:12:37 Conrad (onboard): Uplink to CSM - we got an uplink. They gave it a Verb 66; we got the map update Rev 5.
091:12:47 Gordon (onboard): That's the switch that's kind of hard on the space [garble].
091:12:51 Conrad (onboard): Shit, don't cut yourself.
091:12:54 Conrad (onboard): Hey, how do we set up this sleep period? Are we on Omnis or what?
091:12:57 Gordon (onboard): Omnis for sleep [garble].
We've had Loss Of Signal at this time. In that final exchange of conversation between Mission Control Center and Apollo 12, that was Pete Conrad speaking for their all Navy crew. During this front side pass on the fourth revolution, both Pete Conrad and Al Bean transferred to the Lunar Module checked out the communication system. They're both back in the Command Module at this time. This was their fourth trip fourth trip during this mission into the Lunar Module. The next time they transfer it will be for undocking and the lunar landing portion of the mission. We're at 91 hours, 13 minutes at present. This is Apollo Control, Houston."
091:13:00 Conrad (onboard): Oh, there it is. High-Gain Antenna Track, Reacq; High-Gain Antenna Beam, Narrow; S-Band Antenna, high gain; S-Band Squelch, Enable. Got Squelch, Enable?
091:13:13 Conrad (onboard): Normal Lunar Comm S-band - ump-pe-dump-pe-dump - That's done. Okay, we got the top; we did the E-memory dump; no medication - I'm not worried about that. Got the fans and all that stuff...
091:13:25 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:13:27 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
091:13:28 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:13:31 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
091:13:33 Bean (onboard): Every night [garble].
091:13:36 Conrad (onboard): Every night we've been out?
091:13:37 Bean (onboard): What, six pills?
091:13:38 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
091:13:39 Bean (onboard): Yes.
091:13:40 Conrad (onboard): How many of them?
091:13:41 Bean (onboard): One each night [garble] we got 506 [garble].
091:13:45 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:13:46 Bean (onboard): What six of [garble]?
091:13:48 Conrad (onboard): I didn't either.
091:13:49 Bean (onboard): I told you every blasted time...
091:13:51 Conrad (onboard): Yes, but I thought you were taking those calm jobber-do's...
091:13:54 Gordon (onboard): Oh, no [garble].
091:14:09 Conrad (onboard): Man, these screens sure are getting dirty in a hurry.
091:14:16 Conrad (onboard): I'm hungry enough to eat the ass out of a porcupine.
091:14:18 Bean (onboard): So am I.
091:14:25 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] Huh? [Long pause.]
091:14:38 Conrad (onboard): Time to clean the screens. Have we cleaned that lower screen recently?
091:14:47 Conrad (onboard): Yurga! Yaah![Long pause.]
091:15:22 Conrad (onboard): Well, we'll see how good you were on the gosh-darn fuel when we get our update in a little while.
091:15:27 Gordon (onboard): I can tell you; I'm no good.
091:15:35 Conrad (onboard): I'll tell you the guy that could really milk this son of a bitch was John Young. I think that's all he did was figure out every thrust before he went.
091:15:49 Bean (onboard): [Garble] matter with Dick Gordon [garble].
091:15:51 Conrad (onboard): Oh, I'm not arguing. I'm just telling you old John...
091:15:58 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:15:59 Conrad (onboard): Old John really - put the bloopers...
091:16:04 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:16:05 Conrad (onboard): Well, you want to leave these docking probes, straps, and all this stuff out, don't you?
091:16:09 Bean (onboard): Might as well. There's the stuff [garble].
091:16:23 Conrad (onboard): What day is today? Third day, or fourth day, or what?
091:16:38 Conrad (onboard): Day 4, meal C, is that right? We've been up here 4 days? Hand me your scissors, will you, Dick? Hey, it looks like I get - No, that looks like Dick gets a spaghetti dinner. No, I get something else. Hey, Dick, let me borrow your scissors, will you?
091:17:26 Bean (onboard): [Garble] box of towels.
091:17:31 Conrad (onboard): I ain't going to reach in - I think what the trouble is, most of the guys have been using Kleenexes; I like the towels better and I'd have gone for one of those Kleenex boxes full of towels myself. Huh?
091:17:48 Gordon (onboard): The trouble with you is you got to have [garble].
091:17:53 Bean (onboard): Make up your mind. [Singing, whistling].
091:17:58 SC (onboard): [Singing].
091:18:01 Conrad (onboard): How in the hell did I do that? Did I cut that bag?
091:18:07 Gordon (onboard): That's yours.
