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Ed's Station C1 Mini-Pan

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2002 by Eric M. Jones.
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Last revised 13 December 2005.


Ed's two-part mini-pan of the boulders at C1 consists of AS14-68- 9448, 9449, 9450, 9451, and 9452. Assembly by Dave Byrne. Based on material in USGS Professional Paper 880, the gap between the two portions of the mini-pan is estimated to be 1.5 degrees.

Frame 9448 is a close-up of the white boulder. The LM is just above the righthand corner of the boulder, as indicated in a detail.

In 9452, we can see one of the "Dixie cup" sample bags lying next to the hammer on the rock. The bag has a circular opening about 13 cm across and is 26 cm long.

In the background of 9452, the large boulder with the knob on the left side is Saddle Rock, which is labeled '1107' on the USGS map.


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