Ground Facilities at Ellington Field

The NASA WB-57 Program is based out of Ellington Field in Houston, Texas. Ellington Field is located approximately 18 miles southeast of downtown Houston, just off of Interstate 45. The NASA Johnson Space Center is in the Clear Lake area just minutes southeast of Ellington Field. For more information about the area, see the links below. Download Adobe Acrobat (Used for displaying certain documents within this page.)

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Ellington Field

Hanger 990 is where both of NASA's WB-57's are hangared and maintained. This is also where researcher instrument integration tasks take place on the WB-57



Adjacent to Hanger 990 is Building 994. This building houses the WB-57 Payload Laboratory which is made available to visiting WB-57 researchers. This air-conditioned workspace can be used for payload build-up and checkout. Building 994 is equipped with workbenches, phones, a fax machine, a copier, computer network drop lines, and a 12-person conference room for researcher use. Access to the high bay includes a 12 ft. x 12 ft. roll-up door. Ten workstations are set up for researcher use. Each station has the following power options:


· 115 VAC - 60 Hz, single phase, 30 amps

· 115 VAC - 400 Hz, 3-phase, 20 amps

· 28 VDC, 20 amps


Note: Building 994 does not have a vent hood for the mixing of chemicals inside the building.

Building 994 Computer Network Access, Printers, and Phones

Multiple network drops are available at each workstation and in the conference room. With access to NASA's computer network, printers are also available. Phones are located throughout Building 994. Incoming calls or faxes for the researcher should use the following numbers:


High Bay: 281-244-9629

Small Lab: 281-244-9684

Conference Room: 281-244-9026

Office area: 281-244-9789

Fax: 281-244-9788


Payload Equipment and Material Storage

Limited storage space is available. Requests for space must be prearranged with the WB-57 Program Office. Limited chemical storage is available in the payload lab area.


Shipping and Receiving

The address for shipping research hardware is :


WB-57 Program Office

Attn: WB-57 Program Office POC, phone#

Building 265, Ellington Field

Houston, Texas 77034

Shipping arrangements should be made with the WB-57 Program Office prior to shipment.


Forklifts and Hoists

Building 994 is equipped with a 2,000-pound capacity A-frame hoist. Forklifts are available for the unloading and loading of research equipment. Please contact the WB-57 Program Office for any special handling requirements.


Hand Tools

A complete toolbox is provided for researcher use while at the aircraft. It contains standard tools in both English and metric units. This toolbox is shadowed to enable ease of inventory. Prior to flight, this toolbox and all tools assigned to the WB-57 aircraft will be inventoried.

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