Apollo 9

Day 1: Orbit 5 - Daylight Star Check

Last updated 2020-02-11.

Rev 005

[The spacecraft combination of CSM and LM have completed the first of the mission's docked burns. Meanwhile the S-IVB stage has completed a second restart of its engine and is on a hyperbolic trajectory away from the Earth.]

006:24:57 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. We are about to lose you here. We will pick you up over Tananarive at 51.

006:25:05 Scott: Roger, Tananarive at 51.

[Very long comm break.]

006:25:14 McDivitt (onboard): I'll check on that, Dave.

006:25:15 Scott (onboard): Okay.

006:25:17 McDivitt (onboard): It says here, "Open full control simulation panel, close the EVAP water control secondary valve."

006:25:27 Scott (onboard): Alright. It's closed.

006:25:31 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

006:25:38 McDivitt (onboard): Did we lose him yet?

006:25:42 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

006:25:43 McDivitt (onboard): Remind me to tell him.

006:25:51 McDivitt (onboard): You might try a urine dump. We're coming up on that time; it's near the terminator.

006:26:03 Scott (onboard): You know, that's really sort of fun.

006:26:04 McDivitt (onboard): What (laughter)?

006:26:05 Scott (onboard): Banging into my leg. How's that for a position at the auto optics?

006:26:11 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter)

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 6 hours, 26 minutes into the mission. Antigua has LOS. Next station to acquire will be Tananarive at 6 hours, 51 minutes. During this last pass we have the first Service Propulsion System burn, with the spacecraft in the docked configuration. Guidance Officer says his data indicates that it was a good burn. We should have a valid orbital parameters very shortly. We will come back up as soon as we have those. That burn was performed at 5 hours, 59 minutes over Hawaii. That is 6 hours, 7 minutes, 18 seconds, while the spacecraft was over Guaymas and the S-IVB was over Guam. We had the third S-IVB restart. We lost data about half way into this burn and picked up one vector and lost data again, however all indications are that the S-IVB did go hypergolic and now is in an escape trajectory. We will come back up just as soon as we have some good orbital parameters on Apollo 9. At 6 hours, 27 minutes this is Mission Control Houston."

006:26:17 Schweickart (onboard): Wonder if I rolled stomach-down if I can take a leak.

006:26:21 McDivitt (onboard): You might; it might be psychological.

006:26:23 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, I'm sure it is.

006:26:25 Scott (onboard): Mine's psychological, too, and I've tried every position.

006:26:28 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter) I can't - I can't find the psychological --

006:26:31 McDivitt (onboard): I bet we have to go down and grab a hold of something first.

006:26:35 Scott (onboard): Yes, something with a little handle on the left.

006:26:38 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

006:26:42 Schweickart (onboard): It's funny, I didn't have much trouble taking the first one.

006:26:47 Scott (onboard): Oh, well, I guess if it hurts bad enough, I'll pee.

006:26:52 Schweickart (onboard): If you don't get kidney stones, first. Oh, did you get the tunnel?

006:27:00 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

006:27:01 Scott (onboard): It's open?

006:27:02 McDivitt (onboard): It's LM press.

006:27:04 Schweickart (onboard): I'll be damned. The flow is off-scale low.

006:27:06 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

006:27:07 Scott (onboard): Good.

006:27:10 Schweickart (onboard): It's magic.

006:27:14 Scott (onboard): Hey, Jim, you really drank a lot of potable water.

006:27:17 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, gees, listen, I ate - Well, it was almost undrinkable.

006:27:19 Scott (onboard): It is. I think we need to get some bags out.

006:27:22 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, let's --

006:27:23 Scott (onboard): It's full of gas.

006:27:24 McDivitt (onboard): -- (garbled) getting something to eat. Somebody has got to stay here and drive the boat, though, don't they?

006:27:28 Schweickart (onboard): I'll, I'll -

006:27:29 Scott (onboard): Well, here, can I do it?

006:27:30 Schweickart (onboard): No. I'll get it. Pass me the food.

006:27:34 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, why don't you just stuff the food up here and --

006:27:35 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, that's a good idea.

006:27:36 McDivitt (onboard): -- and Rusty and I --

006:27:37 Scott (onboard): I've got to get through all this folderol to do this. I'll tell you, that's a good place to hold your checklist because something keeps getting in the way.

006:27:44 McDivitt (onboard): The rings.

006:27:45 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, no, it's this screw up there that I keep banging into.

006:27:51 McDivitt (onboard): Here, let me attack this problem. How am I going to get this thing off? What am I going to do with it when I get it off?

006:27:57 Scott (onboard): Where do we start with food? Anybody know?

006:28:00 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, you guys turn your heads. Maybe I can take a leak.

006:28:01 McDivitt (onboard): Right here.

006:28:06 Schweickart (onboard): I feel like my balls are asleep.

006:28:09 Scott (onboard): Hey, --

006:28:10 McDivitt (onboard): You got me interested in going, and now I just went, and I think I wet on myself.

006:28:13 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter)

006:28:14 Scott (onboard): That's what I've been afraid of.

006:28:17 McDivitt (onboard): My poor talleywhacker's shriveled all up, I've been so frightened here on this.

006:28:20 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter)

006:28:22 Scott (onboard): Toothbrushes, gang; toothbrushes! I found the toothbrushes.

006:28:25 Schweickart (onboard): The food is right behind them, Dave.

006:28:27 Scott (onboard): The pink one. The white one.

006:28:32 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, did we have any place in here to eat today?

006:28:35 Schweickart (onboard): No.

006:28:36 McDivitt (onboard): I don't know if we did or not. Let me look. Would you believe, eat period (garbled) 5 hours long.

006:28:52 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, isn't that ridiculous? I'm telling you. That's pretty much hustle.

006:28:57 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, it was. But we were lucky that we got it done.

006:28:59 Scott (onboard): (Laughter) Yes, we -

006:29:01 Schweickart (onboard): Why? I don't feel lucky.

006:29:03 McDivitt (onboard): Well, we - we could have got it done, there's just no doubt about that --

006:29:06 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, we had a - we had a really -

006:29:07 McDivitt (onboard): -- (garbled) louse up a lot of fuel.

006:29:09 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, we had a couple of real fine problems that got right in the middle of there, that took a lot of time.

006:29:14 McDivitt (onboard): What?

006:29:15 Schweickart (onboard): The damned RCS, for one. That docking would have gone bang, just like --

006:29:19 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, I - Oh, I meant - this other thing here.

006:29:21 Schweickart (onboard): Yes --

006:29:22 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, yes, that's right.

006:29:23 Schweickart (onboard): I - I'll tell you, I think --

006:29:24 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) even worry about these things.

006:29:25 Schweickart (onboard): -- I think, you did a brilliant job on that. I really do. I'll tell you the truth.

006:29:29 Scott (onboard): Man, I was really -

006:29:33 Schweickart (onboard): I bet that was a terrible feeling --

006:29:34 Scott (onboard): (garbled) figure out what --

006:29:35 Schweickart (onboard): -- really frustrating.

006:29:38 Scott (onboard): Gee, I was really, really feeling awful --

006:29:40 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, look at that beautiful horizon!

006:29:43 Scott (onboard): -- I was figuring I hadn't got you guys in the (missing text) and I was about ready to just lose you.

006:29:47 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, come on. Even if you hadn't - shit, oh dear. That's the breaks of the ball game, David, and you either do it or you don't --

006:29:52 Scott (onboard): That's what I get paid for --

006:29:53 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, the Earth is concave up.

006:29:54 Scott (onboard): Rusty, here's your day 1, meal B.

006:29:57 Schweickart (onboard): Day 1, meal B.

006:29:58 Scott (onboard): I'm going to give everybody a toothbrush, now. Okay?

006:30:00 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, gee, what are we going to do with that?

006:30:02 McDivitt (onboard): What are we going to do with that?

006:30:03 Scott (onboard): I wonder what --

006:30:04 McDivitt (onboard): I don't even want one. I'm going to leave my teeth dirty.

006:30:06 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, I want one.

006:30:09 Scott (onboard): Rusty, I'm going to give you the red toothbrush.

006:30:11 McDivitt (onboard): No, I get the red one.

006:30:12 Scott (onboard): Oh, you do?

006:30:13 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, that's right.

006:30:14 Scott (onboard): Okay, there's yours.

006:30:15 McDivitt (onboard): I don't want it, though.

006:30:18 Scott (onboard): I'm going to give Rusty the blue one.

006:30:19 McDivitt (onboard): Shit, I can't figure out what - what to do with my checklist, and other valuable items like that. I can only (garbled) Should we unsuit tonight and go to bed in the other suit?

006:30:30 Schweickart (onboard): You bet your ass.

006:30:33 Scott (onboard): Russell, your blue toothbrush.

006:30:34 McDivitt (onboard): That's going to take 2 days to get unsuited.

006:30:38 Scott (onboard): Okay, Jim doesn't want his toothbrush, which means I've got to carry it for him, so I will.

006:30:41 McDivitt (onboard): No, you don't have to carry it.

006:30:43 Scott (onboard): I don't know what else to do with it.

006:30:45 McDivitt (onboard): Will that thing go through my neck?

006:30:48 Scott (onboard): It will go around it. I'm going to find some obscure piece of Velcro to put that toothbrush on. Okay.

006:30:56 McDivitt (onboard): All we're going to have with that toothbrush is a loose toothbrush in here.

006:31:04 Scott (onboard): Another pack. I'm going to get - I get three food packs out, okay?

006:31:11 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, shoot, I want one, too. Well, they both should be around there.

