Apollo 9

Day 1: Orbit 3 - Separation & Ejection

Last updated 2019-10-19.

Rev 003

[The Apollo 9 spacecraft has completed its second orbit of the Earth. The CSM has docked with exposed Lunar Module which is still attached to the upper stage of the Saturn V. The crew are preparing for the ejection of the docked spacecraft from the S-IVB scheduled to occur at sunrise (around 004:08).]

003:13:50 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston.

003:13:53 Scott: Go ahead, Houston.

003:13:54 Roosa: Roger. Could you give us P00 and Accept, please? We have a state vector for you, and I have a nav check when you are ready to copy. And we would also like to have your opinion on do you think you will have any problems continuing on the timeline through ejection with this situation.

003:14:13 Scott: Okay. You have got P00 and Accept.

003:14:16 Roosa: Roger. [Comm break.]

003:16:28 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. The computer is yours, and that quad A temp has dropped about 8° now coming across the States, and we're keeping an eye on it.

003:16:39 Scott: Okay, Houston. Stand by. We're briefing.

003:20:45 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston. We've got you for about another minute. We'll see you over Ascension, around 28. We would like to have you to go Block on your command module telemetry, and you don't have to slip a nav check. We've checked your vector, and it's good.

003:21:21 Scott (onboard): Yes. That's a pretty good setting.

003:21:26 Scott: Houston, Apollo 9. Do you read us now?

[The technical transcription has this call by Schweickart.]

003:21:29 McDivitt (onboard): Okay? Alright. Next?

003:21:30 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston. You're way down in the mud. Try again.

[Long comm break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 3 hours 21 minutes into the mission. Apollo 9 beyond the range of the Vanguard now. During - right at the start of this long pass over the United States, the command and service module docked to the lunar module. The crew reported they were hard docked at 3 hours 2 minutes 8 seconds. Dave Scott, in recapping the events, said that the command and service modules came off of the S-IVB stage with no problems. During the turn around they discovered they had no left translation from the service module reaction control system. In trouble shooting that they found some isolation valves closed to one of the RCS quads. They corrected that, came on in and docked, reported the docking was smooth, without oscillation, the capture latches worked as advertised, so we now have the command and service modules docked to the lunar module, which is still within the SLA attached to the third stage of the launch vehicle. The crew is extremely busy now, preparing for the ejection of the entire spacecraft from the third stage. They are checking tunnel integrity between the two spacecraft, checking the docking latches connecting some umbilicals, some power umbilicals that provide power into the LM from the command module. Ejection of the combined service and lunar module is scheduled at sunrise just past LOS at Carnarvon. We may be in communication right at the tail end of that pass, but we may not be in communication at ejection. The crew was somewhat concerned about the temperature of one of the service module RCS quads, reported that at 200 degrees. We confirmed that on the ground, but during this pass over the states, the temperature has started down and the controllers here in the Mission Control Center do not believe we'll have a problem with that quad. Next station to acquire will be Ascension at 3 hours 28 minutes. At 3 hours 24 minutes this is Mission Control, Houston."

003:21:32 Scott (onboard): Just a minute. Go ahead.

003:21:33 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, tunnel hatch removal was the next.

003:21:36 Scott (onboard): Go.

003:21:38 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Hatch pressure equalization valve, open counterclockwise.

003:21:53 McDivitt (onboard): Pressure staying up?

003:21:55 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

003:21:56 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I op --

003:21:57 Schweickart (onboard): We're up at 4.5 --

003:21:59 McDivitt (onboard): -- it's all the way open.

003:22:00 Schweickart (onboard): You got it open?

003:22:01 McDivitt (onboard): Open.

003:22:02 Schweickart (onboard): Po - Pump handle, unstow, Pull to STOP. A.

003:22:06 McDivitt (onboard): What?

003:22:09 Schweickart (onboard): Pump handle, unstow; pull to stop; and it says "parentheses A." Push - I mean set to U, and push to stop.

003:22:33 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

003:22:34 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, you know, you might check some circuit breakers over there and see if anything else might have popped.

003:22:38 Scott (onboard): Yes.

003:22:39 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, we're ready to go; we're in U.

003:22:42 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, push to stop.

003:22:44 McDivitt (onboard): Ah humm. Let's see what happens here.

003:22:53 Scott (onboard): That's loose.

003:22:55 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, here's that - here's that washer, Dave.

003:22:57 Schweickart (onboard): Verify gearbox disconnect socket, V - U.

003:23:01 McDivitt (onboard): U.

003:23:03 Schweickart (onboard): Pump handle, stow.

003:23:07 McDivitt (onboard): Stow.

003:23:08 Schweickart (onboard): Remove hatch; pass to LMP. Hey, let's move this down, huh?

003:23:17 Scott (onboard): Yes, that should go all the way down.

003:23:21 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter)

003:23:22 Scott (onboard): Okay, Jimmy. Gingerly.

003:23:27 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:23:29 Scott (onboard): Like porcupines?

003:23:31 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, it's just not easy to handle up here, Dave, compared to the other way.

003:23:34 Scott (onboard): Yes, I can imagine.

003:23:36 McDivitt (onboard): I think what we have to be careful of is that we don't get it moving so fast that it cuts the hose or something.

003:23:40 Scott (onboard): No, you're blocked by the hose (garbled)

003:23:41 Schweickart (onboard): Let me, I'll just undo that (garbled) --

003:23:54 McDivitt (onboard): I'll get it; just a minute.

003:23:56 Scott (onboard): You want me to hold this?

003:23:58 Schweickart (onboard): I think you're alright now, Jim, with the hatch, if you just keep coming.

003:24:05 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled)

003:24:10 McDivitt (onboard): Wait just a second (garbled)

003:24:14 Scott (onboard): Yes. We need to slide it up - face up toward Rusty to get it in.

003:24:24 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

003:24:25 Scott (onboard): Okay. Whoop! Easy. The LMP now has the hatch.

003:24:29 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, Rusty, would you hold this?

003:24:30 Schweickart (onboard): Alright. Do you have your hand under it, Dave?

003:24:31 Scott (onboard): I got it on top.

003:24:34 Schweickart (onboard): Hard to hold.

003:24:35 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

003:24:36 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

003:24:37 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, go.

003:24:38 Scott (onboard): Okay, docking latch verification.

003:24:41 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

003:24:42 Scott (onboard): Latch handle; pull to verify hook engaged, 12 latches. And, you know, as you go around, Jim, check the red pit and check the bungee.

003:24:51 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:24:53 Scott (onboard): You ought to - On up - You can check each latch, you know, all three of those things, and we'll have it.

003:24:56 Schweickart (onboard): Can you see up there?

003:24:58 McDivitt (onboard): A little.

003:25:00 Scott (onboard): Watch your feet.

003:25:01 McDivitt (onboard): I am; I just want to get it someplace. Okay, latch 1. The pit is in. The bungee is straight up and down. The handle's engaged. Latch 2, the handle's engaged, and red button is there. And it looks like the bungee - Gee, it's a weird view up here. Okay. 3. Looks okay.

003:25:33 Scott (onboard): Hey, you're checking that the bungees are parallel, right?

003:25:36 McDivitt (onboard): Right.

003:25:37 Scott (onboard): Okay.

003:25:41 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, 4 looks good; 5 looks good; 6 looks good. All the triggers are triggered. 6 looks good; 7 looks good - (garbled) 9 looks good.

003:26:28 McDivitt (onboard): Let me un - let me unscrew myself here. Oh, shoot! Getting up in the tunnel.

003:26:47 Scott (onboard): It's a big mother.

003:26:49 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

003:26:50 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, 10 looks good; 11, 12, they all look good.

003:26:55 Scott (onboard): Okay, GN2 bleed button, red, press for 10 seconds.

003:27:01 McDivitt (onboard): GN2 bleed button.

[GN2 is gaseous nitrogen.]

003:27:03 Scott (onboard): It's at the base of the probe, Jim.

003:27:04 Schweickart (onboard): Right, the little one here; it says --

003:27:05 Scott (onboard): Yes.

003:27:06 McDivitt (onboard): You see it?

003:27:07 Schweickart (onboard): That spring-loaded button?

003:27:08 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Okay, it's bleeding down. Oh, shoot, it moved!

003:27:17 Scott (onboard): What moved, the probe?

003:27:18 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:27:19 Scott (onboard): Yes, it should move. You've taken the pressure off your --

003:27:21 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I know it.

