Apollo 9

Day 1: Orbit 2 - Transposition & Docking

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[The Apollo 9 spacecraft has completed its first orbit of the Earth. The spacecraft remains attached to the S-IVB third stage and the Lunar Module Adapter. The main task of this next orbit is to prepare for the separation of the CSM followed by transposition (pitching over and facing the stack) and finally docking with the then exposed Lunar Module.]

[Communications have been switched to Bermuda.]

001:40:15 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Bermuda.

001:40:19 McDivitt: Roger. Houston through Bermuda. Go ahead.

001:40:21 Roosa: Roger. We'd like to uplink you a state vector there, Apollo 9. We - there is a discrepancy between your vector and ours. We don't have a real good story for you at this time. It was sort of a slow diversion trend, but we would like to slip it in. There were some funnies about the lift-off time, and everything that we're working on, but at this time we'd like to give you a new vector.

001:40:43 Scott: Okay. Understand you want to give us a new vector on the - let me see - stand by.

001:40:51 Scott: Roger. P00 and Accept. You got it.

001:40:53 Roosa: Roger. We'll go to work on it. Thank you. [Comm break.]

001:42:46 Scott: Houston, Apollo 9.

001:42:48 Roosa: Go, Apollo 9.

001:42:49 Scott: Roger. I checked the O2 purge before I noticed I didn't check the H2, so I got the purge heater on for awhile, and I'm gonna check the H2 purge. Might be seeing that.

001:43:05 Roosa: Roger. You're going to be checking H2 purge; and Apollo 9, I have a nav[igation] check to go along with this state vector when you are ready to copy.

001:43:13 McDivitt: Roger. Stand by on the purge, and stand by on the nav check.

001:43:17 Roosa: Roger. At your convenience.

001:43:44 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. The computer is yours. The vector has been transferred, and it looks good.

001:43:52 Scott: Roger, Thank you.

001:43:53 McDivitt: And ready to copy on the nav.

[Jim will copy the information into a nav check PAD. The image is cropped from the Flight Plan, page 2-5 showing a just single data set.]

Navigation Check PAD

001:43:55 Roosa: Roger. Reading the nav check. Time: 002:29 all zeros, -30.81, +116.22, 106.7. End of update.

001:44:25 McDivitt: Roger. Readback: 002:29 all zips, -30.81, +116.22, 106.7.

001:44:35 Roosa: Roger. Houston confirms the update.

[Houston has updated the orbital state vector directly to the computer and has read up the navigation check information so the crew can confirm the update. The information provided for the navigation check consists of the single input time parameter and the set of output results for program P21 - Ground Track Determination. The crew can run the program with the specified input and check that their computer returns the expected result.]

[To run the program the crew selects program P21 and after choosing which vehicle state vector (CSM or LM) to use for the calculation, the crew enters the desired time (GET) for the ground track integration. Based on the orbital data for the spacecraft the program works out the position relative to the Earth at that specified time. The program displays the calculated latitude and longitude (in degrees to two decimal places) and the altitude (in nautical miles to one decimal place).]

[This navigation check information is as follows:

Time: 002 hours 29 minutes 00.00 seconds GET.

Latitude: 30.81° South.

Longitude: 116.22° East.

Altitude: 106.7 nautical miles (197.6 km).]

[This agrees reasonably well with the NORAD two-line element tracking data: 30.81°S, 116.23°E, 109.5 nautical miles (202.8 km).]

001:44:38 McDivitt: Okay. [Long pause.]

001:45:28 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, Houston. We copy your DSKY on the ground. [Comm break.]

001:48:01 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston.

001:48:04 McDivitt: Go ahead, Houston.

001:48:06 Roosa: Roger. Just for your info here, we'll be sending a command into the IU just to verify our response, and this will have no effect on you. We are just trying to troubleshoot our LVDC data, and we don't want you to move the IU Accept switch; leave it in Block.

[The Launch Vehicle Digital Computer (LVDC) is one of the components of the Instrument Unit (IU).]

001:48:20 McDivitt: Roger. [Comm break.]

[Communications have been switched to the Canary Island station.]

001:50:39 Scott: Houston, Apollo 9.

001:50:46 Scott: Houston, Apollo 9.

001:50:48 Roosa: Go, Apollo 9.

001:50:50 Scott: Roger, Houston. Apollo 9. Do you - We're about ready to terminate our cabin purge. Is that okay with you?

001:50:56 Roosa: Stand by one, Apollo 9.

001:51:08 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. We concur. Go ahead and terminate.

001:51:13 Scott: Okay.

001:51:16 Scott: Didn't work.

001:51:18 Roosa: Roger. Copy. [Comm break.]

["Didn't work." is an odd comment for both the crew to make and to be so simply acknowledged by Houston. It is possible that the transcript has an error and the crew said something like "It's in work." just as used at 001:53:39.]

001:52:59 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled) That's the first of many times.

001:53:01 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, but - all welcome.

[The crew are working through the pre-CSM separation checklist. For comparison, see the Apollo 12 Launch Operations Checklist, Page L3-1 and the Apollo 15 CSM Launch Checklist, Page L3-1. ]

001:53:05 Schweickart (onboard): S-IV LM - S-IVB/LM SEP, two, are both closed.

[The two S-IVB/LM Separation circuit breakers are on the lower edge of panel 278 in the right-hand equipment bay. Both circuit breakers were closed in the liftoff configuration.]

SIVB / LM SEP circuit breakers

001:53:11 McDivitt (onboard): Verified.

001:53:12 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, CB Docking Probe (2), Closed.

001:53:15 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. CB Docking Probe (2), Closed.

001:53:19 Schweickart (onboard): Docking Probe Extend/Release, Extend/Release until barber pole.

001:53:24 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. I'm going to call Houston and tell them we're doing that.

001:53:27 McDivitt: Houston, this is Apollo 9.

[The technical transcription has this conversation by Scott.]

001:53:29 Roosa: Go, Apollo 9.

001:53:31 McDivitt: We're ready to extend the docking probe. Are you ready.

001:53:32 Roosa: Oh boy, we are all ears down here. Please let us hear how that goes.

001:53:39 McDivitt: Okay. Fine. It's in work.

001:53:41 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, --

001:53:42 Roosa: Roger.

001:53:43 Schweickart (onboard): Extend/Release switch to Extend/Release until barber pole. Whooee! Would you believe it went --

001:53:50 McDivitt: We've got a good one.

001:53:51 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. Docking probe Extend/Release --

001:53:52 Roosa: Roger. Copy. That makes us all happy.

001:53:58 Schweickart (onboard): Gray, at full extend. I'd say that was three tenths of a second again, Dave.

001:53:59 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

001:54:00 Scott: Roger. It was just like the chamber; we heard it go out, and it took a couple or three tenths of a second.

001:54:06 McDivitt (onboard): Then Release until talkback?

001:54:07 Roosa: Roger. Copy.

001:54:08 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

001:54:09 McDivitt (onboard): Then note Docking probe talkback gray at full extension.

001:54:10 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, talk --

001:54:11 McDivitt (onboard): Then Release?

001:54:12 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, who's reading this thing?

001:54:13 McDivitt (onboard): Me.

001:54:14 Schweickart (onboard): You want to take my job?

001:54:16 McDivitt (onboard): I will in a minute, yes.

001:54:17 Schweickart (onboard): Docking probe Extend/Release to Retract; talkback, gray.

001:54:18 McDivitt (onboard): Retract; talkback is gray.

001:54:20 Schweickart (onboard): COAS mounted.

001:54:23 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:54:24 Schweickart (onboard): COAS Power - On.

001:54:26 Scott (onboard): COAS Power's coming on.

001:54:27 Schweickart (onboard): Verify RCS DAP loaded.

001:54:29 McDivitt (onboard): I'll tell you what. Why don't you start putting our helmets and - Oh, they're down here a step.

