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Apollo 11

Mission Documents

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Preflight Documents

Stowage List

At the time of each Apollo mission launch, NASA prepared a set of printed "as flown" stowage lists to document what items were to be stored on the spacecraft (both the Command Module and Lunar Module), which items were to be transferred from one to another before landing and after rendezvous in lunar orbit following the successful landing. Scanned copies of these typed lists have long been available on line. In 2015 a project to create a fully searchable version was undertaken by the Smithsonian Institution’s Transcription Center in order to make the list more useful to the NASM curatorial staff and to the public.
The following searchable pdf file of the Apollo 11 storage was created from that effort. Thanks to the Transcription Center and to Ulli Lotzmann, Ken Glover, and John Pfannerstill who assisted in the review of the volunteer transcriptions. Use is subject to the Smithsonian Terms of Use policy.
Allan Needell (Curator Emeritus, National Air and Space Museum)

Inflight Documents

The Flight Directors' Mission Log was acquired and cleaned up by Andy Calistrat.

Postflight Documents

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