003:27:22 Schweickart (onboard): Scared you, though, didn't it?

003:27:23 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I thought - Man! What's going on?

003:27:24 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter)

003:27:26 McDivitt (onboard): That's supposed to be 15 seconds underway. Yes, I just - I could hear it going, and it bled down.

003:27:31 Scott (onboard): Okay. You still got it in?

003:27:33 McDivitt (onboard): No, I've released it now.

003:27:35 Scott (onboard): Okay. It wasn't quite 15 seconds, but --

003:27:38 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, okay, I'll put it up some more then. Okay, next.

003:27:42 Scott (onboard): Okay, LM connector fairings, two, orange, open.

003:27:47 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, one of them is open; it got knocked open, I guess, during the dock - LM connector fairings, open.

003:27:55 Scott (onboard): Okay, unstow one connector.

003:27:57 McDivitt (onboard): Ooh, gracious!

003:27:59 Schweickart (onboard): They're hard to reach; don't lose them.

003:28:03 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:28:04 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, boy, this is bad, because the next thing it says is the systems test meter at 4 Delta.

[The system test meter displays parameters such as temperatures and pressures of many spacecraft systems. Selecting 4-D on the systems test meter shows the CSM to LM Current.

System Test Meter

The various setting for the system test meter are listed below. Some setting combinations are not assigned.

Note: In the CSM-104 handbook (page 515) Drawing 11.4, setting 6-B is documented as negative pitch. The Apollo 15 documentation has positive pitch. Positive pitch is more likely so this is probably a documention error in the CSM-104 handbook.

003:28:08 Scott (onboard): I'll get that. Can you hold a minute, Rusty?

003:28:11 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, stand by, let me - I - I'll - Hold on there a minute, Dave.

003:28:13 Scott (onboard): I got it.

003:28:15 Schweickart (onboard): Arm up here. Okay.

003:28:18 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, those are tough to get.

003:28:19 Schweickart (onboard): I think I got it, Dave.

003:28:20 Scott (onboard): Yes. Okay. Don't lose them, because if you lose them, you can't get them back.

003:28:24 McDivitt (onboard): I know it. Okay, I've got one.

003:28:27 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, you've got one?

003:28:28 McDivitt (onboard): I've got one.

003:28:29 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, you want to look at 4-D and --

003:28:32 Scott (onboard): Yes, if I can get down here. Gee!

003:28:38 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Connect and lock. Jim?

003:28:43 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, in work.

003:28:44 Scott (onboard): 4-D to zero.

003:28:45 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, connect and lock, and then look at it.

003:28:49 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, shoot! This thing is spring-loaded. I'll never be able to hold my hand in there - until I get the --

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 3 hours and 28 minutes into the mission. We are showing orbital parameters now at 2 revs of S-IVB venting and the maneuvers of 107 by 110 nautical miles [198 by 204 km]."

[Communications have been switched to Ascension Island.]

003:28:57 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Ascension. Standing by.

003:29:02 Schweickart (onboard): I'll get them.

003:29:03 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, (garbled)

003:29:03 Scott: Roger.

003:29:04 Scott: Roger. We are mating the umbilicals right now.

[The onboard transcription has this transmission by Schweickart.]

003:29:07 Roosa: Roger. Understand you are connecting the umbilicals.

[Comm break.]

003:29:12 Schweickart (onboard): You got it in, Jim?

003:29:13 McDivitt (onboard): No.

003:29:17 McDivitt (onboard): I think so; let me check. Boy, that's really tight in here. Okay, there it goes (garbled)

003:29:45 Schweickart (onboard): You got it?

003:29:47 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, got it.

003:29:48 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, position the umbilic - Jim, Dave, what's the systems test meter read?

003:29:52 Scott (onboard): Zero. That's just the first one.

003:29:53 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, yes, I know - I'll - I'll just --

003:29:55 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, go ahead. Next.

003:29:56 Schweickart (onboard): Position umbilical in slot and close fairing.

003:30:00 Scott (onboard): You know where that slot is, Jim?

003:30:02 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, okay.

003:30:03 Scott (onboard): It's up behind there; you have to wind it around.

003:30:05 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. It doesn't fit in there too neatly.

003:30:08 Scott (onboard): No, it doesn't.

003:30:22 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

003:30:24 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Repeat for the second one - umbilical.

003:30:44 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, the lighting is atrocious on this one.

003:30:47 Scott (onboard): You want a flashlight? I got one right here.

003:30:49 McDivitt (onboard): No. It's just not very good. Lock?

003:31:01 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, that docking worked beautiful! Man, that was soft as could be!

003:31:07 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. Old Eagle Eye Fleegle sneaked it right in --

[Onboard transcription break.]

003:32:58 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. We are going to have you for about another minute here at Ascension, and then we'll see you over Tananarive at about 44, and we would like to know the time of when you transfer to the CSM power, and I have a sunrise time any time you want it.

[The technical transcription has this transmission at GET 003:29:58 but it is not recorded in the onboard transcript at that time. Dave's answer suggests an incorrect timestamp for the technical transcript.]

003:33:17 Scott: Roger. We transferred to CSM power at 3 hours 33 minutes and 0 seconds.

003:33:25 Roosa: Very good. Thank you.

003:33:36 Scott: Houston, what oscillation reading on the system test meter through the LM power to about a half a volt to sometimes up to 3 volts. It's in slow oscillation maybe every 10 seconds or so.

003:33:51 Roosa: Roger. Copy. It's varying from a half to 3 volts slowly. Thank you.

003:34:00 Scott: Roger. Pops open and pops back down sometimes to two.

003:34:04 McDivitt: There is some smaller oscillations that occur at a period about every second. It's been about 2 or 3 tenths of a volt.

003:34:18 Roosa: Roger. Copy small oscillations 2 tenths to 3 tenths. Thank you.

003:34:23 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Hatch installation: align hatch in tunnel.

003:34:26 Roosa: See you over Tananarive, 44.

003:34:29 Schweickart: Roger.

003:34:31 McDivitt (onboard): You want to get up there and take a look at it before I (garbled), Dave?

003:34:32 Schweickart: And what was the sunrise time, Houston?

[The onboard transcription has this conversation by Scott.]

003:34:34 McDivitt (onboard): Say again. You want to look at it before --

003:34:35 Roosa: Sunrise time is 04 plus 08.

003:34:39 Schweickart: Roger. 04 plus 08.

[Long comm break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 3 hours, 34 minutes. Ascension has LOS. During this pass the crew reported they had brought up CSM power and attached it to the LM at 3 hours, 33 minutes. We are showing an orbit for the combined spacecraft, the S-IVB combination, of 107 by 110 nautical miles [198 by 204 km] now. Passed up, a sunrise time of 4 hours, 8 minutes. Ejection of the spacecraft from the S-IVB scheduled at sunrise. This sunrise time is a couple of minutes past Carnarvon LOS, however there will be an ARIA aircraft in the area, so we may be able to pick up the voice communications during the ejection maneuver. Tananarive will acquire at 3 hours, 44 minutes. This is Mission Control, Houston."

003:34:41 Scott (onboard): If you got them in, they're in.

003:34:42 McDivitt (onboard): Just thought you might want to look and see what --

003:34:44 Schweickart (onboard): You got that hatch, Dave?

003:34:45 McDivitt (onboard): -- (garbled) like before you had - had to do it next time.

003:34:48 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, you got the hatch?

003:34:50 Scott (onboard): Yes, I got it.

003:34:52 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, let me - let me put these other umbilical covers back kind of out of the way.

003:35:00 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, what the - Oh, my God! Did that one scare the hell out of me!

003:35:02 Scott (onboard): What?

003:35:03 McDivitt (onboard): What's that?

003:35:04 Schweickart (onboard): I just looked out the window and the LM wasn't there.

003:35:06 Scott (onboard): Yes, it's dark right now.

003:35:07 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled) Whoo!

003:35:11 McDivitt (onboard): Let me get down here and look around one more time where I can see those bungees better.

003:35:16 Scott (onboard): It's pretty hard to have a LM out there, isn't it? Or not to have one with Jim in the tunnel.

003:35:18 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter)

003:35:29 Scott (onboard): Okay, bring the hatch back.

003:35:32 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, hatch installation: align hatch in tunnel step 1.

003:35:37 Scott (onboard): Watch that cover. That crap comes off easy.

003:35:42 McDivitt (onboard): First thing, I've got to rotate it here.