001:54:34 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

001:54:35 Scott (onboard): Okay, Rusty.

001:54:36 McDivitt (onboard): I think I ought to go put mine on.

001:54:37 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. We'll fall off at Canaries here in about another minute and we'll see you over Tananarive around 09.

001:54:46 Scott: Roger. Tananarive at 09.

001:54:49 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, you want to load the RCS DAP, Dave?

001:54:51 Scott (onboard): Alright.

001:54:52 Schweickart (onboard): 11102.

001:55:01 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:55:02 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, and R2, all ones.

001:55:08 Scott (onboard): Okay. 11102 and 11111?

[Control of which particular RCS thrusters to use to maintain attitude comes from the Digital AutoPilot (DAP) settings. The crew can configure the DAP by calling up Verb 48 on the computer, entering the control digit settings and finally activating the DAP with Verb 46. Other values that can be altered include the spacecraft weight and the trim angles of the gimbal-mounted SPS engine. The program procedure is shown on the (Apollo 15) CSM G&C Checklist (Page G 1-25).

In this case the crew are setting R1 to 11102 and R2 to 11111. These settings correspond to:

1: Vehicle configuration is the CSM only. The routine needs to take account of the distribution of mass of the complete vehicle.

11: Quads A/C and B/D are used as coupled pairs. By firing opposing thrusters in opposing directions, a rotation can be started without any significant thrusting that will affect the spacecraft's trajectory. For the separation and transposition maneuver coupled pairs are selected.

0: The deadband will be ±0.5° for tight control of the spacecraft's attitude. The deadband is the range of error from the ideal attitude that will be allowed before active correction is made. As long as the spacecraft stays within half a degree of the desired attitude, the thrusters will not fire.

2: The relatively fast rotation rate of 0.5° per second will be used for any corrective maneuvers.

1: The quad pair A/C will be used for roll corrections.

1111: All quads are available for use.]

001:55:11 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, and I guess you Proceed out of there.

001:55:13 Scott (onboard): Yes.

001:55:15 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, load Noun 17.

[The crew are loading three angles (roll, pitch and yaw) into Noun 17 - Astronaut total att.]

001:55:18 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:55:21 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, I wish I had a towel (garbled) --

001:55:23 Schweickart (onboard): That's wrong. Okay, try Verb 25.

[Verb 25 will allow the crew to load all three components of the data.]

001:55:26 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:55:27 Schweickart (onboard): 18143.

001:55:30 McDivitt (onboard): You didn't run across a towel or anything down there, did you?

001:55:33 Scott (onboard): A what, Jim?

001:55:34 McDivitt (onboard): A towel?

001:55:35 Scott (onboard): They're up underneath me.

001:55:36 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) clean off my visor.

001:55:37 Scott (onboard): They're up underneath me. Lay up at A-1, Jimmy.

001:55:40 McDivitt (onboard): A long ways up there.

001:55:41 Schweickart (onboard): 09436.

001:55:46 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. 01478.

001:55:51 Schweickart (onboard): Looks good. 183.43 [sic], 94.36, 14.78.

[Schweickart reads the first angle incorrectly but the error is picked up Scott.]

001:55:56 Scott (onboard): 180 - 181.43, right?

001:55:59 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, yes.

001:56:00 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:56:01 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, Noun 22.

[The crew are now loading the three attitude angles into Noun 22 - New Inertial Coupling Data Unit (ICDU) Angles. This is the LM docking and extraction attitude and corresponds to the reverse orientation of the S-IVB separation attitude loaded into Noun 17 with an additional roll of 60°. See the orientation diagram on page 502 of CSM 104 Handbook, page 501 which shows the 60° roll offset.]

001:56:03 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:56:06 Schweickart (onboard): 121.43.

001:56:09 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:56:10 Schweickart (onboard): 274.36.

001:56:14 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:56:15 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, Davey, you didn't get me the helmet visor cover.

001:56:20 Scott (onboard): Yes. It's un - it's in the L-1, Jim.

001:56:22 McDivitt (onboard): L-1, what's that?

001:56:23 Scott (onboard): No - it's in the L-shaped bag, I'm sorry.

001:56:25 McDivitt (onboard): L-shaped bag, okay.

001:56:27 Schweickart (onboard): 345.22.

001:56:32 Scott (onboard): Okay.

001:56:33 McDivitt (onboard): I'll go get that.

001:56:34 Scott (onboard): Let me check that: 121.43, 274.36, 345.22. That looks good.

001:56:42 Schweickart (onboard): Set the docking attitude on attitude set dials.

[Scott now mirrors the Noun 22 angles on the Attitude Set dials on the lower left hand side of the Main Display Console (MDC). The dial angles are only accurate to one decimal place.]

001:56:46 Scott (onboard): Alright.

001:56:47 Schweickart (onboard): 121.4.

001:56:49 McDivitt (onboard): Where did you say those towels were, Dave?

001:56:51 Scott (onboard): The towels? I think they're underneath me in A-1, way up here.

001:56:56 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, isn't it pretty out? Whoo hoo! Look at those thunderstorms.

001:56:59 McDivitt (onboard): What am I hooked on up there? (garbled) hanging over.

001:57:05 Schweickart (onboard): 121.4; Dave, you got that?

001:57:08 Scott (onboard): Coming up. Okay. 121.4, okay?

001:57:10 Schweickart (onboard): 274.4.

001:57:12 Scott (onboard): Alright. A little longer.

001:57:20 Schweickart (onboard): See if I can see a star in the daytime now.

001:57:24 Scott (onboard): 274.4, wasn't it?

001:57:26 Schweickart (onboard): Right, and 345.2.

001:57:32 Scott (onboard): 345.2, okay.

001:57:35 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, that's it. Sep preparation now. S-IVB attitude, deadband, and H2 vent rate, confirmed by MSFN.

001:57:50 Scott (onboard): Got to align the GDC - Did we get that again? Yes, we did.

001:57:55 Schweickart (onboard): Jim, while you're down there, how about Waste Stowage Vent - Closed.

001:57:59 McDivitt (onboard): I got that.

001:58:00 Schweickart (onboard): Suit Circuit Return valve - Close.

001:58:02 Scott (onboard): Okay, just a minute.

001:58:04 Schweickart (onboard): Wait a minute now. I guess we've got to don our helmets and gloves first before we do that one.

001:58:10 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

001:58:18 McDivitt (onboard): There he is, right there.

001:58:20 Schweickart (onboard): It's - getting dark again.

001:58:23 McDivitt (onboard): Does that every few minutes. Okay, I think I'll put my helmet and gloves on and then put that on. Ouch!

001:58:36 Schweickart (onboard): I got a few spots on my window, but I don't see much gunk.

001:59:00 McDivitt (onboard): (Singing)

001:59:10 Schweickart (onboard): Try my SPS helium again. Maybe it came back in order. Boy, it really hit the peg, I'll tell you. It looked like it was going to go right off the bottom of the (garbled) Boing! Looked like a reset.

001:59:24 Scott (onboard): (Laughter)

001:59:43 Schweickart (onboard): Man, I'll tell you, when that water boiler boils, it really puts the temperature down there.

002:00:04 Schweickart (onboard): There it is. It's getting dark.

002:00:11 Scott (onboard): It sure is, isn't it?

002:00:13 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. Oh, there's lightning. Look at all that lightning on the horizon.

002:00:23 Scott (onboard): Now you can see stars, Rusty. See the stars?

002:00:25 Schweickart (onboard): Let me look. I got my lights up awful bright.

002:00:29 McDivitt (onboard): Tell you one thing I'm going to have is some navigation here with this medal. Let me get this thing out of there.

002:00:39 Schweickart (onboard): No, I don't yet. Oh, let me get my checklist out of the way.

