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Apollo 16

Day 9, Part 1: Preparation for LM Jettison

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2006-2022 by W. David Woods and Tim Brandt. All rights reserved.
Last updated 2022-08-19
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Day 9 Wake-up Call 189:17
Flight Plan changes 189:23:52
Loss of Signal 190:02
Acquisition of Signal 190:49:51
More Flight Plan Changes 190:53:51
LM Flight Plan Changes 191:14:54
Loss of Signal 192:00
Acquisition of Signal 192:47
TEI-63 PAD 192:52:44
LM Deorbit PAD 193:21:12
Communications Problems 193:41:16
Mass Spectrometer Boom Problem 193:43:23
Loss of Signal 193:58
End of Chapter 194:35
Apollo Control, Houston; 189 hours, 29 minutes [189:17] Ground Elapsed Time. We're standing by now for a wakeup call to the crew of Apollo 16.
189:18:14 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston.
189:18:51 Mattingly: Hello there.
189:18:52 Hartsfield: Good morning.
189:18:59 Mattingly: Already?
189:19:03 Hartsfield: Were you still snoozing?
189:19:08 Mattingly: You betcha.
189:19:16 Hartsfield: How's your writing arm this morning?
189:19:23 Mattingly: Now, now.
189:19:33 Young: Wait until he gets the sleep out of his eyes.
189:19:38 Mattingly: Okay. The first thing I want to do, Hank, is to check on the lithium canister. I got - I had some trouble getting that one out of - out of B last night; and let me go down and check that other one before I do anything else and make sure I don't get it stuck. These things are swelling a little bit now, and they've been a little - a little difficult to get to.
189:20:01 Hartsfield: Roger. Copy.
That's Ken Mattingly aboard Apollo 16 talking to CapCom Hank Hartsfield here in Mission Control.
189:20:40 Young: Okay, Houston. Charlie's going off biomed here for a while.
189:20:45 Hartsfield: Roger.
189:21:17 Young: Ken really had a hard time getting that LiOH canister out last night. He had to wiggle it back and forth about 20 times and go - and come forward and then he'd push it back, come forward, and push it back. Finally got it worked out of there. But what he was worried about and what - what worried me is, is there a possibility of busting that nylon strap on there off? In which case you'd probably never get it out.
189:21:50 Hartsfield: I don't know, John. I'll question them on that.
189:21:56 Young: Okay. I think I remember breaking off one sometime a long time ago, and I just wondered if they'd beefed that thing up any.
189:22:25 Hartsfield: 16, Houston. Is the A side free?
189:22:35 Mattingly: I just checked them, Hank. They're - they're both okay, now. I had a little trouble getting the one out - let's see, which one was it last night? It was the - it was the B, and I had just a little trouble getting the one out yesterday morning, or whenever it was we made the other change of A. But it was just a little sticky; it wasn't like this. I think we may have had a little extra humidity because the windows are starting to fog up more often now.
189:23:06 Hartsfield: Roger.
189:23:39 Mattingly: Okay. I killed the jet monitor, and I - I am ready to copy.
189:23:52 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken. The first change occurs at 189:46 in the Flight Plan.
189:24:08 Mattingly: Okay.
189:24:09 Hartsfield: Okay. At 189:46 [189:35], add "Image Motion, On; Mapping Camera, On," and you might make a note there to perform this before opening the Mapping Camera/Laser Altimeter cover. What we're going to do here is to turn the camera on before we open the door and use the Gamma-Ray Boom as a reference. They want to try to get an idea of what's happening on this extend/retract on the Mapping Camera; and, later on, we'll do the same thing. We'll turn the camera on and retract it all the way with it running and close the door before we turn it off.
189:24:54 Mattingly: Aren't you guys clever? Okay.
189:24:59 Hartsfield: Okay. At 189:51 [189:40], delete "Image Motion, On; and delete Mapping Camera, On, T-start." Change the "Image Motion, Incr ...
189:25:15 Mattingly: Okay, I'd better get my maneuver going here before we do anything, else.
189:25:21 Hartsfield: Okay. Press on with that, and let me know when you're ready to go again.
189:25:29 Mattingly: Okay. Would you check my Logic Power, on, on 181, please?
189:25:43 Hartsfield: Yes, sir.
189:25:57 Mattingly: Okay. I didn't think I got to them last night to turn them off.
189:26:00 Duke: [Garble].
189:26:02 Mattingly: There's two guarded switches down there.
189:26:05 Hartsfield: Ken, are you on Vox this morning?
189:26:06 Mattingly: On the bottom row. Yeah.
189:26:11 Duke: Yes, sir. Thank you.
189:26:29 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. While I'm getting this roll going, why don't you give me some more of that stuff? The last thing I copied was the deletion at 189:50 [189:38] of the Image Motion and the Mapping Camera, On.
189:26:41 Hartsfield: Okay. And the "Image Motion, Increase", change the "Barber pole" to "Barber pole plus one."
189:26:51 Mattingly: Okay. That's BP plus one.
189:26:53 Hartsfield: And at 189:57 [189:45], "Charge Battery A."
189:27:07 Mattingly: Okay. Charge Battery A at 189: 57 [189:45].
189:27:13 Hartsfield: Okay. On the next page, at 190:15 [190:03], P52 ...
189:27:19 Mattingly: Before I leave that, Hank, do you have a camera stop time?
189:27:31 Hartsfield: Stand by one.
189:27:47 Hartsfield: Casper, would you give us Accept, please?
189:27:52 Mattingly: You have it.
189:27:55 Hartsfield: Okay. We're going to send you a new state vector; and FAO advises that stop time will be read up with the updates.
189:28:05 Mattingly: Okay.
189:28:17 Hartsfield: I think - you - you got your roll attitude now?
189:28:23 Mattingly: Yeah. Let me get that straightened out first.
189:29:32 Mattingly: That's good.
189:29:42 Mattingly: Hank, there's no way we're going to make it to this attitude on time.
189:29:48 Hartsfield: it's not critical, Ken.
189:29:50 Mattingly: I guess that's agreeable with everybody. Okay. But I assume that - we might just as well hold off on this camera extension and all that until daylight. It looks like it's going to be dark or do you want to do that right now while we're ...
189:30:37 Hartsfield: We want to - we want to do it now.
189:30:09 Mattingly: Do that, and get this attitude, and take whatever lighting happens to be out there? Okay.
189:30:19 Mattingly: Okay, let me - it'll work. No, it's still daylight. Make sure. it should be. Yeah. Okay. Get [vox] this dirty?
189:30:51 Mattingly: Yeah, you got it all dirty.
189:31:01 Mattingly: IMC is On; it's barber pole and - gray. The Mapping Camera is coming On -
189:31:13 Mattingly: Mark. The Laser Altimeter door is coming open -
189:21:21 Mattingly: Mark it. Barber pole, gray. Mapping Camera is going to Extend -
189:31:40 Mattingly: Mark. It's barber pole and running. While I'm here, I'll get the Gamma Ray Shield, Off, and the Laser Altimeter, On.
189:32:09 Hartsfield: Okay, Image Motion is set, and ready to copy some - some more.
189:32:16 Hartsfield: Okay, at 190:15 [190:03]. Next page. P52, option 3 -
189:32:25 Mattingly: Go ahead.
189:32:27 Hartsfield: ... followed by GDC Align.
189:32:38 Mattingly: Okay.
189:32:40 Hartsfield: Okay. The next thing occurs at 191 hours. I guess you can get it right at the top of that page, "CMP, open LM hatch."