003:35:44 Scott (onboard): Yes, it's on the checklist there. Oh, shoot! There goes the checklist!

003:35:50 McDivitt (onboard): That's okay. That's - I'll get it.

003:35:52 Scott (onboard): Okay.

003:35:54 Schweickart (onboard): It's caught on this side, Jim. Over here.

003:35:58 McDivitt (onboard): I was just getting the checklist.

003:35:59 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

003:36:00 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) down below.

003:36:04 Schweickart (onboard): If you can't - Okay.

003:36:11 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, boy! I have the --

003:36:15 Schweickart (onboard): Have you got it?

003:36:17 Scott (onboard): Don't drop it.

003:36:19 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter)

003:36:20 Schweickart (onboard): It's heavy.

003:36:39 Schweickart (onboard): Say, Da - Dave, sunrise at 04 plus 08, I think they said.

003:36:42 Scott (onboard): Yes. We're in good shape.

003:36:48 Schweickart (onboard): Look what I found, Dave.

003:36:51 Scott (onboard): How did that get out?

003:36:52 Schweickart (onboard): I don't know; I found it floating over here in the middle of all that.

003:36:56 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I have it up.

003:36:57 Scott (onboard): Good.

003:36:58 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, pump handle, unstow; set to L and push to stop.

003:37:07 McDivitt (onboard): Oh no, come on. There we go. Hell!

003:37:17 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, these sunglasses weren't a very good idea, Dave.

003:37:20 Scott (onboard): Huh?

003:37:21 Schweickart (onboard): They scratched up the inside of my visors something fierce.

003:37:24 Scott (onboard): Did they really?

003:37:25 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, boy!

003:37:26 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, we're ready to go to latch.

003:37:27 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, push to stop.

003:37:31 Scott (onboard): Looks like the outside to me.

003:37:32 Schweickart (onboard): No, it's inside.

003:37:36 McDivitt (onboard): Huh!

003:37:37 Schweickart (onboard): Okay?

003:37:42 McDivitt (onboard): I really can't tell.

003:37:44 Schweickart (onboard): Is the disconnect socket in L?

003:37:47 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, it sure is.

003:37:48 Schweickart (onboard): That's all it needs then.

003:37:51 Scott (onboard): You can - you should be able to see the latches over center, Jim.

003:37:56 McDivitt (onboard): Yes. I just was looking at the holes to see if it went in the right holes.

003:38:09 Schweickart (onboard): How is it?

003:38:10 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, that one there is okay; I can verify it. Let me get my flashlight out. Should have had it before. Okay, that's in. That one is pretty. Okay. Alright, they're all in!

003:38:36 Schweickart (onboard): You got them?

003:38:37 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:38:38 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, pump handle select is stow; and push to stow.

003:38:42 McDivitt (onboard): Pump handle select goes to stow. To stow.

003:38:50 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, hatch pressure equalization valve, closed, clockwise.

003:39:01 Schweickart (onboard): LM tunnel lights, off. Okay.

003:39:05 Scott (onboard): Wait until he gets through.

003:39:15 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, and the GET is now - huh - 03:39:15.

003:39:16 Scott (onboard): Okay. Got it.

003:39:20 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, install RHC number 1 on LEB mount.

003:39:25 Scott (onboard): Well, I'm going to put that back where we got it.

003:39:29 Schweickart (onboard): Pre-LM ejection.

003:39:35 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, the cabin pressure is slowly building. It's at 5 - I mean 4.6, now 7 [32.4 kPa].

003:39:47 McDivitt (onboard): Ohh! This is a real place to stow something.

003:39:58 Schweickart (onboard): What do you want me to do with my --

003:39:59 McDivitt (onboard): Wait just a moment, there's a little -

003:40:01 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

003:40:02 McDivitt (onboard): There we are.

003:40:03 Schweickart (onboard): I'm not sure if you're just bumping into me or whether you're trying to get me to - or whether you're trying to tell me something.

003:40:05 McDivitt (onboard): It's a - it's a little of both.

003:40:09 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, I'll tell you, I've - I've knocked this doggone camera off more times.

003:10:18 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, Rusty, I'm going to stow the hand controller back here.

003:40:23 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

003:40:40 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, just a second now --

003:40:41 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, now one -

003:40:42 McDivitt (onboard): -- (garbled) the cables.

003:40:43 Schweickart (onboard): Let me copy down a few other things here. 000, and now systems test meter is going from about 0.4 to 2, huh?

003:41:07 McDivitt (onboard): I don't know what it's going now; I can't see it.

003:41:12 Schweickart (onboard): I'm - I'm watching it.

003:41:25 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, and I'm not sure whether you damage this wire more by putting it back in the holder or - or not.

003:41:30 Scott (onboard): Damage what?

003:41:32 McDivitt (onboard): Whether you damage this - this hand controller cable more by putting it in the - in the cable holder, or by leaving it alone.

003:41:48 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, man, I'm not going to do that anymore. Just leave it there, Dave. Okay, now, let's see. We need to put Rusty's suit hoses back up. You can turn the tunnel lights out now.

003:42:01 Schweickart (onboard): I think they're out. Aren't they, Dave?

003:42:02 McDivitt (onboard): No, they're still on.

003:42:04 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, tunnel lights coming off. Okay.

[The tunnel lights switch is to the left of the Mission Timer.]

003:42:09 Scott (onboard): How's that tunnel look there, Colonel?

003:42:11 McDivitt (onboard): Not bad! Not bad at all, as a matter of fact! It's very easy to work in, Dave, except that it just takes a long time.

003:42:26 Scott (onboard): Yes.

003:42:33 McDivitt (onboard): Man, I'm getting hungry!

003:42:34 Scott (onboard): Boy, I'm starving!

003:42:36 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, I could use some. Okay, the next thing I see is pre-LM ejection at 04:11 GET.

003:42:50 Scott (onboard): That's 30 minutes, isn't it?

003:42:52 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, almost exactly. Hey, now, Dave, could you look at the quantity on there? I think the damn film is empty.

003:43:04 Scott (onboard): I just changed it.

003:43:05 Schweickart (onboard): You just changed it?

003:43:06 Scott (onboard): Yes.

003:43:07 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, do we really want to get this?

003:43:10 Scott (onboard): Huh?

003:43:11 Schweickart (onboard): Do we really want to --

003:43:12 McDivitt (onboard): What's the photo plan say?

003:43:14 Schweickart (onboard): Well, it doesn't have another magazine for today.

003:43:21 McDivitt (onboard): Well, then let's not use it.

003:43:23 Scott (onboard): Hey, I'll tell you, let's take a little. You can take it when we get going.

003:43:29 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, but let's not --

003:43:30 Scott (onboard): Okay, but don't you think we ought to take it coming out of SLA? I think we ought to be able to --

003:43:33 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

003:43:34 Scott (onboard): -- have some film of coming out of the SLA.

003:43:35 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, we'll do that, and - How about everybody yelling "Film" at me, huh?

003:43:40 McDivitt (onboard): I'll tell you what, when we come out, though, Rusty - You want to come out and pitch, though, right away.

003:43:47 Schweickart (onboard): I'll just - I'll hold my finger right on the button.

003:43:50 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I - I don't think we're going to see much around the - We're not going to see the SLA out there really.

003:43:56 Schweickart (onboard): Well, I think we will.

003:43:57 Scott (onboard): Yes, Jim, you get to see -

003:43:58 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:43:59 Scott (onboard): From what I can see, Jim, I think we will.

003:44:00 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) okay.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 3 hours 43 minutes into the mission. Tananarive is acquiring now."

[Communications have been switched to Tananarive.]

003:44:00 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston through Tananarive.

003:44:01 Schweickart (onboard): I think you will, and I think you need to do that.

003:44:02 McDivitt (onboard): Where'd my checklist go?

003:44:04 Schweickart (onboard): It's over there.

003:44:05 Scott (onboard): Shoot, let's use it. That's what we got it for.

003:44:06 Schweickart (onboard): You've already got the film in, huh, Dave?

003:44:09 Scott (onboard): Yes, sir, and you can run a check, if you like. Six frames per second.

003:44:12 McDivitt (onboard): But we allocated it for other things, too.

003:44:16 Scott (onboard): It's running.

003:44:17 Schweickart (onboard): It's running?

003:44:19 Scott (onboard): It's off.