002:00:43 Scott (onboard): Got one right at 12 o'clock.

002:00:45 Schweickart (onboard): Do we really?

002:00:47 Scott (onboard): Yes.

002:00:48 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, yes. Yes, I see it. Yes, about three degrees above the horizon? Yes. Sure do.

002:00:55 McDivitt (onboard): Why don't you start getting your helmets on so we can get -

002:00:57 Scott (onboard): Here, give me mine, Jim.

002:00:58 Schweickart (onboard): Ahh, what a drag!

002:01:01 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled)

002:01:04 Scott (onboard): Jim, I need you to hand me mine.

002:01:06 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. Just a second; I'm trapped. Oh boy!

002:01:13 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, it's turnover time. Slowly I turn. (Singing)

002:01:53 Schweickart (onboard): Clever, Rusty - put your old fingerprint right on the helmet.

002:01:56 McDivitt (onboard): Here, I have a rag here if you can use it.

002:01:59 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, that's okay. I'm - I'm sure I didn't get it enough to even notice.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 2 hours 2 minutes into the mission. Apollo 9 is in its second revolution over the continent of Africa - its status is go. We have not yet identified whether there is a problem in the command module computer. The computer was about 4 tenths of a second late on lift-off. Over Bermuda in this first stateside pass we did successfully update a state vector - that is the ground told the command module computer the spacecraft's position and velocity in reference to the Earth at that particular time. So we do have a good state vector aboard the spacecraft. The Guidance Officer is continuing to watch the computer - and will for some time yet before he is able to say whether there is a problem or there is not. To date we have not identified a problem. Just at the end of the Canaries pass a few minutes ago Dave Scott extended the docking probe for the first time. His comments were: "We've got a good one. It's just like in the chamber." He reported the crew could hear the docking probe extend. We're still reading good - H2 tank - the pressure is on the ground in that tank that was reading zero onboard. Ground telemetry shows the pressures are good there. We had a caution warning light on in the number one H2 tank. Briefly, however, just within a second the heater came on and the light went out. It has been determined that the limits are probably set a little too high on that caution and warning light in that parameter and that there is no problem."

002:02:12 Scott (onboard): Jim, the bags go in A-5, which is the CO2 canister right down --

002:02:16 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

002:02:17 Scott (onboard): -- to the right of the --

002:02:18 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, let me just - just a minute until I get my visor.

002:02:23 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:02:24 McDivitt (onboard): I'll be right with you.

002:02:31 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, one each, helmet, on (garbled) tied down. Oh, that was a brilliant one!

002:02:42 McDivitt (onboard): By the time I get it out, I won't need it; my helmet will already be bashed up. Oh, shoot. Crash, bang! Where did we get this thing?

002:03:00 Schweickart (onboard): Am I in your way, Jim?

002:03:02 McDivitt (onboard): No, no.

002:03:04 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

002:03:10 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I got the helmet on.

002:03:28 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, I got a foggy helmet.

002:03:30 Scott (onboard): Do you?

002:03:31 Schweickart (onboard): Whooee! Sure is.

002:03:34 Scott (onboard): How come, is it foggy already?

002:03:36 Schweickart (onboard): I don't know, but it's really fogging.

002:03:39 Scott (onboard): You got your flow on?

002:03:40 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. Helmet, too.

002:03:42 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, what's the suit-inlet temperature? I feel kind of warm.

002:03:45 Scott (onboard): Suit inlet is 47° [F, 8°C].

002:03:48 McDivitt (onboard): Hmm!

002:03:56 McDivitt (onboard): Here, they go down here in A-5, huh?

002:03:59 Scott (onboard): Yes.

002:04:16 Schweickart (onboard): Mmm.

002:04:23 Schweickart (onboard): Ahh, there goes a hair. By the time this flight's over, I'm not going to have any hairs left on my forearm; I'll say that.

002:04:31 McDivitt (onboard): Wow, how do you ever get these things in here? All three of them went in there, Dave.

002:04:42 Scott (onboard): Yes, there - should be EVA gloves on the left. You ought to be able to get them all in there, Jim.

002:04:46 McDivitt (onboard): Tell you what; rather than fool around with that, I think I'll just stick them down here in the - Well, maybe I better not.

002:04:50 Scott (onboard): Put them in a temporary - F-1 or F-2 up near the temporary (garbled)

002:04:56 McDivitt (onboard): I think I'll do that. I want to get back up there and get going on this thing, so we don't - have to leave.

002:05:01 Scott (onboard): Yes.

002:05:06 Scott (onboard): Get them out again soon anyway.

002:05:14 Scott (onboard): Here's mine.

002:05:15 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I'll be with you in just a minute.

002:05:17 Scott (onboard): Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were done.

002:05:19 McDivitt (onboard): No, not quite. Not quite.

002:05:27 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I'll take it.

002:05:29 Schweickart (onboard): Now, let me get that. Okay, I got that one. Ouch! Boy, I got a real hair in there.

002:05:34 McDivitt (onboard): Where's your bag, Rusty, or don't you need me to stow it?

002:05:36 Schweickart (onboard): It's - it's up at the head there. I think it's okay.

002:05:39 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, good.

002:05:44 Schweickart (onboard): I guess I ought to get that dark slide off there; it's liable to smack me in the chops. Oh, we're not going to thrust, are we, yet? Hey, Jim, before you get up, could you pull my leg strap tighter?

002:05:56 McDivitt (onboard): Sure. Is that noticeably tighter?

002:06:07 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, that's as tight as they go. Okay, that's better. That's good.

002:06:12 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, now I've got to get yours.

002:06:14 Scott (onboard): Okay, so I can (garbled)

002:06:19 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, no!

002:06:21 Scott (onboard): What?

002:06:22 Schweickart (onboard): Guess what's missing?

002:06:23 Scott (onboard): What?

002:06:24 Schweickart (onboard): A Hasselblad camera.

002:06:25 Scott (onboard): Oh, no.

002:06:26 McDivitt (onboard): What do you mean, it's missing? (Laughter)

002:06:28 Schweickart (onboard): It's not where I put it, on the Velcro.

002:06:30 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

002:06:32 Schweickart (onboard): So, it's got to be floating around somewhere in the cabin.

002:06:43 Schweickart (onboard): Damn!

002:06:44 McDivitt (onboard): There it is, down there.

002:06:45 Schweickart (onboard): You got it?

002:06:46 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. I see it; I haven't got it.

002:06:48 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

002:06:55 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, let me see if I can read you something here.

002:06:57 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:06:58 Schweickart (onboard): Emergency Cabin Pressure to Off; no, Dave - Jim's got to do that.

002:07:02 McDivitt (onboard): Let me - let me go ahead and get those. Here's your camera.

002:07:05 Schweickart (onboard): Where? Okay.

002:07:08 McDivitt (onboard): Emergency Cabin Pressurization's off.

002:07:09 Schweickart (onboard): No, stand by here; I - I'm screwed up. Suit Circuit Return valve - Closed.

002:07:15 Scott (onboard): Okay. Yo - Everybody in their suit okay?

002:07:17 McDivitt (onboard): Everybody's in their suit. Emergency Cabin Pressure to Test, and Press until cabin reaches 5.7 [psi, 39.3 kPa], and I'll let you know.

002:07:26 Scott (onboard): I can't get that son of a bitch closed.

002:07:28 McDivitt (onboard): You want me to?

002:07:31 Scott (onboard): There, it's closed. Boy, that's a bitch, isn't it, Jim?

002:07:33 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, really it's - it's tough to move; you - you're such a -

002:07:39 Scott (onboard): You say you're ready, Jim?

002:07:40 McDivitt (onboard): Well, not really. Let me try to get done here.

002:07:42 Scott (onboard): Oh.

002:07:44 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, am I messing up my helmet!

002:07:45 Scott (onboard): What are you doing?

