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MP3 Audio Clip ( 11 min 27 sec )

170:23:55 Young: Houston, the problem, as you must know, with (parking the Rover at) 085 at 0.1 (as per checklist) is that such a reading puts us through a crater that's about 18, 20 feet deep, and it's too steep to climb in and out of. (Pause)

170:24:28 Duke: (To himself) Rats. (Pause)

170:24:31 England: How far is it to the other side of it, John?

170:24:39 Young: It's...Oh, it's only a couple of feet. We'll get here at 085 at 100 meters.

170:24:48 England: Okay. That'll be fine. (Pause)

[We can hear Charlie breathing as he takes equipment up the ladder to the porch.]

170:24:57 Young: Something on here has reset the range. (Long Pause)

170:25:30 Duke: Okay. One bag is up, Tony.

170:25:32 England: Okay. Did you see the number on that? (Pause) Don't go back to look...

170:25:40 Duke: I'm sorry I didn't. 6 or 7. We got 6 and 4 down here.

170:25:46 England: Okay. It must have been 7.

170:25:51 Duke: Thank you (for the reminder). (Long Pause)

170:26:14 England: And, Charlie; understand you got the Muley rock and put it in the big rock bag?

170:26:20 Duke: John did. Rog.

170:26:22 England: Okay. (Long Pause) And, John; once you get parked out there, we're going to need that whole front end brushed off. If you just want to start on the panel and work back, that's probably the best way. We'd like you to use the...

170:26:51 Young: Understand.

170:26:53 England: Okay, we'd like you to use the small lens brush on the "gotcha" lens. (Pause)

[The "gotcha lens" is, of course, the TV camera lens. Journal Contributor John Pfannerstill notes that the acronym for the Ground Controlled Television Assembly, GTCA, was commonly pronounced "gothcha". In 2000 correspondence, Tony confirms that his use of "gotcha" was probably a play on both the acronym and the crew's feeling that the TV was watching them whenever they made a mistake.]
170:27:09 Young: Okay, Houston. I'm parked on a slope of about 10 degrees - or 5 or 6 or 7 degrees - (with the downslope) toward the lunar module, and it's my guess that this will help your cooling some, because it (meaning the Rover radiator)'s looking towards deep space a little. And I'm about 100 yards (90 meters) directly aft of the lunar module. Is that where you want this contraption to be? (Pause)

170:27:44 England: Okay. It's heading 165.

170:27:49 Duke: Yep. Heading is 165.

[An analysis of mission photographs of the LM taken here at the final parking place and elsewhere indicates that the Rover is a bit closer than John's estimate and is about 81 meters from the LM.]
170:27:51 England: Okay. Fine. And before you turn it off, there, we'd like a complete readout. (Pause)

170:28:11 Young: Okay. I don't want to do any unnecessary brushing. How about somebody reading the EVA Closeout decal to me. This thing is so dusty, I can't read anything. (Going ahead with the instrument readouts) Amp-hours...(Starting over in the usual order) Well, bearing is 243, which can't be right; distance (driven) 11.4; range 0.2. Amp-hours (remaining) is 28, and 120 on 2; and amps, of course, are off-scale low (because no power is being used). (Pause) Volts are 65, 65. Forward and rear motor temps are off-scale low. And, of course, battery 1 is off-scale low; and battery 2 is reading 143.

170:29:17 England: Okay, we copy that; 43.

170:29:21 Young: That do it, Houston, for you?

170:29:22 England: Right.

[On Apollo 16, John and Charlie drove 26.7 km and used 98.2 Ah, for an average of 3.67. This figure is much higher than usage during Apollos 15 and 17, which was 1.67 and 1.59 amp-hours/km, respectively. However, the Apollo 16 Mission report indicates that abnormal drainage from Battery 1 was noted during EVA-2. John and Charlie don't give regular amp-hour readings but the few we have indicate big drops during both EVA-2 and EVA-3.]
170:29:25 Young: Okay, now. How about reading the Closeout decal to me there, because I can't see it for the dust. Even after I brush it, I can't see it.

170:29:33 England: Okay. The closeout. "Circuit breakers all open except Auxiliary. Bus A and C should be Closed." (Pause)

170:29:54 Duke: Okay, Tony; I've got two bags up, and I'm gonna have to wait and let John take in the rest, and I'm policing up the area, and it looks like everything (disposable) is pretty much under the LM.

170:30:08 England: Okay. And, John, Auxiliary Circuit Breaker Bypass, On.

170:30:16 Young: Okay. Wait a second here.

170:30:17 England: Okay. (Pause)

170:30:22 Young: Okay. The Bypass switch is coming On.

170:30:25 England: Okay. LCRU Power, External; and Mode 3, TV Remote.

170:30:37 Young: Okay. Let me line up the high gain. (Long Pause)

170:30:52 England: And, John, while you're up in the front end, take the TV lens shade off.

170:31:01 Young: Take the lens shade off?

170:31:03 England: Rog. Just take it off and throw it away.

170:31:05 Young: (Before he hears Tony's reply) What do you want to do with it? (Pause)

[A detail from AS16-116-18719, which John will take at 170:41:04, shows the TV with the sunshield removed.]