189:32:58 Mattingly: Okay.
189:33:00 Hartsfield: At 191:05 [190:53], may have to use an arrow to get it in there, "Image Motion, Increase, Barber Pole, On."
189:33:14 Mattingly: Okay. IMC to barber pole at 191:05.
189:33:22 Hartsfield: Roger. And for planning, about 191:06 [190:54], we plan to start reading up the LM changes if we can get through these. At 191:16 [191:04], from that MSFN up-link black, delete the LOPC target-load information there in the desired orient.
189:33:50 Mattingly: Okay. That's deleted.
189:33:52 Hartsfield: At 191:16 [191:04], you'll have to use an arrow again ...
189:33:55 Mattingly: For planning purposes, what book should the LM guys have available to write in?
189:34:00 Hartsfield: Okay. The LM Contingency Checklist and the LM Timeline.
189:34:07 Mattingly: Okay. We'll have those out.
189:34:12 Hartsfield: Okay. 191:16 [191:04], we want the "Image Motion to ...
189:34:17 Mattingly: Go ahead.
189:34:18 Hartsfield: ... barber pole plus four."
189:34:23 Mattingly: Okay, BP plus four at 191:16 [191:04].
189:34:28 Hartsfield: And delete the update block at 191:18 [191:06].
189:34:38 Hartsfield: High Gain to Auto.
189:34:50 Mattingly: You've got it.
189:34:53 Hartsfield: Okay, and I'll - stand corrected on that update block. We'll give you a TEI PAD there.
189:35:04 Mattingly: Okay.
189:35:06 Hartsfield: Okay. At 191:33 [191:21], delete everything down to orbital science photos.
189:35:23 Mattingly: Okay. Well, that one I can do.
189:35:26 Hartsfield: Okay. And at 191:50 [191:38], here's where we're going to close that mapping camera up; I guess the best thing to do is just scratch through all that stuff there and write out to the side the order we want to get it in, which is as follows: "Laser Altimeter, Off; Mapping Camera, Retract; Mapping Camera/Laser Altimeter Cover, Closed - that's after it's retracted, of course - "Mapping Camera, Off." And I think you're at attitude now, Ken, if you want to start your P20. It's not at attitude, stand corrected.
189:36:17 Mattingly: Thank you, sir.
189:36:20 Hartsfield: Yeah, it must have bumped a stick there.
189:36:26 Mattingly: [Vox] Thank you. I'm glad somebody is awake this morning.
189:36:46 Hartsfield: Okay. After the Mapping Camera Off, wait 22 seconds, Mapping Camera, Standby; IMC Off" They want to do a Verb 49 to the LM comm, deep space measurement attitude to arrive at 192:10 [191:58]. The attitude is 322, 115, 305. High-Gain angles for AOS acq: Pitch, minus 35; Yaw 235. And along about 213:00, beg - Stand corrected - 191:55 [191:43], want to start transferring equipment from the LM.
189:38:10 Mattingly: Okay. Now, give me that time that you've got to be in attitude again, I didn't get that one.
189:38:17 Hartsfield: One - 192:10 [191:58].
189:38:29 Mattingly: 192:10. Okay. And you didn't say anything about the X-Ray. Do you want it to go to Standby?
189:38:43 Hartsfield: We want to leave the X-Ray, On.
189:38:49 Mattingly: Okay. So all the rest of that block up there, I delete, right?
189:38:52 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.
189:38:55 Mattingly: And leave the alpha-particle cover open and all that. Okay. I'll just delete all those guys, and let me read you what I have. That's the "Laser Altimeter - Starting at 191:50 [191:38] we'll go "Laser Altimeter, Off; Mapping Camera/Laser Altimeter when it's in, the "Mapping Camera/Laser Altimeter Cover" is to "Close," the Mapping Camera" then comes "Off" and we go through a little ditty of "33 seconds, Standby; IMC, Off." While we're doing this, we can do a Verb 49 to the attitude 322, 115, 305; AOS High Gain angles will be Pitch, minus 35; Yaw, 235. I need to be in attitude by 192:10 [191:58]. Starting about 191:55 [191:43], you want to start transfer of LM equipment.
189:39:50 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. Now, if you'll make a little note there, go to 214 hours, Page 323.
189:40:07 Mattingly: Go to - Say again?
189:40:10 Hartsfield: 214 hours, that's on three hundred and - Page 323.
189:40:21 Mattingly: Ah-hah.
189:40:33 Mattingly: Okay.
189:40:36 Hartsfield: Okay. I'm going to give you both times. If you like, you can write in the - your clock times over these. 214 hours becomes 192:10 [191:58] -
189:40:46 Mattingly: Hey, Hank - Hank, I'm getting - I'm getting confused. Would you give an overall picture, so that I can have some - some perspective of what we're doing. It - it'd sure made it a lot easier. I can copy this line by line, but I'll never - never keep it all straight here if -
189:41:02 Hartsfield: Okay We're gonna do the items in the Flight Plan up to 192:00 [191:48], and then we're gonna go over to 214 hours in the Flight Plan and pick up these items in there - until we get over to about 216:15. And then we're gonna jump back to 176:55, and pick up the LM jett procedure. And when we get through with that, we're gonna jump back to...
189:41:41 Mattingly: Okay now - just a second ...
189:41:42 Hartsfield: ... 217 - for the subsat ...
189:41:43 Mattingly: ... Wait a minute - wait. Let me absorb what you're saying. Okay, Hank. When you say you're gonna pick up, these things over here at Rev 72, I guess you're looking at all these visual targets and photo targets.
190:42:08 Hartsfield: Actually, we're scrubbing most that.
189:42:10 Mattingly: And of those - Oh, okay. All right, I was gonna say because we're in - we're on a groundtrack that isn't very compatible with some of those things. Okay, so then you're gonna do that and then you're gonna go back and do the LM jettison, and then come back up to the subsat?
189:42:29 Hartsfield: Roger. And we're trying to work at a ...
189:42:31 Mattingly: Oh, okay.
189:42:33 Hartsfield: ...clock update in here somewhere to get all this to look right.
189:42:37 Mattingly: [Laughter.] Okay ...
189:42:40 Young: That'll be the trick of the year.
189:42:42 Mattingly: Can you do that with a clock sync? You're even better than I thought you were.
189:42:46 Hartsfield: Nobody down here ...
189:42:47 Mattingly: All right, let me ...
189:42:48 Hartsfield: ... even knows what time it is now.
189:42:50 Mattingly: ... change the - the - Don't tell us things like that. Let me - all right, let me - let's - so we can make sure we're all talking in the same hours, I would like to do like we did the other day and - and correct the - the - times in the Flight Plan that are printed now to be the times that we'll really do it. And then you talk to me in times that we'll really do it and forget what it says in the Flight Plan.
189:43:22 Hartsfield: Okay. I'll do that.
189:43:24 Mattingly: That worked out real good with the rendezvous. Okay, so now the pages I need to fix the times on are going to be - starting at Page 323.
189:43:34 Hartsfield: That's affirmative, and 214:00 becomes ...
189:43:37 Mattingly: And 214 hours will be ...
189:43:39 Hartsfield: 192:10 [191:58].
189:43:43 Mattingly: 19 - uh-oh. 192:10?
189:43:47 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. You have to subtract 21 hours and 50 minutes from these times.
189:43:53 Mattingly: (Laughter) Sim Sup [Simulator Supervisor - ie this is like a simulation] is having a field day. Okay. This will take me a few minutes, but I'll - I'll get there.