006:31:17 Scott (onboard): Rusty, here's another one.

006:31:20 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, for me?

006:31:22 Scott (onboard): No, I'm getting three out. Okay?

006:31:23 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, one for each of us.

006:31:24 Scott (onboard): Yes, and then I'll put this thing back.

006:31:26 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, yes.

006:31:36 Scott (onboard): Okay, here's mine.

006:31:41 Schweickart (onboard): Alright.

006:31:48 McDivitt (onboard): Shit, I'm going to take these pockets off, too. I don't know what I'm going to do with those things either.

006:31:52 Scott (onboard): Just stow them.

006:31:53 McDivitt (onboard): Where do you stow your pocket?

006:31:56 Scott (onboard): Oh, you can find a place.

006:32:06 Schweickart (onboard): Jim, your toothbrush will be the marker.

006:32:08 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, fine.

006:32:19 McDivitt (onboard): Where am I trying to go, anyway? 68°, 291°, and 330°. I tell you, I'm just going to - I'm just going to drift right on over there, and I'm not going to use a - a thing but pulse, and I'm going to just end up there.

[Roll: +68.0°, pitch: +291.1° yaw: +330.2° are the FDAI angles from the Star Check Update PAD.]

006:32:34 Schweickart (onboard): Really?

006:32:35 Scott (onboard): You have that written down or something, Jim, somewhere?

006:32:37 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) it's in here.

006:32:40 Scott (onboard): Oh, okay. You got the pad, huh?

006:32:44 McDivitt (onboard): Does anybody remember what we've done so far today?

006:32:48 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. I tried to log some things, but -

006:32:50 Scott (onboard): I want to get on that - that Sony and get that T&D started.

006:32:56 Schweickart (onboard): Hell, that's not a very good spot; it hides the clock.

006:33:04 McDivitt (onboard): Maybe we ought to put that Y-Y strut out again, Dave. Can we do that?

006:33:08 Scott (onboard): It's out.

006:33:09 McDivitt (onboard): No, it's - it's still loose.

006:33:11 Scott (onboard): You can do it. Can you reach it?

006:33:12 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I can - I can reach it.

006:33:13 Scott (onboard): It's alright to do it.

006:33:15 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) the other way.

006:33:17 Scott (onboard): Yes.

006:33:18 Schweickart (onboard): Why do we want to put the Y-Y strut out again?

006:33:20 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, so it doesn't jiggle back and forth.

006:33:24 Schweickart (onboard): Oh.

006:33:25 McDivitt (onboard): I get nervous listening to it jiggle.

006:33:36 McDivitt (onboard): Uh oh. You know what?

006:33:37 CMP/LMP (onboard): What?

006:33:38 McDivitt (onboard): We can't do the daylight star check if we're looking at the Earth, can we?

006:33:41 Scott (onboard): Not very well.

006:33:43 Schweickart (onboard): No, but you're getting there. Yes. That attitude takes care of that.

006:33:47 Scott (onboard): Yes.

006:33:49 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I wonder if it takes care of us for the whole time? Oh, look, we're - Heck, we're posigrade again.

006:34:06 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, that's right. So one-half of a rev[olution] from right now, puts us - facing the sky.

006:34:11 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, except we have to do a 90-degree pitch (garbled)

066:34:14 Schweickart (onboard): No.

006:34:15 Scott (onboard): What are we doing with trash?

006:34:19 Schweickart (onboard): Put it in the TSB.

006:34:22 Scott (onboard): Yes. I'm sure going to be passing a lot of trash here, while I make supper - or breakfast, or whatever we're eating.

006:34:33 Schweickart (onboard): Damn, I have just got to take a leak.

006:34:36 McDivitt (onboard): Rusty, maybe if you - you stood up.

006:34:38 Schweickart (onboard): Alright.

006:34:39 Scott (onboard): Jim, I've tried - I'm in the same boat. I've tried every which-a-way.

006:34:42 McDivitt (onboard): Why don't you get the urine dump system out and try that?

006:34:44 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter) You know - That might be a good idea. Suck your tinker out the hole.

006:34:54 McDivitt (onboard): I'm going to dump mine, so I can get more room in it.

006:34:59 Schweickart (onboard): I'm afraid to take one, because when I do, I'll overflow.

006:35:14 Schweickart (onboard): Noo! Hope I can reach those scissors. Yes.

006:35:35 Scott (onboard): What's the time - what's the sunrise time? Do we have that?

006:35:39 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, I can - I can give you an estimate (garbled)

006:35:42 McDivitt (onboard): It was 06:49, I think.

006:35:43 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, no, it's 7 something.

006:35:45 Scott (onboard): Was it? Sunrise time?

006:35:47 Schweickart (onboard): Well, it is - it is on the flight plan.

006:35:50 McDivitt (onboard): What was the time for that?

006:35:52 Schweickart (onboard): 07:05, which is on the flight plan.

006:35:54 McDivitt (onboard): It says, "GET start, sunrise - Oh, sunrise minus 15."

006:35:57 Scott (onboard): Okay, what time was that?

006:35:58 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, my goodness. That's 06:49; that's in 14 minutes.

[The Star Check Update PAD records the sunrise - 15 time as 006:49:45.00 GET. Page 4-20 of the Flight Plan notes that observations should begin (with no recordings) 15 minutes prior to sunrise using the Scanning Telescope - SCT. Observations should occur at sunrise (007:04:45), and then an additional 5 and 10 minutes after sunrise.]

006:36:01 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I go to (garbled)

006:36:02 McDivitt (onboard): Do we have to be there then?

006:36:03 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

006:36:05 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, shit. Then, I'm going to have to hurry faster. I'm going to have to - shoot - waste some fuel there. Am I even armed? Yes. Are those things firing out there? I heard them. Ooh! Bull'seye. Boy, they really light up the sky, don't they? And I've got to go 110 degrees, yet.

006:36:40 Scott (onboard): (Cough) Damn, they're on. More pieces of junk.

006:36:46 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, I'm going to get something to eat before I die.

006:36:48 Scott (onboard): Here, what do you want?

006:36:50 McDivitt (onboard): I want something with some liquid in it.

006:36:58 Scott (onboard): Excuse me.

006:37:07 McDivitt (onboard): We'll, we've got a lot of basic housekeeping yet to do. Holy Christmas! We're supposed to go to sleep in an hour.

006:37:14 Scott (onboard): An hour?

006:37:15 McDivitt (onboard): Aren't we? 8 o'clock, I think (garbled) 8 hours. You got to be kidding.

006:37:21 Scott (onboard): God, you know it's almost a quarter to 6?

[It is 17:37 EST.]

006:37:24 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Hey, Lu, get that up for 06:30, babe.

006:37:29 Scott (onboard): Steak, salmon salad, cocoa, chicken and gravy. Oow boy! I got to make that stuff. Whooee!

006:37:38 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, hey, you know what we're supposed to have?

006:37:40 Schweickart (onboard): Those other meals.

006:37:41 McDivitt (onboard): Those other meals, yes.

006:37:42 Scott (onboard): Oh, yes. They're up there by Rusty's head.

006:37:44 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, I think I'll have one of those.

006:37:45 Scott (onboard): Hey, I think I will, too. Oh, that's great. Let's start, well, you know, gradually.

006:37:51 McDivitt (onboard): Start what gradually?

006:37:53 Scott (onboard): The other crap.

006:37:54 McDivitt (onboard): This stuff here? Here, give me one of those other meals.

006:37:59 Schweickart (onboard): Here, let me see if I can stow some things here down there.

006:38:00 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, there's no (garbled) one. Hey, I've got the white one. I've got Dave's.

006:38:06 Schweickart (onboard): What - what - what color is mine?

006:38:09 Scott (onboard): Blue. I gave you the three first bags I found. I hope those are the right ones.

006:38:21 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, but I could sure use some (garbled)

006:38:30 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, mine's - I - I - I opened the red one. Whose is that?

006:38:33 McDivitt (onboard): Doesn't make any difference; (garbled) we're all starting the same.

006:38:36 Schweickart (onboard): Hell, yes.

006:38:53 Scott (onboard): Cloudy down there.

006:39:00 McDivitt (onboard): Really is. Hey, there's the Big Dipper over there.

006:39:04 Scott (onboard): Well, I'll be looking in here, when we get there.

006:39:07 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, that airglow --

006:39:08 McDivitt (onboard): You know, we can't --

006:39:09 Schweickart (onboard): -- really shows up.

006:39:10 McDivitt (onboard): -- see Polaris. Dave?

006:39:13 Scott (onboard): Sir.

006:39:14 McDivitt (onboard): Polaris isn't up.

006:39:17 Scott (onboard): That's right. We won't be looking at Polaris. We'll be looking at - just above (garbled) (garbled) Alphecca.

006:39:37 McDivitt (onboard): I'm not getting very far as far as (garbled) --

006:39:39 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, that airglow is really prominent. Holy smoke! Gee, it really stands out.

006:39:48 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I can see it. Obviously, you don't have to be a genius to figure out it's there (laughter).

006:39:52 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, you sure don't.

006:39:55 McDivitt (onboard): Three dummy astronauts can figure that out almost every day.

006:40:02 Scott (onboard): Let me see, I got 9 minutes before I got to get - adaptate to -

006:40:05 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, Dave, I'm not going to be there.

006:40:08 Scott (onboard): Well, I'm sorry - I mean - I (garbled) That's okay. Listen, let me explain this to you. I just read up on it.

006:40:12 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter) Yes, would you?

006:40:13 Scott (onboard): Yes.