[Although the sunshield has not been seen in the field of view at any time, there may be a concern that it could get in the field-of-view and/or disturb the camera while Fendell pans upward to follow the LM ascent.

170:31:19 Duke: Tony, I tried some Max cooling there for a second, on this PLSS, and it really freezes you.

170:31:33 England: Okay.

170:31:36 Duke: (To John) Okay. How you doing, babe?

170:31:38 Young: Trying to line the Earth up. (Long Pause; Static)

170:32:05 England: Okay, Charlie. If you're out of things to do there, why don't you go on out where John is and see if you can find an igneous or a hard breccia to put on top of that LPM. Use his camera to document it.

170:32:18 Duke: Okay. I'll do that. I was just standing there. I don't have a camera, though, now, Tony.

170:32:29 England: Okay...

170:32:29 Young: (Garbled), Charlie.

170:32:30 England: Just use John's.

170:32:33 Duke: All right. (Long Pause)

[A frame from the 16-mm camera mounted in Charlie's window during lift-off shows, most prominently, tracks between the LM and the LRV at the VIP site. Charlie is running out there now and, later, both he and John will run back. A running astronaut kicks a great deal of dirt as he goes, spraying it in a fan, primarily a forward direction. This can be seen best in the video of Gene Cernan's work east of the Rover at Apollo 17 Station 4 at about 145:48:21. The video clip by Mick Hyde starts at 145:45:28.]
170:33:05 England: Okay, John. Verify that the circuit breakers you still have in on the panel are at Aux and circuit breakers A and Charlie (are Closed).

170:33:23 Young: Roger. We're staying here.

170:33:30 England: Okay. And if you have a chance to aim the high gain, we'll get our TV back.

170:33:35 Young: Aux Power is in, Bus A is in, Bus B is in, and the rest of them are pulled.

170:33:44 England: Okay. We would...

170:33:45 Young: (Lost under Tony) circuit breakers (garbled) pull. Okay. Wait a minute.

170:33:46 England: ... like B out, and Charlie in, and Delta out.

170:33:54 Young: That's the way I got it.

170:33:56 England: Okay. Fine.

170:34:03 Duke: Where's your camera, John?

170:34:05 Young: Right here, Charlie. (Pause)

170:34:16 Duke: Okay. I got it. (Pause) (To himself) Okay. A hard breccia or an igneous rock. (Pause) Here's a TV shade!

170:34:44 Young: Charlie, vector me in again.

[John is asking Charlie to help him with the high-gain antenna alignment.]
170:34:46 Duke: I can't do it from here, John. Looks like to me you got to go right. Or down, to you, I guess it is. (Long Pause) Okay. This one looks pretty good right here, John.

MP3 Audio Clip ( 0 min 21 sec )

170:35:20 Duke: Do you want this rock brought back, Tony? That is, for the LPM?

MP3 Audio Clip ( 10 min 41 sec )

170:35:25 England: Roger. We'd like you to document it before you touch it, and then when you get the LPM first measurement, we'll put it on the LPM, take a picture of it on the LPM, and then we'll get an LPM measurement of it, and then we'll sack it and bring it back.

[TV on. Charlie is in the field-of-view on the right.]
170:35:46 Duke: Okay. It's a pretty good one, but it's too big to sack, unfortunately (Lost under Tony)

170:35:51 England: Do you have a smaller one around that we can get in the sack?

Video Clip ( 3 min 13 sec 0.8 Mb RealVideo or 28 Mb MPEG )

170:35:57 Duke: Yeah, let me look. That was a good...

[Charlie may have already taken a pair of cross-Suns of this rock: AS16-116- 18710 and 18711.]
170:36:01 England: And we're getting a picture.

170:36:02 Young: There it is. I tell you, when it gets to be a crescent Earth, that thing is really hard to see.

[It is currently 20:30 Universal Time on April 23, 1972. At the Descartes landing site, Earth is very close to the zenith and is less than one-quarter illuminated. The sunlit portion includes all of South America except Argentina and the bulge of Brazil and portions of the Caribbean and the western Atlantic.]
170:36:11 Young: Okay. I going to tighten down your little screws there.

170:36:16 Duke: How about one a half-an-orange size, Tony?

170:36:21 England: That would be great.

[The sample is 60330/35 which is a 318 gram piece of basaltic impact melt. It is described in detail on pages 97-105 in the Apollo 16 Sample Catalog.]
170:36:27 Duke: (Static fades) Okay. I'm going to get a couple of cross-Sun stereos is all. Is that all right?

170:36:32 England: That's fine. We've got the (sample) location on TV. And, John, when you start dusting off the panel, we'd like to...

170:36:39 Duke: Oh, yeah.

170:36:40 England:... reset the caution.

170:36:46 Young: Okay. (Laughs) Does that embarrass you?

170:36:48 England: No. (Laughs) It's just that you got a thermal leak there.

170:36:54 Young: Oh.