003:44:20 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

003:44:21 Scott (onboard): Hey, that RL on that COAS is neat. I mean on that target.

003:44:26 McDivitt (onboard): Is it?

003:44:27 Scott (onboard): Yes. Yes. I can see an RL distance --

003:44:28 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston through Tananarive. Standing by.

003:44:33 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, Houston --

003:44:34 Scott (onboard): Roger, Houston.

003:44:35 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter) Sorry, go ahead, Dave.

003:44:38 Scott (onboard): Okay. Houston, we've got the tunnel closed out and the hatch back in, and I guess we're getting set up now for the ejection.

003:44:47 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, I'll tell you one thing I want to do is take off these sunglasses.

003:44:50 Roosa: Okay, Apollo 9. I heard you answer me, but it's unreadable at this time.

003:44:56 Scott: Roger. The tunnel is closed out, the hatch is in, we are preparing for ejection.

[The technical transcription has this transmission by McDivitt.]

003:45:03 Roosa: Roger. Copy. The hatch is closed out, and you are pressurizing.

003:45:09 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, Dave.

003:45:10 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, why don't we collect ourselves here?

003:45:13 Scott (onboard): Yes. I want to get strapped back in here,

003:45:16 Schweickart (onboard): Jim, can I lower that one notch?

003:45:18 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, yes. If you need it.

003:45:20 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. We're losing you here at Tananarive. We'll see you over Carnarvon at about 59.

[Roosa's transmission is not recorded in the onboard transcript.]

003:45:25 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

003:45:26 Scott (onboard): Oh, oh, the master alarm.

003:45:27 Schweickart (onboard): O2 flow, cryo pressure --

003:45:28 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, God bless that thing! Oh, that's going to - I'm telling you that's going to really screw this flight up.

003:45:33 Scott (onboard): Yes.

003:45:43 Schweickart (onboard): Dave, have we --

003:45:44 McDivitt (onboard): You want me to give you a hand, Dave?

003:45:45 Scott (onboard): No, I'll get it. We ought to make sure we get the Auto RCS select where it ought to be.

003:45:53 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

Auto RCS Select switches are at the top of panel 8.

003:45:54 Scott (onboard): Yes. We'll go through a whole (garbled)

003:45:56 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

003:45:57 McDivitt (onboard): Docking latch verification.

003:45:59 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, I'd like to take my glove off, too, and get my helmet off, and get this damn - helmet - or - sunglasses off. What do you think, Jim?

003:46:13 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, go ahead. Let's --

003:46:15 Schweickart (onboard): Looks safe enough?

003:46:16 McDivitt (onboard): 04:11; yes, we've got - 15, 20 minutes. Boy, have I got some gouges on this visor!

003:46:25 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, me too.

003:46:26 McDivitt (onboard): Not mine - I mean, this is just on the other visor. Really (garbled)

003:46:32 Scott (onboard): Yes, from screwing around up there?

003:46:35 McDivitt (onboard): That probe really is in the way (laughter). You know it hangs down right in amongst everything.

003:46:54 Scott (onboard): Yes, (garbled)

003:47:14 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I like it.

003:47:17 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, did they ever scratch up that visor! Whoo!

003:47:19 McDivitt (onboard): Did they really? Oh, you've got a - Oh, looks like you've got a bunch of scratches on the outside, Rusty.

003:47:25 Schweickart (onboard): How could I get them on the outside? I don't think I touched anything on the outside.

003:47:28 Scott (onboard): That's what they look like to me.

003:47:31 McDivitt (onboard): Boy, they sure do! That's the outside! And you're right; you really have massacred it! Huh!

003:47:41 Scott (onboard): Hey, I'll tell you something. You've got to have a brighter COAS.

003:47:45 McDivitt (onboard): Is that right?

003:47:46 Scott (onboard): I couldn't even see it when we got down on the target. I was going for that needle for the cross.

003:47:52 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, boy!

003:47:54 Scott (onboard): Couldn't even see it! I could see it barely, barely. It sure isn't very bright. On that white cross, you know?

003:48:01 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:48:02 Scott (onboard): The background, the cross is all white. It washed it out.

003:48:05 McDivitt (onboard): Hmm!

Public Affairs Officer - "Apollo Control at 3 hours 48 minutes. Tananarive has LOS. During this pass the crew reported the tunnel was closed out, the hatch has been installed, and the LM was being pressurized. The guidance officer continues to monitor the command module computer, and reports it is go, he does not see a problem in it. However, he says he will continue to monitor. It is go at this time. Next station to acquire will be Carnarvon, at 3 hours 58 minutes. At 3 hours 49 minutes, this is Mission Control, Houston."

003:48:12 Scott (onboard): Well, where are we?

003:48:17 Schweickart (onboard): We're ready to start the pre-ejection procedures. Come on, get in there!

003:48:30 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, LM tunnel lights, on, right? Load the DAP. Noun 46 is 21102.

003:48:36 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, back to the reading here. I'm in configuration.

003:48:40 Scott (onboard): Okay, let me get back to the - the channel.

003:48:44 Schweickart (onboard): I'm going to turn some lights down.

003:48:45 McDivitt (onboard): You want me to load your DAP for you?

003:48:46 Scott (onboard): Here, go ahead.

003:48:47 Schweickart (onboard): Oops!

003:48:48 Scott (onboard): Verb 46, Enter; okay, excuse me.

003:54:50 Scott (onboard): Rusty, did you check all the settings on the camera again, too?

003:54:55 Schweickart (onboard): Let's check them.

003:54:56 Scott (onboard): Okay, [f-]11, [1/]250[s], 25 feet [focus].

003:55:06 Schweickart (onboard): And what mag have you got there?

003:55:08 Scott (onboard): Number 1.

003:55:10 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Oh, hey, wait a minute, that's just right. We're supposed to have 1 for LM ejection.

003:55:17 Scott (onboard): I'll be damned.

003:55:18 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled)?

003:55:19 Scott (onboard): Oh, alright.

003:55:20 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

003:55:23 McDivitt (onboard): Look in there and see if 1 does anything else later on.

003:55:27 Scott (onboard): See what?

003:55:28 McDivitt (onboard): See what else we do with 1. Nothing?

003:55:57 Scott (onboard): Not a thing. Okay, Jimmy.

003:56:05 McDivitt (onboard): Alright, Dave.

003:56:06 Scott (onboard): Let's go through that.

003:56:07 McDivitt (onboard): Right, let's do that.

003:56:08 Scott (onboard): Okay, I'll give you a 3, 2, 1, mark, and S-IVB/LM - Here you go, Jim. And you do that little switch there that doesn't have any stripes on it --

003:56:21 McDivitt (onboard): Right.

003:56:22 Scott (onboard): -- and I'll start the clock.

003:56:24 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

003:56:25 Scott (onboard): And I'll go CMC - AUTO, and at 5 seconds I'll burn aft, pretty (garbled)

003:56:30 McDivitt (onboard): Right.

003:56:31 Scott (onboard): At 25, we'll proceed (garbled)

003:56:34 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. That's what it says.

003:56:37 Scott (onboard): Okay, we got the needle set. Okay.

003:57:08 Scott (onboard): Well, if one quad had to get screwed up, C was the best one.

003:57:12 McDivitt (onboard): Actually, I think we used more out of A than -

003:57:14 Scott (onboard): That's what I mean. C is the one that was hurting -

003:57:18 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, yes. I wonder if that's a real - what the real quantity is there?

003:57:21 Scott (onboard): I don't know. Let me see.

003:57:24 McDivitt (onboard): Hey look. It was this talkback - this talkback and this talkback were all barber pole.

003:57:30 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, that's a bad - bad scene.

003:57:35 McDivitt (onboard): I wonder if that means we're going to have to look out for those things every time we give it a jolt.

003:57:38 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, as a matter of fact, Jim, we ought to check them right after we jumped off of this thing. It might be something like that.

003:57:42 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:57:43 Scott (onboard): Yes, you're right. Okay, if it looks like we're hung up for some reason, I'll go to the tightest deadband we've got and give her some aft thrust. Trying to control pitch and yaw doesn't seem to be the thing to do.

003:57:48 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Carnarvon.

003:58:06 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

003:58:07 Scott (onboard): According to the Langley study, you're better off not screwing around.

003:58:14 Schweickart (onboard): You know, your - your hand-controller action there didn't seem to have much effect when we were - before hard dock either.

003:58:19 Scott (onboard): Well, until that one final time, it seemed to - The - the translational controller did nothing.