002:07:46 McDivitt (onboard): Putting my face helmet --

002:07:47 Schweickart (onboard): Pressurizing the cabin.

002:07:48 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, Emergency Cabin Pressure - Press to test going now.

002:07:53 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. And we'll probably get an O2 Flow High warning.

002:07:58 McDivitt (onboard): How we doing?

002:07:59 Schweickart (onboard): We are 5.0 something [psi, 34.4 kPa].

002:08:06 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, the warning's going to come on in a second here.

002:08:09 Schweickart (onboard): We're not even to 5.1 [psi, 35.1 kPa] yet, Jim.

002:08:11 McDivitt (onboard): Oh.

002:08:12 Schweickart (onboard): We got a long way to go.

002:08:13 McDivitt (onboard): How did the surge tank go?

002:08:18 Schweickart (onboard): Surge tank is 8 - 820 or so. Okay, we're 5.25 [psi, 36.2 kPa]; surge tank is now 800. 5.4 [psi, 37.2 kPa]; surge tank is 780. Now we're about 5.5 [psi, 37.9 kPa]; surge tank, 760. And 5.6 [psi, 38.6 kPa] almost, and the surge tank is 720. And we're about 5.7 [psi, 39.3 kPa].

002:09:15 McDivitt (onboard): Okay?

002:09:16 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Emergency Cabin Press to Off.

002:09:20 Scott (onboard): Emergency Cabin Press to Off.

002:09:21 Schweickart (onboard): EMS Mode to Standby.

002:09:24 Scott (onboard): Ems - Standby.

002:09:26 Schweickart (onboard): EMS Function to Delta-V.

002:09:29 Scott (onboard): Delta-V.

002:09:30 Schweickart (onboard): Counter zero.

002:09:32 Scott (onboard): Okay, it's set at minus 100.

002:09:34 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, okay, that's a wrong - that's a baddy in here.

[Communications have been switched to Tananarive.]

002:09:34 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Tananarive. [Long pause.]

002:09:36 Scott (onboard): Yes, I know. We - that's -

002:09:38 Schweickart (onboard): Align the GDC.

002:09:41 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:09:43 Schweickart (onboard): FDAI 1 - Inertial.

002:09:45 Scott (onboard): Now wait a minute, Rusty. Let me finish aligning the GDC first.

002:09:48 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, sir.

002:09:49 Scott (onboard): Okay. I was behind; fixed in a minute.

002:09:52 Schweickart (onboard): I'm sorry.

002:09:54 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, you center these three hoses and --

002:09:56 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston through Tananarive.

002:10:00 Schweickart (onboard): Roger, Houston. You're 5 square.

002:10:05 Schweickart (onboard): What's that?

002:10:07 Scott (onboard): Oh, gunk.

002:10:09 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, you ready, Dave?

002:10:11 Scott (onboard): No.

002:10:12 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

002:10:16 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, you know what I needed on this damned camera was a handle.

002:10:22 McDivitt (onboard): It's too late now.

002:10:23 Schweickart (onboard): Shoot, yes.

002:10:36 McDivitt (onboard): I can't keep my bloody nose off of that thing.

002:10:37 Comm Tech: Tananarive, Houston, NET 1.

002:10:38 Comm Tech: Houston, Tananarive,

002:10:39 Comm Tech: Verify CAP COM is uplinking properly.

002:10:41 Comm Tech: That's affirmative,

002:10:42 Comm Tech: Roger, thank you.

002:10:48 Scott (onboard): Okay, GDC is aligned.

002:10:49 Schweickart (onboard): FDAI 1 - Inertial.

002:10:52 Scott (onboard): Okay, read me those attitude-set numbers again.

002:10:57 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. 121.4.

002:10:59 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:11:00 Schweickart (onboard): Okay?

002:11:01 Scott (onboard): Yes.

002:11:02 IMP (onboard): 274.4 --

002:11:03 Roosa: And, Apollo 9,this is Houston, We'll have you over Tananarive for about the next 5 minutes; we are standing by. I have not heard any transmissions from you here.

002:11:13 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, we're proceeding through the separation-through-withdraw checklist.

002:11:19 Schweickart (onboard): 345.2.

002:11:23 McDivitt (onboard): Houston, you read Apollo 9?

002:11:25 Scott (onboard): 345.2 and 274 what?

002:11:28 Schweickart (onboard): 274.4 on the middle --

002:11:30 Roosa: Okay. Apollo 9, Houston. I heard just the first part of that; I'll just stand by here.

002:11:37 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, shoot. You know what I forgot?

002:11:38 Scott (onboard): What?

002:11:39 Schweickart (onboard): So clever! Just a smartass!

002:11:40 McDivitt (onboard): No sunglasses, huh?

002:11:41 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

002:11:42 Scott (onboard): Oh, me too, damn it!

002:11:46 McDivitt (onboard): Son of a gun! You want mine, Dave?

002:11:51 Scott (onboard): I got mine handy.

002:11:52 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, you want to take your helmet off, and put it on?

002:11:56 Scott (onboard): Yes. I guess I will.

002:12:00 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I'll stop reading the checklist here.

002:12:03 McDivitt (onboard): Just a second now, I'll loosen up - I'll shut your suit flow off so you can get your helmet back on.

002:12:09 Scott (onboard): Now wait a minute. I don't need to do that, Jim. I can pop a glove and do it. Yes, it's easier to pop a glove.

002:12:13 McDivitt (onboard): Alright.

002:12:15 Schweickart (onboard): I tell you, this damned camera won't stay anywhere. Let me try it Velcro on the back, there. Okay, camera, stay there now. Yes, I'm going to pop a glove and put mine on, too.

002:12:36 Scott (onboard): Jim, could you hang on to these things for me for a minute? I have a -

002:12:43 Schweickart (onboard): Whee! I got myself in the nose anyway.

002:12:58 McDivitt (onboard): What's the flow at?

002:13:02 Schweickart/Scott (onboard): O2 flow high.

002:13:05 Schweickart (onboard): Wonder wha - oh - wonder why that is.

002:13:12 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, Dave took his helmet off.

002:13:15 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, me too. Does that make a difference?

002:13:18 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

002:13:34 McDivitt (onboard): Back a little farther. Okay, that's it. Here you go. How you doing?

002:13:46 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I'm - I'm about to take my helmet off here, so --

002:13:48 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, why don't I press on with the checklist with Dave? EMERGENCY CABIN PRESS TEST - we've done that; EMERGENCY CABIN PRESS, OFF; EMS MODE, STAND-BY -

002:13:54 Schweickart (onboard): We're all the way down to the bottom, Jim.

002:13:56 McDivitt (onboard): EMS FUNCTION, DELTA-V; counter, zero -

002:14:00 Schweickart (onboard): We're three lines from the bottom.

002:14:01 McDivitt (onboard): Align of GPS - GDC; you've done that? FDAI 1 - Inertial.

002:14:05 Scott (onboard): Inertial.

002:14:06 Schweickart (onboard): FDAI 2, Verb 83, adjust ORDEAL.

002:14:10 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:14:13 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled)

002:14:23 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, I'm really unstable here.

002:14:27 Schweickart (onboard): You got your seatbelt on, Jim?

002:14:28 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, it's about over my knees.

002:14:31 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I'll take over again. Okay, are you in P00, Dave?

002:14:37 Scott (onboard): Just - I'm doing ORDEAL.

002:14:38 McDivitt (onboard): He's ad - he's adjusting ORDEAL.

002:14:39 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

002:14:46 Scott (onboard): Okay, back to P00.

002:14:47 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, in P00, and then MANUAL ATTITUDE, three, RATE COMMAND.

002:14:51 Scott (onboard): I guess they're in RATE COMMAND.

002:14:54 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, that's really bad, isn't it?