[With the warning flag in the raised position, the Rover instrument console will absorb more sunlight than normal. As becomes evident in a few moments, Houston is concerned about keeping the console from getting too hot.]
170:36:56 Duke: Okay, Tony. It's an igneous rock, not a breccia.

170:37:00 England: Okay. Great.

170:37:04 Duke: And it's got that sugary texture to it.

170:37:06 England: Okay. (Long Pause)

[Charlie's cross-Sun stereopair of the LPM rock are probably AS16-116- 18712 and 18713.]
170:37:22 Young: Yes, the batteries need dusting.

170:37:25 Duke: John, why don't I do that, and you put the LPM out?

170:37:27 Young: Hey, there you go.

170:37:28 Duke: Okay. Here's your rock.

170:37:31 Young: Okay. Why don't you set it on the seat, huh?

170:37:33 Duke: Okay.

170:37:36 Young: Camera, too. Charlie, lay the camera up there.

170:37:39 Duke: Yeah. Okay, Tony. That's frame count 156 and 157...

170:37:45 England: Okay.

170:37:46 Duke: (Correcting himself) 155 and 156 for that rock.

170:37:49 England: Okay. We copy that.

170:37:53 Duke: I'm not sure we got...We got a bag left, John?

170:37:56 Young: Yeah, I put a bag under the seat.

170:37:59 Duke: Oh, good.

170:38:02 Young: Here are the (LPM) power switches coming on, Houston.

170:38:04 England: Okay. (Long Pause)

170:38:22 Duke: (To himself) Gosh. Dumb-dumb. (To Tony) I dusted the back mirror, and then I dusted the front, and now I got re-dust (the back mirror).

170:38:29 England: Right. And, Charlie, we'd like you to dust that panel and the top of the console.

170:38:36 Duke: All right, sir. Just a moment.

170:38:38 England: Okay.

170:38:41 Duke: What panel?

170:38:43 England: The control panel on the LRV.

170:38:48 Duke: Oh, all right. (Pause)

170:38:54 Young: Why do you want to do that, Houston?

170:39:00 England: We want to keep the temperature of the panel down.

170:39:02 Young: In case anybody comes back?

Video Clip ( 3 min 21 sec 0.9 Mb RealVideo or 30 Mb MPEG )

170:39:05 England: I guess so. Keep it nice for the next guy.

170:39:09 Young: (Laughing) Okay. (Pause)

170:39:19 Duke: Okay. The top of the panel is dusted, Tony.

170:39:28 England: Okay. Great.

170:39:32 Duke: Sometimes I think I'm (garbled).

170:39:35 England: And we'll need all sides of that console and I guess that panel you just dusted.

170:39:43 Duke: All right. (Pause) Okay. The top and the driver's side is dusted. The left battery's dusted. I'm going to dust the LCRU. (Long Pause)

170:40:12 England: And, Charlie, after dusting the LCRU there, you'll have to tear off one of those thermal blankets and put it over the control panel on the LCRU.

170:40:25 Duke: Okay.

[This request is another indication that Houston is concerned about the TV and communications gear overheating prior to launch.]
170:40:26 England: The big one, the 65-percent one.

170:40:31 Duke: The which one?

170:40:32 England: The 65-percent blanket. And, John, we saw you get back and we started your clock.

170:40:39 Young: Okay. Thank you. (Pause) Let me show you what to do with that one, Charlie.

170:40:54 Duke: Okay.

170:41:01 Young: Do you want a picture of it, don't you, Houston?

170:41:04 England: Yeah, it'd be a good idea.

[John may be asking if Houston wants a picture of the front of the Rover with the thermal blanket over the LCRU. At some point, John takes two photos of the LPM across the back of the Rover. These frames are AS16-116- 18714 and 18715.]

[Frame 18716 is a "locator" to the LM taken across the Rover seats. Note that John has put a fist-sized rock on Charlie's seat. He will place it on the magnetometer after the current measurement finishes.]

[Next, John takes three pictures showing Charlie working at the front of the Rover. These are AS16-116- 18717 to 18719.]

170:41:07 Duke: I think I see how it goes. (Long Pause)

170:41:21 Young: You know, we sure hope you guys have enjoyed watching this as much as we've enjoyed doing it. If there's one thing that's a real pleasure; it's this (one-sixth-)gravity environment.

170:41:31 England: Okay. And you've got a minute (on the LPM measurement). And we've sure enjoyed watching, I can tell you.

170:41:40 Duke: Well, I hope we got all the rocks, Tony, that are here.

170:41:45 Young: We got all the rock types that look different from any other rock type.

170:41:49 Duke: John, is that right on the thermal blanket? It covers the thing. That's pretty good.

170:41:56 Young: No, it folds down, and...Let me show you. (Pause)

170:42:05 Duke: Oh, I see.

170:42:07 Young: (There's) something it attaches to down there.

170:42:09 Duke: Yeah.

170:42:10 Young: Agh.

170:42:11 Duke: Oh, you got it.

170:42:12 Young: Yeah.

170:42:13 Duke: Super. I got one more battery to go.