091:18:16 Conrad (onboard): And you're with me. Al, stick this over on your shelf. Here. Yes, I'll - I'll finish [garble] in a minute if you'll keep it - trapped.
091:18:52 Bean (onboard): Hold it off.
091:19:13 Conrad (onboard): You get spaghetti again? Did I get the wrong food or something?
091:19:21 Gordon (onboard): Hey [garble]...
091:19:22 Conrad (onboard): Yes. What's - what's mine supposed to be?
091:19:30 Gordon (onboard): You're supposed to [garble] spaghetti.
091:19:34 Conrad (onboard): I get spaghetti again? It doesn't look like it.
091:19:37 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:19:39 Conrad (onboard): Yes, but look; that's not the right meal.
091:19:42 Gordon (onboard): Day 4, meal C - where I am.
091:19:48 Conrad (onboard): Spaghetti with meat, if that's spaghetti - it doesn't look like spaghetti. Oh, yes, there it is.
091:19:55 Conrad (onboard): I been waiting for days for this spaghetti. Better be good.
091:20:01 Gordon (onboard): You can have mine.
091:20:02 Conrad (onboard): Why, you didn't like it?
091:20:04 Gordon (onboard): It's okay, but [garble].
091:20:06 Conrad (onboard): You're a spaghetti expert in your own right, but the kind of spaghetti that you like, I don't really care for, I don't think.
091:20:12 Gordon (onboard): I like it spicy. The kind of spaghetti we like, my mother used to make.
091:20:20 Conrad (onboard): Now what's flowing hot?
091:20:23 Bean (onboard): Did I leave the pressure on again?
091:20:26 Conrad (onboard): Son of a bitch. We're sure - shooting the goddamn oxygen, we better watch it.
091:21:33 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:21:44 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
091:21:47 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:21:49 Conrad (onboard): Boy, you can say that again. Grape punch - cocoa - I'd like cocoa before I go to bed tonight; I got to make sure I get a good night's sleep. What's that, tomato soup or something? Banana pudding - Beef - how come I got beef stew and spa - and spaghetti too?
091:22:19 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:22:20 Conrad (onboard): Man, they just loaded me down with it.
091:22:23 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:22:24 Conrad (onboard): Eighty-nine meals!
091:22:41 Gordon (onboard): [Garble]?
091:22:43 Conrad (onboard): No. That's what bothers me.
091:22:57 Conrad (onboard): Blow your mind, that song's a terrible song. That's in the top 107 That's - I hate that kind of goddamn music.
091:23:06 Gordon (onboard): Yes [garble].
091:23:25 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:23:29 Speaker (onboard): I got to do the whole thing later, Al; I'll get them.
091:23:31 Bean (onboard): All right. [Long pause.]
091:24:15 Bean (onboard): Well, hello there. Where in the hell did you come from?
091:24:17 Conrad (onboard): Is that mine again?
091:24:19 Conrad (onboard): Oh, he's - he's a nasty little booger; he keeps flipping out of there.
091:25:10 Bean (onboard): Can't you get yours on?
091:25:12 Conrad (onboard): Well, if I can ever get the motherfreaker open.
091:25:17 Bean (onboard): [Garble] here we go.
091:25:21 Conrad (onboard): Oh, you little bastard - come on [Pause.]
091:25:37 Conrad (onboard): Oh, this makes me mad.
091:25:53 Conrad (onboard): That landmark tracking worked out real easy, huh, Richard?
091:25:57 Gordon (onboard): Yes [garble].
091:25:59 Conrad (onboard): Good show. Hey, I figure this thing puts out a half an ounce, don't you?
091:26:06 Gordon (onboard): Sometimes more, sometimes less. [Long pause.]
091:26:20 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:26:22 Conrad (onboard): Eight and one-half.
091:26:29 Conrad (onboard): Boy, I want to get out of the LM and get with it; I want to make sure we get to bed on time.
091:26:37 Conrad (onboard): Huh? [Pause.]
091:26:48 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:26:49 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
091:26:51 Gordon (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
091:27:35 Gordon (onboard): What are you doing?
091:27:39 Conrad (onboard):Huh?
091:27:39 Gordon (onboard): [Garble]?[Pause.]
091:28:04 Conrad (onboard): Can't you do that for me?
091:28:06 Bean (onboard): Huh?
091:28:17 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter]. [Long pause.]
091:28:29 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:28:31 Conrad (onboard): Just 1 second; I will be.
091:28:35 Conrad (onboard): Oh, you stupid son of a bitch! God damn, these things are really about to piss me off! I get that cock-sucker open, and the son of a bitch shuts up again, and I'm - I really spend more freaking time trying to put goddam water bags together than anything else.
