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Jettison Bag

Copyright 2007 by Eric M. Jones, Ken Glover, and Ulrich Lotzmann.
All rights reserved.
Last revised 23 August 2007.


A11 Jett Bag

This detail from AS11-4-5850
- the first picture Neil Armstrong took during the Apollo 11 EVA -
shows a jettison bag under Eagle's descent stage.
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Jett Bag  S/N 1139

Christian Lotzmann displays an unflown Apollo jettison bag.
In August 2007 when the picture was taken,
Chris was 2 months past his eighth birthday, 138 cm tall, and weighed 33 kg.
When lying flat, the empty bag is approximately 101 cm long and 70 cm wide.


Jett Bag  S/N 1139

The unflown bag has
part number P/N SEB 1300143-301 and serial number S/N 1139.
Ulli notes that the three bags used during Apollo 17
had serial numbers 1128, 1129, and 1130.


Jett Bag  S/N 1139

Chris models the jettison bag.


Jett Bag  S/N 1139

Ready to stowaway on the next lunar flight.


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