Video Clip ( 2 min 55 sec 0.7 Mb RealVideo or 26 Mb MPEG )

170:42:18 England: And, John, do you want to get that (LPM reading)? And don't walk towards the LPM there, Charlie.

170:42:25 Duke: Rog. (Long Pause)

170:42:38 Young: Okay, I'm going to read the LPM, Houston.

170:42:41 England: Okay. (Pause)

170:42:50 Young: Okay.

170:42:51 Duke: Okay, Tony. The center mirror on the Rover is a little streaky, but it's...

170:42:57 Young: Charlie, let me read this? X is 322, Y is 530, Z is 510. Can't turn it on but 10 seconds at a clip. X is 322, Y is 531, Z is 507. (Pause) X is 321, Y is 531, Z is 510.

170:43:29 England: Okay. We copy that...

170:43:30 Young: (Lost under Tony), Houston.

170:43:32 England: ...and when you put the rock on...

170:43:35 Young: Okay. We'll start with the rock.

170:43:35 England: ...we'd like a couple of cross-Suns of it.

170:43:40 Duke: Don't forget your camera, John.

170:43:41 Young: Okay.

170:43:42 Duke: Here's the rock. I'll get the camera for you. And I guess I'll go on back and take the brush.

170:43:48 Young: Okay.

170:43:50 Duke: Okay? I'll bring your camera out.

170:43:57 England: And leave that lens brush there for John to dust the (TV) lens with.

170:44:07 Young: You mean you didn't dust the lens, Charlie?

170:44:09 Duke: No, I forgot it. I'll get it.

170:44:11 Young: (Laughs) Okay. Dust the lens over the mirror. Then you got to redust the mirrors.

170:44:18 Duke: Yeah, I know. That's why I'm going to bring it around this way.

170:44:22 England: Good plan, Charlie. (Pause)

170:44:28 Young: Better dust the LCRU.

170:44:30 Duke: I will. Okay. Here's your camera. Okay, Tony. There's your lens dusted. (Pause) Okay. You're pointed about 10 degrees down, out to the Rover...

170:44:49 England: Okay. Fine.

170:44:53 Duke: ...7 o'clock.

170:44:55 Young: Those mirrors are as clean as we can dust them, Houston. If they don't cool down, then there's a problem with thermal.

170:45:03 England: Okay.

Video Clip ( 3 min 18 sec 0.9 Mb RealVideo or 30 Mb MPEG )

170:45:07 Duke: Going on back, John.

170:45:08 Young: Sir?

170:45:09 Duke: I say I'm going back (to the LM).

170:45:11 Young: Okay.

170:45:12 Duke: I promise not to get in until you dust me.

170:45:14 Young: Okay.

170:45:15 Duke: Sorry about falling down there, (garbled)

170:45:17 Young: Okay.

170:45:19 Duke: It's only my fifth time, I think.

170:45:21 Young: Five times in how many hours is not too bad, Charlie.

170:45:23 Duke: (I was) trying to show off. (Long Pause) Can't get over (meaning that he is still amazed by) this big crater, John, behind us. (Pause)

[Charlie is talking about the crater that John overflew by just a few meters just prior to touchdown.]

[Off-camera, John puts the rock on top of the LPM and then checks to make sure he hasn't disturbed the instrument.]

MP3 Audio Clip ( 13 min 05 sec )

170:46:03 Young: Okay. It's still level and the Sun Shadow is still aligned.

170:46:09 England: Okay.

[Before he goes back to the Rover, John takes a cross-Sun stereopair of the LPM with the rock on top. These are AS16-116- 18720 and 18721.]
170:46:14 Duke: Tony, is your TV camera working?

170:46:16 England: Yeah, it is. We're driving it around now.

170:46:18 Duke: Yeah, I see it moving.

170:46:19 England: We'll be around to John in a minute.

170:46:21 Duke: Okay. (Pause)

170:46:29 Young: (To himself) Close the Hand Tool Carrier.

170:46:31 Duke: Hey, don't forget that mag on that camera.

170:46:33 Young: Okay, Houston. I'm back at the...

170:46:36 England: Okay. And I started your (one-minute) clock.

170:46:37 Young: ...at the Rover.

170:46:38 England: Did you get a picture...

170:46:39 Young: (To Charlie) You got the dustbrush?

170:46:39 England: ...of it while you were out there?

170:46:40 Young: (To Charlie) You got the dustbrush?

170:46:44 Young: (Answering Tony) Yeah, a stereopair.

170:46:46 England: Okay. Fine.

170:46:47 Duke: Yeah. I got the dustbrush, John.

170:46:49 Young: Okay. (Long Pause) Okay. Go to it, Charlie. You're giving me that minute, aren't you, Houston?

170:47:11 England: Yeah, I sure am. You've got about 20 seconds.

170:47:16 Young: I just got a picture of one of the great moments in history, Houston.

[John's picture of the LPM, AS16-116- 18722 taken across the Rover, shows Charlie near the LM. Charlie is probably urinating.]
170:47:21 England: How's that?
[John describes the scene without actually saying what he thinks Charlie is doing.]
170:47:23 Young: (Laughing) Charlie looking down into a crater that's (laughing) 10 feet (laughing) 10 feet ...