189:44:09 Hartsfield: I'm considering resigning after this shift.
189:44:15 Mattingly: (Laughter) Okay. Just a second, Hank, let me - I'll - I'll get this page done, and then we can work on it, and I'll be right with you.
189:44:42 Mattingly: Okay. let's see.
189:44:56 Hartsfield: Ken, can we get a Shield, On, Gamma Ray?
189:45:01 Mattingly: Yes, sir. Try 9-A.
189:45:08 Duke: It's on, Ken.
189:45:09 Mattingly: Thank you. It's on, Hank.
189:45:25 Hartsfield: You're at attitude now, Ken.
189:45:31 Mattingly: Thank you.
189:45:50 Mattingly: Hang on a second.
191:45:52 Duke: Just a minute, Ken.
189:45:55 Mattingly: How about L-3
189:45:56 Duke: L-3
189:46:00 Hartsfield: Say again, Ken.
189:46:06 Mattingly: I'm sorry. We got - we got a lot of things going on at one time here. Okay. I've got Page 323 times corrected now, if you want to - if you want to correct those - those events before I work on the next page?
189:46:26 Hartsfield: Okay. At 192:10 [191:58], delete the galactic photo sequence.
189:46:39 Mattingly: Okay.
189:46:42 Hartsfield: In fact, delete everything in that page, and then, at 192:23, LM activation begins. Actually, everything in the left hand column, I should have said, should be deleted.
189:47:10 Mattingly: Okay. LM activation goes where all that other stuff is.
189:47:14 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.
189:47:23 Mattingly: Go ahead, Hank.
189:47:25 Hartsfield: Okay. The next column, all the P20 stuff; and at "Acquire MSFN," the High Gain
189:47:34 Mattingly: Okay. Now, what about this Skylab contamination at the bottom of the page?
189:47:37 Hartsfield: Delete.
189:47:48 Mattingly: Okay. Start over again now in the next column.
189:47:51 Hartsfield: Roger. Delete the P20. The MSFN angles are minus 35, yaw, 238.
189:48:08 Mattingly: Okay.
189:48:09 Hartsfield: Delete the orbital science prep - the configure camera, et cetera, and the orbital science. At 192:55 [191:43] there, we're going to up-link to the LM - just for your information - a state vector liftoff time P23 - P30 load and P99.
189:48:40 Mattingly: I hope that's not a lift-off time.
189:48:44 Hartsfield: Negative.
189:49:00 Hartsfield: The computer is yours.
189:49:03 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you.
189:49:07 Hartsfield: At 193:04 [192:52], we're gonna give you the LM jettison PAD.
189:49:24 Mattingly: Okay. And where will that go? We're gonna go back to the other - the other part of the book?
189:49:32 Hartsfield: Roger. You'll copy that at - on Page 283. That's at 176:15 in the original Flight Plan.
189:49:22 Mattingly: [Laughter.]
189:50:02 Mattingly: If you pull it out, I think, you'll probably find more behind it there. Okay, Hank.
189:50:14 Hartsfield: Okay. On the next page, we need to change all those times again. 215 becomes 193:10 [192:58].
189:50:42 Mattingly: Yeah. Let me see what time that was.
189:50:44 Duke: It's just 10 minutes.
189:50:46 Mattingly: Okay, we're - oh - let me - which battery?
189:51:02 Mattingly: Okay. We're charging battery A.
189:51:05 Hartsfield: Roger.
189:51:09 Mattingly: There.
189:51:50 Mattingly: Go ahead, Hank.
189:51:52 Hartsfield: Okay. At - at 193:10 [192:58], Verb 49 manouver to LM jett PAD attitude.
189:52:24 Hartsfield: Delete the shape target load there in the MSFN up-link
189:52:41 Mattingly: Okay.
189:52:42 Hartsfield: Delete the target - the orbital science stuff there - delete the rest of the things in that column and at 193:23, begin suit donning.
189:53:20 Mattingly: Okay, And we're all waiting with bated breath to find out what time you end suit donning.
189:53:30 Mattingly: 206:25 [206:13].
189:53:35 Hartsfield: I guess just when the end is end. I - Let's - let's look here at the next column; 193:40. Delete ...
189:53:41 Crew: (Laughter) [Garble] discouraging.
189:53:42 Hartsfield: Delete down through "Mapping Camera Laser Altimeter Cover, Close."
189:54:04 Mattingly: Okay. Are you - are you sure we wouldn't do better starting with a clean page like we did the other day once.
189:54:11 Hartsfield: I've been thinking the same thing.
189:54:13 Mattingly: I didn't mean to be facetious about that, Hank - because it seems like I'm doing more deleting than I'm writing, and it's getting so that - it's getting so confused, I may miss writing down - You know, when it comes time to execute, I may miss something.
189:54:39 Hartsfield: Well, if we had it to do over, I think this is what we ought to do. This thing was just handed to me a few minutes ago, and we're trying to straighten it out. You want to continue with this, or do you want to try to salvage...
189:54:50 Mattingly: Okay. Well, let's - yes, sir. Let's press on. Let's press on to this sequence until we get to LM jett, and see how it works.
189:55:00 Hartsfield: Okay. At - at 193:46 [193:34], and I guess you're just going to have to write this in the left-hand column and point over there because that's what I had to do. We want "Mass Spec, Ion Source, Off; Mass Spec Experiment to Standby."
189:55:23 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. Hank, let me - let me regroup now. I got everything deleted out of all that stuff that's on there down through "Mapping Camera Cover, Close." That leaves the alpha cover to be closed. Is that correct?
189:55:41 Hartsfield: That's correct.
189:55:59 Mattingly: Okay. Now read me the write-in.
189:56:02 Hartsfield: Roger. It's "Mass Spec, Ion Source, Off."
189:56:10 Mattingly: At what time?
189:56:11 Hartsfield: 193:46 [193:34]. "Experiment to Standby." And then there's a little caution, wait 5 minutes before retracting Mass Spec boom. "Gamma Ray, Retract; X-Ray to Standby; and then at 193:51 [193:39], which is your five minutes, Mass Spec, Retract."
189:57:00 Mattingly: Okay. So I've deleted all that stuff that's there, except for the Alpha cover Close. At 193:46 [193:34], we'll take the Mass Spec Ion Source, Off, and Experiment to Standby. Start our five-minute time. The Gamma Ray boom gets retracted, the X-Ray goes to Standby, and after 5 minutes, I retract the mass spec boom, and the alpha-particle cover will come closed.
189:57:27 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. And then you'll do the - you'll do the purge line Heaters, On, configure for the dump, and the rest of the things there.
189:57:38 Mattingly: Okay.
189:57:40 Hartsfield: And on the next page, at 194:10 [193:58] -
189:57:40 Young (onboard): Charlie, I - I have no remembrance...
189:57:40 Hartsfield: And on the next page, at 194:10 [193:58] -
189:57:45 Mattingly: Hey, Hank - Okay. This - This PGA donning, with things going on during it, bothers me a little bit. We - this PGA donning in our present configuration is - is a three-man effort, even if one man's job is to get in the corner and stay there - stay out of the way; and I'd like for us to do the minimum activity while we're putting those suits on.
189:58:26 Mattingly: If we can do it in the LM, I guess that will relieve a lot of the load here.
189:58:33 Hartsfield: Okay. I guess we're just gonna have to do the best we can, Ken, and we'll try to help as much as we can from down here.