003:58:27 McDivitt (onboard): Is that right?

003:58:28 Scott (onboard): Just did nothing, and I finally got the minimum impulse going in pitch, and that seemed to do as much as anything.

003:58:32 McDivitt (onboard): Hmm.

003:58:33 Scott (onboard): But it doesn't do much there either.

003:58:35 McDivitt (onboard): No, it sure doesn't.

003:58:39 Scott (onboard): But Kotanchik was really gungy about that --

[Onboard transcription break.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 3 hours 58 minutes. Carnarvon is acquiring Apollo 9 now."

003:58:44 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston, through, Carnarvon.

003:58:48 McDivitt: Go ahead, Houston. Apollo 9.

003:58:51 Roosa: Roger. We have got you now in good voice contact. We will be giving you your go here shortly and take a look at you.

003:58:59 McDivitt: Okay. Very good,

003:59:03 Roosa: And Apollo 9, we would like to have you arm the logic buses.

003:59:07 McDivitt: Roger, Houston. You ready?

003:59:08 Roosa: That's affirm.

003:59:12 McDivitt: (garbled) logic coming on now. Two logic on.

003:59:16 Roosa: Copy. Stand by one. And, Apollo 9, you are go for pyro arm.

003:59:27 Scott: Roger. Understood, and understand the ejection at 4 hours 11 minutes. Is that correct?

003:59:34 Roosa: That's a - negative. We - I gave you the sunrise time here as 04 plus 08.

003:59:45 Scott: Roger. You went us to go on sunrise or at 04:11?

003:59:53 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. We would like to have you go at sunrise.

004:00:00 Scott: Roger. Understand.

004:00:06 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, Houston. That will put your evasive maneuver at 04 plus 11.

004:00:14 Scott: Roger

004:00:23 McDivitt: Houston, 9.

004:00:26 Roosa: Go, Apollo 9.

004:00:28 McDivitt: Listen, if you concur, we would sort of like to wait until we have good sunlight before we come off of that.

004:00:35 Roosa: Roger. We concur with that. Use your judgement.

004:00:39 McDivitt: Okay. Thank you.

004:00:41 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, we're still showing your command module telemetry switch in accept. We would like to have you go block on that.

004:00:56 McDivitt: Roger.

004:00:58 Roosa: Roger. Thank you.

004:02:25 Roosa: Apollo 9, this Houston. You are go for ejection.

004:02:29 Scott: Roger. Go for ejection.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control. The ejection will be accomplished by the use of springs to which the LM is attached, They will be activated pyrotechnically. They will give the spacecraft slightly over 1 foot per second velocity and then a few minutes later, the spacecraft will make a slight evasive maneuver with RCS thrusters, slightly under 1 foot per second. Total of the ejection and evasive maneuver about 2 feet per second. This is to place the CSM and LM on a trajectory that will go below and behind the S-IVB for the first S-IVB ignition. We will continue to stand by for air to ground."

004:05:25 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. You are coming off of Carnarvon here, but we will be monitoring your ejection through an ARIA.

004:05:37 Scott: Roger. Those ARIAs make an awful lot of noise, Houston. We have trouble hearing each other.

004:05:42 Roosa: Roger. Copy.

004:05:54 Scott (onboard): Rusty, don't forget the camera.

004:05:56 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I'll not.

004:06:01 Scott (onboard): You have the S-IVB/LM (garbled)

004:06:06 Schweickart (onboard): Why don't we ask them to - I'm going to turn my VHF (garbled)

004:06:25 McDivitt: Houston, this is Apollo 9. You're very loud and making all kinds of noise and unreadable. We have to talk to each other here, so it would be best if you didn't transmit.

[The technical transcription has this transmission by Scott and the ground does not hear the head or tail of the message.]

004:06:31 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston. Say again.

004:06:36 McDivitt: Houston, Apollo 9. You're making very much noise on VHF; it would be better if you did not transmit to us.

[The technical transcription records this as "better if we do not do it this way".]

004:06:46 Roosa: Roger. Understand that you want the ARIA down. Is that affirmative?

004:06:50 McDivitt: I think that would be better if the ARIA is out of it.

[The technical transcription records this as "the ARIA were down for this pass".]

004:06:55 Roosa: Okay. Copy.

004:07:00 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. You ready to start pyro arm, two, going up.

004:07:07 Scott (onboard): Pyro arm, two, on, up.

004:07:09 Schweickart (onboard): TVC servo power, two, AC 1/Main A.

004:07:11 Scott (onboard): AC 1/Main A.

004:07:13 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, circuit breaker S-IVB/LM SEP, two, are closed (garbled)

004:07:21 Scott (onboard): They're closed (garbled)

004:07:25 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. LM is (garbled)

004:07:34 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, now we're standing by for the check (garbled) Okay, why don't we wait until (garbled)? It's still pretty (garbled)

004:07:53 Scott (onboard): Okay, I (garbled), don't you, Rusty?

004:07:56 Schweickart (onboard): (garbled)

004:07:58 Scott (onboard): Okay, that's good. 3, 2, 1 --

004:08:04 Comm Tech (onboard): ARIA 1, ARIA 1 --

004:08:05 Scott (onboard): Mark.

004:08:06 Comm Tech (onboard): -- Cape Comm Tech. Go local, go local.

004:08:07 Schweickart (onboard): That wasn't too bad. Okay, thrust aft for 3 seconds.

004:08:13 Scott (onboard): Okay, complete.

004:08:14 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, you got the evasive maneuver --

004:08:16 McDivitt (onboard): All the thrusters look good, here.

004:08:17 Schweickart (onboard): Proceed to pitch down at 25 seconds.

004:08:21 Scott (onboard): Okay. (garbled)

004:08:23 Schweickart (onboard): I got the cameras still going.

004:08:24 Scott (onboard): We're clear of Houston. Hope they can hear us. CMC is in AUTO.

004:08:29 Schweickart (onboard): At 25 seconds --

004:08:30 Scott (onboard): Proceed.

004:08:31 Schweickart (onboard): -- start the pitch down. We're pitching?

004:08:34 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

004:08:35 Scott (onboard): We're pitching.

004:08:36 Schweickart (onboard): Okay.

004:08:37 Scott (onboard): Camera, Rusty?

004:08:38 Schweickart (onboard): THC/RHC, unlock. The camera is still running, yes.

004:08:42 Scott (onboard): You can turn it off. I guess we got nothing to see right now.

004:08:45 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, there's the --

004:08:46 McDivitt/Scott (onboard): O2 flow high.

004:08:47 Schweickart (onboard): Well, we - we're pitching down, aren't we?

004:08:50 Scott (onboard): Yes, sir. We ought to see the S-IVB coming into view.

004:08:52 McDivitt (onboard): Why don't you turn the camera off until we see it.

004:08:55 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, camera off. Okay, at completion of the - You got the RHC and THC unlock?

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 4 hours 8 minutes. Communications from the ARIA aircraft are just too noisy for the crew. They have asked that we not keep the ARIA's up here. The aircraft will continue to stand by and if the need arises, we will ask them to go remote again, but we do not anticipate ARIA communication. The next station where we will be able to have voice contact will be the tracking ship Huntsville at 4 hours 14 minutes. This is Mission Control Houston at 4 hours 9 minutes."

004:09:01 Scott (onboard): There it is.

004:09:02 Schweickart (onboard): There it is. I'm going to take the pictures.

004:09:04 Scott (onboard): Okay. No, you can't see it through here, Rusty, yet. Just wait.

004:09:11 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, beautiful, beautiful. Look at all those white stars!

004:09:20 Scott (onboard): Okay, now you can get one, Rusty.

004:09:22 Schweickart (onboard): Got it; it's going.

004:09:23 Scott (onboard): Okay. At the completion of the maneuver, hit an Enter.

004:09:28 McDivitt (onboard): Roger. You're going to get the Enter; I'm going to call 47 out.

[Program 47 - Thrust Monitor Program.]

004:09:31 Scott (onboard): How are your callsigns, Jim?

004:09:33 McDivitt (onboard): I checked them. They're all okay.

004:09:34 Scott (onboard): Okay. Okay, when we get to - Okay, coming up alright.

004:09:46 Schweickart (onboard): Looks like a clean SEP by the looks of the S-IVB.

004:09:49 Scott (onboard): Yes.

004:09:50 McDivitt (onboard): Why don't you shut that off and take some --

004:09:51 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, it's shut off.