170:47:32 England: Okay; Mark, John.

170:47:37 Young: ...10 feet to the rear footpad, and 25 foot deep. (Responding to Tony's "mark") Sir?

170:47:47 England: Go ahead (with the LPM readout).

170:47:48 Young: Okay. (Pause) Okay, Houston. 317, 525, 5...(correcting himself) 317, 525, 513. (Pause) 320, 526, 513. (Pause) 321, 526, 513.

Video Clip ( 3 min 21 sec 0.9 Mb RealVideo or 30 Mb MPEG )

170:48:20 England: Okay. We copy those.

170:48:21 Young: Get those, Houston?

170:48:25 England: Okay. If you'll bag that one (meaning the rock on top of the LPM)...

170:48:27 Young: And the Read switch is going off.

170:48:28 England: We've got it here, and you can go on in.

170:48:30 Young: What do you want...(Stops to listen) Okay. What do you want me to do with the LPM, want to get it out of the way so it doesn't flap around and hit the LCRU at lift-off or something? (Pause)

170:48:45 England: We're not too worried about it, just leave it there.

170:48:51 Young: All righty. (Pause)

170:49:03 England: And, John, when you bag that (rock), we'll need a bag number.

170:49:15 Young: (Coughs) Charlie, this is a pretty good rock.

170:49:16 Duke: It is, isn't it?

170:49:18 Young: It's got a spectacular little zap pit in it. It's lined and it's all silvery and glassy. Fred Hörz will appreciate this rock.

170:49:29 Duke: Yeah.

[Charlie selected the rock at 170:36:16.]

[Dr. Fred Hörz an impact mechanics expert at MSC, is shown with back-up LMP Ed Mitchell (left) , John Young, and Charlie Duke at the Lunar Receiving Lab.]

[Hörz, from a 29 March 2003 e-mail - " I was in the science 'backroom' during this EVA and needless to say: I was pleased that the crew thought of me in person. The rock itself is one of many glass-draped rocks that were returned from Apollo 16, many more than all other missions combined, most likely because they were fresh, uneroded/uncomminuted ejecta from the very young - only 2 million (!) years old - South Ray Crater."]

170:49:30 England: We'll appreciate them all.

170:49:33 Duke: You can see those sugary-textured ones.

170:49:37 England: And we better...

170:49:38 Young: Okay, Charlie, bag 331.

170:49:39 England: ...hustle on back in, we're getting up against it. Bag 331.

170:49:44 Young: Oh, okay.

170:49:49 Duke: We're getting what, Tony?

170:49:50 England: We're getting up against the time limit. We'd like you to get on in.

170:49:56 Duke: Yeah, I'm standing at the footpad ready...

170:49:57 England: That's not a PLSS time limit.

170:49:58 Duke: ...ready to get dusted and get my antenna...(Stops to listen)

170:50:02 Young: Say again?

170:50:04 England: That's not a PLSS time limit. That's in time for getting ready for lift-off.

170:50:11 Duke: Yeah.

170:50:12 Young: Yeah. Understand. (Pause)

170:50:21 England: And, Charlie, I interrupted. What were you saying?

170:50:24 Duke: Kind of looks...(Stops to listen) Oh, I don't remember. (Chuckles)

170:50:35 Young: Boy, Houston, the beauty of this place is absolutely incredible! (Pause)

170:50:47 England: We agree. And there's another spectacular view! The pilot who missed the crater.

170:50:57 Duke: Watch out. Watch out, John.

170:51:01 Young: Yeah.

170:51:02 Duke: To your left is that crater.

[John may be taking two last pictures on his way back to the LM. These are AS16-116- 18723 and 18724. If he took a stereopair and stepped to his left between frames, the step may have triggered Charlie's warning about the crater.]
170:51:05 Young: That'd be pretty good to miss it on landing and fall in on it before taking off, huh?

170:51:13 Duke: Well, the way I've been falling, I probably would. That's why I steered way clear. (Pause) Boy, this backpack, once you get it torqued off, you can't stop it.

170:51:26 Young: Not without moving.

170:51:27 Duke: That's right. There. Okay. Yeah, I'll put the rock... (If) you take the camera off, I'll put the (LPM) rock in this SCB over here.

170:51:37 Young: Okay.

Video Clip ( 3 min 4 sec 0.8 Mb RealVideo or 27 Mb MPEG )

170:51:38 Duke: Okay. Did you give them the bag number?

170:51:40 Young: Yeah. (Pause) Okay, Houston. I'm up to frame count 168 on magazine E.

170:51:52 England: Okay. (Long Pause)

170:52:08 Duke: Okay, John. (I'm) ready to be dusted.

170:52:14 Young: Boy, that's the last one. It's not going to come out, because...(the film didn't advance?)

170:52:19 Duke: Yeah, you're going to have to take it off.

170:52:21 Young: We got to take it off. Just shot 169 of the old Rover sitting there. Boy, that's a good machine.

170:52:30 Duke: Yeah, it's an incredibly good machine. (Long Pause)

170:52:45 Young: Okay?

