Apollo 9

Day 1: Orbit 6 - Preparing for Sleep

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Rev 006

[Dave Scott appears to be off the communications system probably getting out of his suit.]

007:55:25 McDivitt (onboard): What? Do you? What's the matter, aren't you feeling good?

007:55:37 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. I may go down and try to empty my bladder, here.

007:55:42 Schweickart (onboard): I'm trying to figure out what we're supposed to be doing.

007:55:52 McDivitt (onboard): It's - Coming up on 8 o'clock, vent the batteries and terminate the cabin purge, you're supposed to do.

007:56:08 McDivitt (onboard): You're supposed to do another P52 IMU realign to REFSMMAT (garbled) You're supposed to do P52 IMU realign at about 08:20, about 25 minutes. Want me to do that one, Dave?

007:56:32 McDivitt (onboard): I'd better do that one of mine, and see what the optics look like. Rusty, sit here and watch this, and make sure we don't get any gimbal lock. Everything's turned off. Yes. Why don't you do that?

007:56:51 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, I'll tell you, I feel - I feel a heck of a lot better after eating. I didn't really feel bad before eating, but I felt hungry. (garbled) myself to the hoses. (Laughter)

007:57:18 Scott (onboard): Yes. Yes, it does feel good after a hot lunch (garbled), doesn't it?

007:57:25 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, you know, swallowing all of this gas, you can't help but fart all over the place.

007:57:30 Scott (onboard): Yes.

007:57:37 Schweickart (onboard): That's a real challenge for that poor lithium hydroxide.

007:57:39 McDivitt (onboard): Yes?

007:57:45 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I'll do that, Dave.

007:57:53 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, you're kind of socking them in there, aren't you?

007:58:09 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, I'm going to try a small one, here, Dave. You want some? No? Is that white?

007:58:19 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, I'll have a couple of pieces of medium.

007:58:24 Scott (onboard): Here you go.

007:58:41 Schweickart (onboard): I can't figure out whether I'm sleepy.

007:58:53 Schweickart (onboard): Here's a tissue dispenser. Here's a tissue dispenser. Say, and Dave, there's a couple - You want some towels, too? You want some towels, too?

007:59:23 Schweickart (onboard): I'll get you one. No problem. Yes, me too. I don't know how I'm going to get more - any more to eat, though. I don't know but what I should go and eat one of those 'yuk' meals? I wonder if I eat one of those things -

007:59:47 Schweickart (onboard): Did you clean your (garbled)?

007:59:51 McDivitt (onboard): My (garbled) support?

007:59:52 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

007:59:53 McDivitt (onboard): No, I have it over there.

007:59:54 Schweickart (onboard): Look, don't hold back.

008:00:01 Scott (onboard): Why don't you go ahead?

008:00:06 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, this time (garbled)

008:00:17 Schweickart (onboard): There's our friendly O2 flow high.

008:00:19 Scott (onboard): Oh, shoot, is that right?

008:00:21 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:00:23 McDivitt (onboard): Dave, is that thing pulled out over there?

008:00:36 McDivitt (onboard): Is that ECS return valve over there pulled out? I think it is.

008:00:48 Scott (onboard): Yes.

008:00:53 McDivitt (onboard): Well, I suggest we turn off the LM tunnel vent.

008:01:00 Schweickart (onboard): Or close the purge. Let's see what happens. Here, let me - Hold on. Let's see which one is doing what. Let's do them one at a time and look at the ECS.

008:01:10 McDivitt (onboard): Let's turn off the purge valve first.

008:01:13 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

008:01:14 McDivitt (onboard): We're supposed to have that on, come to think about it. Ready?

008:01:23 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:01:29 McDivitt (onboard): I'm not sure that you're going to see any response, right away.

008:01:33 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I got an O2 flow high (laughter).

008:01:47 McDivitt (onboard): I don't even know what I did with that --

008:01:48 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, yes, it's coming down.

008:01:49 McDivitt (onboard): Is it coming down?

008:01:50 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. Let's just leave it there for a while and see what it stabilizes out.

008:02:04 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter) David, you need another arm! Here, let me - Give me something. Hey, Dave, watch out, you're going to get your fingers in your eyeball.

008:02:23 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, here's a good way to hold your chow. At least it seems to work pretty well. You get a pair of (garbled) like this - Dave, let me have one of those

008:03:41 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, this is going to feel good, too.

008:03:55 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, boy, what a mess. You know how to get out that dump and take the (garbled)? (garbled), I can't get the urine dump stopped.

008:04:05 Schweickart (onboard): We're supposed to do a P52 or something, aren't we?

008:04:07 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Sure are.

008:04:09 Schweickart (onboard): Jim, the flow is down to 0.6 and it's still going down a little bit.

008:04:19 McDivitt (onboard): Would you believe we're looking right at the Earth?

008:04:22 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, you sure are. Let's see, we're going to our right, so if David rolls left a couple of pulses, we'll be able to see it in a little while, Jim.

008:04:41 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

008:04:47 Scott (onboard): Do you know where I put - Where's my checklist? If (garbled), I'm going to do this thing. I've got to get my checklist. Okay, what did I do with it? It's in my pocket. Never mind. It's in my pocket.

008:05:02 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Hey, I feel like a new man.

008:05:09 McDivitt (onboard): I'm going to get something to eat. I haven't eaten since (garbled)

008:05:12 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, you want me to get some of that good food out?

008:05:14 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, would you get some of that (garbled)? I'll have some of that.

008:05:17 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I think I can reach it; let me try.

008:05:21 McDivitt (onboard): We're not going to do a sextant calibration to the trunnion bias, are we?

008:05:26 Scott (onboard): Ah -

008:05:27 Schweickart (onboard): Huh?

008:05:28 McDivitt (onboard): You're not going to do a sextant - sextant calibration to the trunnion bias, a P27 midcourse (garbled)?

008:05:37 Scott (onboard): I doubt it.

008:05:41 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:05:53 McDivitt (onboard): P52, IMU realign.

008:05:57 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:05:58 McDivitt (onboard): CMC - on; ISS - on; SCS - operating; BMAG (3); G&N Power optics; CMC Mode, Free.

[McDivitt is working through the P52 IMU Realign checklist.]

008:06:11 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:06:12 McDivitt (onboard): Dave, where are your hoses? Where are your hoses?

008:06:21 McDivitt (onboard): We've got to get the screens and put on that one. Oh, did you? Oh. Oh, what's that?

008:06:34 Schweickart (onboard): Good. That's - that, we want to happen.

008:06:37 McDivitt (onboard): Trouble is, you know when it comes back on and flips us off - flip on - off like that a couple of times, it's going to blow the horn.

008:06:42 Schweickart (onboard): Well, but it's not going to - it's going to stay on now.

008:06:45 McDivitt (onboard): I know it; when it comes back up in the middle of the night, it'll - going to blow a horn.

008:06:49 Schweickart (onboard): No, it'll only come to 235 [psi, 1620 kPa], see?

008:06:54 McDivitt (onboard): Now, what's it - what's it - what's the horn come on at?

008:06:56 Schweickart (onboard): I don't know. I got - I'm under the effect of this turning effect, here. Hold on.

008:07:04 McDivitt (onboard): Dave, don't these eyepieces move around?

008:07:12 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:07:13 McDivitt (onboard): Do these eyepieces move around?

008:07:17 Schweickart (onboard): What do you want, Jim?

008:07:18 McDivitt (onboard): Oh.

008:07:19 Schweickart (onboard): I got turkey and gravy out. You want turkey and gravy?

008:07:23 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

008:07:24 Schweickart (onboard): Would you?

008:07:25 McDivitt (onboard): Any of that stuff there.

008:07:26 Schweickart (onboard): Give me a - give me a pair of scissors, Dave, since you got them out.

008:07:39 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Oh, baby (laughter).

008:07:41 McDivitt (onboard): Is it okay to go to zero optics here, Dave? Zero optics, CMC?