004:09:52 McDivitt (onboard): -- take some stills.

004:09:53 Schweickart (onboard): Hasselblads, yes. Okay, you guys got the rest of this now?

004:09:55 Scott (onboard): Yes. We're alright. Looks okay. Maneuver's coming up. (garbled) The DAP works very well.

004:10:04 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I noticed that.

004:10:07 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, Jim, keep watching the S-IVB.

004:10:09 McDivitt (onboard): Are you?

004:10:10 Schweickart (onboard): Because I can't see it very well anymore.

004:10:11 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

004:10:12 Scott (onboard): Okay, Enter. We're there. Okay, call P47.

004:10:20 McDivitt (onboard): Hey, why don't you call it, Dave? I can't look out there and see in here, too.

004:10:24 Scott (onboard): Okay.

004:10:25 Schweickart (onboard): Verb 37, Enter; 47, Enter.

004:10:29 Scott (onboard): Okay.

004:10:30 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, and at 3 minutes, you want to thrust aft for --

004:10:35 Scott (onboard): 6 seconds.

004:10:36 Schweickart (onboard): -- 6 seconds.

004:10:38 Scott (onboard): Okay, we're 234. How we doing, Jimmy?

004:10:43 McDivitt (onboard): She's right out there.

004:10:46 Scott (onboard): She sure is.

004:10:49 McDivitt (onboard): Heck, we're going away from it, Dave. Good.

004:10:50 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter) That's the best direction (garbled)

004:10:54 Scott (onboard): Okay. 250 and P47 just came up.

004:10:57 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Thrust aft for -

004:10:58 Scott (onboard): Okay 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -

004:11:05 Scott (onboard): Mark.

004:11:06 Scott (onboard): Thrusting aft, 3, 4, 5, 6, and -

004:11:11 Scott (onboard): Off.

004:11:12 Schweickart (onboard): Man, you can't even feel that, can you?

004:11:13 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I could just barely --

004:11:14 Scott (onboard): Okay, we got 0.7 or 0.8 of a foot per second --

004:11:17 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, SECS pyro arm, two, off.

004:11:19 Scott (onboard): Two, Pyro arm, off.

004:11:22 Schweickart (onboard): SECS logic, two, off. O2 flow high.

[The master alarm has just activated again and indicating their continuing O2 issue.]

004:11:24 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, boy!

004:11:25 Scott (onboard): What's the matter, Jim?

004:11:26 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, nothing, we're alright. It's just a warning light, Dave.

004:11:29 Schweickart (onboard): Logic, two, off.

004:11:30 Scott (onboard): Logic, two, off.

004:11:31 Schweickart (onboard): (CB) SECS arms, two, open.

004:11:33 Scott (onboard): Two, open.

004:11:34 Schweickart (onboard): I want to get my --

004:11:35 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled) that camera now?

004:11:42 McDivitt (onboard): Okay, I don't - How many pictures are they looking for? We're doing great.

004:11:45 Scott (onboard): Go get them. We're in good shape on the controls; we're in minimum impulse, and we're stable.

004:11:49 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

004:11:50 Schweickart (onboard): We're okay?.

004:11:51 McDivitt (onboard): Give me the Hasselblad, Rusty.

004:11:52 Schweickart (onboard): You want the Hasselblad, first?

004:11:53 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

004:11:54 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, here you go. Should be all set up, Jim.

004:11:57 McDivitt (onboard): Is the (garbled) set out?

004:11:58 Schweickart (onboard): Check - check it to make sure, though, because I might have just turned it then.

004:12:00 McDivitt (onboard): Oh, shoot! (garbled) waste the pictures.

004:12:02 Schweickart (onboard): Oh! Check out - check the thing. You got time. It's going to be there a long while.

004:12:07 McDivitt (onboard): I can't see in here. Hey, I'll check it for you. I can't see it; I can't tell if --

004:12:11 Schweickart (onboard): Stand by.

004:12:12 McDivitt (onboard): Is the red light on?

004:12:14 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. It's all set.

004:12:17 McDivitt (onboard): Okay. We're going okay?

004:12:19 Schweickart (onboard): O2 flow high, again. No sweat. Okay, CMC to free.

004:12:23 Scott (onboard): CMC to free.

004:12:24 Schweickart (onboard): PRO and 00, enter.

004:12:27 Scott (onboard): PRO, 00, enter.

004:12:30 Schweickart (onboard): Manual attitude, three, to minimum impulse.

004:12:32 Scott (onboard): Minimum impulse.

004:12:34 Schweickart (onboard): Spacecraft control to SCS.

004:12:36 Scott (onboard): SCS.

004:12:37 Schweickart (onboard): Reload the DAP.

004:12:38 McDivitt (onboard): You know, we're not getting away from him very fast.

004:12:41 Schweickart (onboard): Don't expect to, did you? Okay, a 2 and all 1's.

004:12:49 Scott (onboard): Alright. 21111. Alright?

[The Digital Autopilot vehicle configuration is set to indicate the new spacecraft configuration: just the CSM and the docked LM. The full setting of R1 is: CSM & LM, use A/C and B/D quads, ±5.0° deadband, rotation rate 0.2° per second.]

004:12:53 Schweickart (onboard): Right. Okay. EMS mode - EMS function to off.

004:12:58 Scott (onboard): EMS function, off.

004:13:00 Schweickart (onboard): EMS mode to standby.

004:13:01 Scott (onboard): Standby.

004:13:02 Schweickart (onboard): Do you want those angles?

004:13:03 Scott (onboard): No, we're okay.

004:13:04 Schweickart (onboard): Translation control power, off.

004:13:08 Scott (onboard): THC power, off.

004:13:10 Schweickart (onboard): Your LV/SPS indicator to GPI.

004:13:13 Scott (onboard): GPI.

004:13:14 Schweickart (onboard): RHC and THC, locked.

004:13:16 Scott (onboard): Okay, locked and locked.

004:13:18 Schweickart (onboard): TVC servo power, two, to off.

004:13:19 Scott (onboard): TVC servo power, two, off.

004:13:22 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Maintain S-IVB view through window hatch with RHC number 1. Okay. I think that's about the end of the reading, here.

004:13:34 Schweickart (onboard): God, that's beautiful! Could you see him real well, Jim? Because I - He's right out in front of me.

004:13:38 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, he's right in the middle. He's right in the middle.

004:13:40 Schweickart (onboard): He is? Okay. Good, because he's right in the middle of my window, too.

004:13:43 Scott (onboard): Hey, Rusty?

004:13:44 Schweickart (onboard): Yes.

004:13:45 Scott (onboard): I'm going to take the camera; I'm going to lead it here a little bit and point it, and why don't you take a few? I've got it frozen now. Go ahead.

004:13:53 McDivitt (onboard): Well, it looks like he's gaining on us again.

004:13:55 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. Okay, it's going?

004:13:59 Scott (onboard): Yes.

004:14:00 Schweickart (onboard): You want me to go to 24 and take a few, Dave?

004:14:03 Scott (onboard): No, that's okay. Just take a couple.

004:14:04 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I - I don't think 24 is going to show us any more than -

004:14:09 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, that's beautiful!

004:14:13 McDivitt (onboard): See if you can't get that moon over there in the background?

004:14:16 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. I got it once. Well, that's alright.

004:14:21 Scott (onboard): Are you taking at 1, Rusty?

004:14:22 Schweickart (onboard): No, 6.

004:14:25 Scott (onboard): Okay, that ought to be enough anyway.

004:14:26 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, that ought to be enough.

004:14:27 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, camera's off.

004:14:28 McDivitt (onboard): Houston, this is Apollo 9. Do you read? I think we lost them.

[Communications have been switched to the tracking ship Huntsville.]

004:14:30 Comm Tech: Huntsville AOS.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 4 hours 14 minutes. The Huntsville has acquisition now."

004:14:33 Schweickart (onboard): We're just starting to lock on now, Jim.

004:14:35 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

004:14:41 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, it goes to orbit rate at 04:25, so it's quite a ways out. Oh, is that pretty!

004:14:49 Scott (onboard): Except - Well, I tell you how we can tell. If we had the old diastimeter out, we could figure it out; but I guess we don't. Let me see if I can tell on the COAS.

004:14:54 Comm Tech: Hunstville. Valid two-way.

004:14:56 McDivitt (onboard): We've got to get down underneath it, you know that?