091:29:29 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Richard; that one's all yours. [Long pause.]
091:29:49 Conrad (onboard): If you're not going to use that, I'll use the cold-water side here while you...
Music: Wedding Bell Blues by the Fifth Dimension.
091:31:57 Gordon (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
091:32:29 Conrad (onboard): Son of a bitch. [Laughter] To hell with this. I didn't want to [garble]; I was trying to let the air out of the goddamn bag [laughter].
091:33:14 Conrad (onboard): What? Oh, white coveralls. No, you got this one.
091:33:29 Conrad (onboard): Really pisses me off. [Long pause.]
091:33:53 Conrad (onboard): God damn it! This bag is really bad. [Long pause.]
091:34:40 Conrad (onboard): Hey, I'm in trouble with this bag, I'm not kidding you; this thing is really bad news [Pause.]
091:35:12 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Al, would you stick that in the TSB, please? [Long pause.]
091:36:30 Conrad (onboard): Sun's coming up.
091:38:37 Conrad (onboard): Why? All right.
091:38:56 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:39:05 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:39:09 Conrad (onboard): I got to secure it before we go to sleep, anyhow, I imagine. Bat C charging?
091:39:16 Bean (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
091:39:53 Conrad (onboard): Now, I've got to cope with this thing again. This thing is really bad [Long pause.]
091:40:57 Conrad (onboard): Look at that! Got so goddamn much air in it, you know, it's [garble] I can't do anything with this - freaking bag.
091:41:11 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] - dehydrated foods [Pause.]
091:41:26 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
091:41:28 Bean (onboard): Get a load of that!
091:41:29 Conrad (onboard): Get a load of what?
091:41:30 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:41:33 Conrad (onboard): Where?
091:41:35 Conrad (onboard): Ooh - what the hell is he looking at, Dick?
091:41:41 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Oh, gooey, gooey, gooey. That's what I first saw when we started burning this morning.
091:42:01 Conrad (onboard): Hey, call up a Verb 82, [garble] here you are. Look at that crater.
091:42:16 Conrad (onboard): I'll get it, I'll get it. Oh. [laughter].
091:42:31 Conrad (onboard): 65.9 by 65.2. [Long pause.]
091:43:05 Conrad (onboard): What we need is some more music. [Long pause.]
091:43:39 Conrad (onboard): We've got to get the spacecraft shipshape here - in a little while.
091:43:52 Conrad (onboard): Al and I are going to break out our LCGs and stuff for in the morning. How about another tape?
091:44:04 Gordon (onboard): I got it.
091:44:15 SC (onboard): [Garble].
091:44:18 Conrad (onboard): You want this?
091:44:24 Conrad (onboard): A bag of bananas to go with my gumbo.
091:44:28 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] there you go.
091:44:33 Conrad (onboard): All right.
091:44:34 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:44:37 Conrad (onboard): You didn't order one. I think you said something; I remember back there not liking one of them, what was it, ham and potatoes?[Pause.]
091:45:20 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:45:23 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:45:24 Conrad (onboard): I wouldn't - I wouldn't whistle around the block for it. Especially after I had so much trouble with that bag.
091:45:45 Conrad (onboard): Ever seen a rat holer before? [Pause.]
091:46:01 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
091:46:38 Conrad (onboard): Hell, it's - How come you got extra fruit cocktail? You're the guy that ordered them for every meal [laughter].
091:46:55 Conrad (onboard): Okay, [garble] bad [garble] on purpose. You run out [garble].
091:46:59 Bean (onboard): Would you?
091:47:04 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
091:47:07 Bean (onboard): This is a hell of a [garble].
091:47:12 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:47:18 Conrad (onboard): It didn't fit [garble].
091:47:28 Conrad (onboard): No. No, all I'm interested in is getting the job done. [Long pause.]
091:48:01 Conrad (onboard): Oh, shit! It's getting this gigantic water bubble around it again.
091:48:20 Gordon (onboard): There's no spaghetti in here.
091:48:22 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
091:48:24 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:50:11 Gordon (onboard): If I ever come out here again, I'm going to [garble].
091:50:14 Conrad (onboard): What? What?
091:50:16 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] warm [garble].
091:50:19 Conrad (onboard): That's right.
091:50:22 Bean (onboard): What a [garble].
091:50:27 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:50:35 Conrad (onboard): I wonder what crater that is?
091:50:47 Conrad (onboard): Is that the side you can see from [garble] from us? Earth? No, I don't think so.
091:50:55 Conrad (onboard): Earth can't see this crater, can they? They don't have us in ACQ...