189:58:43 Mattingly: Okay. It's not so much a problem entirely, it's just keeping track of things, and you just - once a guy starts putting that suit on, he commands the rest of the volume in the spacecraft. It's a - that A7LB is a real - real interesting operation.
189:58:17 Young (onboard): Unless we could go over in the LM and do it.
189:58:19 Duke (onboard): We can do it in the LM. That might be best [garble].
189:58:24 Young (onboard): Ask them if we can do it ...
189:58:25 Mattingly: If we can use the LM or it, that will help out a great deal. [According to the CM transcript "If we can do it in the LM, I guess that'll relieve a lot of the load here".]
189:58:32 Young (onboard): [Garble].
189:58:34 Duke (onboard): That's pretty low signal strength.
189:59:06 Hartsfield: I don't see why not.
189:59:11 Mattingly: Okay. We'll plan to do that.
189:59:17 Young (onboard): Now, we gonna have the LM - do we have the LM closed out?
189:59:19 Hartsfield: Okay. At 194:10 [193:58], delete the P52 and ...
189:59:22 Duke (onboard): It'll...
189:59:23 Hartsfield: ... the "P20; CMC Mode, Auto; GDC Align."
189:59:25 Duke (onboard): It'll be - Oh, excuse me. It'll be closed out, and all you have to do is close the hatch.
189:59:30 Hartsfield: Do the purges and dumps, delete the P30 remark there...
189:59:31 Duke (onboard): Thank you, John.
189:59:33 Young (onboard): Want some scrambled eggs, hot?
189:59:40 Hartsfield: ... and, at 194:23 [193:11], we're going to close the hatches.
189:59:43 Mattingly: Wait a minute. Did you say delete the dumps?
189:59:46 Hartsfield: Negative. Do the dumps.
189:59:50 Mattingly: Okay. Do the dumps and the purge, delete the P52, and the alignment and the P30 stuff.
190:00:01 Hartsfield: Roger. And, at 194 ...
190:00:02 Mattingly: Okay, now. Let me write the times on this page.
190:00:10 Young (onboard): Shh! Look at that!
190:00:24 Young (onboard): It's cold up in that tunnel.
190:00:29 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. Go ahead.
190:00:31 Duke (onboard): That's [garble].
190:00:31 Hartsfield: Okay. At 194:23 [194:11], we've closed the hatches, and you do the "Purge Line Heaters, Off," and terminate the waste water dump; and, at this point ...
190:00:47 Duke (onboard): Terminate waste water dump, I think is what -
190:00:49 Hartsfield: ... we're going to jump in the Flight Plan. I think that's as far as we ought to go on this rev. We're about two minutes from LOS ...
190:00:55 Mattingly: Okay. You're starting to break up.
190:00:55 Hartsfield: ... but, at this point, you're going to jump back to 176: 55.
190:01:03 Hartsfield: Okay. We'll ...
190:01:06 Mattingly: If you'll tell me time bias to put on that page, I'll have that ready.
190:01:17 Hartsfield: We'll catch that the next rev, Ken.
190:01:21 Mattingly: Can you give me the time bias so we can - I can do that? Update the times on the page?
190:01:29 Young (onboard): 21:50, I think he said. Is that right?
190:01:31 Hartsfield: We weren't planning on doing that section. We were just going to do all those steps. There's about 45 minutes of stuff in there getting ready for the jett before we do it.
190:01:44 Mattingly: Okay. How about the - if I'm standing by with a blank page and just let you read me a new time line.
190:01:54 Hartsfield: We'll have it ready for you, Ken.
190:01:59 Mattingly: Thank you, sir.
The next Public Affairs Officer transcript is slightly out of sync, to fit in better with the technical transcript.
Loss of Signal at about 190:02.
190:02:18 Duke (onboard): As a matter of fact, the Sun doesn't sink slowly in the east here; it sinks slow - I mean the west; it sinks slowly in the east. Thank you.
190:02:39 Young (onboard): Ken, what do you want? We got a choice of scrambled eggs, grits (laughter).
190:02:48 Mattingly (onboard): What I want is a brand new Flight Plan.
190:02:50 Young (onboard): Yeah.
190:02:51 Duke (onboard): I'm glad you worked ...
190:02:52 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble] in here.
190:02:53 Duke (onboard): ... I'm glad you worked that 500 hours on that Flight Plan, Ken. (Laughter).
190:02:55 Mattingly (onboard): Man, I'm gonna - I'm - I'm right on the point of going unstable.
190:02:59 Duke (onboard): You poor thing. I really feel sorry for you. I'm kidding you about it, but I - I just - I think that's really not a thing to kid about.
190:03:06 Mattingly (onboard): It isn't even the right thing to do. You know, it's just got to...
190:03:07 Young (onboard): How about a cup - a hot cup of coffee, Ken?
190:03:10 Mattingly (onboard): Yes, sir, please, and some juice.
190:03:12 Duke (onboard): Watch that water, there, John. That thing leaks hot water.
190:03:15 Mattingly (onboard): It - No, if you - it leaks and everything. If you keep the cap on it, it doesn't leak. I don't understand why, but it works.
190:03:21 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:03:22 Mattingly (onboard): If you always - as soon as you take something off, put the cap on. You'll never have a bubble. And I need to -
190:03:33 Duke (onboard): Defecate.
190:03:34 Mattingly (onboard): No. (Laughter) That's all we need now. Hey, let's go over that - that post sleep checklist to make sure I haven't forgotten something. I think all I had to do was to -
190:03:43 Young (onboard): I'll cut it off for him.
190:03:44 Mattingly (onboard): I tell you what. I'm - I'm about ready to invoke our privilege and tell them that we didn't have - we didn't keep track of the meal last night. Just to - just to tweak them.
190:03:56 Duke (onboard): How about opening that, too, John?
190:04:13 Young (onboard): Okay. Wait a minute. I'll hold it up for you, sir. Here you go.
190:04:25 Duke (onboard): Thank you.
190:04:39 Duke (onboard): John, that Foley's shopping bag -
190:04:40 Young (onboard): How about a cocoa, Ken?
190:04:45 Mattingly (onboard): That'll be okay. I'd like to have a juice, too, though.
190:04:47 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:04:48 Mattingly (onboard): A juice and - and coffee or cocoa or anything like that'll be fine.
190:04:52 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:04:53 Mattingly (onboard): Man ...
190:04:54 Young (onboard): This coffee's [garble] look good. Glad we got coffee.
190:04:57 Mattingly (onboard): No sweat.
190:04:58 Duke (onboard): Okay, you've got to get - I think you've got to get the coffee out of the sack locker.
190:05:01 Mattingly (onboard): And, of course, John, right now I'm doing a P52.
190:05:04 Young (onboard): You want me to do it? [garble].
190:05:07 Duke (onboard): Are you supposed to?
190:05:08 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.
190:05:10 Young (onboard): [Garble].
190:05:12 Mattingly (onboard): You said that before, but it's ...
190:05:14 Young (onboard): Right now?
190:05:15 Mattingly (onboard): ... it's going to ridiculous now.
190:05:16 Young (onboard): [Garble].
190:05:17 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.
190:05:23 Young (onboard): If they weren't stowed, I couldn't even do what I'm doing. Where do these things here live?
190:05:28 Mattingly (onboard): Okay; well, since - I think the next thing to do is to put them right back on, so why don't you just hand them to me?
190:05:33 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:05:36 Mattingly (onboard): I sure don't want to get a lot of crud in there.
190:05:38 Young (onboard): Okay, now I need no special techniques to do this.