008:07:48 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:07:57 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, shoot. I can't reach that, silly (garbled) What bag is that? What's this bag - What's this floating here? What's that?

008:08:15 McDivitt (onboard): Look's like --

008:08:21 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Is this somebody's trash? I guess that's Jim's lunch,

008:08:27 McDivitt (onboard): That's my water bag up there. Don't (garbled) the DSKY.

008:08:30 Schweickart (onboard): No, I'm just steadying myself.

008:08:38 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, David, baby.

008:08:39 McDivitt (onboard): There is nothing down there but Earth, Dave.

008:08:41 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, Dave. If you roll left, I think - Well, I don't know, shoot. We're winning the - Rolling right. Which way are we rolling - on the rate meter? What?

008:09:05 McDivitt (onboard): Where's all that equipment we dump the urine bags with?

008:09:11 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, I'll look for that in a minute. Here you go, Jim. You want this?

008:09:16 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Wonder what I'm going to do with that? Let me see. Right in here.

008:09:27 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, do you want one? Okay. Oh, I've got to get our spoons out of there, too. (Singing)

008:09:46 Schweickart (onboard): I don't know where in the heck that - Yahoo!

008:10:01 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, there's your scissors. I don't know if they're going to stay there or not. (Singing)

008:10:23 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, I wonder if we're supposed to dump our waste water?

008:10:25 Schweickart (onboard): Let me see how high it's getting, Jim. (Singing)

008:10:33 Schweickart (onboard): Water, water, water, water. Waste water is 67 percent. Potable is 90, about. Waste is - waste is about 68 percent, Jim.

008:10:54 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

008:11:03 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:11:11 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I'm about to dive in for them here.

008:11:19 McDivitt (onboard): No, we're still looking at the Earth, Dave.

008:11:37 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Have you got the utility light? Hey, anybody got the utility light?

008:11:45 McDivitt (onboard): There isn't one.

008:11:46 Schweickart (onboard): Oh.

008:11:48 McDivitt (onboard): You want the flashlight down here?

008:11:49 Schweickart (onboard): You can't be serious. No, I think I see them.

008:11:59 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter)

008:12:01 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, oh boy, these things weren't packed very well! These spoons are - the bags of the spoons are all blown - are all blown up.

008:12:18 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Boy, this damn turning effect really grabs you, doesn't it? (Singing)

008:12:27 McDivitt (onboard): Look, Dave. We're getting some stars out there.

008:12:50 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Look at that bag, Dave. Isn't that good packing?

008:13:01 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:13:09 Schweickart (onboard): David, you're white, huh? That bag smells, too. (Singing)

008:13:23 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, Dave, doesn't that eyepiece slide around down there?

008:13:29 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Then it turns around like this.

008:13:32 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, look at that. They engraved the spoons. It says, "Commander 9."

008:13:44 Schweickart (onboard): No, it's open, sir.

008:13:53 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:14:09 McDivitt (onboard): Well, David, congratulations. You made it through a docking this time. How about that? Spoons! Part number SED 39104130.

008:14:23 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, Dave, Just a little bit farther and I think I can get Rigel and Sirius. You're going to have to come down here and show me how this thing works, tomorrow.

008:14:39 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. A spoon - I see a spoon. Oh, a spoon (garbled) spoon. That's rich!

008:14:48 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, let me start through this dude. Let's see, I want to call Verb 37; Verb 37, Enter; 52, Enter. I want to do a REFSMMAT. Okay, I want a Verb 22 -

008:15:06 Schweickart (onboard): We've got more plastic bags! I guess I might as well throw them away. You got the TSB over there, David?

008:15:13 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) like that?

008:15:24 McDivitt (onboard): Proceed. That's 225. Let's see, I can come out of zero now, can't I? On zero. Then it proceeds to PICAPAR.

008:15:37 Schweickart (onboard): Why don't you name them? You want Rigel and Sirius don't you?

008:15:39 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

008:15:40 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, then enter in 215; that's Sirius.

008:15:43 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, there's a 14. Why don't you stop us now, Dave? 14. That's Canopus.

008:15:52 Schweickart (onboard): That's not a bad one. Moderately bright star.

008:16:07 McDivitt (onboard): Shoot, I can't get the God-blessed thing in focus.

008:16:19 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I see him down there. We do PICAPAR - we got that. 01 70. CMC verify; Optics zero - Off; Proceed - you hit a Proceed here, and then it goes and looks for it, doesn't it?

008:16:39 McDivitt (onboard): That right, David? Okay.

008:16:45 Schweickart (onboard): OJT.

008:16:46 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, that's it; now, put your shaft and trunnion out.

008:16:49 Schweickart (onboard): Man, oh man. I'm making up for what you guys were doing before, let me tell you. I am challenging the system!

008:17:00 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. Okay, that's good. Now what do I do? Do I go to manual here? Got that?

008:17:19 McDivitt (onboard): There's Canopus. Okay, go to manual.

008:17:33 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, oh goodness gracious sakes alive! They're going like a scalded ape. Back to CMC. Yes, we're really whipping along there, aren't we?

008:17:46 Schweickart (onboard): Now don't say that.

008:17:47 McDivitt (onboard): Let me just see if I can catch it, Dave.

008:17:51 Schweickart (onboard): Whee! Just see if he - he'll - he'll see if he can catch it.

008:17:55 McDivitt (onboard): They're really going. I just can't keep up with them.

008:18:08 Schweickart (onboard): Look at this, Dave.

008:18:12 McDivitt (onboard): Well, I guess I can't even stay up with it in - in LO. Let me -

[The Optics Speed switch has three settings: HI, MED, and LO to select the drive rate of optics controller to line-of-sight motion.]

008:18:36 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, that looks like about enough. I'm getting - I'm catching up with it now. Optics - LO, will get it there.

008:18:53 Schweickart (onboard): You open that new meal, Dave? You open that (garbled) meal? How'd it taste?

[The onboard transcription PDF has the letters goo at the edge of the page. This could be short for good or perhaps Schweickart repeated new.]

008:19:20 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, 50, 25, 16. Pro.

008:19:23 Scott (onboard): Have you done marked? Was it a good mark, I guess.

008:19:29 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Terminate marks. Okay, on those good marks I'll hit a Proceed; and that was a bright star, so hit a Proceed. Go back to CMC. 16, Sirius; want that. And I hit a Proceed. Okay, (garbled)

008:19:51 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

008:20:03 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, shoot, Dave.

008:20:06 Scott (onboard): Looking at the Earth, again?

008:20:08 McDivitt (onboard): That's behind the - oh, that's - behind the LM, I think. Where do we go now? I'm looking at the LM. Go to the what?

008:20:27 Schweickart (onboard): Sextant. Yes? May not be behind the LM in the sextant.

008:20:34 McDivitt (onboard): My gosh, it isn't. There's a star out there.

008:20:41 McDivitt (onboard): Well, should I mark on it? I can't possibly identify it as Sirius.

008:20:45 Schweickart (onboard): Is it bright?

008:20:46 McDivitt (onboard): Bright.

008:20:47 Schweickart (onboard): Mark on it.

008:20:57 Schweickart (onboard): I have a feeling that when I open this bag that everything is going to fall in my face.

008:21:12 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, 50, 25, 16 (garbled) 16 - Oh, that says Procyon.

008:21:26 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. I read the wrong number, anyway.

008:21:32 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) Alright, and that one's the right star; I guess and (garbled) give it Auto optics.

008:21:36 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, look at that!

008:21:37 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, shoot, damn, I screwed up!

008:21:43 Schweickart (onboard): Well, let's see, you want to go to the next - We want to get the torquing angles here, don't we? Oh, darn, next thing. Hey, that's pretty good. Why don't you write those down on something or other?

008:21:56 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I've got them. Mm-hmm. We ought to get the big flight plan out.