170:52:46 Duke: Okay, there you go. Hang on to this.

170:52:50 Young: Now, we got some work to do here, boy. You're all dirty.

170:52:54 Duke: You ought to see your back. I couldn't have gotten any dirtier than you. (Pause) The only other thing we need, John, is the far UV mag.

170:53:08 Young: Yeah.

170:53:11 Duke: I think this stuff is just ingrained into the suit right now.

170:53:14 Young: Yeah, I don't think we're going to be able to get it off.

170:53:24 Duke: A little bit's coming off your arm when I whack it. There we come. (Pause)

170:53:30 Young: Well, the message is clear.

170:53:32 Duke: What?

170:53:33 Young: Don't lose the fender off the Rover.

170:53:35 Duke: Yeah, you ought to see the top of your helmet. (Pause) Looks like it's little mud drops.

[Ron Creel has provided a summary ( 1.3 Mb PDF ) of the fender extension losses that occurred on all three Rover missions.]
170:53:47 Young: Get a little farther away, Charlie?

170:53:49 Duke: Yeah. (Long Pause) I'll kick off my legs (when I get up on the ladder), John.

170:54:19 Young: Okay.

170:54:21 Duke: Could you close that (thigh-mounted, strap-on) pocket so the dirt...

170:54:22 Young: Want to get the pockets off?

170:54:24 Duke: Well, I don't think we have time. Let's get...I just want to get the thing (meaning the cover flap on the pocket) closed.

170:54:30 Young: Okay.

170:54:32 Duke: There we go. I got it. There, that's great. That's where all that dust came in from yesterday, was...Yours is closed.

Video Clip ( 2 min 52 sec 0.7 Mb RealVideo or 25 Mb MPEG )

170:54:40 Young: Okay.

170:54:42 Duke: Okay, let me try (to dust) you now. Some off your helmet. (Pause) Uh-oh, did I turn your comm? No, it's on. Golly, that Rover, really...Okay. Let me get under here. There we go a little bit, it's working.

170:55:14 Young: Boy, I tell you, Houston, if we just had some air up here, we could plow this.

170:55:22 Duke: Turn around, John.

170:55:23 Young: Sure is good-looking dirt, I'll tell you that.

170:55:29 England: Well, maybe some day. (Pause)

170:55:36 Duke: Okay. Spin.

170:55:41 Young: Man, it is brand new.

170:55:45 Duke: Yeah, I think I got most of that stuff off that Rover wheel because your (Static) ... on my side...

170:55:54 Young: Is the worst?

170:56:10 Duke: Is the worst. Yeah. Can you put your arm over your helmet? There we go. Okay. (Static fades) Let me spend some time here. Okay. That's probably about as good as we're gonna do, John.

170:56:11 Young: Okay.

170:56:12 Duke: Okay; (stow the PLSS/OPS) antennas, and I guess I'm ready to climb in.

170:56:17 Young: Well, you know, I don't think we need to worry about the antennas, but let me get yours. Golly! Look at the top of your...Let me worry about that; let me get the top of your PLSS cleaned off.

170:56:26 Duke: Okay.

170:56:28 Young: Here, come on by the ladder.

170:56:29 Duke: Okay.

170:56:35 Young: (Garbled) (Pause)

170:56:44 Duke: Is it on the OPS?

170:56:45 Young: All over it.

170:56:46 Duke: Oh, yours is dirty, too, I couldn't reach it though; gonna bypass it. It might be a good idea to let me...

170:56:52 Young: Well, we're gonna keep the OPSs, Charlie.

170:56:55 Duke: I know it. We better...You better lean over and let me get yours. (Pause) That rock bag is filthy.

170:57:07 Young: I heard of dusting off, but I didn't know we were going to have to go from the top down. Stand up, Charlie, and let me get the back of it.

Video Clip ( 2 min 24 sec 0.6 Mb RealVideo or 21 Mb MPEG )

170:57:26 Duke: You know that engine bell didn't even blow out that big old rock over there.

170:57:30 Young: I know it.

170:57:32 Duke: Well...

170:57:33 Young: There you go.

170:57:34 Duke:... foot-sized anyway.

170:57:36 England: Okay, fellows. We should be pressurized in about 5 minutes.

170:57:40 Young: There you go.

170:57:41 Duke: Oh, that's great. Boy, is that dirty up there. Can you...

170:57:53 Young: Yeah. (Pause)

170:57:58 Duke: My knee on your antenna.

170:58:01 Young: Okay.

170:58:02 Duke: Okay, spin around just a little bit. Whoa.

170:58:05 Young: You want me to get down?

170:58:06 Duke: No, you're great. Right there's fine. (Pause) Okay, that's the best I can do, John.

170:58:18 Young: Well, boy, that's about it, Charlie.

170:58:21 Duke: Okay.

170:58:22 Young: That's about the best we can do.

170:58:23 Duke: Let me...Bend over and I'll get your antenna. (Pause) I'll put my visor down. (Long Pause)

MP3 Audio Clip ( 9 min 29 sec )

170:58:50 Duke: About had it and it slipped out. Five-minute operation here (stowing John's OPS antenna).