002:14:57 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter) LIMIT CYCLE, off.

002:14:59 Scott (onboard): That cycle's off.

002:15:00 Schweickart (onboard): ATT DEADBAND, Min.

002:15:01 Scott (onboard): Min.

002:15:02 Schweickart (onboard): RATE, Low.

002:15:03 Scott (onboard): Low.

002:15:04 Schweickart (onboard): TRANSLATION CONTROL POWER, ON, up.

002:15:06 Scott (onboard): ON, up.

002:15:07 Schweickart (onboard): ROTATIONAL CONTROL POWER NORMAL, two, AC/DC.

002:15:10 Scott (onboard): Two, AC/DC.

002:15:11 Schweickart (onboard): DIRECT, two, MAIN A/MAIN B.

002:15:12 Scott (onboard): DIRECT, two, MAIN A/MAIN B.

002:15:14 Schweickart (onboard): SPACECRAFT CONTROL to CMC.

002:15:18 Scott (onboard): Yes, that's in FREE; flip it to CMC.

002:15:20 Schweickart (onboard): CMC MODE, FREE.

002:15:22 Scott (onboard): FREE.

002:15:23 Schweickart (onboard): BMAG MODE, three, to RATE 2.

002:15:24 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. We'll lose you in Tananarive here in about 1 minute. If you have tried to call me, I haven't received anything, but we'll see you over Carnarvon at 26.

002:15:39 McDivitt (onboard): Roger, Houston; Carnarvon at 26.

002:15:42 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, that will be Carnarvon at 26.

002:15:46 McDivitt (onboard): Roger, Houston; Apollo 9. Carnarvon at 26.

002:15:49 Schweickart (onboard): Okay -

002:15:50 Scott (onboard): Okay, I got the --

002:15:53 Schweickart (onboard): Did you get the BMAG MODE, three, to RATE 2.

002:15:55 Scott (onboard): That's affirm.

002:15:56 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, LAUNCH VEHICLE SPS INDICATOR to S-II/S-IVB.

002:16:01 Scott (onboard): S-II/S-IVB.

002:16:02 Schweickart (onboard): LV GUIDANCE to IU.

002:16:08 Scott (onboard): IU.

002:16:09 Schweickart (onboard): LUNAR INJECT, SAFE.

002:16:12 Scott (onboard): SAFE.

002:16:13 Schweickart (onboard): UP TELEMETRY, IU, to BLOCK.

002:16:16 Scott (onboard): BLOCK.

002:16:18 Schweickart (onboard): AUTO RCS SELECTOR, 16, to MAIN B.

002:16:20 Scott (onboard): Okay. Coming up.

002:16:23 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

002:16:34 Scott (onboard): 16 to MAIN B.

002:16:36 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, RCS - CIRCUIT BREAKER RCS LOGIC, two, CLOSE.

002:16:44 Scott (onboard): Two, CLOSE.

002:16:45 Schweickart (onboard): TVC SERVO POWER 1, AC-1/MAIN A.

002:16:49 Scott (onboard): Okay, let's see how much time we got here? We got 20 minutes. I sort of hate to be putting all that power --

002:16:56 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, let's - let's wait a little while.

002:16:57 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, you want to wait there?

002:16:58 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

002:16:59 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, at 2 hours, 17 minutes into the mission of Apollo 9. Apollo 9 out of range at Tananarive now, out over the Indian Ocean. Next station to acquire will be Carnarvon in about 8 minutes. This is Mission Control, Houston."

002:17:09 Schweickart (onboard): We've got 9 minutes.

002:17:11 Scott (onboard): 02:34 is the maneuver.

002:17:14 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, well - well, Carnarvon's at 26; that's what I was looking at.

002:17:16 Scott (onboard): Yes.

002:17:24 Schweickart (onboard): Get in that pocket, you stupid thing.

002:17:40 Schweickart (onboard): I was thinking it was time to dark adapt, but that's probably the worst thing we could do.

002:17:48 McDivitt (onboard): Dark adapt with your sunglasses on, huh?

002:18:02 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. I will turn it down a little bit and see what it looks like out there, though. Oh, isn't that a pretty Earth?

002:18:20 Schweickart (onboard): See if you can see those - S-IVB thrusters firing.

002:18:24 McDivitt (onboard): I've seen some light out the side window. I never was really sure whether it was the S-IVB thrusters or --

002:18:30 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I have, too. I - I just saw a flash; that's what reminded me of it.

002:18:39 Scott (onboard): That COAS sure looks like we rolled. I guess it's just me.

002:18:43 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, how does our horizon look out there, Dave? Can you see it alright?

002:18:46 Scott (onboard): Yes. The COAS looks like we're in a roll. Did you notice that, Jim?

002:18:50 McDivitt (onboard): No, I didn't. I just turned on to see what it looked like.

002:18:53 Schweickart (onboard): Which way am I? I'm - I'm looking north out my window, aren't I? Yes. Because I can see the Big Dipper on the horizon.

002:19:00 Scott (onboard): I wonder if just the way I am in the seat -

002:19:03 McDivitt (onboard): No, you look straight.

002:19:05 Scott (onboard): Did it - did it look straight when you checked it out?

002:19:07 McDivitt (onboard): No, I said you look straight. No, I did - all I did was turn it on to see if the light lit, Dave.

002:19:13 Schweickart (onboard): Looks level to me, Dave.

002:19:14 Scott (onboard): No, I didn't mean the reticle.

002:19:16 Schweickart (onboard): I know. Oh, I see.

002:19:18 Scott (onboard): If - if - if I look - it just doesn't.

002:19:21 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I know what you're saying.

002:19:24 Scott (onboard): I'll check on the horizon when we come up there.

002:19:40 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, Rusty, you read the checklist down through DET STARTUP, and then I'll read it from there on over to a --

002:19:46 Schweickart (onboard): Right. I'm just trying to picture what I'm going to do with my checklist at that point.

002:19:49 McDivitt (onboard): I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with mine, too. I pulled up my suit --

002:19:52 Schweickart (onboard): Maybe I ought to tighten down my seatbelt here and - stick it under me or something.

002:19:59 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, how about that? You want to try sticking it up there?

002:20:02 Schweickart (onboard): Where's that? Under there?

002:20:05 McDivitt (onboard): But the hand - Hey, the hand controller is going to be in your way.

002:20:07 Scott (onboard): Yes, I have a hard time getting my arm over there without banging something --

002:20:10 McDivitt (onboard): Well, you've got - you've got one of those here; maybe you can stick it in there?

002:20:14 Schweickart (onboard): Maybe I can; I'll try it.

002:20:21 Scott (onboard): All the RCS look good, Jimmy?

002:20:24 McDivitt (onboard): Looks good. Quad C is really down there.

002:20:29 Schweickart (onboard): Looks like a good spot, Jim.

002:20:31 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

002:20:36 Schweickart (onboard): Let me just check my Hasselblad, and make sure it's ready to go --

002:20:37 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, you know, it looks okay, Dave.

002:20:39 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:20:44 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. The dark slide is out. We don't have a filter on it. I thought we were supposed to have a haze filter on it.

002:20:53 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, we were.

002:20:59 Schweickart (onboard): We got the film - ASA --

002:21:00 McDivitt (onboard): It's supposed to be mounted on there.

002:21:02 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, that's what I thought.

002:21:06 Scott (onboard): Are you checking these things off, I mean sort of making a line by them or something, Rusty, when you go through them to make sure we get them all?

002:21:14 Schweickart (onboard): I can, Dave; I haven't been.

002:21:17 McDivitt (onboard): What's that? The checklist, Dave?

002:21:18 Scott (onboard): Yes. Since it's sort of a one-time checklist - I think we sort of stop in the middle. Oh, I don't care; just so we get them all.