008:22:09 Schweickart (onboard): Where is it? Is it in R-12 here? Dave.

008:22:14 McDivitt (onboard): You know where it is?

008:22:17 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Stand by, Jim; I'll get it for you now.

008:22:21 McDivitt (onboard): Alright.

008:22:22 Schweickart (onboard): Where have you been writing yours down, Dave? Where have you been writing yours down?

008:22:33 Schweickart (onboard): Jim.

008:22:38 McDivitt (onboard): Careful, boy, there's a --

008:22:42 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter)

008:22:54 Schweickart (onboard): Now, you got to write the time, huh?

008:23:15 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

008:23:27 Schweickart (onboard): Gee, it doesn't say. Is this it here?

008:23:33 McDivitt (onboard): That's the wrong - That's at 9 hours. We're over here. I'll just write it down in there.

008:23:38 Schweickart (onboard): The time is 08:20 - Oh, you've got it down there, don't you?

008:23:41 McDivitt (onboard): No, I don't. What ti--

008:23:42 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, 08:22.

008:23:43 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, 08:23 was the time. Oh, but you do it when you proceed, 08:24. No, when the hell do you do it?

008:23:52 McDivitt (onboard): I do it - I did this one when I did the -

008:24:18 Schweickart (onboard): You know, turkey and gravy is pretty good, but that other stuff will never hack it.

008:24:22 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, ready to torque, Dave? Oh. Time to fire at 24:30.

008:24:32 Schweickart (onboard): 20 - 24:30.

008:24:40 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, now what do we do with this one? Enter; that ends it, doesn't it? Hey!

008:24:47 Scott (onboard): (garbled)

008:24:48 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, how about that? I got right through that, and didn't screw it up much.

008:24:56 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, we'd better get this - this data figured out. It's absolutely atrocious the way it is. The data, the flight plan.

[Communications have been switched to Tananarive.]

008:25:02 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Tananarive.

008:25:07 Schweickart: Roger. This is Apollo 9. Go ahead.

[The technical transcription has this conversation by Scott.]

008:25:10 Roosa: Roger. I am not reading you very good at all, but are you reading me well enough to take your block data. I am ready to send that if you can read. it.

008:25:20 Schweickart: Roger. Stand by just one.

008:25:24 Roosa: Okay.

[Long pause.]

008:25:26 Schweickart (onboard): The block data, here I'll copy it - I got a - All I need to do is get rid of a few things here. Where'd it go? Where's the - You got that book? Block data.

008:25:44 Schweickart: Okay, Houston. Go ahead.

[The crew copies the update into a block data PAD. The image is cropped from the Flight Plan, page 2-1 showing a just single data set.]

Block Data PAD

008:25:47 Roosa: Roger. Reading block data number 2: 009-Bravo, +25.6, +145.0 013:14:31 292.8; 010-. Okay, Charlie Charlie, -19.5, -161.7, 015:02:51 292.8; 011-Alpha Charlie, +00.8, -023.0 015:40:24 292.8. And am I coming through all right, Apollo 9?

008:27:37 Scott: Roger. What was the first area?

008:27:42 Roosa: Okay. I've still got some more for you, but my first area was 009-3 Bravo.

008:27:56 Scott: Roger. Ready to continue.

008:27:59 Roosa: Okay, continuing on: 012-Alpha Charlie, +10.1, -032.1 017:13:49 292.8; 013-2 Alpha, +25.0, -026.4, 018:50:57, 292.8, and the last one 014-Alpha Charlie, +30.8, -027.9, 020:24:40, 292.8. That is the end of the block data, and your SPS trim angles for this: pitch -133, yaw +135 and that is the end of the block data. Before you start the readback, there are a couple of other comments for you.

008:30:00 Scott: Okay. Go ahead.

008:30:03 Roosa: Roger. We'd like to have you verify that you will do a waste water dump down to 25 percent prior to the rest period.

008:30:13 Schweickart: Roger. Waste water dump down to 25 percent prior to rest period.

008:30:19 Roosa: That is affirmative, and we'd like to have a dosimeter reading, if you've got it.

008:30:30 Schweickart: Roger. Stand by.

008:30:32 Schweickart (onboard): Do you have your dosimeter?

008:30:34 McDivitt (onboard): Here, I'll get mine; just a minute.

008:30:36 Schweickart (onboard): See if I can find mine, here. Oh, shoot, there's the Hasselblad down there. What do you know?

[Long pause.]

008:30:55 Schweickart: Okay. The LMP dosimeter is 8001.

008:31:01 McDivitt (onboard): Mine's 3102.

008:31:04 Schweickart (onboard): Houston, do you read?

[The onboard transcription has this transmission by Scott.]

008:31:05 Roosa: Roger. 80 - go ahead.

008:31:06 Schweickart: Roger. LMP is 8001.

[The onboard transcription has this transmission by Scott.]

008:31:12 Roosa: Roger. I copy LMP 8001. Say the next one.

008:31:16 Scott (onboard): Roger. Say yours, Jim.

008:31:17 McDivitt: CDR is 3102.

008:31:22 Roosa: Roger. And the CMP?

008:31:24 McDivitt: We're not going to be able to get his. His dosimeter is all packed up.

008:31:32 Roosa: Roger. Copy. No reading for the CMP. Thank you. And we've only got about 20 seconds here before we leave. On this surge tank coming up, we say if you would bring the repress pack on the line and give us a reading on that, it might help us troubleshoot that.

008:31:56 Schweickart (onboard): Send a repress back on the line!

008:32:01 Roosa: And we're going to lose you here, Apollo 9, at the end of the pass. The next pass is scheduled over Hawaii at 05, which is right at the beginning of your rest period.

[Very long comm break.]

008:32:12 McDivitt (onboard): You want our fuel cell purge?

[See conversation at 008:56:54 and confirmation with the ground at 009:18:21.]

008:32:20 Schweickart (onboard): Well, we can dump the waste water. Hey, you want to - What do we want to do with the block data? We've got to figure out what to do with some of these.

008:32:26 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, we've got to have a little council of war here when we - when we get through here. Why don't you go ahead and eat, Dave? I want to find a couple of other things. I want to get the suit-hose thing. We got to get that data figured out. This is terrible, the way it's going around.

008:32:40 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, we got too damn many books.

008:32:46 McDivitt (onboard): We've got to get the checklist out. I'm going to start using that as the Bible. Let me get a couple. I want to get this thing to dump my urine bag overboard, and I also want to get this thing to put on the vent line. Hey, would you check, Rusty, and see how many hours of sleep we have tonight? I think we have 10.

008:33:04 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I'll check that. Sunrise coming up out at the front there.

Public Affairs Officer - "The Apollo 9 spacecraft apparently has moved out of range of the Tananarive Tracking Station. We should pick them up again in about 32 minutes at the by the Hawaiian Tracking Site. At that time, the crew should be entering its rest period. The plan here is to limit the conversation, keep the conversation to a minimum with the crew. At 8 hours, 33 minutes into the flight of Apollo 9, this is Apollo Control."

008:33:35 Scott (onboard): Ouch (laughter).

008:33:39 McDivitt (onboard): I guess we ought to stow the optics. Whoop-te-do, whoop-te-do.

008:33:51 Schweickart (onboard): Put the dark slide back in the Hasselblad.

008:33:56 McDivitt (onboard): Let's see, we want this on return line, don't we?

008:34:05 Schweickart (onboard): I'm going to turn your suit flow back on now, Dave.

008:34:25 Schweickart (onboard): Let's see, the waste water is 70 percent.

008:35:16 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, boy. These hoses of mine are really keen. These hoses of mine are really keen.

008:35:28 McDivitt (onboard): What - what did you say, Dave? Yes, I wouldn't doubt that at all.

008:35:47 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, that was my bang. Rusty, would you like a towel?

008:35:53 Schweickart (onboard): No, not right at the moment. I wouldn't quite know what to do with it.

