In the early 1990s, the two world leaders of space exploration agreed to cooperate in a series of space missions. Referred to as the Shuttle-Mir Program, this partnership between the United States and Russia created opportunities for an extraordinary exchange of expertise and knowledge, producing numerous advancements to benefit future human spaceflight expeditions.

To help document this historic time period, the Shuttle-Mir Oral History Project began in 1998 to capture the thoughts and experiences of the American and Russian team members. Their efforts impacted the design, policies, and operational procedures of Phase 1, International Space Station.

Information collected via personal interviews provides a perspective from those who were involved in the "real life," day-to-day activities of the joint venture. The majority of the oral history sessions were conducted during the last six months of the Shuttle-Mir program and should be understood in that context.

The participants in this project are just a few of the hundreds of people who worked together to meet the challenges of this bold, global interchange of technology and culture.

These Shuttle-Mir histories are part of a larger oral history collection located at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Mark J. Albrecht
Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov
Michael R. Barratt
Roger D. Billica
Victor Dmitrievich Blagov
John E. Blaha
Valeri Vasilevich Bogomolov
Travis R. Brice
William C. "Charlie" Brown
Tommy E. Capps
Jeffery A. Cardenas
Robert E. "Bob" Castle
John B. Charles
Christine A. Chiodo
Tom E. Cremins
Frank L. Culbertson, Jr.
Brian Dailey
Sally P. Davis
Bonnie J. Dunbar
Paul F. Dye
Phillip L. Engelauf
Joe H. Engle
Christopher F. Flynn
C. Michael Foale
Richard K. Fullerton
Scott D. Gahring
William H. Gerstenmaier
Jessie M. Gilmore
Yuri Nikolayevich Glazkov
Albert W. Holland
Brent W. Jett
Gary W. Johnson
Yuri Petrovich Kargopolov
Gary H. Kitmacher
Wendy B. Lawrence
Anatoli V. Lomanov

Michael E. Lopez-Alegria
Shannon W. Lucid
Michael G. Lutomski
Thomas H. Marshburn
Isaac W. "Caasi" Moore
Patricia "Patti" Moore
Valeri V. Morgun
Mike Mott
James R. Nise
Donald S. Noah
Richard W. Nygren
Sam L. Pool
Charles J. Precourt
Debra Rahn
William F. Readdy
Lisa M. Reed
William D. "Bill" Reeves
Valery Viktorovich Ryumin
George W. Sandars
Anthony C. Sang
Ronald M. Sega
Vladimir Semyachkin
Salihzan Shakirovich Sharipov
Charles Stegemoeller
Norman E. Thagard
Andrew S. W. Thomas
Vladmir Georgyevich Titov
Oleg Tsygankov
John J. Uri
James E. Van Laak
Pavel Mikhailovich Vorobiev
J. Kevin Watson
James D. Wetherbee
David A. Wolf
Keith E. Zimmerman