091:51:06 Conrad (onboard): I'd like to find that damn crater on the map; that's an interesting son of a bitch. The one that's got that - couple of - rift zones running through it, with vent tubes in it.
091:51:27 Conrad (onboard): We ought to be getting ACQ here in just a second.
091:51:42 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:51:44 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
091:51:49 Conrad (onboard): What did you say?
091:51:52 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:51:53 Conrad (onboard): Oh.
091:51:54 Gordon (onboard): Almost sunrise.
091:52:15 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:52:20 Conrad (onboard): You know, this side of the Moon here, I think, is really pretty. The other side's ugly.
091:52:27 Gordon (onboard): What?
091:52:28 Conrad (onboard): Whose orange?
091:52:29 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] mine.
091:52:30 Conrad (onboard): Whose orange?
091:52:31 Bean (onboard): Mine [garble].
091:52:36 Conrad (onboard): There's another one of those. Look at - look at that vent tube, rift zone thing.
091:52:47 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:52:48 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
091:52:49 Gordon (onboard): What do you [garble].
091:52:50 Conrad (onboard): That's what I mean, that's what I...
091:52:52 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
091:52:53 Conrad (onboard): Yes, that's what I'm talking about.
091:53:05 Conrad (onboard): This yours, Al?
091:53:08 Bean (onboard): That orange?
091:53:09 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Where do you want it?
091:53:13 Bean (onboard): Oh - [garble] would be okay. [Long pause.]
091:53:58 Conrad (onboard): What happened there? We haven't acquired.
091:54:10 Conrad (onboard): Oh, 57. I'll tell you, this side of the Moon is really pretty. Look at those tracks down there, just like animal tracks.
091:54:24 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
091:54:39 Conrad (onboard): What do you suppose they are?
091:54:58 Conrad (onboard): They're nice deep rifts; that's what the hell they are. Boy, there's an interesting crater right there, look at that one.
091:55:15 Bean (onboard): [Garble]...
091:55:18 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
091:55:19 Bean (onboard): ...[garble].
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We are about 1 minute away now from reacquiring Apollo 12. Apollo 12 now on it's fifth revolution around the Moon. The Apollo 12 crew will shortly be starting a rest period. We're at 91 hours, 57 minutes and standing by for acquisition, this is Apollo Control, Houston."
091:57:56 Conrad (onboard): There we are. This thing just locks up.
091:58:09 Conrad (onboard): Roger, Houston. 12, out.
091:58:21 Conrad (onboard): Get it all packed? Here.
AOS Rev 5.
Download MP3 audio file.
091:58:08 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston.
091:58:11 Conrad: Roger, Houston; 12. Loud and clear.
091:58:16 Lind: Very good. We've got a couple of questions for you. When did you activate the cryo fans?
091:58:27 Conrad: When? Did we activate them? We haven't done it yet.
091:58:31 Lind: Okay, if you will let us know, we can track the quantities a little bit better, if we know that. Also, we are ready to terminate the battery B recharge.
091:58:43 Conrad: Okay, we'll terminate battery B. Why don't we go ahead and cycle the fans for you now? We were just - we were going to wait until just before we were going to go to sleep, but we will cycle them now for you.
091:58:52 Lind: Roger; thank you. Also, Dick, the boys in the back room are very well pleased with the P22 tracking; they were impressed with the technique and the spacing. Also the - your solution agree to within a hundredth of a degree of the map positions, so everybody is very pleased with that.
091:59:27 Lind: Pete, when you go in the LM tomorrow, the AGS people would like you to check a series of locations in the E-memory just to check out that system. I've got a list of the locations and the expected parameters that we'd like to read you sometime before bedtime this evening. They'll rest better if you have them tonight.
091:59:59 Conrad: Okay. This is due to - what happened on launch. Is that what you are saying? You want to verify from memory?
092:00:04 Lind: That is affirmative. I've got the list whenever you want to copy. It is about a page of locations, about 25 or so.
092:00:15 Conrad: Okay. Al's got his hands full of food bags right now. Just a second, and I will copy them for him. Wait 1.
092:00:21 Lind: Roger.
092:00:31 Lind: We liked your idea of movies on the fantail so much that, while you were running around behind the Moon there this time, we replayed your last TV coverage for the boys down in the hanger deck. It was very nice.
092:00:46 Conrad: Very good.
092:00:48 Lind: It looks a lot better on the big screen than it does on my home television set.
092:00:56 Conrad: Well, tell you what, it looks a lot better from right here with the old eyeball, but we are doing as best we can for you.
092:01:01 Lind: I bet it does.