008:35:59 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. Now, if I could just find - Urine bag, receiver, roll-on (garbled), waste management water in case of emergency - Whooee, I'm hot! These fans are so persistent. Do you know where that hose is, Dave? Do you know where that hose is that we use to dump our suits?

008:36:40 Scott (onboard): Yes, right down (garbled)

008:36:42 McDivitt (onboard): Right down on - Oh. Where's the contraption that goes on the thing?

008:36:47 Schweickart (onboard): It's up - it's there right under my foot, Jim. Right up in there.

008:37:01 McDivitt (onboard): Huh! Most of it's right here. - (laughter) on the flo - What in the heck is that? Here's that contraption.

008:37:09 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:37:11 McDivitt (onboard): Huh. Let me get it hooked up here. Do you remember how to do?

008:37:24 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:37:25 McDivitt (onboard): I guess it doesn't make any difference which of these two we plug it into; they just (garbled) together.

008:37:28 Schweickart (onboard): Let's just use - let's keep using the same one, though.

008:37:31 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

008:37:32 Schweickart (onboard): Which one are you going to use?

008:37:33 McDivitt (onboard): I'd like to use the one closest to the LEB.

008:37:36 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

008:37:45 McDivitt (onboard): What does this do?

008:37:52 McDivitt (onboard): You could start powering down to G&N if you want, Dave. You could probably start powering down to G&N.

008:38:05 McDivitt (onboard): My knees hurt. Feels like I have the bends in my knees.

008:38:17 McDivitt (onboard): Well, that was pretty stupid (laughter). I want to dump my urine bag, and I just went ahead and plugged it all (garbled) in there. Let's see, we got to turn the heaters and stuff on, don't we? Are they on?

008:38:30 Schweickart (onboard): The breaker's in.

008:38:32 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, the urine dump heater's on.

008:38:35 McDivitt (onboard): Waste H2O's dumped? Sure are.

008:38:40 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:39:07 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. Hey, why don't we get the book out - the book of instructions out and read it to me?

008:39:13 Schweickart (onboard): Uh.

008:39:14 McDivitt (onboard): Wait a minute, I'll just get the book of instructions out, and read it to myself.

008:39:17 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

008:39:18 Schweickart (onboard): I'm about done eating here, I think.

008:39:24 Schweickart (onboard): God, I've been eating for two rev's.

008:39:33 McDivitt (onboard): Gracious, what happened? This thing - this thing must have blown up my suit. It blew up up (laughter) - my urine collection. It must had 15 psi air trapped in it. I plugged it in and it went oops! Grabbed a hold of me. Oh man, is that thing ever tight!

008:40:03 Schweickart (onboard): Is that your UCD?

008:40:05 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, the thing actually inflated.

008:40:16 McDivitt (onboard): Just a second there, and I'll give you one more (garbled)

008:40:52 Schweickart (onboard): I'll say one thing for this chow; it's tasty. Kind of gooey, but --

008:41:13 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, Dave, where did you put my old towel? My little towel? Oh.

008:41:25 McDivitt (onboard): Urine dump mode; here we go. P and GA - PGA urine collection bag dump: connect urine transfer hose and filter to urine (garbled); connect urine transfer hose to thigh QD; waste management urine valve to dump.

[PGA is the Pressure Garment Assembly - the suit. The thigh QD is the Quick Disconnect connector on the right thigh of the suit. Note: the onboard transcription has filter through urine and to 5 QD. Jim is working through the checklist e.g. A15 S 1-08.]

008:41:47 Schweickart (onboard): Complicated, huh? Didn't even say anything about the heater, huh?

008:41:51 McDivitt (onboard): No. Good checklist.

008:42:08 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

008:42:15 McDivitt (onboard): What?

008:42:18 Schweickart (onboard): Don't get sucked overboard, Jim.

[Scott rejoins the onboard conversation.]

008:42:25 Scott (onboard): Ho, boy. Back with you.

008:42:27 Schweickart (onboard): Hello, David, welcome home.

008:42:29 Scott (onboard): Oh, boy. Hey, you want to start that powerdown, Rusty?

008:42:32 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:42:33 Scott (onboard): Yes, let me - let me just fold up this bag.

008:42:36 McDivitt (onboard): The circuit breakers and everything are ready for the urine dump.

008:42:39 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, sir, let me verify them. Yes, sir, they stayed in.

008:42:43 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I'm going to go ahead and dump this.

008:42:46 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, which one is it going to come out now, David? You ought to - might as well watch it out there.

[Urine and waste water dumps look spectacular as the liquid droplets freeze.]

008:42:50 Scott (onboard): Yes.

008:42:52 Schweickart (onboard): I think it comes out your side over there.

008:42:54 Scott (onboard): Yes, it does. Right above the hatch - or right over here.

008:42:59 McDivitt (onboard): Man, I can feel it gurgling like mad.

008:43:01 Schweickart (onboard): I see it, too.

008:43:03 Scott (onboard): Yes, it's raining.

008:43:05 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, yes, look at it. Holy smoke! Frosty particles. There goes our roll rate (laughter). No, it isn't either.

008:43:15 Schweickart (onboard): It's a nonthrust urine dump, huh?

008:43:18 Scott (onboard): Why don't you take all your stuff when you get through with it and put in one big bag and wrap it up with tape, Rusty? What do you say?

008:43:23 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, I already gave some to Jim.

008:43:26 Scott (onboard): Okay --

008:43:27 Schweickart (onboard): I thought he was putting it in - in over there.

008:43:28 Scott (onboard): Well, I'll stick it in --

008:43:29 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I did. I put it back the food container over here, Dave.

008:43:30 Schweickart (onboard): That's a good idea, though. We ought to wrap it in tape - you know.

008:43:34 Scott (onboard): But we need to split - start splitting that tape in half.

008:43:37 Schweickart (onboard): Yes (garbled)

008:43:41 McDivitt (onboard): I wonder how you know when this thing is empty.

008:43:44 Scott (onboard): Your dick goes out the door (laughter). I shouldn't say that; we're being recorded, I guess.

[And now, ironically, Dave Scott's words are permanently recorded on the World Wide Web.]

008:43:57 Schweickart (onboard): I don't know, but when you're done, shoot; you can just pass it to me.

008:44:01 Scott (onboard): Yes, and when you're done, you can pass it to me.

008:44:06 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled) Snowing out there, though.

008:44:24 Scott (onboard): By George, there's a LM out there. Would you believe that?

008:44:29 Schweickart (onboard): Urine is purging all over that. Bouncing off.

008:44:32 McDivitt (onboard): Is it bouncing?

008:44:33 Scott (onboard): Yes, especially off the black stuff.

008:44:35 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, it's really neat. Oh, I ought to have a movie of this. Hey, no kidding.

008:44:39 Scott (onboard): What?

008:44:40 Schweickart (onboard): It goes out - it will ricochet off of one - off of one surface and up to the other and bounce off the other. It's real neat!

008:44:47 Scott (onboard): Yes, I'm watching them, too.

008:44:50 Schweickart (onboard): Boing! (Laughter) You know what it's like, it's like salt moving something. Probably going to end up with urine in the thrusters. Hey! By Jove, is that a hole?

008:45:07 Scott (onboard): Where?

008:45:08 Schweickart (onboard): Not sure you can see it. Can you see the quad over here in front of me?

008:45:12 Scott (onboard): Yes.

008:45:13 Schweickart (onboard): Do you see the black --

008:45:14 Scott (onboard): Yes.

008:45:15 Schweickart (onboard): -- shroud inboard? Do you see a piece of yellow tape there? I don't think you can see it, Dave.

008:45:19 Scott (onboard): I don't think I can either.

008:45:20 Schweickart (onboard): No. I don't know - I can't tell whether it's little patch or whether it's a hole.

008:45:33 McDivitt (onboard): I don't know whether I'm sucked on or not. I guess I am.