004:15:00 Schweickart (onboard): He comes back up again, though, Jim, according to those charts. If the simulator is any good at all, Jim -

004:15:10 Scott (onboard): (garbled) the COAS. Let me get a - a reading on him. He's right now 3 - l, 2, 3 degrees.

004:15:18 McDivitt: Houston, Apollo 9.

[The onboard transcription has this transmission by Scott.]

004:15:21 Roosa: Go, Apollo 9. This is Houston.

004:15:24 McDivitt: Okay, Houston. You're coming in very weak, but be advised we had a successful ejection and we are presently separating very slowly from the S-IVB. We've got them in sight out of all of the windows.

004:15:36 Roosa: Sounds beautiful. Could you give me your ejection time, please?

004:15:40 McDivitt (onboard): We're not getting in gimbal lock, are we?

004:15:41 Scott (onboard): No.

004:15:42 Schweickart (onboard): Well, it was right at 11, wasn't it? I mean, right at 08?

004:15:45 McDivitt (onboard): No, we were about 5 seconds --

004:15:46 Schweickart (onboard): About 5 or 10 seconds later.

004:15:48 McDivitt: Okay, Houston. If you can read - the ejection time was 4 hours 8 minutes and 5 seconds.

004:15:55 Schweickart (onboard): O2 flow high, again.

004:15:56 Roosa: Say the minutes again, please, Apollo 9. Just the minutes.

[Roosa's transmission was not received by the crew.]

004:15:57 Scott (onboard): What the hell's that for?

004:16:01 McDivitt (onboard): I wonder if the LM tunnel's leaking.

004:16:10 Scott (onboard): Okay, he's a little more than 3 degrees. I think we're opening.

004:16:17 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. Well, hell, we can't be closing.

004:16:21 Scott (onboard): Well, with that vent --

004:16:22 Schweickart (onboard): Augh!

004:16:23 Scott (onboard): -- that vent was a lot more than I expected on the turnaround, Rusty.

004:16:24 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, me too - me too.

004:16:26 Scott (onboard): A lot more. We - I never did stop - I never took out what I put in on getting off of him.

004:16:33 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, but even if he is venting, he - he still should be separating from us with that attitude. He's the same dianeter as the thruster's throat right now. I'll monitor him that way.

004:16:52 McDivitt (onboard): (garbled)

004:16:52 Comm Tech: Huntsville does not have valid two-way. Clearing signal.

004:16:59 McDivitt (onboard): Isn't that smooth?

004:17:02 Schweickart (onboard): Nice and smooth, isn't it?

004:17:03 McDivitt (onboard): What are we in? Minimum impulse?

004:17:05 Scott (onboard): Yes.

004:17:08 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. If you read - we did copy your transmission of a successful ejection. You are moving away. We did copy the time but --

004:17:10 Scott (onboard): He's not going down any farther.

004:17:13 Roosa: -- we would like for you to verify the minutes - if you can try it again.

004:17:18 Schweickart (onboard): The what?

004:17:20 McDivitt: Houston, this is Apollo 9. Say again, please.

004:17:23 Roosa: Roger. Would you give me your ejection time again, please?

004:17:28 McDivitt: Roger. It was 08:05.

004:17:34 Roosa: Roger. We copy. Thank you, and we'll see you over Hawaii at about 24.

004:17:41 McDivitt: Roger.

004:17:42 McDivitt (onboard): Why don't you check, Rusty, and see what time this guy gets ready to do the maneuver?

004:17:45 Schweickart/Scott (onboard): 04:25.

004:17:47 Scott (onboard): Yes, let's --

004:17:49 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. If you can read me, the S-IVB maneuver time is 25 plus 04.

004:17:58 McDivitt: Roger. 25:04.

004:18:01 Schweickart (onboard): Okay, I got that.

004:18:01 Roosa: Very good. We're talking to each other again.

004:18:06 Scott (onboard): 1, 2. Hey, he's getting smaller, Jim.

004:18:12 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, I noticed that, too.

004:18:14 Schweickart (onboard): I'm measuring him against the thrusters.

004:18:16 McDivitt (onboard): You know, he's still venting up this way at it, too.

004:18:19 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. It's the only way he can vent.

004:18:22 McDivitt (onboard): (Laughter)

004:18:26 Schweickart (onboard): Bye-bye, S-IVB baby.

004:18:42 McDivitt (onboard): Man, he's really venting a lot.

004:18:45 Scott (onboard): Hey, it sure is.

004:18:52 Schweickart (onboard): Boy, there are a bunch of pieces of plastic and stuff floating around out there, aren't there?

004:18:56 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

004:18:57 Schweickart (onboard): I just saw a piece of Scotch tape float by. That was probably a piece of the LM. The only thing I know with Scotch tape holding it together.

004:19:02 Comm Tech: Huntsville LOS.

Public Affairs Officer - "Huntsville has LOS now. Crew reported the successful ejection of the combined spacecraft from the S-IVB. At four hours, 8 minutes, 5 seconds (that's five seconds after sunrise) they had performed the evasive manuever. They report Apollo 9 is separating slowly from the S-IVB and the S-IVB is in sight out of all windows of the spacecraft. Apollo 9 will go below and behind the S-IVB now on this trajectory. The minimum distance at S-IVB relight is 500 feet and pulling away. However, we expect with this manuever to be between 3,000 and 4,000 feet at the time the S-IVB is reignited. The S-IVB is scheduled to manuever 211, burn attitude at 4 hours, 25 minutes. The ground will release the reignition inhibit at 4 hours, 36 minutes and we are presently planning the second reignition of the S-IVB at 4 hours, 46 minutes into this mission. That would put it over the Merrit Island tracking station in Florida. Hawaii will acquire Apollo 9 at 4 hours, 23 minutes. This is Mission Control Houston."

004:19:08 Scott (onboard): He's sure not where he really ought to be.

004:19:10 McDivitt (onboard): Is that right?

004:19:12 Scott (onboard): Yes.

004:19:14 McDivitt (onboard): We haven't done a thing yet, have we? Since we came up?

004:19:16 Scott (onboard): I don't know - Well, I'm keeping the attitude sort of squared away by pulsing, but he ought to be higher in the window - based on the --

004:19:25 McDivitt (onboard): Yes.

004:19:26 Scott (onboard): Oh, shoot! They never had the vent model in the simulator, though.

004:19:29 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, that's probably the difference right there.

004:19:32 Scott (onboard): That's right. Never had the vent model in the simulator.

004:19:39 Schweickart (onboard): He's definitely going away, though.

004:19:42 Scott (onboard): I'm going to put him over where you can see him, Jim.

004:19:46 McDivitt (onboard): I can see him fine, Dave.

004:19:51 Scott (onboard): He's slowly closing the gap, though.

004:19:56 Schweickart (onboard): You think he's getting closer, Dave?

004:19:57 Scott (onboard): No, I mean - my visual gap, I'm sorry.

004:19:58 Schweickart (onboard): Oh, I see.

004:20:02 Scott (onboard): He's - I don't think he's getting closer.

004:20:04 Schweickart (onboard): No, I don't either.

004:20:09 Scott (onboard): (garbled) sure isn't where he's supposed to be right now. About 2.5 degrees now (garbled)

004:20:42 Scott (onboard): Once he does his pitch to orb rate, he ought to go - which way - Let me see - He'll go down and start venting away from us. That's good.

004:20:52 Schweickart (onboard): Hey, guys, you know what I think that O2 high flow is?

004:20:55 McDivitt (onboard): What?

004:20:56 Schweickart (onboard): I'm not sure, but I have an idea that it's the fact that we got a little higher leak rate, right now --

004:21:03 Scott (onboard): Yes, with the LM?

004:21:04 Schweickart (onboard): -- and when the - and when the accumulators go, I think it might go overtime. Because right now, we're reading - we're reading 0.6 on the leakage. The cabin is up at - about - just about 5.0 [psi, 34.5 kPa]. We probably ought to fill up the first bottle.

004:21:27 Scott (onboard): Yes.

004:21:32 McDivitt (onboard): Wait until we get through with lift-off.

004:21:34 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. Let me look at the flight plan and see where we stand here.

004:21:41 McDivitt (onboard): Why don't you do something with the camera here? He's not in a very good position for picture taking.

004:21:47 Schweickart (onboard): Okay. Stand by.

004:21:57 Schweickart (onboard): Here you go. Give me it. Okay.

