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Exposure Age Dating of Lunar Features


The following abstract was found on the Smithsonian/NASA ADS Astronomy Abstract Service.


The technique of cosmic-ray exposure age dating is examined. The (kr-81)-kr exposure dating method is developed and evaluated along with other techniques. Primarily, the krypton method is used to date the time of formation of several lunar features. Because it became apparent that ages could be derived regardless of the data, a set of criteria is established by which the reliability of the ages deduced can be judged. Krypton and xenon from samples from the Apollo 14, 16 and 17 landing sites are reported. The time of formation of Cone Crater (26 my), North Ray (50 my), and South Ray (2my) is established. Though the Apollo 17 mission had ideal sampling conditions to date several features, only the times of emplacement of the boulder slides at stations 6 (22 my) and 7 (28 my) are firmly established.


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