008:45:36 Schweickart (onboard): No, you're still flowing, Jim. You're still putting out lots of particles.

008:46:05 Scott (onboard): Hey, Rusty.

008:46:06 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:46:07 Scott (onboard): Why don't we go through that powerdown? Okay?

008:46:10 Schweickart (onboard): You know, there's one little particle out there that's spinning like mad.

008:46:13 McDivitt (onboard): Tell you what I'm going to do: I'm going to just pull this thing off of mine and let it purge through for a minute.

008:46:20 Scott (onboard): Okay, now, let's see. That's the --

008:46:21 McDivitt (onboard): Wait. It won't purge, though, will it?

008:46:22 Scott (onboard): --on the back of your checklist.

008:46:24 Schweickart (onboard): On the back of my checklist.

008:46:26 Scott (onboard): Here, who wants this? Who else wants to get plugged in? Get that --

008:46:29 Schweickart (onboard): Here, why don't you just stick it right on me?

008:46:42 Schweickart (onboard): No, didn't make it.

008:46:45 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, better?

008:46:47 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I think so. Oh, I can feel it going down.

008:46:55 McDivitt (onboard): Man, a lot more room in that thing now. Okay, we ought to dump the water now, too, I guess, huh?

008:47:02 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, give me about a minute. Here, let me find it, Dave. Cabin repress, command module pressure dump, bias, past urine water dump, potable chlorination, alignment, SPS. What's that? Powerdown or up?

008:47:32 McDivitt (onboard): Should say powerdown.

008:47:33 Scott (onboard): Waste water tank dump.

008:47:35 Schweickart (onboard): Spacecraft powerdown?

008:47:36 Scott (onboard): Yes, spacecraft powerdown.

008:47:38 Schweickart (onboard): P00.

008:47:41 Scott (onboard): Okay. We're in P00.

008:47:45 Schweickart (onboard): Get Verb 48, Enter; hey, I think I'm empty.

008:47:47 McDivitt (onboard): Do you?

008:47:48 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I (garbled)

008:47:52 Scott (onboard): Verb 48, Enter.

[Verb 48 is the DAP load. See GET001:55:08]

008:47:53 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, load R-l, A equals zero, so I guess it says zero - anything.

008:48:01 Scott (onboard): Jim, have you seen this - this sun - on the DSKY?

008:48:03 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, oh boy. Look at that.

008:48:05 Scott (onboard): Have you seen it, Jim? The sun on the DSKY?

008:48:09 McDivitt (onboard): No, I haven't really. Did it completely blank it out?

008:48:12 Scott (onboard): It re - it really wiped it out. It really wiped it out.

008:48:14 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) spraying water out there like mad!

008:48:17 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, aren't we?

008:48:21 McDivitt (onboard): And it's not even hooked on you anymore. Wonder how they'd do a purge on it now.

008:48:27 Schweickart (onboard): On - that?

008:48:28 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, it still doesn't have any purge fittings.

008:48:33 Schweickart (onboard): It doesn't have to have any purge fittings.

008:48:35 McDivitt (onboard): How do you purge the urine out of the line when they get done with it?

008:48:37 Schweickart (onboard): There's another little fitting you put in there --

008:48:39 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, but I wonder where it is.

008:48:40 Schweickart (onboard): Well, the last time I saw them, they were up underneath the couch here where I'm sitting. No, there's a - there's a - an elbow somewhere down here.

008:48:49 McDivitt (onboard): I think - I think it's right over here.

008:48:50 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I think it's in the top one up there.

008:48:54 McDivitt (onboard): No, it's not.

008:48:55 Schweickart (onboard): Well, it - No - Hey, Jim, it's in the back one over there, and it's in that - in that piece of - of stuff that came out. There it is, on that wall.

008:49:12 Schweickart (onboard): Listen to it gurgle.

008:49:17 Scott (onboard): Now I need to pee. Now I need to do all that. Does it gurgle, Jim?

008:49:28 McDivitt (onboard): Just sucking it through there, Dave.

008:49:29 Scott (onboard): No, I thought you were --

008:49:31 McDivitt (onboard): I was cleaning it out, just to see if it was going to clean out.

008:49:34 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, Dave, you want to load a zero in the first slot. No DAP, huh? And a Pro, Pro, Pro.

008:49:48 Scott (onboard): Here you are, sir.

008:49:52 Schweickart (onboard): And a Verb 46, Enter.

[Verb 46 commits the new DAP setting.]

008:49:56 Scott (onboard): Okay.

008:49:57 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, Verb 37, Enter; 06, Enter.

[This starts program P06 - CMC Power Down.]

008:50:02 Scott (onboard): Okay.

008:50:03 Schweickart (onboard): You got the flashing 52?

[According to the Apollo 15 checklist (G 2-2) and the CMC Simulator the program flashes 50 25 and displays 00062 on the display.]

008:50:05 Scott (onboard): Right.

008:50:06 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, CMC power-down. Pro. Hold until the standby light's on.

008:50:12 Scott (onboard): The light switch here.

008:50:14 McDivitt (onboard): Standby light's not on!

008:50:16 Schweickart (onboard): No, I was - I was turning my lights up, Jim.

008:50:17 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

008:50:20 Scott (onboard): Okay.

008:50:21 Schweickart (onboard): Stand by.

008:50:22 McDivitt (onboard): There it is.

008:50:23 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, CMC Mode to Free.

008:50:25 Scott (onboard): Free.

008:50:26 Schweickart (onboard): G&N IMU Power - off. ISS warning, RESET.

[The G&N IMU Power switch on Panel 100 is guarded against accidental use by a switch cover. The ISS caution/warning alarm will activate and will need to be reset.]

008:50:33 Scott (onboard): Wait a minute; G&N Power IMU. Here goes our ball, gang. You ready to bite the bullet?

008:50:40 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter)

008:50:41 Scott (onboard): You mean if it's not one, we watch it grow.

008:50:45 Schweickart (onboard): You've got to throw the switch, Charlie.

008:50:50 Scott (onboard): Oh, okay, G&N Power - off.

008:50:53 Schweickart (onboard): And IMU Power - OFF.

008:50:54 Scott (onboard): G&N Power and IMU, huh? That does it; that zaps it. Which area, now?

008:50:59 Schweickart (onboard): Huh?

008:51:00 Scott (onboard): What area do you want? You want G&N Power - IMU --

008:51:02 Schweickart (onboard): G&N - It says it - I don't know --

008:51:03 Scott (onboard): No, it says G&N Power, IMU --

008:51:04 Schweickart (onboard): No, it doesn't. It says G&N IMU Power. All one word. G&N IMU Power - OFF.

008:51:09 McDivitt (onboard): How about the Optics Power?

008:51:10 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, that's next.

008:51:11 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, that's next. Okay, G&N Power IMU - Off.

008:51:14 Scott (onboard): Let's see - That's the only one we got.

008:51:15 McDivitt (onboard): Here goes IMU - Off.

008:51:21 Schweickart (onboard): G&N Optics Power - Off.

[The switch is also located on panel 100.]

008:51:23 Scott (onboard): Off.

008:51:26 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, SCS Ordeal Power - Off. FDAI - Inertial.

008:51:31 Scott (onboard): Okay.

008:51:34 McDivitt (onboard): What are our rates right now, Dave? I wonder if we ought to damp them down at all.

008:51:37 Scott (onboard): No, we're almost zero. We got a little bit of yaw.

008:51:39 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

008:51:40 Scott (onboard): Forget it then.

008:51:41 McDivitt (onboard): Huh?

008:51:42 Scott (onboard): Let's just forget it.

008:51:43 Schweickart (onboard): EMS Function - Off.

008:51:46 Scott (onboard): EMS Function's off.

008:51:47 Schweickart (onboard): EMS Mode to Standby.

008:51:48 Scott (onboard): Standby.

008:51:49 Schweickart (onboard): CMC Attitude - IMU.