004:22:00 McDivitt (onboard): What was his maneuver time again?

004:22:01 Schweickart/Scott (onboard): 25:04.

004:22:03 McDivitt (onboard): Thank you. You guys sing a nice song.

004:22:06 Schweickart (onboard): (Laughter)

004:22:09 Scott (onboard): Vent, vent, vent! Boy!

004:22:14 McDivitt (onboard): I'd say he vents about once a second.

004:22:16 Scott (onboard): Really?

004:22:17 Schweickart (onboard): Yes. I was - I was watching that before when Dave was trying to dock with him - It - He kind of blows and then it stops, and then it blows and then it stops.

004:22:27 Scott (onboard): We've got a roll-rate error in case you wonder what we're doing.

004:22:30 McDivitt (onboard): Okay.

004:22:33 Scott (onboard): It's the only way I can really (garbled)

004:22:36 McDivitt (onboard): Yes, he's getting much smaller.

004:22:39 Scott (onboard): Yes. What's the time of the - 04:25 is his time of maneuver?

004:22:43 Schweickart (onboard): 04:25:04 is the maneuver time --

004:22:46 McDivitt (onboard): When's his burn time?

004:22:47 Schweickart (onboard): Burn time is 04:45:51. It's 20 minutes after that.

004:22:58 Schweickart (onboard): Yes, and what's our burn time?

004:23:02 Scott (onboard): About 3 hours.

004:23:07 McDivitt (onboard): No, it can't be that long after it, can it?

[Onboard transcription break.]

[Communications have been switched to Hawaii.]

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, at 4 hours, 24 minutes; we are standing by for Hawaii."

004:23:26 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Hawaii.

004:23:53 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston through Hawaii. Standing by.

004:24:20 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston through Hawaii.

Public Affairs Officer - "The engineer reports the S-IVB is maneuvering."

004:26:42 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston through Hawaii.

004:26:45 McDivitt: Roger, Houston. We've been sitting here watching the S-IVB maneuver, and it's just about 90 degrees to our line of sight now.

004:26:54 Roosa: Roger. The comm is beautiful now, Apollo 9; we had dropped our GOSS Conference was the delay. And I would like to pass you the ignition time for the S-IVB,

004:27:09 McDivitt: Roger. Go ahead.

004:27:12 Roosa: Roger. Stand by one here. We might get a better one.

004:28:13 Roosa: Apollo 9, Houston.

004:28:16 McDivitt: Go ahead, Houston,

004:28:17 Roosa: Roger. We are showing the S-IVB restart at 04 plus 45 plus 56.

004:28:25 McDivitt: 04:45:56.

004:28:27 Roosa: That's affirmative.

Public Affairs Officer - "Booster engineer reports S-IVB is at local horizontal now."

004:28:48 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. The S-IVB has completed its maneuver, and we would like to have a go from you to release the maneuver inhibit - the restart inhibit.

[The S-IVB stage is under the remote control of Houston. The flight plan requires that the MCC get a Go/No Go from the on-the-spot crew for the S-IVB engine restart.]

004:30:01 McDivitt: Say that again, Houston. Apollo 9.

004:30:04 Roosa: Roger. The S-IVB has completed its maneuver, and we are standing by for its ignition. We would like to have a go from you to release the restart inhibit.

004:30:18 Scott: Roger, Houston. Apollo 9, here. We've just announced that we are quartering to the rear and above, and you have a go for restart inhibit.

004:30:26 Roosa: Roger, Apollo 9. Houston. Copy.

004:30:32 McDivitt: Houston, Apollo 9.

004:30:37 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. You're fading, Stand by about a minute and we'll pick you up better.

Public Affairs Officer - "We've had LOS Hawaii but we'll pick up at the Redstone momentarily. We'll continue to stand by."

[Communications have been switched to the tracking ship Redstone.]

004:31:57 Schweickart: Houston, Apollo 9.

004:32:02 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. We've got you now through the Redstone, and you were faded out on your last transmission there.

004:32:09 Schweickart: Roger. You have a go to release the restart inhibit.

004:32:12 Roosa: Roger, Apollo 9. We copy that. Thank you.

004:32:16 McDivitt: Houston, Apollo 9. Do you read me?

004:32:18 Roosa: You are a little weaker than Rusty, Jim. Go ahead.

004:32:23 McDivitt: Okay. I just was wondering; you weren't answering some of my transmissions. We are quartering behind and above at the present time, and you do have that go.

004:32:34 Roosa: Okay. Thank you, Jim. We got it. Your last transmission was an ARIA at LOS coming off Hawaii there; we had about a 40-second break here.

004:32:42 McDivitt: Alright.

004:32:44 Roosa: But, I've got you real good now.

Public Affairs Officer - "The restart has been enabled, the booster systems engineer reports."

004:34:44 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, this is Houston. If you got the time, could you give me a guess at the range from the S-IVB?

004:34:54 McDivitt: It's a pretty tough question.

004:34:59 Roosa: Okay. I thought it might be. I was just curious for a guesstimate.

004:35:04 McDivitt: We are about a couple thousand feet or so, I'd guess (garbled)

004:35:10 Roosa: Okay. Thank you.

004:35:15 McDivitt: Looks like it's going to be right down the tailpipe.

004:35:23 Roosa: That ought to be a good view.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control. The program duration of this S-IVB burn is 1 minute 2 seconds. We anticipate an apogee of 1722 miles."

004:36:24 McDivitt: No smog in LA today.

004:36:30 Roosa: Did you say that it was smoggy, Apollo 9?

004:36:34 McDivitt: Doesn't look like it; looks pretty clear.

004:36:36 Roosa: Very good.

004:36:40 McDivitt: (garbled)

004:36:42 Roosa: I missed what Jim said there.

004:36:51 McDivitt: Houston, we're down what looks like about 1000 feet or so.

004:36:58 Roosa: Understand you are now at 1000 feet. Is that affirmative? Does it look like you are closing?

004:37:05 McDivitt: Well, just climbing up above. He's just crossing the horizon with respect to us, so he's going to get up above us again and then come back around us.

004:37:53 McDivitt: Houston, we're going to be just about down his tailpipe. It looks like about 1000 feet or so.

004:37:58 Roosa: Roger. Copy. Right down to tailpipe and about 1000 feet.

004:38:03 McDivitt: Does that look like a good place?

004:38:07 Roosa: Stand by one. It's better than being right off the nose, but let's see what somebody says here.

004:38:23 Roosa: Okay Apollo 9, this is Houston. It's our understanding that the places not to be are directly above or below inside of 500 feet, so with that criteria, it sounds like you are doing okay.

004:35:38 McDivitt: Alright.

004:38:53 Schweickart: Houston, against the black sky you can really see the APS firing away.

004:39:00 Roosa: Roger. Copy.

004:39:05 Roosa: And, Apollo 9, when your lead cuts in its afterburner you're expected to keep up.

004:39:12 McDivitt: No thanks.

004:39:14 Roosa: Okay.

004:39:17 Schweickart: Give us about an hour.

Public Affairs Officer - "Six minutes away from the burn now. We are looking for an apogee of 1722 miles, a perigee of one hundred and nine miles at the conclusion of this S-IVB burn."

Public Affairs Officer - "Velocity should increase from about 25,500 feet per second [7800 m/s] to 27,800 [8500 m/s]."

Public Affairs Officer - "Telemetry shows the present S-IVB orbit at 111 by 106 nautical miles [206 by 196 km]."

Public Affairs Officer - "Booster reports the S-IVB looking good at 3 minutes."

004:43:33 Schweickart: Houston, Apollo 9. It looks like we have slid down enough below them now so they are not going to be thrusting right at us with the engine.

004:43:41 Roosa: Roger. Understand youall are a little below, and I will wait until after this burn, of course, but I do have your SPS-1 PAD when you get squared away after this burn. Okay?

004:44:03 Schweickart: Houston, what time should we begin to see the ullaging of the venting?

004:44:11 Roosa: Stand by, Apollo 9.

004:44:20 Roosa: Apollo 9, this is Houston. You should see it start in about 15 seconds from right now.

004:44:26 Schweickart: Okay. Thank you.

004:44:28 Roosa: Roger.

004:44:40 Roosa: Ullage on, Apollo 9.

004:44:45 Schweickart: Roger. Understand. Ullage on, and we don't see any change yet.

004:44:50 Roosa: Roger.

004:45:01 Roosa: Mark. One minute to ignition.