002:21:29 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

002:21:40 McDivitt (onboard): When we get over Carnarvon, you're going to have to go ahead and get a go for arming the pyros.

002:21:47 Schweickart (onboard): Um hum. Okay, the camera looks like it's ready to go.

002:21:56 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, when we --

002:22:10 McDivitt (onboard): You're going to push the plus-X thing and hit the strip button, and I'm going to start the clock. Let's see how our arms fit in here, Dave, with the clock's starting (garbled)

002:22:19 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:22:20 McDivitt (onboard): Which one is the clock?

002:22:21 Scott (onboard): The next one.

002:22:22 McDivitt (onboard): This one?

002:22:23 Scott (onboard): No.

002:22:25 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, 3½ minutes to Carnarvon.

002:22:27 Scott (onboard): The one that says RE - that says START.

002:22:30 McDivitt (onboard): I can't see it.

002:22:31 Scott (onboard): Okay, it's the third one from the right. You got it?

002:22:33 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

002:22:35 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:23:02 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, you want to read down those again?

002:23:05 Scott (onboard): Guess I'm not sure what we are going to do. I'm going to go: 3, 2, 1; I'll start thrusting at 1; hit the button at Mark; and then you start the clock.

002:23:13 McDivitt (onboard): I'm going to start the clock.

002:23:15 Scott (onboard): I'll go - 1001, 1002, 1003; come off of it; come back up here 15 seconds. Prior to 15 seconds, I'll go: SCS ACCELERATION COMMAND on PITCH.

002:23:31 Schweickart (onboard): Alright.

002:23:33 Scott (onboard): Start the PITCH around -

002:23:34 McDivitt (onboard): I'll - I'll punch in Verb 62 for you at that time.

[Verb 62 displays the total attitude error (N22 - N20).]

002:23:37 Scott (onboard): Right. And - coming around, I'll stop it.

002:23:42 McDivitt (onboard): FDAI Scale (garbled) 5/5 INERTIAL (garbled)

002:24:11 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, surge tank is coming back up. It's up at 800 now.

002:24:15 Scott (onboard): Good.

002:24:18 Schweickart (onboard): Cabin pressure is 5.8 [psi, 40.0 kPa] or so.

002:24:34 McDivitt (onboard): Let's see here. You know your rates?

002:24:37 Scott (onboard): Alright, (garbled) I pitch down, and when I get the DAP rate back, RATE COMMAND, CMC, then stop it, MINIMUM IMPULSE, roll it, and (garbled) to get us lined up.

002:24:49 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

002:24:50 Scott (onboard): And (garbled) translation from CMC. And when we get in - 50 feet or so, we lock it up with the SCS and drive it in.

002:25:03 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, real good.

002:25:04 Scott (onboard): And when we get there, CMC, and lock it up (garbled) If it gets out of hand, you're going to (garbled) rates in it? If that's okay, you're going to (garbled)

002:25:20 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

[Onboard transcription break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 2 hours 25 minutes into the mission. Apollo 9 coming up the tracking station Carnarvon. During the Carnarvon pass, the S-IVB instrument unit will be enabled for command and about halfway between Carnarvon and the tracking ship Huntsville, the S-IVB will maneuver to transposition and docking attitude. We should have ARIA aircraft in that area which may be able to pick it up. Here is Apollo 9 at Carnarvon now."

[Communications have been switched to Canarvon.]

002:25:31 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Carnarvon.

002:25:36 McDivitt: Roger, Houston. We're here.

002:25:38 Roosa: Roger. We read you loud and clear, We would like to have the up-telemetry IU switched to accept.

002:25:44 McDivitt: Go for the pyro arm anytime you want to run through it.

002:25:48 Roosa: Roger. We want to take a look at you, and we will give you a go on that shortly. We would like to have you go ahead and arm the logic at this time.

002:25:58 McDivitt: Roger.

002:26:03 Roosa: And would you confirm up-telemetry; are you enabled?

002:26:08 McDivitt: Negative. Up-telemetry IU is in block. Do you want to go to up-telemetry IU in accept?

002:26:15 Roosa: That is affirmative. We would like to have the up-telemetry IU to accept.

002:26:20 McDivitt: In accept.

002:26:21 Roosa: Understand.

002:26:23 McDivitt: Roger. [Long pause.]

002:26:45 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. We would like to have you have the up-telemetry IU switched to block.

002:26:54 McDivitt: Up-telemetry IU to block.

002:26:56 Roosa: Very good. Thank you.

002:26:59 McDivitt: And, Houston, the logic on my mark, 3, 2, 1.

002:27:06 McDivitt: Mark!

002:27:08 McDivitt: Two logic.

002:27:09 Roosa: Roger. We copy. Stand by one.

002:27:26 Roosa: Apollo 9; this is Houston. You are go for pyro arm.

002:27:30 McDivitt: Roger. Understand, go for pyro arm. Thank you.

002:27:33 Roosa: That is affirmative.

002:28:04 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. You are go for TD&E.

002:28:08 McDivitt: Roger. Understand, go for TD&E.

002:28:38 McDivitt: Houston, what time do we come into daylight?

002:28:40 Roosa: Do you mean on this pass or for the ejection pass?

002:28:45 McDivitt: This pass.

002:28:47 Roosa: Okay. Stand by.

002:29:34 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston.

002:29:38 McDivitt: Go ahead.

002:29:39 Roosa: Roger. You will come into daylight on this one at about 02 plus 39 plus 21.

002:29:48 McDivitt: Roger. Thank you.

002:29:56 Roosa: Here I was all primed for your ejection sunrise time. You faked me out on this one.

002:30:03 McDivitt: Next time I'll ask.

002:30:05 Roosa: Roger.

002:31:19 McDivitt: Houston, Apollo 9.

002:31:21 Roosa: Go, Apollo 9.

002:31:24 McDivitt: We have a rather consistent behavior on this number 1 H2 tank. It appears to light the cryo warning light every time it gets down there before the heater comes on. You might start thinking about how we're going to handle that for the sleep period because it keeps setting off the master alarm.

[The onboard transcription has this conversation by Scott.]

002:31:43 Roosa: Roger, Apollo 9. Copy. And that is in work.

002:31:48 McDivitt: Okay. Thank you.

002:31:57 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this it Houston. We will go right on through an ARIA as soon as we come up off of Carnarvon on this one in about 20 seconds.

002:32:30 McDivitt (onboard): What's that? (Machine gun-like noises)

002:32:33 Schweickart (onboard): Sounds like a World War II movie (laughter).

002:33:10 McDivitt (onboard): What's the pitch attitude, Dave?

002:33:15 Scott (onboard): (garbled)

[Communications have been switched to an Apollo Range Instrumentation Aircraft (ARIA).]

002:33:20 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through an honest-to-goodness ARIA. How do you read?

002:33:27 McDivitt: Ah-wah-wah-wah-wah! I got it?

002:33:34 Roosa: Roger on the wah-wah's, Apollo 9.

002:33:38 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, we're reading you then.

002:33:50 McDivitt: Houston, according to all calculations, our S-IVB ought to start maneuvering in about 6 or 8 seconds.

[The technical transcription records this as "We are going to come into parallel with the S-IVB in about 6 or 8 seconds".]

002:34:01 McDivitt/Scott (onboard): There it goes.

002:34:07 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled) look at this.

002:34:10 Scott (onboard): Oh, boy, look at that spacecraft go.

002:34:32 Schweickart (onboard): I can see the - the stars in the Big Dipper here.

002:34:45 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) now and the (garbled)

002:34:50 Schweickart (onboard): That S-band's (garbled)

[Onboard transcription break.]

002:35:28 McDivitt: Houston, we're just about there.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control. We aren't having too much success in voice communications through this ARIA aircraft. We'll be at the Huntsville in about 2 minutes. Standby."

002:38:09 Scott (onboard): We've made it.