008:51:55 Scott (onboard): Oh, yes, yes. Oh, this one's (garbled) to use.

008:51:58 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, it's always (garbled) FDAI Scale, 5 and 1.

008:52:03 Scott (onboard): Right.

008:52:04 Schweickart (onboard): FDAI Select - 1.

008:52:07 Scott (onboard): 1.

008:52:08 Schweickart (onboard): FDAI Source - CMC.

008:52:12 Scott (onboard): CMC.

008:52:13 Schweickart (onboard): Attitude Set - IMU.

008:52:15 Scott (onboard): IMU.

008:52:16 Schweickart (onboard): Manual Attitude (3) to Rate Command.

[Set the three switches for roll, pitch and yaw to Rate Command.]

008:52:18 Scott (onboard): Okay, let's see.

008:52:23 Schweickart (onboard): You got that?

008:52:24 Scott (onboard): Yes, I'm thinking, you know, we're - Here we go.

008:52:26 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

008:52:27 McDivitt (onboard): What?

008:52:28 Scott (onboard): We're turning them all off.

008:52:30 Schweickart (onboard): Let me see if we're in the right thing here.

008:52:33 Scott (onboard): What do we do - what do we go to --

008:52:34 McDivitt (onboard): We just go down to Warm Up, don't we?

008:52:37 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:52:39 Scott (onboard): Okay, I think I'll wait for the - if I go to Rate Command. Let's turn off the jets before I do that. Okay? We should have thought of that, because if I go to Rate Command now and then SCS -

008:52:52 Schweickart (onboard): Why don't I change the checklist now? We're probably going to do this a few times.

008:52:53 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

008:52:54 Scott (onboard): Okay, let's turn the jets off.

008:52:56 Schweickart (onboard): What do you want?

008:52:57 Scott (onboard): Let me see where the jets are now. We had moved those to a certain point. Let me look at your checklist.

008:53:03 Schweickart (onboard): Auto - Auto RCS thrusters came off way down here.

008:53:07 Scott (onboard): I wonder if we should have coarse aligned? No. No, the IMU is just drifting now, isn't it?

008:53:14 Schweickart (onboard): See, we're up here: Manual attitude, three, rate command.

008:53:18 Scott (onboard): Yes, well, let me look at - on down. I want to see whether --

008:53:19 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, right here.

008:53:21 Scott (onboard): -- and what is - It comes before - We moved it up for a reason. Now, I want to see if I can remember why.

008:53:33 McDivitt (onboard): Are you going to find another thing here to -

008:53:35 Scott (onboard): Let's move that up, so we don't turn the jets on.

008:53:37 Schweickart (onboard): Move what up?

008:53:38 Scott (onboard): Move the 16 RCS jets off prior to going to rate command.

008:53:42 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. That's all you want to move up?

008:53:44 Scott (onboard): Yes.

008:53:50 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, Auto RCS select, 16 - off.

008:53:54 Scott (onboard): Okay.

008:53:57 Schweickart (onboard): Manual Attitude (3) to rate command? Oh, I'm sorry.

008:54:04 Scott (onboard): We're about 0.1 of a degree per second, Jim. You want to damp that or let it go?

008:54:08 McDivitt (onboard): No, why don't we just let it go?

008:54:13 Schweickart (onboard): Manual att - oh (laughter).

008:54:15 Scott (onboard): 16 of them, man.

008:54:17 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I know, I -

008:54:18 Scott (onboard): Okay, three, to Rate command.

008:54:21 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, three, to Rate command.

008:54:22 Scott (onboard): Okay?

008:54:23 Schweickart (onboard): Limit cycle - on, of all things to have.

008:54:24 Scott (onboard): On?

008:54:25 Schweickart (onboard): Attitude deadband - Max.

008:54:26 Scott (onboard): Max.

008:54:27 Schweickart (onboard): Rate - low.

008:54:28 Scott (onboard): Low.

008:54:29 Schweickart (onboard): THC Power - Off.

008:54:30 Scott (onboard): Off.

008:54:31 Schweickart (onboard): Rotation control power normal (2) to Off.

008:54:32 Scott (onboard): Off; Off.

008:54:34 Schweickart (onboard): Direct (2) to Off.

008:54:35 Scott (onboard): Off; Off.

008:54:36 Schweickart (onboard): Spacecraft Control - SCS.

008:54:37 Scott (onboard): SCS.

008:54:38 Schweickart (onboard): CMC Mode - Free.

008:54:39 Scott (onboard): Free.

008:54:40 Schweickart (onboard): BMAG Mode (3) to Rate 2.

008:54:42 Scott (onboard): Rate 2.

008:54:43 Schweickart (onboard): SCS TVC (2) to Rate command.

008:54:44 Scott (onboard): Rate command.

008:54:45 Schweickart (onboard): EMS Roll - Off.

008:54:48 Scott (onboard): EMS Roll's Off.

008:54:49 Schweickart (onboard): 0.05g Switch - Off.

008:54:50 Scott (onboard): Off.

008:54:51 Schweickart (onboard): LV/SPS Indicators to Pc, GPI. What! What was that?

008:54:59 Scott (onboard): What's that?

008:55:01 Schweickart (onboard): L-V/S-P-S Indi --

008:55:02 Scott (onboard): Yes, okay, Pc, GPI. I thought that I heard some thing --

008:55:04 Schweickart (onboard): Oh.

008:55:05 Scott (onboard): Go, go.

008:52:06 Schweickart (onboard): TVC Gimbal drive (PITCH and YAW) to 1.

008:55:11 Scott (onboard): TVC Gimbal Drive, Pitch - 1; Yaw - 1.

008:55:14 Schweickart (onboard): EDS Power - Off.

008:55:15 Scott (onboard): Off.

008:55:16 McDivitt (onboard): Don't wiggle your feet around, Rusty. There's some long pieces of plumbing sticking out down there.

008:55:22 Schweickart (onboard): Your EDS Power off?

008:55:23 Scott (onboard): It's off.

008:55:24 Schweickart (onboard): TVC Servo power (2) - Off.

008:55:25 Scott (onboard): Two - Off.

008:55:26 Schweickart (onboard): FDAI Power, 2 - FDAI Power - OFF.

008:55:30 Scott (onboard): FDAI/GPI Power - Off.

008:55:33 Schweickart (onboard): LOGIC Power 2/3 - OFF.

008:55:36 Scott (onboard): 2/3 - Off.

008:55:39 Schweickart (onboard): Let me see what our fuel cells are doing now.

008:55:46 Scott (onboard): Okay.

008:55:47 Schweickart (onboard): SCS Electric - SCS Electronic power - Off.

008:55:48 Scott (onboard): Okay. Electronic power's off. Okay.

008:55:54 Schweickart (onboard): Signal conditioner/Bias power - Off.

008:55:56 Scott (onboard): Off; Off. Okay.

008:56:00 Schweickart (onboard): BMAG Power (2) to Warm up.

008:56:01 Scott (onboard): Okay. BMAG 1 to Warm up; 2 to Warm up. Okay.

008:56:08 Schweickart (onboard): What was that? We got a master alarm - Do we get one when we turn that off?

008:56:11 Scott (onboard): Yes, we sure did. And I think we were supposed to.

008:56:13 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

008:56:14 Scott (onboard): Correct, remember?

008:56:15 Schweickart (onboard): I don't remember it, but I - That's what I wondered --

008:56:16 Scott (onboard): Yes. Yes, I remember hearing that now.

008:56:18 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, that's it. We sure didn't drop much current. I'll say that for it.

008:56:22 Scott (onboard): That's all there is to the whole bloody powerdown checklist?

008:56:25 Schweickart (onboard): Well, systems. Go next to the systems.

008:56:27 Scott (onboard): Oh, yes, well, that ought to take some more. Let's see, did you turn the S-Band, on? Yes, you did. You can turn that off now, too.