092:01:05 Conrad: I - I wish we could bring some TV from the back side of the Moon. I really - I sort of am more impressed with the back side of the Moon as being prettier than I am with the front side.
092:01:16 Lind: You're making us feel envious.
092:01:18 Conrad: I'm not sure that that meets with complete agreement in the spacecraft, but...
092:01:25 Lind: I guess everyone has his favorite spot some place...
092:01:27 Bean: Okay, I'll tell you what - I'm ready...
092:01:32 Lind: Go ahead.
092:01:33 Bean: I'm ready to copy those AGS addresses now.
092:01:36 Lind: Roger. Location 454, the value is plus 00700; location 466, plus 00150; location 506, plus 02400; 523 is plus all zeros; 527, plus 00500; location 537, plus 00002; location 560, plus all zeros; location 561, plus 02436; plus - or location 564, minus 46314; location 565, plus 40611; location 566, plus 01531; 601, minus 75341; location 602, plus all zeros; 622, plus 00062; location 634, plus 00100; 654, minus 62655; location 655, plus 03467; 657, plus 00015; location 661, plus 00031; location 662, plus 53603; 666, plus 04140; location 672, plus 20053; that's the end of the list.
092:05:13 Conrad: Okay, just a second, and I will read it back to you.
092:05:16 Lind: Roger.
092:05:29 Conrad: Okay, address 454, plus 00700; address 466, plus 00150; 506, plus 02400; 523, plus all zeros; 527, plus 00500; address 537, plus 00002 address 560, plus all zeros; 561, plus 02436; 564, minus 46314; address 565, plus 40611; address 566, plus 01531; 601, minus 75341; 602, plus all zeros; 622, plus 00062; 634, plus 00100; 654, minus 62655; 655, plus 03467; 657, plus 00015; 661, plus 00031; 662, plus 53603; 666, plus 04140; 672, plus 20053.
092:06:05 Lind: Roger on all of them.
092:07:11 Conrad: Okay, we'll check those tomorrow.
092:07:14 Lind: Thank you.
092:07:26 Lind: Hey, Al, on ,our TV broadcast, when you were commenting about mountains looking like clouds, were you aware that those mountains were in the Sea of Clouds?
092:07:39 Bean: No. I guess that's where it got its name, huh?
092:07:44 Lind: We thought you had planned a pun for us.
092:07:49 Bean: No, I wasn't smart enough for that.
092:07:53 Lind: Hey, listen. We've got one idea down here on the O2 consumption rate that we'd like to get your comments on. The suggestion was that, last night while you guys were asleep, the metabolic rates indicated that one of you was dreaming, probably about scuba diving, and that we think you were dreaming about petting a moray eel; and in the hyperventilation, you sucked up too much of the oxygen.
092:08:27 Conrad: Okay, tell David, David, that I'll go along with that one.
092:08:31 Lind: Roger. [Pause.]
092:08:42 Conrad: I suspect that it's this urine device thing - we're just out of the habit of leaving it on to keep it flushed out. It doesn't flush out very well, so we've been leaving it on, and we usual don't bother to shut it down until the O2 High Flow comes on or something; that takes awhile. But that probably doesn't account for all of it.
092:09:12 Lind: The practical people would be impressed with that. Most of us like the moray eel theory better.
092:09:20 Conrad: Okay, I'll go along with that.
092:09:22 Lind: Roger.
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That's capsule communicator Don Lind talking interchangeably with Pete Conrad and Al Bean. We're at 92 hours, 10 minutes now into the flight and Apollo 12 presently shows an altitude of 65.4 nautical miles above the moon. It's at its point of apolune at this time.
Very long comm break.
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This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 92 hours, 15 minutes now into the flight. The past few minutes we've had no contact with Apollo 12. We do expect Capcom Don Lind to call them perhaps one or two more times before they bed down for the evening. Their rest period is scheduled to start on this revolution around the moon. Presently we show an apolune of 65.5 nautical miles and a perilune of 54.7 nautical miles for Apollo 12. At 92 hours, 16 minutes, this is Apollo Control, Houston.
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092:25:04 Conrad: Hello, Houston; 12.
092:25:06 Lind: Go ahead.
092:25:11 Conrad: Will you have one of the doctors look at my Biomed and see if it's okay? I had to move one of the leads. For some reason, it reacted on my skin, and it's all welled up into a bunch of blisters here, so I had to move it.
092:25:27 Lind: Roger. He reports that it - you're - they're getting a good signal.
092:25:35 Conrad: Okay. Very good. I'm going back off the air.
092:25:39 Lind: Roger.
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That last report from the spacecraft was Pete Conrad. We're at 92 hours, 26 minutes into the flight at this time.
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