006:40:14 McDivitt (onboard): I'd like to know what you're trying to do because I got to -

006:40:16 Scott (onboard): I got to begin dark adaptation at 40 - 15 minutes prior to sunrise. And then I count the stars at sunrise.

006:40:25 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, you're supposed to be in that attitude, huh?

006:40:27 Scott (onboard): At sunrise, I got to be in the attitude, but I don't have to be - We don't have to be there at 15 minutes prior, because I just focus - close my eyes.

[The onboard transcription has this transmission by Schweickart.]

006:40:37 McDivitt (onboard): Sunrise minus 15 is 49, so --

006:40:39 Scott (onboard): Yes.

006:40:40 McDivitt (onboard): -- 7 - 7 is when I have to be there - 7 o'clock. 20 minutes. And I've got to go - pitch (garbled) I got to go (garbled)

006:40:55 Scott (onboard): Think I'm going to take the Sony into the (garbled) when I go.

006:41:01 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, you don't even - can't even see a change - I'm - I'm on the 1-degree-per-second scale here, and I fired 10 to 12 pulses here and it doesn't even wiggle the needle.

006:41:08 Scott (onboard): You know - you know something I'm beginning to realize?

006:41:12 McDivitt (onboard): What?

006:41:13 Scott (onboard): All this time, I've been playing around in the simulator --

006:41:14 McDivitt (onboard): Yes?

006:41:15 Scott (onboard): -- docked, you've been in the LM. You've never seen this. I've seen it in the simulator. It's - That's the way it is in the simulator. Holy Christmas. Terrible!

006:41:22 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, how about the water gun?

006:41:25 McDivitt (onboard): What are we going to - what are we supposed to do with these? I guess we're supposed to wad up the garbage, and put it back where we got it?

006:41:29 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

006:41:30 Scott (onboard): Let's see if the Sony is recording at 6 hours 41 minutes.

006:41:36 Schweickart (onboard): Jim, you got the water gun?

006:41:38 McDivitt (onboard): No, I haven't; I'll get it for you in just a minute.

006:41:39 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

006:41:40 McDivitt (onboard): Stow this crap, so I'll know about where it is.

006:42:39 McDivitt (onboard): What do I do with all - Oh, you wanted the water gun, that's right.

006:42:44 Schweickart (onboard): Maybe if I put water in the bag, maybe it will make me think of leaking.

006:42:49 McDivitt (onboard): I think it will, but let's see. Start thinking about emptying my bag, here. My water bag.

006:42:56 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, what is this supposed to be, half-ounce squirts?

006:43:00 Scott (onboard): I don't know. Let's see, (garbled) 6 minutes I think I'll do - talk about the T&D - (garbled) want to talk about the T&D (garbled) Yes.

006:43:11 Schweickart (onboard): And, I wonder if we ought to try the hot water. Hey, we - we never turned on the hot water.

[In the Apollo 15 checklists, the water heater is off in the launch configuration (1-03) and turned on, set to main bus A, at +20:00 (2-13).]

006:43:13 Scott (onboard): We did T&D --

006:43:14 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, we did.

006:43:15 Scott (onboard): -- It started out just about as planned. We pitched around, and when we got around facing the S-IVB, we were directly lined up and just exactly right according to the angles on the ball, although we seemed to be a little bit high in pitch. We did - we did some pitchup to get the - the needle, and it looked like we were lined up relative to the COAS. And the vent seemed to be somewhat more than we expected; the S-IVB started closing, and I had about 0.6 of a foot per second in at separation, and when we turned around, I never took any out. And the S-IVB closed the gap, naturally. I guess we were something like 50 feet away when we turned around and were facing it. In the process of trying to get lined up with the target, we noticed there was no left translation, and we started drifting over some to the right; and I backed off to keep clearance, for the S-IVB to continue to close, and I tried to find the problem. And after a while, it became apparent there definitely was no left translation. And we cycled the switches for RCS auto control and changed A/C roll all up to Bus A; all the rest were on Bus B, and nothing seemed to work there. We got no translation in SCS rate command or any control mode, for that matter. We drifted out to our right of the S-IVB, and I yawed left to try and get back in by translating forward which put us across the front of the S-IVB to the left side. And about that time, figured out the problem and discovered that the quad C primary and secondary propellent isolation valves were talkback, talkbacks were barber pole, and that the quad B secondary isolation valve talkback was barber pole. And another thing we had tried prior to discovering the talkbacks was the DAP, to see if that might be a problem, and it seemed to be working alright except for the translation to the left. Back to the talkbacks, when Jim closed the isolation valve - or opened the isolation valves and the talkbacks were gray, we definitely knew - got a definite translation capability to the left, and went to CMC hold and realigned with the COAS, and on the target on the S-IVB. And about the time we got realigned visually, the needle had preset, with a Verb 62; we were lined up almost exactly, which showed that the preflight-calculated angles were just right. And we needed no closing velocity; the S-IVB closed the gap with the venting. And we proceeded on in, and contacted it at approximately 0.3 foot per second, and capture occurred immediately, and there were no postcontact dynamics to speak of. It drifted up a little bit and yawed left a little bit, which would have been an apparent pitchdown, yaw left to get it centered; and we went to CMC Free on contact, and it seemed to damp out the position, misaligned by a couple of degrees in pitch and about 1 in yaw. I attempted to align with the translational thrusters, just minimum impulse, and it didn't seem to do much good. So, I went to SCS minimum impulse and the rotational controller and that seemed to work alright, aligning the COAS to the target. And the one thing that was noticeable: with the COAS full bright, it was very difficult to see the luminated reticle against the bright target background, and by this time, the sun was pretty much over our shoulders and there was - the target was very bright. Once we got aligned with the - the target, the standoff cross, why we initiated retraction, and it took 8 to 10 seconds to retract. The vehicles went straight in, and it sounded like we got two sets of latches in almost very - in a very short time in between, but it sounded like you could hear two groups of latches going, and dynamics was very slight. Felt like a good solid line. I guess that was about the size of it. Jim, you want to go through what you saw?

006:48:04 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Well -

006:48:08 Scott (onboard): Why don't we - why don't we all go through what -

006:48:10 McDivitt (onboard): Well, there's a nice little (garbled) that just came of

006:48:15 Schweickart (onboard): How do you get the gas out of these bags, I wonder.

006:48:24 McDivitt (onboard): Drink it, I guess.

006:48:26 Schweickart (onboard): Hmm.

006:48:27 McDivitt (onboard): Dave, would you stick this under the hot water and give me a shot or two --

006:48:32 Scott (onboard): Can you wait a minute.

006:48:33 McDivitt (onboard): Sure. You want me to try to fix that for you?

006:48:46 Scott (onboard): It's not running and it's not - You got to push the red button right there.

006:48:50 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) I'm going to have to (garbled) move it slow. Okay. Well, let's see, there's hardly anything else I can - there's very little I can add to what Dave has already said except that when we extended the probe, it only took a - just a second or so for it to get out. There was a definite thunk, and the talkbacks changed, and there was a - every indication that it had gone out immediately. When we came back in, I was watching the talkbacks, and they both changed to gray, at - at the same time, which would indicate that all the latches were close together. When we checked the tunnel, we found all the latches had secured and everything looks okay up to there. There didn't seem to be any problem I didn't get a chance to - to examine the - the drogues, to see if they had any damage. I don't think (garbled) we were in a little bit of a hurry. And I couldn't see up there very well at the time; we'll get to that tomorrow.

006:50:07 Scott (onboard): Give it to Rusty and we'll have that all here.

006:50:09 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

006:50:10 Schweickart (onboard): I don't think I have anything on it.

006:50:12 Scott (onboard): Okay.

006:50:14 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, this has really got the gas in here. Holy cow!

006:50:16 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, it really does.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 6 hours, 50 minutes into the mission. We have the current orbital parameters now. They are 125.6 nautical miles [232.6 km] apogee by 108.3 nautical miles [200.6 km] perigee. We were predicting as a result of the SPS burn, 126 [nautical miles, 233 km] by 108 [nautical miles, 200 km]. We had targeted that burn for a duration of 5.l seconds; we actually got 5.0 seconds. We were looking for a delta V of 36.8 feet per second [11.2 m/s]; we got 34.1 feet per second [10.4 m/s]. So we're very close to what we had projected prior to the burn. We're coming up on Tananarive now, should have acquisition within a few seconds. We'll stand by."

Public Affairs Officer - "Our parameters prior to that burn were 108.7 [nautical miles, 201.3 km] by 106.5 [nautical miles, 197.2 km]."

006:50:20 Scott (onboard): Okay, star-adaptation dock - dark-adaptation time.

006:50:23 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, now I got to start stopping this mother.

006:50:28 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, the DAP? Oh, no.

006:50:30 McDivitt (onboard): No.

006:50:32 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled) in the morning.

006:50:34 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, looks like the coloration would be a little better.

006:50:38 Scott (onboard): I don't think so.

006:50:41 McDivitt (onboard): Here, let me try one in yaw and see what happens. Oh, man, and that really wiggles, doesn't it?

006:50:57 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, it really does. Shaking up all my food.

006:51:10 Scott (onboard): How close are you, Jim?

006:51:12 McDivitt (onboard): I'm about 15 degrees in pitch, Dave, and about 25 degrees in yaw; 70 degrees off in roll.

006:51:28 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, yes. That chicken and gravy would be good with hot water.

006:51:30 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter) You always do that.

006:51:36 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, do you have any hot water? For any of this stuff?

006:51:38 Scott (onboard): Yes.

006:51:53 Scott (onboard): You want some, Rusty?