008:56:34 Schweickart (onboard): Oh.

008:56:35 Scott (onboard): We're on High Gain antenna.

008:56:36 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, it's off. No, I turned that off right after I turned it on.

008:56:39 Scott (onboard): Oh, okay.

008:56:40 Schweickart (onboard): I turned it on, slewed it, and turned it off.

008:56:41 Scott (onboard): Okay.

008:56:44 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. We don't want to purge, huh?

008:56:46 McDivitt (onboard): I don't know.

008:56:50 Schweickart (onboard): Well, gees; you're the captain, for Christ's sake.

008:56:54 McDivitt (onboard): I asked them; they didn't know either (laughter).

008:56:56 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter) They didn't hear you, I'm afraid.

008:56:58 McDivitt (onboard): I know.

008:56:59 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, I wonder if I could con you into pulling a fruit pack out there with some Tang in it, Jimmy?

008:57:03 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I'll get - I'll get that stuff in just a minute. Hey, you want to dump your urine?

008:57:06 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, yes.

008:57:07 McDivitt (onboard): Why don't you get that dumped and over with so we can --

008:57:09 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, yes. Oh, yes, then we got to start the waste water dump.

008:57:11 McDivitt (onboard): Where'd that other piece go?

008:57:14 Scott (onboard): What other piece?

008:57:15 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, hell, we didn't lose that thing?

008:57:17 Scott (onboard): You didn't give me but one. I only saw one piece.

008:57:21 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, screw it! There's another piece on it.

008:57:24 Scott (onboard): You sure?

008:57:25 McDivitt (onboard): It's not snapped in here?

008:57:26 Scott (onboard): No.

008:57:27 Schweickart (onboard): It would snap around the thing, Jim.

008:57:29 McDivitt (onboard): Snapped right around here, yes.

008:57:31 Scott (onboard): I didn't see anything. Here's a screw (laughter).

008:57:38 McDivitt (onboard): Oh.

008:57:39 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter) Where the hell did that screw come from?

008:57:40 Scott (onboard): I don't know.

008:57:43 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, give me that towel. I'd like to wipe up fingers. They're sort of dirtied up.

008:57:47 Scott (onboard): I was going to give you my fresh one when I got to it, but -

008:57:48 Schweickart (onboard): Well, that's okay --

008:57:49 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, son of a buck. Look around for a - You can't dump your urine with that - You have something already hooked to your - I'm sure you don't. Hey, Dave, you just can't dump your - You're going to have to put your suit back on to dump it.

008:58:06 Scott (onboard): Don't tell me that. Where - where - where - where - where could it - that thing go?

008:58:20 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, Jim, the cryo pressure's coming down to 200 [psi, 1380 kPa]. They wanted to put the fan on, right?

008:58:25 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, when it got to 200.

008:58:27 Scott (onboard): Yes, why don't I let it go a little bit more?

008:58:30 Scott (onboard): I don't see that thingamajig, Jim.

008:58:32 McDivitt (onboard): Well, Dave, I don't either, and I don't - sure don't know where it went. I thought it was right there on that strap.

008:58:37 Scott (onboard): Was there a strap for it?

008:58:38 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, right here.

008:58:40 Scott (onboard): Oh. Shoot.

008:58:47 McDivitt (onboard): It's not down in there, in amongst this stuff anyplace, is it?

008:58:52 Scott (onboard): Sure isn't.

008:58:53 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, boy!

008:59:01 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled)

008:59:02 McDivitt (onboard): This isn't it here; it's - it's the other one. I'm sorry, Dave. You just can't dump your urine.

008:59:13 Scott (onboard): I'm going to have to dump my urine.

008:59:15 McDivitt (onboard): I know it. Let's look around, and see if you can't find it.

008:59:18 Scott (onboard): I'm looking.

008:59:27 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, I see it.

008:59:28 McDivitt (onboard): Where is it?

008:59:29 Schweickart (onboard): It's underneath my head. Stand by. Let me go dive for it. Here, hold my checklist.

008:59:35 Scott (onboard): Oh, I can get it, Rusty. I think I can long-arm it.

008:59:37 Schweickart (onboard): No, I don't think you can make it, Dave. It's too far over.

008:59:42 Scott (onboard): Yes, look. Here, I got it.

008:59:44 Schweickart (onboard): You're sure, huh?

008:59:45 Scott (onboard): Yes.

008:59:46 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, okay. You're not strapped in it yet there, are you? You got it?

008:59:52 Scott (onboard): Yes, that's it. We keep cleaning up for McDivitt.

009:00:02 Schweickart (onboard): Fuel cell O2 purge; fuel cell H2 purge; cryo fans O2 and H2 on for 3 minutes. Oh, we need to get out my new timer. I knew there was a sound missing.

009:00:19 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, where's the --

009:00:22 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, boy!

009:00:26 McDivitt (onboard): --the female QD on the waste-water panel? I don't know where in the heck that thing is. Anybody know where that is?

009:00:32 Schweickart (onboard): Yes --

009:00:33 Scott (onboard): Yes, it's under the dash.

009:00:34 Schweickart (onboard): -- right up --

009:00:35 McDivitt (onboard): Under where?

009:00:36 Schweickart (onboard): What female QD? There's one in R-5.

009:00:38 McDivitt (onboard): It's under where?

009:00:39 Scott (onboard): Right under me - You mean the one to do the water dump?

009:00:41 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

009:00:42 Scott (onboard): It's right under my shoulder - The far left one as you go up there. Your left, the far one.

009:01:01 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, that purge tank sure isn't coming --

009:01:03 Scott (onboard): It's dumping. Oow!

009:01:05 Schweickart (onboard): It's really not coming up very much.

009:01:07 Scott (onboard): I'm dumping.

009:01:08 Schweickart (onboard): You sure you are?

009:01:09 Scott (onboard): Yes, I can feel it. See, and this bag --

009:01:10 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, yes, there it goes again.

009:01:12 Scott (onboard): That bag was like full, George. I mean that hag was really full.

009:01:19 McDivitt (onboard): Dave?

009:01:20 Scott (onboard): Yes.

009:01:21 McDivitt (onboard): When you get done, why - why don't you stick this on the end of it and let us purge through it - for a while?

009:01:24 Scott (onboard): Okay.

009:01:31 Scott (onboard): Oh.

009:01:40 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, Jim, where are you? On the couch?

009:01:42 McDivitt (onboard): No, I'm right down here in the LEB again. I'm trying to find some place to put this cottonpicking checklist.

009:01:58 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I'm going to get ready to dump the waste water, here.

009:02:04 Scott (onboard): Let me finish dumping my urine.

009:02:06 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Waste water tank drain: Use as desired to (garbled) maintain; attach the (garbled) hose filter to the (garbled) QD; install the female QD on the waste water tank.

009:02:16 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, have we gone duplex A, receive A, only at night, here?

009:02:19 Scott (onboard): Yes.

009:02:21 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, screw me. I need another tool.

009:02:24 Scott (onboard): Toolkit's under Rusty's ass. Under here - Yes.

009:02:28 McDivitt (onboard): Why do we need another tool for that thing? Well, I sure do. I didn't realize you needed another tool for that.

009:02:38 Scott (onboard): Yes, you do.

009:02:47 McDivitt (onboard): Hell, it's going to take us 3 hours a day to figure out what to do in here. My knees hurt.

009:02:58 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I'm going to get out of my suit as soon as we've done this powerdown.

009:03:01 Scott (onboard): I'll tell you, it's sure a lot better.

009:03:03 Schweickart (onboard): I'll bet. Jim, are you up under the couch again?

009:03:08 McDivitt (onboard): No, I'm going to - I'm looking for the toolkit. I'm sort of under your couch now, yes. Why?

009:03:11 Scott (onboard): Toolkit's right there in the --

009:03:12 McDivitt (onboard): That's alright. I'll get it.

