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Al's 4 O'Clock Pan

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Al's initial 4 o'clock pan (assembly by Adam Bootle) consists of frames AS14-66-9236 to 9257.

Frames 9240, 9241, and 9242 show Ed doing his TV pan.

Ricardo Salamé has assembled frames 9250 to 54 showing the LM.

Frame 9254 shows the righthand and aft section of the LM, looking south. An excellent picture of the LM, and many structural details are visible. The area under, and slightly behind the engine bell shows evidence of disturbed soil resulting from the Descent Engine exhaust. Also visible in the crater next to the rear (-Z) footpad is the track made by the probe as it scraped across the surface. The right (+Y) footpad has dug into the soft rim of a crater, causing the LM to slide slightly. Refer, also, to AS14-66-9269, a view of the left (-Y) footpad to see more evidence of this northward slide.

The lightweight construction of the LM is apparent in this picture. Minor buckling of panels covering the aft equipment bay and right side of the LM are visible. Notice also thermal damage done to the RCS plume deflectors. The extensive use of gold tape to secure the black insulation blankets can be seen.

The f-stop settings planned for use relative to the direction of the Sun are shown on decals mounted on top of the film magazines. 'HBW' is High-Speed Black-and-White and 'HCEX' is High-Speed Color Exterior.]


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