006:51:55 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I need 3 ounces if you got time.

006:51:58 Scott (onboard): How much does a squirt give? I've forgotten.

006:52:00 Schweickart (onboard): I don't know either. It's either a half or a whole.

006:52:11 Scott (onboard): I gave Jim --

[Communications have been switched to Tananarive.]

006:52:12 Roosa: Hello, Apollo 9. This is Houston through Tananarive. Do you read?

006:52:15 McDivitt (onboard): Roger, Houston. This is Apollo 9 here, reading you loud and clear. Houston, how do you read Apollo 9?

[The ground does not receive Jim's reply. Comm break.]

006:52:30 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, that comm is going to have to get better, or we're not going to do any rendezvous.

006:52:37 Schweickart (onboard): Well, that's pretty clever. Looks like they sealed the bag on the other side of the line.

006:52:41 Scott (onboard): Let's see, one squirt is how much, you think?

006:52:44 McDivitt (onboard): It's either a half of an ounce, or a whole ounce.

[The valves dispense water in 1 ounce [30 ml] increments. (Apollo Operations Handbook, Volume 1, page 2.7-16)]

006:52:46 Scott (onboard): How much do you put in this bag, Rusty? You remember? Oh.

006:52:48 Schweickart (onboard): 3 ounces.

006:52:49 Scott (onboard): Three - I'll give you three squirts.

006:52:54 Schweickart (onboard): Is it warm?

006:52:55 Scott (onboard): Boy, it's really warm.

006:52:57 Schweickart (onboard): Good.

006:52:58 Scott (onboard): Hot! I'll give you a cold.

006:53:00 Schweickart (onboard): Noo!

006:53:01 Scott (onboard): It's really hot, Rusty.

006:53:04 Schweickart (onboard): Well, it tastes good.

006:53:05 Scott (onboard): Alright. I'm afraid it'll melt the bag.

006:53:08 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, my God, that hot?

[According to the Apollo Operations Handbook, Volume 1, page 2.7-16, the hot water heater maintains the temperature at 154°F [85.5°C].]

006:53:11 Scott (onboard): Well, I'm going to let you look at it and tell me how you like it, because I'm going to have to turn the lights down here.

006:53:15 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

006:53:16 Scott (onboard): Okay?

006:53:23 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, that's neat, Davey.

006:53:49 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, man, (garbled)

006:53:55 Scott (onboard): Rusty, I'm going to count stars, so maybe you could remember the number for me. Okay?

006:54:00 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, you want me to (garbled) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or mark, mark, mark, mark, or what?

006:54:05 Scott (onboard): Oh, I'll count the number and give you a number.

006:54:07 Schweickart (onboard): Okay --

006:54:08 Scott (onboard): I'll count them in quadrants. I'll count four - I'll give you four numbers per quadrant, okay?

006:54:12 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. When are you going to start? Oh, you're not going to start yet.

006:54:16 Scott (onboard): At 7 hours (garbled) the number (garbled)

006:54:19 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Well, 15 minutes after 49, huh?

006:54:26 Scott (onboard): 49, 59:05. Is that right?

006:54:29 Schweickart (onboard): 04, yes.

006:54:30 Scott (onboard): Oh, okay.

006:54:32 Schweickart (onboard): Don't cheat now.

006:54:35 Scott (onboard): Hey, I'm not; I'm not going to cheat now.

006:54:41 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, that really wiggles that thing. I wonder what that stroking test is going to feel like.

006:54:49 Scott (onboard): I'm going to run the DSKY here to line the optics up, Jim, in case you want to --

006:54:51 McDivitt (onboard): Go ahead.

006:54:52 Schweickart (onboard): Leave unto tomorrow the evils thereof.

Rusty is quoting from the Bible: Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. -- Matthew 6:34, King James Version.

006:54:58 Scott (onboard): Throw me an alarm, huh! I bet I know what's wrong on the zero. Okay. Stupid idiot.

006:55:01 Roosa: Okay, Apollo 9, this is Houston through Tananarive. We're probably not getting you here. We got about another minute and a half, and if you can read me, we'll see you over Guam at about 17.

006:55:14 McDivitt: Roger, Houston. This is Apollo 9, and we're reading you loud and clear through Tananarive. We'll look for you over Guam. How do you read me?

006:55:21 Roosa: Oh, we're getting you in here now. I didn't read you at all the first time or two around.

006:55:27 McDivitt: Okay, I heard your call a couple of times but I guess we just weren't getting down to you.

006:55:33 Roosa: Roger. It hasn't been too stern here off Tananarive today.

006:55:38 McDivitt: Okay. We're just taking a little time out to eat here right now. We haven't had anything to eat yet, so, that's a - If you wonder what we're doing, that's it.

[The ground receives a garbled transmission from "so, that's a ...".]

006:55:48 Roosa: Okay, our plan is that as we come over Guam and back across the States, why we'll discuss all our system problems and so forth before you go to sleep tonight.

006:56:04 McDivitt: Roger.

006:56:05 Scott (onboard): I got bad news for them.

006:56:07 McDivitt (onboard): What's that?

006:56:08 Scott (onboard): The Moon's in the way.

006:56:10 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, no, is it really? (Laughter)

006:56:11 Scott (onboard): Are we at the attitude, Jim?

006:56:15 McDivitt (onboard): We're 30 more degrees in roll.

006:56:16 Scott (onboard): Oh, 30. Okay, maybe it'll be alright.

006:56:18 McDivitt (onboard): No hurry.

006:56:20 Scott (onboard): Don't hurry! Hey, can somebody fix me a Tang or something?

006:56:31 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

006:56:32 Scott (onboard): I'm thirsty.

006:56:35 Schweickart (onboard): Although, I don't dare put anymore in the bright end.

006:56:38 Roosa: And we speak Sayonara at Tananarive. See you over Guam.

006:56:43 McDivitt: Roger.

[The onboard transcription records this as "Adios".]

[Very long comm break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 6 hours, 56 minutes. Tananarive has Loss Of Signal. Communications not too good over the Tananarive station. The crew did report that they were having a meal, taking a little time out to eat. They'll be updated on the few minor problems that exist over Guam prior to their rest period. The white team is in the process of handing over now to the gold team headed by Flight Director Gerry Griffin. The next station to acquire will be Guam at 7 hours, 17 minutes. This is Mission Control Houston at 6 hours, 57 minutes."

006:56:45 Schweickart (onboard): Undo my chin strap.

006:56:52 Scott (onboard): Oh, boy, does that taste good. Oh, boy, umm, umm.

006:56:56 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter) We're just going to leave Dave down there and -

006:56:59 Scott (onboard): Nice guy.

006:57:17 Scott (onboard): The Moon's still there.

006:57:26 McDivitt (onboard): We're right at the pitch attitude, Dave, I've got - 30 degrees to go on roll.

006:57:31 Scott (onboard): Which roll?

006:57:32 McDivitt (onboard): Rolling right.

006:57:34 Scott (onboard): (Laughter) Right.

006:57:36 McDivitt (onboard): Another 20 degrees to go --

006:57:38 Scott (onboard): Hey, it shouldn't be bad all the way.

006:57:39 McDivitt (onboard): -- yaw. But really yaw is turning into pitch now, so -

006:57:43 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, are those stars bright out there.

006:57:50 Scott (onboard): The old Southern Cross. Hey, wonder if I can see the Magellanic Clouds?

006:57:58 Schweickart (onboard): We'll look some other night.

006:57:59 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, that's what I was thinking.

006:58:34 Schweickart (onboard): Have you had chicken and gravy up yet, Jim?

006:58:35 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I'm eating it right now. Oh, boy (garbled).

006:59:09 Scott (onboard): Is that pulses? (garbled)

006:59:10 McDivitt (onboard): Those are acceleration pulses.

006:59:11 Scott (onboard): No, don't do that.

006:59:14 McDivitt (onboard): Dave, I can't even - I don't even - I'm in the 1-degree-per-second scale, here, and I can't even make it move.

006:59:20 Scott (onboard): You got to be patient, Jim.

006:59:23 McDivitt (onboard): I am, but I'm going in the wrong direction.

006:59:24 Scott (onboard): (garbled)

006:59:25 McDivitt (onboard): You know, it's better - One - one acceleration pulse will - give you the same rate as 50 minimum impulses.

006:59:30 Scott (onboard): (garbled)

006:59:32 McDivitt (onboard): Lord, give me patience and hurry up (laughter).

006:59:38 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter) Don't make me laugh; I'm eating.

006:59:51 Schweickart (onboard): That Moon is going to be right -

006:59:55 McDivitt (onboard): Is it really?

006:59:56 Scott (onboard): Yes.

007:00:06 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, we're up to roll attitude, and we're just about 3 or 4 degrees from pitch attitude, and --

007:00:11 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, Dave, in the daytime, I bet the Moon will go maybe it will. Yes, it probably will.

007:00:20 Scott (onboard): What about - You got to pitch down? Is that right, Jim?

007:00:23 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, to you, it looks like I'm going to have to pitch down about another 10 degrees.

007:00:26 Scott (onboard): Oh, well, it'll be alright, then.

007:00:29 McDivitt (onboard): I'll get the roll off.

007:01:02 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, you got 3 minutes. Hey, at 3 minutes, I'll just go ahead and stop it wherever we are.

007:01:08 Scott (onboard): Okay. Let's see, you got to pitch down there, (garbled) the Moon's right on the edge of the field of view right now.

007:01:15 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I'm only going to pitch down another 6 degrees.

007:01:17 Scott (onboard): 6 is what I need, Dad. If you do that, we'll be alright.

