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Apollo 12 Lunar Surface Maps

Clickable maps Copyright © 2006 by Eric M. Jones.
All rights reserved.
Last revised 30 May 2007.


Scans of lunar surface map set courtesy Kent Carter of the US National Archives, Fort Worth, and Lennie Waugh. Supplemented with scans made in 2006 by Eric Jones from a xerox copy of the map set made at JSC in about 1990. Both copy sets show identical handwritten notes on the explanatory pages.

1:100,000 Apollo 12 Landing Site Map with Landing Ellipse

1:25,000 Apollo 12 Landing Site Maps

Maps corresponding to the (A) western, (B) central, and (C) eastern portions of the landing ellipse, with and without geologic markings. Note that the locations of the 1:5,000 maps (linked below) are indicated.

1:5000 Maps Accessible via Clickable Composite Map

Individual 1:5000 maps can be accessed via the following clickable maps.

1:5000 Geology Maps

Geology features were marked on the 1:5000 maps close to the target point, which is in the northern part of map LSE 7-6.

Four possible traverses were laid out in the area covered by LSE 7-6 and the next map section north, LSE 7-7. If Pete was able to land close to Surveyor Crater, it was expected that one of these traverses could be lightly modified for use. The actual traverse was a modification of the Site 4 traverse, as handrawn on the map below.

Traverse Notes

These notes were part of the map package and discuss the signifcance of each of the proposed geology stops, the tasks to be performed, and additional discussion as appropriate. All four traverses include a visit to Surveyor Crater. Notes for that location are on a separate page.

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