002:38:10 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, we did?

002:38:11 Scott (onboard): Yes.

002:38:17 McDivitt (onboard): Let's wait until we get good daylight before we do (garbled)

002:38:19 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I think so, too, Dave. I don't think they're in any big hurry. Did you say (garbled)? You see, that thing's going to take a long time, and I think it's about --

002:38:40 McDivitt (onboard): That looks pretty (garbled)

002:38:43 Scott (onboard): Got it?

002:38:45 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

002:38:50 Schweickart (onboard): Isn't that something?

002:39:16 McDivitt: Hello.

002:39:17 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. Did you call?

[Communications have been switched to the tracking ship Huntsville.]

002:39:33 Comm Tech: Huntsville AOS.

002:39:56 Schweickart (onboard): S-band looks great (garbled) Let's see how wild it is. (garbled)

002:40:09 Schweickart (onboard): 2 hours and 40 right now. The Huntsville at 02:40 for about 7 minutes.

002:40:14 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

002:40:21 Comm Tech: Huntsville valid two-way lock.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control. Command and Service Module separation from the third stage is scheduled near the end of this Huntsville pass. Separation and turn around. We will have an ARIA aircraft between the Huntsville and Hawaii for that maneuver, too."

002:40:22 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled) get Hawaii next (garbled) that thing seems to be spurious. Well, what do you say?

002:40:30 Scott (onboard): Alright. It's about that time.

002:40:33 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Verb 37, Enter; 47, Enter.

002:40:36 Scott (onboard): 37, Enter; 47 Enter.

002:40:41 Schweickart (onboard): Pyro - switch Pyro Arm, two, on, up.

002:40:45 Scott (onboard): Pyro Arm, two, on, up.

002:40:47 Schweickart (onboard): CMC Mode to Hold.

002:40:49 Scott (onboard): CMC to Hold.

002:40:51 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Okay, now we want to go - the THC to plus X and hold; CSM/LV pushbutton, hold, and release; and the LV tanks go to Low, and start the DET up from zero. Okay, is everybody ready --

[CSM/LV SEP pushbutton is in the push-button group on panel 1.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control. The crew is very busy at this time preparing for its separation."

002:41:10 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, okay, go ahead.

002:41:12 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. 3, 2, 1 - Bang! It's gone.

[According to the Apollo 9 Mission Report, CSM/S-IVB separation occurred at 002:41:16.]

002:41:20 Schweickart (onboard): 4 seconds and release it.

002:41:22 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:41:24 Schweickart (onboard): That's 100.8. Dave, you have anything (garbled) --

002:41:27 Scott (onboard): Yes, I have to check for Acceleration Command; Spacecraft Control to SCS.

002:41:30 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, we got that?

002:41:33 Scott (onboard): Yes, sir.

002:41:34 Schweickart (onboard): You got the 5 and 5?

002:41:36 Scott (onboard): (garbled)

002:42:14 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, David, there goes the (garbled) on the panel. See it?

002:42:18 Scott (onboard): Yes.

002:42:19 McDivitt (onboard): Man, look at that son of a gun go!

002:42:20 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, Dave, (garbled) is just beautiful. Just halfway around. Okay, just right there, Davey. Just leave it like it is (garbled) nice and bright there.

002:42:30 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:42:31 Schweickart (onboard): Right there (garbled) Not too bright at all.

002:42:38 Scott (onboard): That help?

002:42:39 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

002:42:40 McDivitt (onboard): Is the camera running?

002:42:42 Schweickart (onboard): Turn it on!

002:42:44 Scott (onboard): Okay.

002:42:51 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, (garbled) right in the right place there.

002:42:52 Scott (onboard): Isn't it!

002:42:53 Schweickart (onboard): Right there.

002:42:55 McDivitt (onboard): When you get that, you want to get Manual Attitude Pitch, to Rate Command.

002:43:00 Schweickart (onboard): That's good. Okay, now.

002:43:01 McDivitt (onboard): Spacecraft Control, CMC.

002:43:02 Scott (onboard): Okay. You look good, Jim.

002:43:04 McDivitt (onboard): Good. Null your translation and your rates.

002:43:10 Scott (onboard): Think they've nulled.

002:43:11 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, fine.

002:43:12 Scott (onboard): I'm going SCS, Minimum Impulse.

002:43:13 McDivitt (onboard): SCS, MINMUM IMPULSE. That a boy. (garbled)

002:43:14 Scott (onboard): (garbled) let's see - I'm going to damp out - Oh, shoot, (garbled)

002:43:21 McDivitt (onboard): What's the matter?

002:43:23 Scott (onboard): Well, our pitch angle isn't exactly right - it doesn't look right.

002:43:27 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

002:43:31 Schweickart (onboard): That's alright; we're going to fly around a little bit, Dave.

002:43:34 Scott (onboard): Alright.

002:43:35 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. I want you to roll left 60 (garbled) Spacecraft Control to CMC and (garbled) Rate Command.

002:43:44 Scott (onboard): I'll talk to Houston here.

002:43:48 Scott: Houston, Apollo 9.

[The technical transcription has this conversation by McDivitt.]

002:43:51 Roosa: Go, Apollo 9. This is Houston.

002:43:54 Scott: Roger. It's out there, and we're turned around and proceeding with the station-keeping and docking.

002:44:00 Roosa: Tremendous, Apollo 9. Thank you.

Public Affairs Officer - "Command and Service module has separated from the third stage, is turned around and is now station keeping."

002:44:08 Schweickart (onboard): I'm going to have to (garbled), Jim. Do you know that? (Laughter)

002:44:11 McDivitt (onboard): That's interesting. That's a big fellow.

002:44:17 Schweickart (onboard): Sure is!

002:44:19 Scott: It's a great big fellow.

002:44:22 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I'm going to stow the gear --

002:44:23 Roosa: Roger. Copy that. [Long pause.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control. Apollo 9 scheduled to continue station keeping for about another 15 minutes, docking is scheduled over the Goldstone, California, station at about 3 hours even."

002:44:27 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled) go to Rate Command (garbled) CMC Mode (garbled)

002:45:18 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, you got the Docking Probe extended there and that's in the Retract position?

002:45:25 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

002:45:27 Schweickart (onboard): You (garbled) stabilize there at 50 feet or so and go to BMAG.

002:45:30 Scott (onboard): Okay. Going back to CMC.

002:45:34 Schweickart (onboard): Going back to CMC.

002:45:44 Schweickart (onboard): You can see the thrusters hitting the (garbled) on the (garbled)

002:45:50 Roosa: (garbled)

002:45:59 McDivitt (onboard): What did he say?

002:46:00 Schweickart (onboard): I didn't hear it.

002:46:14 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. We're going to lose you here in about 45 seconds, and we'll see you over Hawaii in about 5 minutes at 51.

002:46:24 McDivitt: Roger.

[The technical transcription has this conversation by Scott.]

002:46:29 Roosa: And we may have an ARIA in here, but if it is like the last one, we won't hear much out of you.

002:46:38 McDivitt: Just a minute. As a matter of fact, we would be better without it.

[The onboard transcription records this as "Yes, we think, as a matter of fact".]

002:46:39 Roosa: Okay. We will see you at 51.

[Onboard transcription break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 2 hours 47 minutes. Huntsville has loss of signal now. During this pass, the command and service modules did separate from the S-IVB, the third stage of the launch vehicle. The spacecraft has turned around and the crew is now inspecting the lunar module, which is still inside the spacecraft LM adapter attached to the S-IVB. They will continue this station keeping for another 10 or 12 minutes. Docking is scheduled just about 3 hours over the Goldstone station. We will come back up at Hawaii, scheduled at 2 hours 50 minutes. This is Mission Control Houston."

002:49:38 Schweickart (onboard): How (garbled) to get there?