007:01:30 Schweickart (onboard): Umm. Boy, now, are we going to be (garbled)? (Laughter)

007:01:49 Schweickart (onboard): We have to use a little tablet, huh?

007:01:52 Scott (onboard): Yes.

007:01:59 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) shining on the prism. I'll be darned.

007:02:01 Scott/Schweickart (onboard): (garbled)

007:02:03 Scott (onboard): Yes. (garbled) the prism. It's splitting the prism, almost.

007:02:24 McDivitt (onboard): Have I pitched down far enough?

007:02:26 Scott (onboard): Yes, just about.

007:02:28 McDivitt (onboard): Because I'm there. What I should do now is yaw left about 5 degrees.

007:02:31 Scott (onboard): Well, that would be just about - just about right.

007:02:34 McDivitt (onboard): Will it? Okay.

007:02:37 Scott (onboard): I wouldn't sweat it though, Jim.

007:02:39 McDivitt (onboard): I stopped the pitch motion now. Now, I'm just going to let what I - my yaw that I had in there going on over. Now I got about 0.000001 degree per second.

007:02:51 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, boy. One down. David, I'm going to make you a drink if you're -

007:02:59 Scott (onboard): Good for you.

007:03:07 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, sunrise is coming up.

007:03:08 Scott (onboard): Yes, (garbled) almost time right now, huh?

007:03:11 Schweickart (onboard): What? No, about 45 seconds and it's going to be sunrise.

007:03:18 Scott (onboard): In 45 seconds, tell me and I'll start time.

007:03:20 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Tell me if - if - it is about 10 seconds to go.

007:03:27 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, the LM is starting to get lighter.

007:03:29 Scott (onboard): Okay.

007:03:33 Schweickart (onboard): Jimmy, can you handle some trash, here?

007:03:47 Scott (onboard): How are we doing, Rusty?

007:03:49 Schweickart (onboard): You got another 10 seconds -

007:03:52 Schweickart (onboard): Mark.

[i.e. 10 seconds before 007:04:00. The onboard transcription times appear to be out by two seconds.]

007:03:53 Scott (onboard): Okay.

007:03:54 Schweickart (onboard): Go.

007:03:55 Scott (onboard): 10 seconds until sunrise?

007:03:56 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, yes, 10 seconds until 04. It's not really sunrise yet. We really ought to wait until sunrise.

007:04:02 Scott (onboard): No, let's do it on the - on the - on the time.

007:04:04 McDivitt (onboard): It was 06:49:45.

007:04:07 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, 45, okay, Jim. Excuse me, Dave, you got awhile - ways to wait yet.

007:04:10 Scott (onboard): Oh, do I?

007:04:11 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, you got 40 seconds more - That's about right.

007:04:13 Scott (onboard): Okay. We're rotating, or rolling, or something.

007:04:16 McDivitt (onboard): We are?

007:04:19 Scott (onboard): Or it's me. Man, that thruster - Ha ho. The quad.

007:04:26 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, close your eyes for just a minute, Dave, and I'll give it one little shot here.

007:04:30 Scott (onboard): Okay, closed. Okay.

007:04:36 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, back to minimum impulse.

007:04:37 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, 10 seconds, Dave. Okay, there, now it's sunrise.

007:04:42 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

007:04:43 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, now stand by; 3, 2, 1 -

007:04:47 Schweickart (onboard): Mark.

[The Star Check Update PAD received at 006:14:21 implies that the sunrise time should be 007:04:45.00. Onboard transcription times appear to be out by two seconds.]

007:04:48 Scott (onboard): Okay.

007:04:59 Scott (onboard): Okay, I got 19.

007:05:01 Schweickart (onboard): 19 in one quadrant?

007:05:03 Scott (onboard): 19 altogether.

007:05:04 Schweickart (onboard): 19, total?

007:05:05 Scott (onboard): Yes. Boy, now, it's just - it's really zapping right off of the quadrant. Man, oh man!

007:05:19 Scott (onboard): Okay, the daylight star check, started out about 10 seconds prior to the official sunrise, and counted through to about 19 stars, the last few of which were in the Big Dipper - Well, the Big Dipper is the last one to remain visible starting from the upper right quadrant, going counterclockwise. When the sun came up, it filled the inside of the quad, and one of the jets on the LM quad that sticks down, the one that points to about - it's like about minus X. And as soon as that filled up with light, it washed out everything but a couple or three stars and the Big Dipper.

007:06:08 Schweickart (onboard): You can still see some, Dave?

007:06:09 Scott (onboard): Yes, I can still see a few stars, and right now it's how late, Rusty?

007:06:15 Schweickart (onboard): It's 06:15.

007:06:19 Scott (onboard): 06:15.

007:06:20 Schweickart (onboard): 07:06:15.

007:06:21 Scott (onboard): 07:06:15. I can still see a couple of stars, and the Big Dipper.

007:06:25 Schweickart (onboard): Great.

007:06:26 Scott (onboard): And another thing that was noticeable: the Moon was probably about 4 or 5 degrees above the field of view, and it reflected on the prism, on the telescope, and gave a light gray band right across the center.

007:06:45 Scott (onboard): Okay, GET plus 5; I've got to do it again.

007:06:49 Schweickart (onboard): Plus 5?

007:06:50 Scott (onboard): Plus 5, yes. Okay, that's going to be at - What time now - That's --

007:06:56 McDivitt (onboard): Let's see what - I wonder what - It was 07:04:45 was the first one.

007:07:04 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, so this one's going to be 07:09:45. Okay, you got - you got over 2 minutes, Dave.

007:07:13 Scott (onboard): Okay.

007:07:14 Schweickart (onboard): I'll give you your cocoa, here, if you want to make some hot cocoa.

007:07:17 Scott (onboard): Oh, great.

007:07:19 Schweickart (onboard): Stand by. I'm going to cut the bottom for you.

007:07:21 McDivitt (onboard): Don't lose your dark adaptation.

007:07:23 Scott (onboard): Yes, that's right. Don't lose my dark - I'm going to just keep my eyes closed. Let's wait for a while. I'll eat later.

007:07:28 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I've got it all ready, so - I was just feeling sorry for you.

007:07:39 Scott (onboard): I know it.

007:07:40 McDivitt (onboard): Me too.

007:07:42 Schweickart (onboard): I's going to make me some salmon salad, now. How was that, Jim?

007:07:49 McDivitt (onboard): What?

007:07:50 Schweickart (onboard): The salmon salad.

007:07:51 McDivitt (onboard): How is it?

007:07:52 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

007:07:53 McDivitt (onboard): I don't like it.

007:07:55 Schweickart (onboard): Did you eat it?

007:07:56 McDivitt (onboard): I haven't gotten to it, yet.

007:07:57 Schweickart (onboard): Oh.

007:08:02 Scott (onboard): You know what I need is something to drink before I die.

007:08:09 Schweickart (onboard): You got that gun? No, I got the gun.

007:08:15 McDivitt (onboard): All I get out of there is air.

007:08:16 Schweickart (onboard): I know. You know, the hot water didn't put in - as near as much gas as the gun does. I wonder why? I bet the cold water is better down there, too.

007:08:47 McDivitt (onboard): I wonder if this plastic on this thing will melt - Oh, (garbled)

007:08:55 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Cloudy.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 7 hours, 8 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. We have had a shift change the Gold Team of course has replaced the White. Gerry Griffin is the Flight Director on this shift that is coming up and the capcom that is the voice that you will hear talking to the crew is that of astronaut Stu Roosa. At 7 hours, 9 minutes Ground Elapsed Time this is Apollo Control,"

007:09:00 Schweickart (onboard): You've got just about a minute, Dave. Okay.

007:09:06 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) --

007:09:12 McDivitt (onboard): I'm going to shoot a little pulse here, David.

007:09:13 Scott (onboard): Okay. (Singing)

007:09:14 Schweickart (onboard): -- (Singing) --

007:09:19 Scott (onboard): Can you even the needles, Jim?

007:09:20 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

007:09:21 Schweickart (onboard): -- (Singing)

007:09:26 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, hell, it's (garbled)

007:09:29 Schweickart (onboard): 20 seconds, David.

007:09:30 McDivitt (onboard): Probably got to pack these things with - with as little bit of air in them as possible, too --

007:09:33 Scott (onboard): Okay, how many seconds, Rusty?

007:09:37 Schweickart (onboard): About 10, now.

007:09:38 Scott (onboard): Okay.

007:09:40 McDivitt (onboard): -- so that when we depressurize this thing, we don't have them all inflate.

007:09:44 Scott (onboard): Give me a mark, (garbled) when you get there.

007:09:45 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, 1 -

007:09:46 Schweickart (onboard): Mark.

[The implied sunrise time from the Star Check Update PAD plus 5 minutes is 007:09:45.]

007:09:51 Scott (onboard): (garbled)

007:09:53 Schweickart (onboard): Nothing?

007:09:54 Scott (onboard): Got the horizon!

007:09:56 Schweickart (onboard): Ooh.

007:09:57 McDivitt (onboard): Really?

007:09:58 Schweickart (onboard): What kind of a star check is that?

007:10:08 Scott (onboard): (garbled)

007:10:10 McDivitt (onboard): What?

007:10:12 Scott (onboard): (garbled) trying to figure out how to make this thing (garbled)

007:10:14 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

007:10:15 Scott (onboard): On the -5 minutes after sunrise, got the horizon and no - no stars at all, and the quads are now very bright. Got a - the cloud cover - it seems the Earth is mostly blue --

007:10:35 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter)

007:10:36 Scott (onboard): -- with (laughter) white clouds, but it's not a dense cover of white clouds. (garbled) and the sky is black, and there are no stars visible at all, and I can still see the prism split - the reflection on the prism split, which gives me a light band across the center of the field of view. And I guess that's about the size of it.

