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Geology of the Apollo 16 Area, Central Lunar Highlands

Geological Survey Professional Paper 1048

Edited by George E. Ulrich, Carroll Ann Hodges and William R. Muehlberger
US Government Printing Office, Washington : 1981
The samples, photographs, and descriptions analyzed and interpreted in this Professional Paper are the result of the geological field work of John W. Young and Charles M. Duke, Jr., the lunar surface crew of the Apollo 16 mission, April 20-23, 1972.


Scanned and converted to PDF format by Mick Hyde and Brian McInall.
Last revised 12 April 2015.


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The cover pages (0.3Mb)

The contents (0.1Mb)

Preface and Summary (0.1Mb)

Regional Geology (0.3 Mb)

Traverse Geology (1.5Mb)

Field geology of the Central Region (3.5Mb)

Geology of North Ray Crater (6.8Mb)

Geology of Areas Near South Ray and Baby Ray Craters (5.6Mb)

Geology of Stone Mountain (5.7Mb)

Petrology and Distribution of Returned Samples (1.9Mb)

Regolith of the Apollo 16 Site (1.9Mb)

Ejecta Distribution Model, South Ray Crater (2.3Mb)

Optical Properties at the Apollo 16 Site (1.5Mb)

More to follow...


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