009:03:13 Scott (onboard): -- it's right there --

009:03:14 McDivitt (onboard): I know where it is. I --

009:03:15 Scott (onboard): Okay.

009:03:18 McDivitt (onboard): Just trying to get to someplace that I can reach it.

009:03:24 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, I'll tell you, R-12 is not much help.

009:03:28 McDivitt (onboard): Oops! There's something. I wonder what that is? Here's some little bags. I wonder what they do. Anybody know what this does?

009:03:38 Scott (onboard): What?

009:03:39 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, that's the bag for the jack screws. Leave it in there. That's for when we get ready to do all that fancy show biz.

009:03:56 Schweickart (onboard): Get my little --

009:03:57 McDivitt (onboard): Ouch!

009:03:58 Schweickart (onboard): Did I get you?

009:03:59 McDivitt (onboard): Just a little.

009:04:00 Schweickart (onboard): Excuse me.

009:04:03 McDivitt (onboard): Do we screw this female thing in here and just leave it there, I wonder?

009:04:08 Scott (onboard): No, you take it back out, I think.

009:04:13 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

009:04:17 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, here's our other tool. We want to get that out - our other tool E -

009:04:22 Scott (onboard): Well, let's don't lose it.

009:04:23 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

009:04:25 McDivitt (onboard): You don't want to have both tool E's out?

009:04:26 Scott (onboard): Huh?

009:04:28 McDivitt (onboard): Don't you want to have both - both of --

009:04:29 Scott (onboard): Oh, yes, but I don't want to - you know - Yes, gosh. Two tool E's out. Agreed.

009:04:33 McDivitt (onboard): What tool goes in there? God damn it! R?

009:04:41 Schweickart (onboard): I - I don't know. Anybody else want anything else out of R-13 while I'm in there?

009:04:44 McDivitt (onboard): I want something to eat, but I'm going to get to that in a minute.

009:04:53 McDivitt (onboard): There it is right there. Tool L.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 9 hours, 4 minutes ground elapsed time. Apollo 9 is in the sixth revolution at the present time approaching the tracking station Hawaii. About an hour ago during the Change of Shift Press Conference Mission Control here in Houston concluded S-IVB tracking and they turned that over - the balance of the tracking over to Goddard. That was about 8:15 GET. At that time the TM data coming back from the S-IVB stage indicated that it was tumbling. The crew at the present time, according to the flight plan, is in the process of powering down the spacecraft prior to going into drifting flight. This is done prior to the rest cycle. The crew plans to power down the spacecraft and go into that mode of flight identified as drifting flight. This is not new; it was used during the Mercury flights and again in Gemini. During that power down phase, the crew will reduce the power to the inertial measuring unit to the command module computer and to those other systems using electrical power. Generally, this power load is kept as low as possible with almost everything off or down except the environment control system."

009:05:01 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

009:05:05 McDivitt (onboard): Holy Christmas!

009:05:06 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing) Watch out for my feet. I'm trying to turn over here, and it isn't the easiest job in the world. Okay. Oops! (Singing)

009:05:28 McDivitt (onboard): Would you believe I can't open it?

009:05:29 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

009:05:32 McDivitt (onboard): There it is.

009:05:33 Schweickart (onboard): (Singing)

[Onboard transcription break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "At 9 hours and 6 minutes into the flight, we have acquisition by the Hawaii tracking station. Let's monitor any air-to-ground that might transpire between Houston and the Apollo 9 crew."

Public Affairs Officer - "We're standing by to monitor any potential conversation between the crew and MSC."

Public Affairs Officer - "Evidently we're not going to have any commentary over this pass so we'll take the lines down and continue to monitor and if we have anything transpire we'll pick it up later."

[Communications have been switched to the tracking ship Redstone.]

009:18:07 Evans: Apollo 7 [sic], Houston. About 1 minute to LOS. Looks like the last time we'll be talking to you this evening.

009:18:13 McDivitt: Roger. That's Apollo 9.

009:18:15 Evans: Sorry about that.

009:18:17 McDivitt: That's all right. New guys are that way.

009:18:19 Evans: Okay. And --

009:18:21 Scott: Roger. And, Houston, we are purging. Is that what you want?

009:18:25 Schweickart (onboard): The fuel cell.

009:18:27 Evans: That's affirmative.

009:18:29 Scott: We're presently in the process of purging O2 fuel cells.

[The onboard transcription records this as "fuel cell".]

009:18:33 Evans: Affirmative.

009:18:35 Scott (onboard): Okay. 2 is going to purge.

009:18:39 Evans: And is your H2 tank 1 fan on at this time?

009:18:45 Scott: We'll bring it on now. We noticed it's 200 [psi, 1380 kPa].

009:18:47 Evans: Okay.

[Very long comm break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 9 hours, 21 minutes into the flight of Apollo 9. The spacecraft has moved just out of range of the tracking ship Redstone at the present time on the sixth - still on the sixth revolution. During this last pass there was about 40 to 45 seconds of air-to-ground between the Center here in Houston and the Apollo 9 crew."

Public Affairs Officer - "That was conversation between the Apollo 9 crew and Astronaut Ron Evans, who is the new CAPCOM at the present time. Reference was made during that pass to fuel cell purges there. There are actually two kinds of purges, one of course is an oxygen; and the other is a hydrogen purge. In this case, the crew did an O2 purge, an oxygen purge. What this was essentially was cleaning out the chemical impurities from the cells. Purging is merely forcing oxygen into the fuel cells and thereby forcing the unwanted chemicals out. The Apollo 9 crew is pretty much bedded down on their rest cycle at the present time and as the spacecraft heads over the Pacific, at 9 hours, 24 minutes into the flight of Apollo 9, this is Apollo Control,"

009:18:50 Scott (onboard): H2 fan 1 - On.

009:18:51 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, we didn't have the QD's to the other thing go (garbled)

009:19:02 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, Jim, it's still flowing like mad.

009:19:03 McDivitt (onboard): Is it really?

009:19:04 Scott (onboard): No, it stopped.

009:19:07 McDivitt (onboard): It's probably --

009:19:08 Schweickart (onboard): No, it's going in spurts.

009:19:09 McDivitt (onboard): -- it's probably what was in the line, Rusty.

009:19:10 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, it's going in spurts.

009:19:20 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, boy, what a mess. I guess the water --

009:19:22 Scott (onboard): You get a lot of water?

009:19:24 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, enough to make it kind of messy here. We're going to have to -

009:19:28 Schweickart (onboard): Here's a towel, Jim. Right here.

009:19:29 McDivitt (onboard): No, I'm going to suck it out of here in just a minute. Would you hold on to this for me?

009:19:33 Scott (onboard): Here, I'll get it.

009:19:35 McDivitt (onboard): As long as I have the - end of this water hose, I'll just stick it in there --

009:19:39 Scott (onboard): Let's not pick up any dirt with it.

009:19:42 McDivitt (onboard): Don't intend to.

009:19:44 Scott (onboard): Now - Does it have a filter on it?

009:19:46 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, it has a filter on the other end.

009:19:47 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. That's right. It's already sucked the water up. How about that?

009:19:52 Schweickart (onboard): That quick, huh?

009:19:53 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. What happened was - it sucked it right through the quick disconnect here - And the (garbled) just sucked it out by itself.

009:20:09 Schweickart (onboard): Why don't I turn the cryo fans on, too?

009:20:28 McDivitt (onboard): Okay Dave, would you give me that wrench - that tool again, please?

009:20:31 Scott (onboard): Yes, sir.

009:20:44 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter) I hate to tell you this, but that hunk of Velcro isn't fixed to anything.

009:21:08 Scott (onboard): Okay.

009:21:19 Schweickart (onboard): CO2 canister change - We got done; Waste management overboard drain will be going off, and waste stowage vent valve to closed; S-band omni to B; Comm - Basic, duplex A and receive (A) only, so I'll do that. Duplex A.

[Onboard transcription break.]