190:05:41 Mattingly (onboard): You don't even need the telescope.
190:05:45 Duke (onboard): John, when you get around to it ...
190:05:46 Young (onboard): He's not even using - I better not - not even use it. When I get around to what, Charlie?
190:05:52 Duke (onboard): When you get around to it, I'll eat your grits. If you don't want them.
190:05:56 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:05:57 Duke (onboard): Or Ken's.
190:06:00 Mattingly (onboard): Or both.
190:06:01 Duke (onboard): Or both. Yeah. These are good.
190:06:03 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter).
190:06:05 Young (onboard): You all set, Ken?
190:06:07 Mattingly (onboard): Okay; you've got to turn the optics power on.
190:06:10 Young (onboard): Okay, [garble] something like [garble].
190:06:14 Mattingly (onboard): Okay, now take the Optics out of Zero and back to Zero.
190:06:19 Young (onboard): What's that switch there do?
190:06:21 Mattingly (onboard): That - that's your manual switch. And if you ain't in SCS, don't touch it, which you are in SCS now.
190:06:30 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:06:32 Duke (onboard): SCS ...
190:06:33 Young (onboard): [garble] P52?
190:06:35 Mattingly (onboard): Yep.
190:06:38 Duke (onboard): Does it keep the orb rate going?
190:06:39 Mattingly (onboard): No, but I've got a rate that - it's not gonna change much.
190:06:46 Young (onboard): My gosh.
190:06:50 Duke (onboard): Man, it's delicious.
190:06:52 Mattingly (onboard): Okay, Star 21.
190:07:12 Young (onboard): Right in there. That's a super platform, I'll tell you.
190:07:20 Duke (onboard): We had our's powered down completely for 2 days. When we brought it back up, the torquing angles were something like - well, in coarse align, it doesn't - we put it - we parked it in gimbal lock. We didn't have any gyro drift updates or any PIPA bias. That procedure really worked, John.
190:07:43 Young (onboard): Sure did.
190:07:44 Duke (onboard): Parking that beauty over there. And my [garble] was right on the time.
190:07:52 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, darn. What star - that was -
190:07:54 Duke (onboard): Thirty.
190:07:55 Mattingly (onboard): Thirty. Okay. And the other star was 25?
190:08:01 Duke (onboard): Twenty-one, you ...
190:08:02 Young (onboard): Twenty-one.
190:08:03 Mattingly (onboard): That's what I thought, but I just saw a - oh, that was the code. Oh, oh [garble] that 25 I saw [garble].
190:08:13 Young (onboard): Be easier - [garble] tweak optics? Well, I'll set it back because I can't do it [garble].
190:08:31 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
190:08:37 Young (onboard): That [garble].
190:08:41 Mattingly (onboard): That's one of the biggest gyro [garble] I've had.
190:08:43 Young (onboard): Well, don't forget [garble] new man on today.
190:08:51 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Okay; why don't you torque it, and tell me when you do?
190:08:58 Young (onboard): Tell you?
190:08:59 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.
190:09:02 Young (onboard): That'll be 190:20:55 [190:09:05].
190:09:06 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
190:09:09 Young (onboard): Mark. Oh, I should have Pro[ceed]ed. That'll be 190:21.
190:09:13 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter)
190:09:23 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:09:24 Mattingly (onboard): Okay; put it to ...
190:09:26 Young (onboard): Trunnion is back to normal. I'm going to CMC and Zero. I've had ...
190:09:30 Mattingly (onboard): You got the trunnion back to - close to zero.
190:09:32 Young (onboard): Yeah.
190:09:33 Mattingly (onboard): All right.
190:09:34 Young (onboard): [Garble] zero.
190:09:35 Mattingly (onboard): And the CM - the mode switch is in CMC.
190:09:38 Young (onboard): Mode switch is going to CMC.
190:09:41 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
190:09:45 Young (onboard): That shaft couldn't [garble] trunnion, though.
190:09:49 Mattingly (onboard): Hasn't gotten any worse.
190:09:53 Young (onboard): Now, I - I Pro out of here, right? Or Enter out of here. Pro?
190:09:58 Mattingly (onboard): Enter.
190:10:00 Young (onboard): What do you want?
190:10:01 Mattingly (onboard): Twenty.
190:10:06 Young (onboard): Okay; you're back and running.
190:10:10 Duke (onboard): John, why don't you come let me mix? I've eaten my two things.
190:10:15 Young (onboard): Let me mix a few more, Charlie.
190:10:17 Duke (onboard): Okay, I've [garble] ...
190:10:18 Mattingly (onboard): Okay, we've got a lithium change. Oh, forget it. We don't do it. We can - we can do it right after we eat, if you help me remember it.
190:10:35 Duke (onboard): Wednesday, I think I might shave.
190:10:38 Mattingly (onboard): That won't - it won't hack it, Charlie.
190:10:40 Duke (onboard): It won't work? The thing [garble].
190:10:43 Mattingly (onboard): It will on a beard like that.
190:10:44 Duke (onboard): Oh. What do you mean?
190:10:48 Mattingly (onboard): It just sits there and whirs.
190:10:50 Duke (onboard): Oh. It doesn't cut at all?
190:10:53 Mattingly (onboard): I couldn't tell I made a dent.
190:10:55 Duke (onboard): On your beard like that?
190:10:56 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.
190:10:58 Young (onboard): Charlie, you look like that, too. I hate to tell you.
190:11:01 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah, I wish you wouldn't cast any stones there, old buddy. (Laughter)
190:11:04 Duke (onboard): Well, I know it. I know it. I know it. I feel like it. That thing won't cut, huh?
190:11:11 Mattingly (onboard): I think if we cleaned it out and all, it probably would made a big difference, but -
190:11:14 Duke (onboard): I - that'll be my project for the - for after the EVA.
190:11:20 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter) We'll be copying Flight Plan updates right through EI.
190:11:30 Young (onboard): That water doesn't have any bubbles in it!
190:11:33 Mattingly (onboard): No, if you go slow, it doesn't. Okay, did you put the optics back up?
190:11:38 Young (onboard): No. Excuse me.
190:11:50 Young (onboard): 184.
190:11:52 Mattingly (onboard): There you go. Charlie, let's see - how about setting Pitch 10 and Yaw zero on the High Gain, and Man - yeah. And Manual and Wide.
190:12:51 Mattingly (onboard): Okay; here's the covers.
190:12:55 Duke (onboard): [Garble] any target we pick out?
190:13:02 Mattingly (onboard): Well, we had a burn yesterday.
190:13:04 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:13:26 Mattingly (onboard): Now, I wonder if I can get down there and get to my bag.
190:13:31 Young (onboard): Your urine bag?
190:13:32 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.
190:13:33 Young (onboard): You want me to pass it up to you?
190:13:34 Mattingly (onboard): No. Yeah. I hate for the cook to do that. (Laughter )
190:13:40 Duke (onboard): Here's your urine bag.
190:13:44 Young (onboard): I just emptied it.
190:13:45 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, you're a nice guy. Okay.
190:13:49 Young (onboard): I had to have a urine before I started making the tow - the chow. I have - Oh, you dumb - it feels like it put hot water in the orange juice, but it didn't.
190:14:00 Mattingly (onboard): No, the first shot'll be hot.
190:14:02 Young (onboard): The whole thing's getting hot.
190:14:03 Mattingly (onboard): No. It - Yeah. Man, one of the feats of my existence the other day was, in 42 minutes, I strapped on a bag, went out of both ends, and ate lunch.