170:58:57 Young: Man, Houston, this portable life-support system is really a good piece of gear.

170:59:05 England: Okay.

170:59:07 Duke: Okay, it's down now.

170:59:08 Young: Houston, are you reading us? Over.

170:59:11 England: Yeah, we are. Are you copying us?

170:59:14 Young: Ain't reading us, are they?

170:59:16 Duke: Doesn't sound like it, does it?

170:59:17 Young: Houston, are you reading us? Over.

170:59:20 England: We copy you 5 by. How us?

170:59:23 Young: Go on and get in. Why don't you go ahead and get in?

170:59:24 Duke: You want to get that antenna?

170:59:27 Young: Your antenna?

170:59:28 Duke: Yeah.

170:59:29 Young: No. We don't need it anymore, do we?

170:59:30 Duke: Okay. No.

170:59:31 Young: Okay. (Pause) Okay. I don't know what happened to the comm.

Video Clip ( 2 min 50 sec 0.7 Mb RealVideo or 25 Mb MPEG )

170:59:43 England: Hello, Orion; this is Houston.

170:59:48 Young: Hi there. We lost you for a while.

170:59:50 England: Yeah, we sure did. We're getting kind of back on the time line, we'd like to hustle you on in there.

170:59:59 Young: Charlie's climbing through the door right now, Houston.

171:00:01 England: Okay. And you've got the UV (magazine) to get yet?

171:00:07 Young: That's right.

171:00:08 England: Okay.

171:00:10 Duke: What happened to the comm, Tony?

171:00:12 England: I think we had a dropout down here.

171:00:16 Duke: Okay. Okay, Tony. I'm inside.

171:00:19 England: Good show.

171:00:24 Duke: With two rock bags. (Pause)

171:00:35 England: Okay. And we'll skip the track-light test; and just let you get on in.

171:00:43 Duke: It works. Ken saw it during the...

171:00:46 Young: Yeah, we've already tested it once.

171:00:48 England: Okay, fine. Let's not do it now. (Long Pause)

171:01:07 Duke: I'm sorry, John, but I brought some dirt in with me. (Long Pause)

171:01:23 Young: Okay, Charlie. I'm going to bring up the...Houston, I'm going to reset the far UV camera.

171:01:34 England: Okay, reset three times.

171:01:38 Young: And remove the mag.

171:01:41 England: Okay, and camera off.

171:01:42 Young: One, two, three. Okay, then camera's coming off. (Pause) And the can is full, cassette is being removed. It's out.

171:02:07 England: Good show.

171:02:09 Young: And it and bag 6 are gonna go up the ladder this time, I guess.

171:02:20 England: Okay. And, Charlie, you're going to get a feedwater flag pretty soon. Just leave it. Don't put on the auxiliary.

Video Clip ( 3 min 01 sec 0.8 Mb RealVideo or 27 Mb MPEG )

171:02:32 Duke: Okay. (Pause) What's our time, Tony?

171:02:37 England: Okay, you've been out 05:31.

171:02:38 Duke: (To Tony) Boy, you just hit it right on the nose! There it (meaning the feedwater tone) goes.

171:02:44 Young: Okay; fine.

171:02:49 Duke: Boy.

171:02:50 England: We'll be down (meaning "behind schedule") about 10 minutes when you get in.

171:02:56 Duke: Okay. I forgot to wind my watch, so that's why I was asking. (Pause)

171:03:10 Young: Okay, Charlie, this bag is coming open. Wait a minute.

171:03:14 Duke: Okay. (Pause)

171:03:21 Young: Here's a bag.

171:03:22 Duke: Okay.

171:03:23 Young: (Straining) Let me get up on the porch [and] get it in there good.

171:03:27 Duke: I can't reach it.

171:03:28 Young: I'll get it to you. Okay. There you go.

171:03:30 Duke: I got it.

171:03:32 Young: Okay, here's the UV cassette.

171:03:36 Duke: I got it. I hope that baby worked. (Pause)

171:03:42 Young: I'm gonna bring the ETB up now.

171:03:44 Duke: Okay, and you got a big rock bag on your left.

171:03:46 Young: Yeah, I understand. (Pause)

[Prior to climbing the ladder, John probably hooked the ETB to a lanyard (LEC or Lunar Equipment Conveyor) that he had left hanging down from the porch railing. Now, he is pulling the ETB up to the porch and, in the next transmission, Charlie may be watching the operation out his window.]
171:03:52 Duke: Get up there. Go. (Pause)

171:04:09 England: And, John, verify you took the magazine off your (Hasselblad) camera.

171:04:12 Duke: Boy, you got that up fast.

171:04:16 Young: (To Tony) That's verified.

171:04:18 England: Okay, and the UV cassette is in the ETB?

171:04:24 Young: No. The UV cassette is in the spacecraft.

171:04:27 England: Okay. Good show.

171:04:30 Young: I brought it up separately.

171:04:34 England: Okay. We're all for that. (Pause)

171:04:41 Young: I'll go down and get the big rock bag now, Charlie.

