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Apollo 11 Post-Flight Report on Suits/PLSSs/etc.

Scan and PDF formating by Gary Neff.


Apollo 11 Post-Flight Report on Suits, PLSSs, etc. (45 Mb)


This is a preliminary version of a report prepared after the flight by the MSC Crew Systems Divison for the purpose of providing "a record of the performance of the CSD(Crew Systems Division) furnished quipment during the Apollo 11 mission. This report will include preflight, inflight, and postflight problems, activities, and performance." It includes detailed equipment lists including Part and Serial numbers, the results of various pre-flight tests and checks, inflight procedures and performance including crew comments, PLSS telemetry, discussion of equipment problems, and recommendations. The extensive section covering postflight evaluation includes discussion of 29 discrepancy reports, mostly concerning suit wear, and an EMU Objectives Assessment Report.


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