007:11:12 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I got that down in the record (garbled) Hey, you're supposed to have horizon in here, I guess.

007:11:18 Scott (onboard): You are?

007:11:19 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

007:11:25 Scott (onboard): Sure no stars out there.

007:11:28 Schweickart (onboard): You want your drink?

007:11:30 Scott (onboard): Yes, guess I'll put it down (garbled)

007:11:31 Schweickart (onboard): Oops, made me spill it.

007:11:34 McDivitt (onboard): I have it; I have it.

007:11:37 McDivitt (onboard): Say, did you cut the end off for him?

007:11:38 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, it's all set.

007:11:42 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I guess we ought to look at the flight plan, and see what else we're supposed to be doing here.

007:11:46 Schweickart (onboard): I got it right here. Nothing.

007:11:54 McDivitt (onboard): Weren't we supposed to change one of those lithium hydroxide canisters or something?

007:11:58 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, yes. We need that --

007:12:00 McDivitt (onboard): We need - we need to get the big flight plan out, I guess.

007:12:02 Schweickart (onboard): -- filter change, number 1; we missed it. 3 to A, 1 to B-5.

007:12:51 McDivitt (onboard): Davey, here's your thing.

007:12:52 Scott (onboard): Okay.

007:12:54 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, if there's a smile on my face, it's because I just took a leak.

007:12:59 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter) Dave, would you also fill mine up for me when you get -

007:13:06 Scott (onboard): Sure. This water gun is terrible. It didn't do too bad last time, Jim. Look.

007:13:12 McDivitt (onboard): Did it?

007:13:13 Scott (onboard): No, I got - I don't have that much air in that one.

007:13:15 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, yes. Maybe you just have to get the head off of it. Pchoo!

007:13:24 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, let's see. I guess I might as well eat some dry things here. Unfortunately. Lug-lug-lug-luglug, chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug. Now, which ones are worst? Toasted breadcubes or sugar cookie cubes? I guess I'll save them for dessert. You know, no matter which way I look, it feels like it's down.

007:13:55 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, me too.

007:14:01 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Oh, cloudy. (Singing)

007:14:22 Scott (onboard): How did your stuff come out, ounce-wise --

007:14:25 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, did we ever get the cabin vent open again down there?

007:14:27 Scott (onboard): No. Oh, my God, let's open the cabin vent.

007:14:30 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, boy.

007:14:31 Scott (onboard): Hey, it's alright; we were going to close it at noon -- at night.

007:14:34 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, why don't we open her?

007:14:37 McDivitt (onboard): No kidding. That's right. I have the LM as holding at zero. Okay, waste stowage vent, right?

007:14:42 CMP/LMP (onboard): Right.

007:14:44 McDivitt (onboard): Shoot, open the (garbled) vent.

[The implied sunrise time from the Star Check Update PAD plus 10 minutes is 007:09:45. Dave did not see any stars at +5 and the crew may have decided to skip the +10 check.]

007:14:57 Scott (onboard): (Laughter) Look what just came off.

007:14:59 McDivitt (onboard): What?

007:15:01 Scott (onboard): The optics eyepiece. Great, great.

007:15:05 McDivitt (onboard): Tape them down.

007:15:12 Scott (onboard): Hey, how did your water come out ounce-wise, on those two things I have you?

007:15:17 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, mine came out good, Dave.

007:15:21 Scott (onboard): Seemed about right?

007:15:22 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

007:15:23 McDivitt (onboard): Would you squirt mine full when you get a chance down there?

007:15:25 Scott (onboard): Yes, chunk it here (garbled) --

007:15:27 McDivitt (onboard): Sure.

007:15:28 Scott (onboard): -- let me get my - some tape on these optics, so I don't lose them.

007:15:31 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, does this food taste good.

007:15:33 McDivitt (onboard): Does the what taste good?

007:15:34 Schweickart (onboard): Food.

007:15:35 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, yes.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo control at 7 hours 15 minutes, Ground Elapsed Time. Apollo 9 is in the fifth revolution at the present time. Flying over the Philippine Islands approaching the tracking site at Guam. On this the fifth revolution of the flight:, controllers here at MCC will pass up permission for 14 more revs, that is the go no go for 14 more revs. Apollo 9 will be acquired by the Guam tracking site at 7 hours 17 minutes into the flight or a little less than a minute from now. And at that particular time the flight manual called for discussion of open items, the Go/No-go decision and of course an MCC update state vector. In about 15 more seconds we should have acquisition. Let's monitor for a while and hear any conversation between the crew and the ground."

007:15:46 Schweickart (onboard): You know, the thing that impresses me most is how quiet it is.

007:15:49 McDivitt (onboard): What are we doing with the cabin fan? I think they're both off, aren't they?

007:15:52 Schweickart (onboard): Turn one to see what it sounds like.

007:15:56 McDivitt (onboard): Go ahead; number 2 coming on.

007:16:01 Schweickart (onboard): Right in the air, huh?

007:16:03 Scott (onboard): Yes.

007:16:04 Schweickart (onboard): Even that's not too bad.

007:16:19 McDivitt (onboard): Supposed to start our rest period in less than 2 hours - an hour and 45 minutes.

007:16:23 Schweickart (onboard): Ha ha!

007:16:42 McDivitt (onboard): They forgot a few things in here, like taking your suit off, and putting it back on, and -

007:16:47 Scott (onboard): Yes.

007:16:48 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, you want some more food?

007:16:52 Scott (onboard): Well, let me get - I haven't got what I got, yet. I'm busy as a little beaver.

007:17:04 McDivitt (onboard): Gee whiz, we don't have a thing to do until -

007:17:07 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, Dave's got to change that filter.

007:17:10 Scott (onboard): Yes, I will; just hang on, gang.

007:17:12 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, no, I'm not rushing you. I just want to - I just don't want to forget it.

007:17:15 Scott (onboard): Yes.

007:17:16 McDivitt (onboard): Let me have that water gun. Man, I need some - something to drink.

007:17:19 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, (garbled)

007:17:29 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, Jim, I'll get yours now.

007:17:31 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

007:17:32 Schweickart (onboard): Hot or cold?

007:17:34 Scott (onboard): Hot.

007:17:35 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, hot.

007:17:56 Scott (onboard): Oh, man, that's a load of air. Whooee. Man, I'll tell you, this toasted bread cru - cubes never tasted better.

007:18:02 McDivitt (onboard): Hmm.

[Onboard transcription break.]

[Communications have been switched to Guam.]

007:18:09 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Guam.

007:18:14 McDivitt: Hello, Houston. Apollo 9, here.

007:18:16 Roosa: Roger. We would like to have P00 and Accept, please. We are going to give you a state vector.

007:18:24 McDivitt: Roger. You have P00 and Accept.

007:18:26 Roosa: Roger.

007:18:32 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. Can you talk a few minutes here? We are going to have you over Guam for about 5 minutes.

007:18:39 McDivitt: Sure, go ahead. What shall we talk about?

007:18:41 Roosa: Okay, stand by one just a second.

007:18:48 McDivitt: What I want to talk about is that X-[axis] PIPA bias.

007:18:52 Roosa: Okay, we will take that one first. We are showing an error in that X-[axis] PIPA of about 0.04 feet per second squared. The plan is to not do anything with that tonight, and we will update that tomorrow prior to the first burn.

007:19:11 Spacecraft Crew: Okay. Is it within the tolerance of what you can update?

007:19:13 Roosa: Yes it is. That is affirmative.

007:19:18 McDivitt: Okay, very good.

007:19:20 Roosa: Okay, that takes care of that. I would just like to ask a fast question. You haven't mentioned it. I assume that you have no reading on that SCS helium pressure that's still gone.

007:19:34 McDivitt: That is affirmative, and still reading full scale low.

007:19:37 Roosa: Okay, very good. Another item on this master alarm on the hard docking. We don't have you a good explanation; however, we do have some info in from the Cape that this was found on spacecraft 106 when they docked, and they hadn't found out why. But they did get an unexplained master alarm when they docked down there with 106.

[Spacecraft 106 is Charlie Brown, the CSM for Apollo 10, which will be launched on 18 May.]

007:20:05 McDivitt: Okay.

007:20:07 Roosa: And we are going to replay the data when you dock to see if we can get anything out of it but we can not close the loop on that one at this time.

007:20:18 McDivitt: Okay. Do you have any idea what could have caused our primary and secondary propellant valves to go closed?

007:20:25 Roosa: I think you must be looking at my sheet here, Jim, because that was my exact item coming up next I would like to ask you. We feel that two explanations, one was a stray electrical current there that actually did it, or do you feel that you could have bumped the switches when you were changing seats?

007:20:50 McDivitt: No, I don't think so because, I don't think we could have bumped them because we did an RCS check after that, and it was dark in here but I looked through all of the quads and I looked at all the talkbacks. The talkbacks looked okay. It is possible but not very probable that I missed all three of those talkbacks. I was wondering if we couldn't have had the jolt from the separation between the service module and the SLA caused them to go closed. I can't imagine that we would only have one of the talkbacks on the D-quad go closed for any other reason.

007:21:28 Roosa: Okay, that was something we wanted to verify - that the talkback that was closed on quad Delta was the secondary propellant.

007:21:39 McDivitt: Roger. C had primary and secondary closed, D or Delta had just the secondary closed.