190:14:24 Duke (onboard): Fantastic, that's a record!
190:14:28 Mattingly (onboard): By doing it all at one time. (Laughter).
190:14:31 Young (onboard): Doing it all at the same time?
190:14:33 Mattingly (onboard): [Laughter.] I had this bag on the front end, a plastic bag on my rear, and a juice bag in my mouth [laughter]. That's the only chance I had all day. With one back-side pass. I used to want to be the first man to Mars. This has convinced me that, if we got to go on Apollo, I ain't interested [laughter]. I tell you, it's really surprising how one man in this vehicle, once you get - if you get squared away, there's enough room - and you can do more with one man in here than you can with three, operating all the equipment and everything. And I wouldn't have guessed that.
This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 190 hours, 15 minutes [190:03] Ground Elapsed Time. We've just had Loss Of Signal with Apollo 16 passing behind the Moon now, on Revolution 59. During this frontside pass, Capcom, Hank Hartsfield, passing up a lengthy list of Flight Plan changes and revisions to Command Module Pilot Ken Mattingly. We're at 190 hours, 16 minutes [190:04]; this is Apollo Control, Houston.
190:15:27 Young (onboard): It's like a three-man Gemini now.
190:15:29 Duke (onboard): Actually, I can't get out of the way.
190:15:31 Young (onboard): It's like a three-man Gemini. There was no room in there.
190:15:38 Duke (onboard): I don't see how y'all did it.
190:15:40 Young (onboard): Not very well [garble]. More hot cocoa or cold cocoa?
190:15:52 Mattingly (onboard): Hot, please.
190:15:53 Young (onboard): Okay. This is with K.
190:15:56 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, good!
190:15:58 Young (onboard): Gonna get your potassium level back to where it belongs.
190:16:17 Young (onboard): You want to cut your open - orange juice open? [Garble] more cold water in there.
190:16:42 Mattingly (onboard): I wonder who's responsible for all this?
190:16:47 Duke (onboard): Dr [garble].
190:16:48 Young (onboard): Probably no one.
190:16:49 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:16:52 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah, but this - this regrouping is just - you know.
190:16:55 Young (onboard): Atrocious.
190:16:56 Mattingly (onboard): If we hadn't talked about this beforehand, you know, I wouldn't feel quite so irritated. But we talked about this very specific problem, and I talked to all the flight directors about it. It's - if you've got to regroup with the kind of Flight Plan we've got, just emasculate pieces. Don't try to reschedule. And they all agreed, that's right; if you have to reschedule and rewrite, we'll get even less done. And that's all I've done for three days. And my efficiency has got to be low. That's something. Gee, Charlie, I don't know. I'll be darned.
190:17:42 Young (onboard): What is it?
190:17:43 Mattingly (onboard): I have no idea, Charlie.
190:17:45 Duke (onboard): [Garble.]
190:17:50 Young (onboard): On the outside?
190:17:54 Mattingly (onboard): That's a little strap - from a hatch.
190:17:58 Young (onboard): You can put your finger in.
190:18:02 Mattingly (onboard): Probably the -
190:18:07 Duke (onboard): Verify [garble] 5000th time.
190:18:16 Young (onboard): That's their favorite thing to tell you to do.
190:18:18 Mattingly (onboard): They'll forget to tell you to configure the jets.
190:18:21 Young (onboard): That's right.
190:18:22 Mattingly (onboard): They'll tell me not to forget to turn the - I guess I am ...
190:18:27 Duke (onboard): [Garble] you'd think they'd accept the Flight Plan [garble]. And I checked the Master Arm, Off, [garble] checked the Master Arm, Off, verify. (Laughter).
190:18:38 Mattingly (onboard): Somebody has really gone Able Sugar over there.
190:18:41 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:18:48 Young (onboard): Really - There was two of them like that - there was two of them in there that said verify. You want me to cut this open, Ken?
190:18:55 Mattingly (onboard): Yes, please, sir. Yes, I've made several notes in my Flight Plan to quit wasting time reading up trivial things.
190:19:08 Young (onboard): That's what - the outfit's so big now that that's their goal in life. And that's no bull. I can see it. Chris [probably Chris Kraft] doesn't know all this bull is going on or he wouldn't allow it.
190:19:20 Duke (onboard): What outfit [garble]?
190:19:24 Young (onboard): FAO, MCC - FAO, probably. They got ...
190:19:28 Duke (onboard): That's our guys.
190:19:29 Young (onboard): That's right! But they've got these TRW weenies working for them and they're - you know, what they're gonna do is correct typographical errors on the Flight Plan next.
190:19:42 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter) Well. When all the trivial things have been done, they did get us down to the ground.
190:19:53 Young (onboard): Yeah.
190:19:54 Duke (onboard): What? Pages and pages of corrections? [Garble].
190:20:05 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, not sometimes. Just the last three days (laughter).
190:20:12 Young (onboard): I don't see how you stood it - I really don't.
190:20:15 Mattingly (onboard): I don't either, as a matter of fact.
190:20:17 Young (onboard): [Garble] bad, but with three guys, it's gonna be unbearable.
190:20:19 Mattingly (onboard): I ain't the most ...
190:20:20 Young (onboard): [Garble].
190:20:21 Mattingly (onboard): ... stable guy in the world for that kind of stuff, anyhow. And I'm quite impressed that I ain't popped off at them. But it ain't an accident.
190:20:29 Young (onboard): It takes [garble] easy going to do it. I'll tell you that, because I got mad at them yesterday. Didn't do any good.
190:20:40 Mattingly (onboard): Well, that's right. It won't - won't alter anything except...
190:20:43 Young (onboard): Tee the big boys off.
190:20:44 Mattingly (onboard): That's right. You get a speech from Chris, and that's about what you have to look forward to when you - when you talk back. Now I take my - now I know why the Arabs eat with one hand and urinate with the other. They grew up in Apollo.
190:21:10 Young (onboard): What? They eat with one hand and urinate with the other? Is that right?
190:21:18 Duke (onboard): They wipe with one hand.
190:21:22 Young (onboard): They won't use any paper, huh?
190:21:24 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:21:31 Young (onboard): That's right. Most of them eat left-handed. I remember seeing somebody.
190:21:35 Duke (onboard): No, they eat right-handed [garble] left hand [garble].
190:21:41 Young (onboard): Is that right? Kill it! That guy's getting faeces on the table! (Laughter) You don't dare put your left hand on the table, huh?
190:21:53 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:21:58 Young (onboard): Well, when I was ...
190:21:59 Duke (onboard): That's the only ...
190:22:00 Young (onboard): When I - when I was eating with the ambassador in Kuwait, I saw him staring suspiciously when I got both arms on the table and put them together. He says (laughter) - I never did figure it out.
190:22:21 Duke (onboard): [garble] check it out.
190:22:32 Young (onboard): (Laughter) Here's a grapefruit drink, Ken. What else do you want, Ken? There ain't much. There ain't much. Bacon squares or something like that?
190:22:43 Mattingly (onboard): No. A couple of those ...
190:22:45 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:22:46 Mattingly (onboard): ... couple of those little pills, and I'll be all set. Thank you, sir.
190:22:49 Young (onboard): Okay. Well, I'll - just a minute [garble] bags [garble].
190:22:51 Duke (onboard): I'll eat Ken's grit. [Garble].
190:22:55 Young (onboard): You just ate Ken's grits. How about a cup of coffee?
190:23:03 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:23:05 Young (onboard): How about you, Ken? You want a cup of coffee?