171:04:43 Duke: Okay. (Long Pause) Well, that's the last of the old orange juice junk. Just finished it.

Video Clip ( 2 min 58 sec 0.8 Mb RealVideo or 26 Mb MPEG )

171:05:25 England: Okay, we copy that. (Pause)

171:05:37 Young: Can't make the ETB (means the big rock bag) stay closed.

171:05:42 Duke: Huh?

171:05:44 Young: Have to take it up open.

171:05:46 Duke: What, the big rock bag?

171:05:47 Young: Yeah.

171:05:48 Duke: It won't...There's no...There's some snaps on it, but don't worry about that. We'll get that later if you can bring it up open.

171:05:54 Young: Okay. (Long Pause) Okay. I'm disconnecting the LEC and dropping it under the LM. (Long Pause)

171:06:52 Duke: Okay, John. After I bring this (big rock bag) in, wait 2 seconds and let me get behind the hatch and... (Pause) I got it.

171:07:09 Young: Okay.

171:07:10 Duke: Man, that's a big rock right there. Thanks, babe. (Pause) Okay. (Pause)

171:07:29 Young: Okay? Okay, Charlie's getting behind the hatch, Houston.

171:07:34 England: Okay.

171:07:35 Young: So I can get in that baby. (Pause)

171:07:43 Duke: Hung up on something. Okay, I'm back as far as I can get, John.

171:07:49 Young: Okay, let me get my visor up here...(Pause) See what I'm doing. (Pause)

MP3 Audio Clip ( 4 min 04 sec )

171:08:12 Duke: Okay, you got it coming great. Okay. You're going to have to come right a little bit...(Correcting himself) left a little bit. Clear your PLSS.

Video Clip ( 3 min 13 sec 0.8 Mb RealVideo or 28 Mb MPEG )

171:08:25 Young: That's as far left as I can get, Charlie.

171:08:26 Duke: Okay. (Pause) Okay, it's clearing. Just made it. (Pause) Okay, just about got it.

171:08:43 Young: Okay.

171:08:45 Duke: Okay. Let me get my bum out of your way. (To Houston) Okay, John's in, Tony.

171:08:51 England: Okay.

171:08:54 Young: Wait a minute. (Pause) (Garbled)

171:09:08 Duke: Okay.

171:09:09 Young: Don't close the door.

171:09:10 Duke: I forgot to turn off your feedwater. Let me get your feedwater.

171:09:14 Young: Okay.

171:09:17 Duke: Okay, yours is closed.

171:09:18 Young: Okay. Let me get yours.

171:09:19 Duke: Okay.

171:09:22 Young: With his running out like that, I still have to get it, huh, Houston? Probably 20 minutes worth...

171:09:25 England: That's probably a good idea.

171:09:26 Duke: Yeah.

171:09:31 Young: (Muttering) "Probably a good idea." (Pause) Okay, feedwater's off.

171:09:42 Duke: Okay. Start with the post-EVA (procedures), John. I think...

171:09:47 Young: Okay, Primary Water's off; that's Closed. Front hatch closed and locked.

171:09:51 Duke: Okay.

171:09:54 Young: I'll get that.

171:09:55 Duke: Okay. (Long Pause)

171:10:11 Young: Okay, that's closed and locked, Charlie.

[The next several minutes of dialog indicate that Charlie used the overhead dump valve to depressurize the cabin at the start of the EVA and he is now getting into position to put that valve in Auto.]
171:10:13 Duke: Okay, let me...I'll going get the...If you can scootch over just to the right just a little bit. Let me get this dump valve. (Pause) Okay, we're in Auto.

171:10:31 Young: Okay, dump (garbled), Auto.

171:10:34 Duke: That's affirmative on the aft...(correcting himself) on the overhead.

171:10:37 Young: Okay, Cabin Repress (Valve) to Auto.

171:10:39 Duke: Okay. It is.

171:10:41 Young: Circuit breaker (16) ECS: Cabin Repress to Close.

171:10:44 Duke: Here we come. (Long Pause)

171:11:00 Duke: Okay.

[A noise that sounds like cabin repressurization starts at this point but, because it continues long after repressurization ends, it must be static.]
171:11:01 Young: Press Reg A and B to Cabin.

171:11:02 Duke: Okay, they are. (Long Pause)

171:11:17 Young: You got the PLSS Oxygen, Off?

171:11:20 Duke: Yeah. It's Off.

171:11:28 Young: I think I got mine.

171:11:29 Duke: Yeah, I'll get it.

Video Clip ( 3 min 01 sec 0.8 Mb RealVideo or 27 Mb MPEG )

171:11:32 Young: Not sure. (Pause)

171:11:37 Duke: Yeah, it was (On), John. Let me turn it off. Okay. It's Off. (Pause)

171:11:46 England: Okay. You had a 5-hour and 40-minute EVA. And the Backroom sends a great big "Outstanding."

171:11:57 Young: Thank you.

171:11:58 Duke: Thank you very much, Tony. They kept us going and thinking. So, it was a two-way street.


EVA-3 Close-out Apollo 16 Journal Post-EVA-3 Activities