007:21:47 Roosa: Okay, we copy that, and we agree with you. We are really at a loss how the secondary propellant only talkback could have gotten in that condition.

007:21:59 McDivitt: Okay.

007:22:00 Roosa: So that is something that we will have to think about here over the night.

007:22:05 McDivitt: All right. Be advised of one other thing. Sort of keep track of the venting - cabin vent. We didn't go back to waste the vent overboard until 07:15. We didn't get that open again until then.

007:22:21 Roosa: Roger. Copy.

007:22:23 McDivitt: And you know when we closed it, it was just prior to the docking.

007:22:28 Roosa: Roger. Okay, and that is okay. Next item is, I would just like to - We are closing this one out about that LM power cycling. That is running, as I mentioned before, just exactly on the cycle that we would expect and the way it was doing on the PAD.

007:22:49 McDivitt: Okay, fine.

007:22:50 Roosa: Okay, we have got some other things. We will pick them up here over Hawaii at about 32. I have a minute left, and I have a nav[igation] check to go with the state vector just passed you.

007:23:04 McDivitt: Stand by one. We are going to have to sort through the food bags for a piece of paper.

007:23:09 Roosa: Okay. Understand. And the computer is yours.

007:23:26 McDivitt (onboard): How's that stuff taste?

007:23:28 McDivitt: Okay, Houston. Go ahead with the nav check.

007:23:30 Roosa: Okay. Time: 008:10 all zeros, -27.19, +[sic]029.80, 125.6. End of update.

[The crew copy the information into a nav check PAD. See 001:43:53 for the form and information about program P21.]

[This navigation check information is as follows:

Time: 008 hours 10 minutes 00.00 seconds GET.

Latitude: 27.19° South.

Longitude: 29.80° East [sic].

Altitude: 125.6 nautical miles (232.6 km).]

[Roosa has read the longitude sign incorrectly. The longitude should be -029.80 (i.e. 29.80° West). The crew will discover this in a minute after running program P21 for themselves. Roosa will confirm the mistake at 007:32:34.]

007:23:52 McDivitt: Roger. Understand. 008:10 all zips, -27.19, +029.80, 125.6.

[The ground does not receive the altitude (125.6) readback.]

007:24:02 Roosa: Okay, Apollo 9, You went over the hill with everything confirmed except the altitude, and we will see you over Hawaii.

[The crew do not receive the transmission from Roosa.]

007:24:09 Schweickart (onboard): Houston, Apollo 9. Did you get the readback?

007:24:14 Schweickart (onboard): Houston, did you get the readback? Okay.

[Long comm break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "At 6 hours and 40 minutes some time ago there was to have been an S-IVB LOX (liquid oxygen) and hydrogen dump. The flight controllers here at MCC applied power to the system but there was no indication of a dump, and as yet we don't know why there was no indication of a dump. So there was no LOX and hydrogen dump as was planned, The spacecraft has moved beyond range of the Guam tracking site. We will pick it up again at Hawaii in about 8 more minutes. In the mean time at 7 hours 25 minutes ground elapse time this is Apollo control."

007:24:17 Scott (onboard): How does that look?

007:24:18 Schweickart (onboard): You got it there, Jim - Dave?

007:24:20 Scott (onboard): Yes.

007:24:21 Schweickart (onboard): 2719 --

007:24:22 Scott (onboard): 2719, 291 --

007:24:23 Schweickart (onboard): Yes?

007:24:24 Scott (onboard): -- 1256.

007:24:26 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, it's the wrong sign on the latitude - on the longitude.

007:24:32 Scott (onboard): Okay. They're both - both minus.

007:24:34 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, that's funny. We've got a plus here.

007:24:43 Schweickart (onboard): Houston, Apollo 9. Oh, we lost them. Hey, I hear thrusters firing. You know?

007:24:52 Scott (onboard): I might have kicked something down here.

007:24:57 Schweickart (onboard): Sounds like it.

007:24:59 Scott (onboard): Hey, listen, are we about time to take suits off, and all that stuff?

007:25:03 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, if we're going to sleep with them off, we're going to have to start taking them off.

007:25:06 Scott (onboard): Say again.

007:25:08 McDivitt (onboard): You want to sleep with them off, you can go ahead and start taking them off.

007:25:11 Scott (onboard): What are you going to do?

007:25:12 McDivitt (onboard): I don't know. It's a pain in the can to get them off. I wonder if I - I might not just keep it on tonight.

007:25:30 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, here's another card; here's your S-IVB, (garbled)

007:25:35 Scott (onboard): Oh, yes.

007:25:51 Schweickart (onboard): Oh boy, oh boy! Would you believe that even the salmon salad tastes good?

007:26:08 Scott (onboard): Well, let's see, what do we have else to do?

007:26:11 McDivitt (onboard): Not much. Vent the batteries, terminate the cabin purge; (garbled) we just got it started. (Laughter) Change that lithium hydroxide canister.

007:26:21 Scott (onboard): Yes. Yes, I got a real problem trying to pee, you know that? It's terrible.

007:26:29 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I'll tell you, it took me a long while, too. I just - finally made it.

007:26:39 McDivitt (onboard): Maybe if you took your suit off, it may help, Dave.

007:26:41 Scott (onboard): You know, I might just do that.

007:26:42 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, hell!

007:26:46 Schweickart (onboard): What?

007:26:48 McDivitt (onboard): Some of my chocolate got away. Maybe I dropped (garbled) --

007:26:53 Schweickart (onboard): Gee, and we've got to get those napkins and all that stuff out, too.

007:26:56 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

007:26:57 Scott (onboard): I think I will take my suit off.

007:26:59 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, that ought to be interesting. Here goes David for an hour.

007:27:06 McDivitt (onboard): If he's not doing P52's, he's under the seat.

007:27:49 Schweickart (onboard): Who's making that racket down there?

007:27:51 McDivitt (onboard): Where?

007:27:54 Schweickart (onboard): Sounds like it's right under my couch. Maybe it's Dave's suit -

007:28:25 Schweickart (onboard): Man, this blue suit's stable, isn't it?

007:28:27 Scott (onboard): Yes, sure is.

007:28:35 Scott (onboard): See if we got any perigee torquing now there. We're headed towards perigee, right now.

007:29:03 McDivitt (onboard): Here's another piece of trash.

007:29:05 Schweickart (onboard): Wonder what this blue stuff is.

007:29:12 McDivitt (onboard): I don't know.

007:29:24 McDivitt (onboard): That was really good.

007:29:26 Schweickart (onboard): What's that?

007:29:27 McDivitt (onboard): That chocolate.

007:29:28 Schweickart (onboard): Umm.

007:29:29 McDivitt (onboard): I want some water or something to drink.

007:29:31 Schweickart (onboard): Save mine for dessert.

007:29:34 McDivitt (onboard): What?

007:29:35 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. Here, hold on, Dave.

007:29:41 McDivitt (onboard): Man, you really going at it, aren't you?

007:29:53 Schweickart (onboard): Hold on. There you go.

007:30:01 McDivitt (onboard): You want a hand with anything?

007:30:37 McDivitt (onboard): Here, you want a hand, Dave?

007:30:54 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, hey, you had your watchband on. That might have had something to do with it.

007:31:17 McDivitt (onboard): What?

007:31:31 Schweickart (onboard): Well, I hope the girls have got the champagne out.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 7 hours, 31 minutes into the flight of Apollo 9. We expect that the crew will get its decision Go/No-go for 19-1 on this pass when the Hawaii tracking station acquires. There will also be some information passed up to the crew regarding the light housekeeping and preparation for the rest cycle which will be due very shortly. We estimate that the change of shift briefing involving the participants on the white team will take place here in Houston, at approximately 5:45 Central Standard Time. We should have acquisition very shortly. Let's monitor the conversation between the ground here in Houston and the Apollo 9."

007:32:12 McDivitt (onboard): How's that surge tank, Rusty?

007:32:15 Schweickart (onboard): Surge tank is hovering at 700.

007:32:18 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, that thing sure doesn't refill very fast, does it? I'd like to get that fifth tank filled up. Can you see what the --

007:32:25 Schweickart (onboard): Maybe we ought to shut --

[Communications have been switched to Hawaii.]

007:32:26 Roosa: Greetings, Apollo 9. This is Houston through Hawaii.

007:32:29 Scott: Roger. Houston, Apollo 9.

007:32:34 Roosa: Roger. I didn't get to confirm all your nav checkout. If you run it, you have probably discovered the sign was wrong on the longitude.

[Onboard transcription break.]

007:32:43 Scott: Oh, we're glad you knew that.

007:32:48 Roosa: Say again, Apollo 9.

007:32:51 Scott: Roger. We discovered that.

007:32:53 Roosa: Roger. And I guess the - Did the rest of it go okay?

007:32:56 Scott: That's affirmative. Right on the money.

007:32:59 Roosa: Alright. And are you free to talk now?

007:33:06 Scott: Roger. Go ahead.

007:33:08 Roosa: First, is this cryo tank. What we would like to have you do at this time is turn off fans - the fans and heaters in both H2 tanks. And want to let the pressure drop down to 200 [psi, 1380 kPa] and then have you manually maintain that at 200 until you power down. And after you're powered down, just before sacking out, we are going to turn on the fan in H2 tank 1, and the estimates on this one is that it will slowly build up the pressure and when you wake up in the morning it will have built back up to 235 [psi, 1620 kPa] and it will keep the master alarm from coming on through the night.

007:33:58 Schweickart: Okay.

007:34:04 Roosa: Okay, Are we squared, away on that, Apollo 9?