190:23:09 Duke (onboard): I don't really want any coffee, no.
190:23:11 Mattingly (onboard): If you've got some coffee there, put it aside, and I'll drink it later.
190:23:14 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:23:37 Duke (onboard): Woo-ha! [Garble].
190:24:13 Mattingly (onboard): I can't either. No, the thing is that I'm sure Deke was in - had to be party to that. That means he had to agree to it.
190:24:20 Duke (onboard): Mm-hmm.
190:24:26 Mattingly (onboard): I don't think the doctors had anything to do with it.
190:24:29 Young (onboard): Yes, they did.
190:24:30 Duke (onboard): Doctors [garble].
190:24:34 Mattingly (onboard): Yep.
190:24:35 Duke (onboard): All they supposed to do.
190:24:36 Mattingly (onboard): That's right. I think you're right, Charlie. They are running completely -
190:24:44 Young (onboard): Okay, I'm gonna stick that up here right by 305, because it's [garble].
190:24:45 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:24:47 Mattingly (onboard): Here, I'll stick it in my pocket.
190:24:48 Young (onboard): Okay; that's a good idea.
190:24:53 Mattingly (onboard): You got some pills there?
190:24:54 Young (onboard): Yeah.
190:24:55 Mattingly (onboard): I'll put them in?
190:24:56 Young (onboard): I'll put them in.
190:24:57 Mattingly (onboard): Okay; thank you. Okay.
190:25:00 Young (onboard): Johnny [?] should get the best.
190:25:03 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter)
190:25:05 Duke (onboard): [Garble] sunrise.
190:25:08 Mattingly (onboard): Hey, you should look at that - that corona at sunrise. That's really pretty.
190:25:13 Young (onboard): Charlie, what else do you want? You don't want any bacon squares, huh, Charlie?
190:25:15 Duke (onboard): No. Just some - Just like some juices.
190:25:19 Young (onboard): Okay; coming up. How about a orange juice?
190:25:26 Duke (onboard): That's fine. Is that cocoa [garble]? One more time [garble].
190:25:32 Young (onboard): Okay.
190:25:33 Mattingly (onboard): Now where did I put my Flight - Yes, sir, we are in attitude and...
190:25:42 Young (onboard): Who you talking to?
190:25:45 Young (onboard): Oh, it'll be - the horizon right now is right down here. If you'll turn the - turn the floodlights down, you'll probably see it right now.
190:26:07 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:26:11 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble] find it, I'll show you [garble]. Well - Yeah, it may be because the old terminator's moving around pretty rapidly. When it comes up, you can see it - you can see it nicely with the cabin lights up and everything. It's - it's really pretty.
190:26:32 Young (onboard): Ken, you're kicking this stuff off the food bay.
190:26:35 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry.
190:26:36 Young (onboard): No problem.
190:26:37 Mattingly (onboard): I'm sorry.
190:26:45 Young (onboard): You can put your foots on there now.
190:26:49 Mattingly (onboard): No, I don't put my feet on the dinner table.
190:26:52 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:26:53 Young (onboard): I think you put your left hand on it the other day; you might as well put your feet on it.
190:27:01 Mattingly (onboard): Now, now. I know what I'll do. I'll fold my tent. Suit donning. Ah! An exercise in futility. The - the thing is that what we have to do now is, after suit donning, we still - when we go to doff the suits now we still got to go back and stow stuff in the places that was gonna originally have been stowed.
190:27:35 Young (onboard): Yeah.
190:27:42 Mattingly (onboard): In fact, I tell you what, when you guys go into the LM to don the suits, I can go stow that stuff before I put my suit on.
190:27:50 Young (onboard): That's a good idea.
190:27:52 Mattingly (onboard): Hey, that'll - that'll get it done a lot faster.
190:27:59 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:28:02 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. You know we can always handle stuff like that. That's no big deal.
190:28:10 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:28:12 Mattingly (onboard): Well, I tell you, I - I'm - I'm really confused, because I am thoroughly convinced that what John's been saying about everything goes up to the tunnel is true. And in SIM bay attitude with only the minus-X jets firing, that makes sense. And it's true I'll wake up in the morning, and the - the Tool E is always hanging that way, the jett bag's up there, all my trash is going up there. It's a - it's a self-cleaning cockpit.
190:28:41 Duke (onboard): Yeah.
190:28:43 Mattingly (onboard): But when you go to couples, they still hang up there. And I ain't figured that out.
190:28:51 Young (onboard): Well, I'll tell you why. Undocked, it's colder up there. They settle out when the cold hits there. Pressure changes.
190:29:03 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:29:08 Mattingly (onboard): We're gonna do it earlier than that, old buddy. There is - there is only one - one way to survive with MSFN. And that's to get ahead and don't tell them. Now we're coming up on time to open the hatch now. Sit there in your suit. Huh? What do you mean?
190:29:30 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:29:33 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. That's - that's all you do. All you're doing is seeing that they've got in the command that runs the tape. Yeah.
190:29:40 Young (onboard): Juice for you, Charlie. What else do you need?
190:29:44 Duke (onboard): I might have been [garble].
190:29:50 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter) Well, I'm ready to say, at this point, I don't care. All they can do is tell me to come home, which they have already done. And they ain't gonna take my next flight away from me, so -
190:30:14 Mattingly (onboard): Really does upset me. All the time you put into trying to make it a good one, and then someone that hasn't given it any real thought or effort comes up and wipes it all out with a stroke of his hand.
190:30:30 Duke (onboard): What's his name? [garble].
190:30:38 Mattingly (onboard): Well - not - that's - Okay, but that's different. That 's unavoidable, you know, and we regrouped from that nicely. We got everything done that we would have done - at least on my end, I got everything done that I would have done had we not slipped that three revs. So that was no - you know, that - that part worked out okay.
190:31:03 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:31:11 Mattingly (onboard): But - then - then to cause this - you know, that we regrouped from without a great deal of trouble, and everybody knew we had to regroup. But this, I just don't - I just don't understand it. We're gonna end up doing things halfway.
190:31:42 Duke (onboard): [Garble] yesterday [garble] It wasn't working right [garble] they said, "Okay. You got an hour and a half." [Garble] Okay. You got that one? Come around and get this [garble].
190:32:12 Mattingly (onboard): Just sitting there in a limit cycle.
190:32:15 Duke (onboard): [garble] and I don't think [garble] we [garble].
190:32:18 Mattingly (onboard): I know.
190:32:19 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:32:20 Mattingly (onboard): No. That's right. It's better to take a plan you understand and is thought out that is less than optimum and execute it the way you planned it.
190:32:29 Duke (onboard): All we had to do was take our checklist and subtract 10 minutes from this, subtract 10 minutes from that [garble].
190:32:40 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.
190:32:41 Young (onboard): They didn't do that.
190:32:43 Mattingly (onboard): I thought that's why we picked these kind of people throughout the program - was people that understood how to operate as opposed to how to have meetings. But it's been a - this has looked more like a - an operational data priority than a -
190:32:58 Young (onboard): [Garble] they're not. I don't ever expect those guys to understand the ...
190:33:05 Mattingly (onboard): Well, that's why...
190:33:06 Young (onboard): ... rules of operation.
190:33:07 Mattingly (onboard): ... we got Sir Lovell down there to ...
190:33:08 Young (onboard): You know that's a mistake. You don't do that.
190:33:13 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter)
190:33:14 Young (onboard): [Garble] pilots. They ain't got [garble].
190:33:17 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:33:19 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter).
