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Wind Tunnel Picture

June 11, 1920—Wind Tunnel 1 at NACA Langley was formally dedicated. It was the first of many now-famous NACA and NASA wind tunnels. Although this specific wind tunnel was not unique or advanced, it led NACA engineers and scientists to advanced wind tunnel concepts.

Variable Density Wind Tunnel Picture

1922—Variable Density Wind Tunnel (VDT) was constructed. The VDT brought a new concept to wind tunnel design by employing high-pressure air, compressed to a higher density in an airtight chamber, to better simulate flight conditions with scale models.

Compressibility Research Picture

1924–1960s—Compressibility research, the study of air’s behavior as a high-speed compressible fluid began in the 1920s and enabled researchers to solve control problems later experienced by WWII airplanes.

First NACA Aircraft Picture

May 23, 1925—First NACA Aircraft Engineering Research Conference was held. Government promoted the transfer of technology and expertise to industry.

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