002:49:49 Scott (onboard): I hate to use all this fuel.

002:49:51 McDivitt (onboard): That's okay. Better to get it than - a little extra fuel, than not get it.

002:50:05 McDivitt (onboard): Can you see him, Davey?

002:50:06 Scott (onboard): Yes, I'm alright. I can see him, I just can't -

002:50:14 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, it looks like you're coming over now pretty good. I can see the vent on this side going off.

002:50:26 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, you're coming in good now.

002:50:28 Scott (onboard): Yes. Yes, it looks good.

002:50:39 Schweickart (onboard): I don't know where to point this stupid camera.

[During this period of station keeping the crew takes a series of photographs of the LM stowed at the top of the S-IVB.]

[Communications have been switched to Hawaii.]

002:51:01 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. We should have you through Hawaii. Standing by.

002:51:07 McDivitt: Roger.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control. The booster engineer reports the attitude rates on the S-IVB look very good."

002:51:10 Scott (onboard): Damn it, Jim, I just can't translate sideways.

[This is similar to the training incident shown in the Apollo 13 film. In the film the Mattingly character reports "I can't translate up." Note that Dave Scott was a technical consultant on the film.]

002:51:13 McDivitt (onboard): Is that right?

002:51:15 Scott (onboard): Just can't do it.

002:51:17 McDivitt (onboard): Give it a big push.

002:51:18 Scott (onboard): I did! I'm on it.

002:51:26 McDivitt (onboard): You on it right now?

002:51:27 Scott (onboard): Yes. Look at that Delta-V counter, or the EMS, or the DSKY rather.

002:51:32 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, something's wrong.

002:51:39 Scott (onboard): Yes, these things are going crazy (garbled) Try it now.

[Onboard transcription break.]

002:56:55 Scott (onboard): It's coming.

002:56:56 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. Get her all lined up?

002:57:00 Scott (onboard): Okay, SCS, and ATT 1/RATE 2. Well, it looks like it ripped a little bit off the - off the top of the SLA on one side. Just a little piece hanging out there. That is looking beautiful now.

[Communications have been switched to the tracking ship Redstone.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 2 hours 57 minutes. The Redstone has acquired the Apollo 9 now. There has been no air-to-ground conversation as the crew is busy station keeping and visually inspecting the Lunar Module and the SLA. We'll continue to standby for any conversation."

002:58:02 Schweickart (onboard): Well, that's looking beautiful, David. I'm going to start the camera again. Well, I'll wait for a minute here.

002:58:08 Scott (onboard): Yes.

002:58:20 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, Houston. We've got you through the Redstone. Standing by.

[The technical transcription has this transmission at 002:52:28.]

002:58:29 McDivitt: Roger.

002:58:34 Schweickart: Roger, Houston. We are about 25 feet now and closing slowly.

[The technical transcription has this transmission by Scott.]

002:58:41 Roosa: Copy.

002:58:51 Schweickart (onboard): That looks beautiful, Dave.

Public Affairs Officer - "Apollo 9 is free to dock whenever the crew feels like they want to. They will not have to await a go from the ground. The flight schedule shows it about 3 hours over California, but the crew is free to dock when they desire to."

003:01:11 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled) only way they'd do it, Dave.

[The technical transcription records this as "That should do it".]

003:01:13 McDivitt (onboard): Is it - is it damping it down - is the probe damping it down?

003:01:15 Scott (onboard): It's damped good, Jim. I want to get it lined up. Rusty, I want you to get 12 latches. Now we're coming. Patience.

003:01:25 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. We'll do it when you're ready, David.

003:01:36 Scott (onboard): It's very stable.

003:01:39 McDivitt (onboard): Isn't it, though?

003:01:40 Scott (onboard): Yes. I just want to make sure that we're really lined up. Okay, Jim, that looks like a good one. Have at it.

003:01:50 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, Retract coming now.

003:01:53 Scott (onboard): Here it comes. Coming in.

003:02:00 McDivitt (onboard): Come on, baby.

003:02:02 Scott (onboard): We're coming.

[According to the Apollo 9 Mission Report, docking occurred at 003:01:59.3.]

003:02:03 Schweickart (onboard): How about that! We got two of them. And we got a master alarm --

003:02:06 Scott/McDivitt (onboard): For no apparent reason.

[Discussion of this issues occurs at 007:19:37.]

003:02:07 Scott: Alright, Houston; we're hard docked.

003:02:10 Roosa: Roger, Apollo 9. Understand hard dock. Good show!

Public Affairs Officer - "Reported hard dock at 003:02:08."

003:02:19 Scott (onboard): You know what I think it was?

003:02:20 McDivitt (onboard): What?

003:02:21 Scott (onboard): Probably a static discharge, because there was nothing on the caution and warning panel.

003:02:24 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:02:25 Scott (onboard): Yes, that - Remember the old Agena?

003:02:26 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:02:27 McDivitt: Hello, Houston, Apollo 9. We had a Master Alarm when we did the docking when we made the contact there, And we had some problems with our RCS thrusters we'll tell you about later.

[Onboard transcription break.]

003:02:40 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. Understand you got a Master Alarm just as you docked, and I didn't copy about the RCS.

003:02:46 McDivitt: We'll tell it to you later, just a minute.

003:02:47 Roosa: Roger.

003:04:30 Scott: Apollo - Houston, Apollo 9.

003:04:31 Roosa: Go, Apollo 9.

003:04:33 Scott: Roger. We'll give you a quick rundown here. How much time do we have with you?

003:04:36 Roosa: We've got you for a long time here. We're coming across the States here - just over California now.

003:04:43 Scott: Okay. I've got it. We came out just right. The angles were all just right. We got turned off, turned around, and lined up, and didn't have any left translation for some reason.

003:05:00 Roosa: Roger. Copy, No left translation.

003:05:06 McDivitt: Houston, check quad A service module RCS for us.

003:05:18 Roosa: Stand by a second, Apollo 9.

003:05:24 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. It looks okay to us. Do you have a question?

003:05:29 McDivitt: Roger. We just had a light on it, and it's difficult to tell with the helmets on whether we have any adjustment on it or not. Didn't see any motion - just wanted you to check.

003:05:38 Roosa: Roger, Apollo 9. Copy.

003:05:43 McDivitt: Okay. The pressures all look good up here.

003:06:06 Scott: Houston, our package temp on the quad A is running about 200. What do you have down there?

003:06:10 Roosa: Stand by, Apollo 9, and let's check it.

003:07:02 McDivitt: Houston, 9. Do you want to go on with the recap?

003:07:06 Roosa: That's affirmative, Apollo 9. Let's press ahead, and your comm sort of cycles in and out. You are a little weak at times. We do confirm the temperature here however, and we will have some more words on that in a minute. And we are standing by for the rest of your recap.

003:07:27 Scott: Okay. When we got off, we were in pretty good shape and then for some reason we noticed that we didn't have any left translation and tried to figure out why. Finally noticed that the primary quad C and secondary quad C isolation valves were closed, and the secondary Dog was closed, and by this time we had moved over somewhat to the side. It took us a while to get back after we got that sorted out and probably used up quite a bit of gas getting us squared away, but the docking was smooth. The capture latches worked just right, there were no oscillations after we captured. We lined it up and did the retract, and it took about 10 seconds, and it sounded like we got a good solid lock.

[This issue is reported on page 23 in the Final Flight Evaluation Report, Apollo 9 Mission. Additional discussion of this issue with the ground occurs at 007:20:18.]

003:08:21 Roosa: Roger, Apollo 9. Copied all that real good.

003:10:08 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. We will have another state vector for you over Bermuda.

003:10:13 Scott: Roger.

003:10:23 Roosa: And you should be coming just about overhead, Apollo 9. You ought to be over Texas.

003:10:30 Scott: Roger. [Comm break.]