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Apollo 11 Descent and Ascent Monitoring Photomaps


These are two photomaps which depict the track of the Eagle during its descent to, and ascent from the surface. The ascent map depicts the track of the LM from its projected landing point, and the descent map depicts the track, field of view and a time reference from PDI. Although, the descent map concludes at the PDI+4 minute mark, Robin Wheeler has provided a lower-resolution scan of the final portion of the descent map from the book Mapping of the Moon by Z.Kopal and R.W. Carder (1974). In addition, the ascent monitoring map extends sufficiently eastward to overlap the descent map.

The photomaps are centered slightly north of the lunar equator, and ranges from 3.5 degrees North to 2 degrees south latitude, and about 3 degrees in longitude.

Combined, this is a large (2 meters long, by 0.4 meters wide) map which must be scanned in segments. Because of its size, and the desire to present as much detail as possible, it is scanned in 15 segments, each about 550k. Each scan overlaps adjacent areas, so no detail is lost.


This document was scanned by Frank O'Brien in March 2002.
Robin Wheeler contributed the final portion of the descent map in May 2003.


Entire Ascent Monitoring Photomap (1342k

Ascent Monitoring Photomap 1 (12&degE - 16&degE) ( 550k )

Ascent Monitoring Photomap 2 (16&degE - 19&degE) ( 550k )

Ascent Monitoring Photomap 3 (19&degE - 22&degE) ( 550k )

Ascent Monitoring Photomap 4 (22&degE - 25&degE) ( 550k )

Ascent Monitoring Photomap 5 (24&degE - 28&degE) ( 550k )

Ascent Monitoring Photomap 6 (27&degE - 30&degE) ( 550k )


Entire Descent Monitoring Photomap ( 6898k )

Final Descent Section (23&degE - 28&degE) ( 510k )

Descent Monitoring Photomap 1 (29&degE - 32&degE) ( 550k )

Descent Monitoring Photomap 2 (32&degE - 35&degE) ( 550k )

Descent Monitoring Photomap 3 (35&degE - 38&degE) ( 550k

Descent Monitoring Photomap 4 (37&degE - 41&degE) ( 550k )

Descent Monitoring Photomap 5 (40&degE - 44&degE) ( 550k )

Descent Monitoring Photomap 6 (43&degE - 46&degE) ( 550k )

Descent Monitoring Photomap 7 (46&degE - 49&degE) ( 550k )

Descent Monitoring Photomap 8 (49&degE - 52&degE) ( 550k )

Descent Monitoring Photomap 9 (51&degE - 53&degE) ( 550k )


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