Mir Hardware Heritage by D. S. F. Portree

 Mir Mission Chronicles by Sue McDonald

 What's in a Name? by Frank L. Culbertson, Jr.

 Brief History of NASA
     by Stephen J. Garber & Roger D. Launius

 U.S. Human Spaceflight (1961-1998) by Judy Rumerman

 "Six Months on Mir" by Shannon Lucid,
     Scientific American

 PART I: Early Space Station Activities - 1923
     through July 1965 from Skylab: A Chronology
     by Roland W. Newkirk & Ivan D. Ertel
     with Courney G. Brooks

 Phase 1 Research Program Overview by John J. Uri

 "Combustion Experiments on the Mir Space Station"
     submitted by Paul Ferkul, et al.

 "Summary: Combustion Experiments on Mir"
     submitted by Howard D. Ross, et al.

 "Fluid Physics Experiments on the Mir Space Station"
     submitted by Jeffrey S. Allen and Suzanne Saavedra

 "Space Acceleration Measurement System
     (SAMS) on Mir" submitted by R. DeLombard
     and S. Ryaboukha

Governmental Proceedings

 Congressional Mir Safety Hearings - Sept. 18, 1997

 Inspector General's Letter to Congress
     Concerning Shuttle-Mir Program - Aug. 29, 1997

 The Outer Space Treaty - 1967
     (The Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of
      States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space,
      including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies)

Personal Reflections

 Shannon Lucid - Letters Home

 John Blaha Pens a Letter Home

 Jerry Linenger's Letters to his Son

 David Wolf - Letters Home

 Andy Thomas - Letters from the Outpost

 Personal Mementos - from the U.S. Mir Astronauts

NASA Reports

 Phase 1 Program Joint Report
    edited by George C. Nield &
    Pavel Mikhailovich Vorobiev

 Competition vs. Cooperation 1959-1962
    from The Partnership: A History of the Apollo-Soyuz
    Test Project by Edward Clinton Ezell &
    Linda Neuman Ezell

 Phase 1 Science Report - featuring information
     from the eight Shuttle-Mir science disciplines

Shuttle-Mir News

 NASA Press Briefings

 STS Mission Summaries

 STS Mission Highlights

 Mir Increment Summaries

 Mir Increment Interviews

 Crew Biographies

 Profiles of Astronauts, Cosmonauts,
 U.S. Mir Residents and Team Members


 Text Timeline

 Graphic Timeline

Oral Histories

 List of Participants and their Oral Histories





        Training and Operations
        Long Duration Psychology
        Earth Observations
        Bilingual Blues

        Photo Gallery
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        Children's Book
        Mir Deorbit Animation