007:34:09 Scott: Okay, you want us to turn the heaters and fans off on both the H2 tanks, and when do you want us to do that, now?

007:34:15 Roosa: You can do that right now.

007:34:17 Scott: Okay, Fine.

007:34:21 Roosa: Okay, Very good. We would also - Have you started a charge on battery B?

007:34:30 Scott: Negative, we weren't going to start the charge until we went to sleep. (garbled) charge on battery B.

007:34:43 Roosa: Okay. We will go ahead and agree with that, Apollo 9.

007:34:49 Scott: Okay. We're going - You're going to call us and tell us to turn it on just before we go to sleep. Is that right?

007:34:54 Roosa: Okay.

007:39:21 Roosa: And Apollo 9, this is Houston. You are go for 19-1.

007:35:27 Scott: Roger. Understand we are go for 19-1.

007:35:30 Roosa: Okay, and this O2 flow high readings you were getting - We consider that a closed item. How you feel on this one, Apollo 9?

007:35:39 Scott: I think it is a closed item also.

007:35:41 Roosa: Okay, and on Rusty's comment on SPS-1, our data shows that both ball valves opened right the money - opened together.

007:35:53 Scott: Okay, fine. We may have just had a sticky gauge in the cockpit. How about PICON valves that we have on the quantity gauge?

007:36:06 Roosa: Okay. This one we will have to look at some more. We don't believe that it is a valid reading at this time, Apollo 9. That - On that short of a burn, we feel that the PUGS worked for such a short time that it probably didn't get a valid reading, and we don't believe that.

007:36:21 Scott: Yes. That sounds pretty logical.

007:36:25 Roosa: Okay. And on SPS-1 everything - It was a nominal burn. GNC is real happy; the PC and everything else looks real good, so that - Looks like we are in fine shape on it.

007:36:37 Scott: Okay. Very good.

007:36:41 Roosa: Okay, we are about to lose you here for about a couple of minutes and we will see you over the Redstone about 38.

[Comm break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "Now, we have lost the contact with the spacecraft. We will pick it up in another minute or so, over the tracking ship Redstone. At 7 hours, 37 minutes into the flight of Apollo 9, this is Apollo Control."

[Communications have been switched to the tracking ship Redstone.]

007:38:41 Roosa: Okay. Apollo 9, this is Houston. We should have you through to Redstone now.

007:39:43 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through the Redstone. How do you read?

007:38:47 Scott: You are weak but clear, Houston. Go ahead.

007:38:50 Roosa: You are coming in clear, Here. Okay. We would like to have you go back to block on your CM telemetry,

007:40:02 Scott: Roger. Block. Let me ask you a question about the other H2 tank. If we run them both down to 200 [psi, 1380 kPa], and we turn the fan on in H2 tank number 1, what are we going to do with tank number 2?

007:40:15 Roosa: We expect it will --


007:40:25 Scott: I didn't get that answer.

007:40:29 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. I copied that; would you stand by one?

007:40:33 Scott: Roger.

[Long pause.]

007:41:11 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston.

007:41:14 Schweickart: Go ahead.

007:41:15 Roosa: Okay. Copy your question, and what we're - What we're saying is that the pressure will stay equal in tank 2 just due to the heat leak, even though we are feeding primarily out of tank 1, but that pressure should come up right along with tank 1.

007:41:36 Schweickart: Okay.

007:41:42 Roosa: And also we would like - Could you verify that the surge tank is on the line?

007:41:51 Schweickart: Roger. The surge tank is.

007:41:54 Roosa: Okay. Very good, we just noticed that coming up a little slow.

007:41:58 Schweickart: Yes. It sure is coming up slow, isn't it?

[Long pause.]

007:42:18 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, we are showing you about 60° yaw now; just wanted to mention that.

007:42:26 Schweickart: Roger.

[Long pause.]

007:42:58 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. That just about closes out my list here, I hit it briefly back there, unless you have any questions about my comments on that 2-degree pitch and yaw on the attitude for SPS-1.

007:43:15 Scott: We have nothing. What was your comment about (garbled)?

007:43:18 Roosa: Say again, Apollo 9.

007:43:21 Scott: Were you saying you were going to take the gimbal (garbled) off?

007:43:28 Roosa: Boy, you are really coming in scratchy here on this one, Apollo.

007:43:35 Scott: Okay, I think we have it - I think we understand what you said.

007:43:39 Roosa: Okay. And that cleans us up here, Apollo 9. Have you got anything you would like to toss in here across this pad? This is about the last time we plan on doing much talking to you.

007:43:55 Scott: No, I don't - I guess it is just the general comment we were pretty well crowded today to all of these things in, so we sort of missed lunch.

007:44:09 Roosa: Roger. I could tell you were really humping up there. Pretty busy day.


007:44:31 Roosa: And Apollo 9, Houston. We'd like to verify the canister change at 6:30.

007:44:38 Scott: It's in the process of being changed right now.

007:44:41 Roosa: Roger. Copy.

007:45:46 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston.

007:46:11 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston.

007:46:24 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston. How do you read?

[Communications have been switched to the Pretoria tracking station.]

007:46:26 McDivitt: Go ahead, Houston. Apollo 9. We are reading you loud and clear.

007:46:32 Roosa: Okay. We have got you in here now. Two other items; we would like to get an E memory dump from you to give us some homework here tonight if you can give us a Mark and take that.

007:46:43 McDivitt: (garbled) E memory dump (garbled)

007:46:47 Roosa: Wait. Stand by, Apollo 9; our telemetry just dropped out.

007:46:51 McDivitt: Okay. We would like to know when you would like us to start charging the battery.

007:46:57 Roosa: Okay. You can start it - You can start it any time prior to sacking out. We are going to lose you here in about another minute and the only other time we will talk with you before sack time will be over Tananarive which will hit there at 24. So, you can - You can start anytime you want.

007:47:16 McDivitt: Okay, fine. Do you want that E-memory dump now or do you want to just skip it?

007:47:20 Roosa: No, we are standing by now. Go ahead and let her run.

007:47:23 McDivitt: Okay. Stand by.

007:47:44 Scott: It's - Houston it's (garbled) memory dump is on the way.

007:47:47 Roosa: Okay. Roger. Copy. And one other item, over Tananarive, if you can, we would like to have a PRD readout from each one of you.

[Long pause.]

007:48:23 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, Dave (laughter).

007:48:24 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter)

007:48:25 Schweickart (onboard): You want to check with - the panel 250 is configured right, and I'll start charging battery B up?

007:48:31 Scott (onboard): Okay.

007:48:32 Roosa: And we will see you over Tananarive at about 24 or 25.

[Communications have been switched to Texas.]

007:48:35 McDivitt: Roger. Thank you, and we will get a PRD report as soon as we figure out what it is. And we're charging battery B right now for you.

007:48:49 Roosa: Okay. And that's a dosimeter reading over Tananarive.

007:48:52 McDivitt (onboard): Roger.

007:49:02 McDivitt (onboard): What'd you say?

007:49:12 Schweickart (onboard): Ah; (garbled) I'll take (garbled), Dave. Didn't say you wanted (garbled) or anything? Oh, boy. Look on the top, right there.

007:49:30 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, my aching back. Number 1, and the time you took it out was 07:49, Dave.

007:49:42 Schweickart (onboard): Well, we're right on there?

007:49:47 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, how about the one we put in? Was it marked? Huh? Oh. (garbled)

007:49:59 Schweickart (onboard): I ought to put a charge on B. Okay.

007:50:01 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

007:50:02 Schweickart (onboard): Whee! 2¼ amperes.

007:50:15 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, it's way down. 07:50:00 - start charge on BAT B; 2.25 amps and 83, 1.5. Oh, no; hey, you know, this stuff (garbled) And 33 volts, 3 volts.

007:50:59 McDivitt (onboard): There isn't a single (garbled); well, I'll be a son of a gun.

007:51:32 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled)?

007:51:47 Schweickart (onboard): What? Here, let me take a peek.

007:52:02 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, could you run a P50 and see if everything is normal there? Okay.

007:52:24 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, our O2 flow's up again, finally. 0.55 now.

007:52:39 Schweickart (onboard): That's what I get.

007:52:42 McDivitt (onboard): Here's the number here, Dave. Here it is right here, I think. This supposed to be number 3? Is this one supposed to be number 3, that I have here? Yes, here it is, marked right here.

007:52:58 McDivitt (onboard): Huh? Okay? Is it? That's really bad.

007:53:20 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, I'm telling you we're going to get in trouble with those lithium hydroxide canisters. I'll bet you two bits.

007:53:30 Schweickart (onboard): Well, I guess if he keeps marking them well, we may be able to avoid it.

007:53:49 McDivitt (onboard): I'm going to go ahead and power down to G&N and stop worrying about getting in gimbal lock.

007:53:58 McDivitt (onboard): What? What'd you say, Dave?

007:54:10 Scott (onboard): Hey, Jim, look at the sun coming through the sextant.

007:54:12 McDivitt (onboard): Where? Oh, yes.

007:54:19 McDivitt (onboard): (Cough) Excuse me.

007:54:27 McDivitt (onboard): Beautiful, Rusty, beautiful. You've got an eyeful of chocolate. (Cough)

007:54:54 Schweickart (onboard): Isn't that amazing, that the LM held together?

007:54:57 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, it is.

007:55:10 Schweickart (onboard): Uh oh! Look at that O2 flow, Jim.

007:55:13 McDivitt (onboard): Huh?

007:55:14 Schweickart (onboard): That O2 flow is working its way up.

007:55:16 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, shoot, it is.