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Al's Station B Pan

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Al's Station B pan is AS14-64- 9049 to 9072. It was taken at the point labeled 'Pan 7' in the shaded relief map.

Frame 9059 shows Ed with the map while 9071 and 9072 show the LM. Although the human eye does a far better job than the camera does of picking out the thin ovals that craters are until you are quite close to them, this pan gives us an idea of the problem that confronted them in trying to figure out where, exactly, they were.

Jones - "We have a little bit of a MET track on AS14-64- 9050, on 9052 a few of those boulders. Frame 9054 looking north, beginning to pick up that ray you're talking about; and 9056, more boulders; 9058, nice definition of the MET track and the footprints in that one; and 9066 is these boulders you were talking about earlier, I would think."

Mitchell - "Yeah, that's the beginning of the increase. You can see the difference in the boulder population. From looking west as we come on around to the north we start to see the increase in the boulder population and once we get clear on around to the east and start to come up-Sun, you see the boulders are bigger and more numerous."

Jones - "And this increase corresponds, more or less, to the break in slope. Anything else of interest? Let's see; in this picture of the MET ( 9056 ), we've got the 16 mm camera, and this is the Apollo 12 Hand Tool Carrier on the front. UHT's sitting to the left of the 16 mm camera, and I see a stack of cup samplers on the side."


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