190:33:20 Young (onboard): [Garble]. You get a little peeved, I'll tell you that.
190:33:26 Mattingly (onboard): Hey, now, look. There's - there's Meal A, Day 9. Now -
190:33:31 Young (onboard): Where?
190:33:32 Mattingly (onboard): Right there,
190:33:34 Young (onboard): No, you - that's what you ate this morning. I just fixed it for you.
190:33:37 Mattingly (onboard): Oh. Well, you've got to eat one.
190:33:40 Young (onboard): Oh, well, I ain't got around to that.
190:33:42 Mattingly (onboard): Well, you can't - you can't button up your toys. You've got to go ...
190:33:46 Young (onboard): You want to - you want these in here?
190:33:48 Mattingly (onboard): No.
190:34:02 Young (onboard): If I eat it, I'm going to have to defecate.
190:34:22 Young (onboard): Here you go, Charlie. How many you want? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. The pills are floating!
190:34:44 Mattingly (onboard): Oh. I'll do that. Hey, Charlie? Oh, the IR was hiding it. That's why you couldn't see it. Here.
190:34:57 Duke (onboard): [Garble] see it.
190:34:58 Mattingly (onboard): See a corner of it. Look straight out the [garble] It's almost sunrise. Aw, you missed it. Get your head out of there before it comes up. Okay.
190:35:27 Young (onboard): Come here, you little pills.
190:35:46 Mattingly (onboard): You know, one of the things I found worked real well was, instead of using the - the big trash bag - (laughter) - That one just got shot down - was to keep one little temporary trash bag out that was easy to get in and out of. And put stuff in it, and then every - couple times a day, dump that into the big trash bag.
190:36:07 Young (onboard): Yeah, That's what I got between my legs, I think.
190:36:14 Mattingly (onboard): Looks like we overdid it. I should've kept - I thought about keeping one of those jett bags [garble].
190:36:19 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:36:22 Young (onboard): I can't! There's no way.
190:36:25 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:36:34 Mattingly (onboard): Pull up the ladder. I tell you what. If you - are you using that table?
190:36:39 Young (onboard): No, not right this second. Gonna change that LiOH canister?
190:36:44 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. The other terminator is prettier, because it's- got more - relief to it.
190:36:50 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:36:51 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. It is. There's ...
190:36:53 Young (onboard): What's that?
190:36:54 Mattingly (onboard): That's your meal! You're getting behind, John. Oh, what canister was that I was gonna change? I was gonna put 16 into A - no, 13 in A-3.
Lunar Rev 60 starts at 190:37.
190:37:36 Mattingly (onboard): (Sneeze)
190:38:16 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:38:17 Young (onboard): What's the matter?
190:38:19 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:38:22 Mattingly (onboard): What's wrong with that? Huh?
190:38:29 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:38:50 Young (onboard): [Garble].
190:38:53 Mattingly (onboard): I've cut you off from all your chow.
190:38:55 Young (onboard): No, that's all right.
190:38:57 Mattingly (onboard): Can you get to everything?
190:38:58 Young (onboard): Yeah.
190:39:09 Young (onboard): I know why the guys had arrhythmias and took so long to get back in shape; they couldn't move around - couldn't move!
190:39:26 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:39:29 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, yeah, you can. It's - it's kind of overwhelming at first, but it - it catches up and it's ...
190:39:38 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:39:42 Mattingly (onboard): Are we - where are we now? About Men - no, we're past Mendeleev.
190:39:59 Mattingly (onboard): I want to show you that ...
190:40:00 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:40:01 Mattingly (onboard): I think we're past Mendeleev, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. Give you what? Huh?
190:40:21 Young (onboard): I don't know, Charlie.
190:40:33 Mattingly (onboard): Who put these stupid sponges in here? That's one sponge that ain't going back to Houston.
190:41:18 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
190:41:52 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 190 hours 58 minutes [190:46] Ground Elapsed Time. The Flight Control team in Mission Control has elected not to do a GET clock update from 191 hours to 212 hours 48 minutes at this time. Not doing this update at this time, we assure continuity and data being processed in the Mission Control Center from the last clock update through TEI. The computers in Mission Control sit and work from a common time. This common time [is] midnight the night before launch. This update, if we chose to do it at this time, could conceivably have the effect of making the computers think that we launched Apollo 16 before that time if all elements of the MCC were thoroughly attuned to the update. We were not sure that we had enough time to do that, so, our flight control team elected to be conservative and leave the option open for a clock update later. We're at 190 hours 59 minutes [190:47] and standing by now for acquisition with Apollo 16.
190:49:51 Hartsfield: Apollo 16: Houston. Would you bring up the High Gain, please?
190:51:49 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston. Could you give us High Gain?
This is Apollo Control, Houston, 191 hours 5 minutes [190:53] Ground Elapsed Time and we're receiving data now from Apollo 16. Our Flight Director in...
190:53:31 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston.
190:53:38 Mattingly: Go ahead.
190:53:42 Hartsfield: Hello, there.
190:53:51 Hartsfield: Would you like to finish the updates?
190:54:00 Mattingly: Okay. Just a minute.
190:54:25 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. I'm ready to copy. I think I need the Updates Book.
190:54:31 Hartsfield: Okay. In the form of review, Ken, when we get to 192 hours, we're going to flip over to what was originally 214:00 in the Flight Plan, and that's going to become 192:10 [191:58]. There's a 10-minute pad in there. And, at 192:10 [191:58], we work through those changes down to the point where I read you "Start hatch closing" at 194:23 [194:11]. And, at 194:27 [194:15], we want to jump back to the "LM jett procedures," and there is only one change in that. So, I think that's the best place to go, which was at 176:50, originally.
190:55:29 Mattingly: Roger. You want to go at 194:27 [194:15] - is when you want to go the "LM jettison procedures?"
190:55:38 Hartsfield: Roger. And, that's at 176:50 in the original Flight Plan, and 176:50 becomes 194:27 [194:15].
190:55:53 Mattingly: Okay; now stand by.
190:56:15 Mattingly: Okay; 176:50 becomes what, Hank?
190:56:18 Hartsfield: 194:27 [194:15].
190:56:33 Mattingly: Okay; that means that all these things now are gonna be off by this screwy number. Is that correct?
190:56:41 Hartsfield: Roger. Until we get - That makes LM jett come out on time by going to this screwy number here, 194:27 [194:15]. And, we pick up there, and we don't ...
190:56:51 Mattingly: And, that's the equivalent to 176:50?
190:56:55 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.
190:57:00 Mattingly: Okay; I have crossed out 176:50, and I've called it 194:27 [194:15].
190:57:06 Hartsfield: That is correct. Now we do not ...
190:57:10 Mattingly: Okay.
190:57:11 Hartsfield: We delete the "VHF AM" and the "Configure the camera" business, and we pick up with the hatch closing. We already start with that. Now, you can start those things early. There is a - a little more time in here than was originally in the Flight Plan. And you don't have to do the ...
190:57:28 Mattingly: Yeah. We're going to need a little more with those suit donnings.
190:57:32 Hartsfield: Okay; and the Direct O2 Valve closed, you can delete that.
190:57:46 Hartsfield: Now, other than changing your time columns like, turning the page there, the 177 there becomes 194:37 [194:25]. Everything is good through the sep maneuver. The only change is that at 194:49 [194:37], the Noun 81, make ...
190:58:06 Mattingly: Okay; wait a minute. Let me get the time column changed.
Apollo Control, Houston; [at] 191 hours, 10 minutes [190:58] Ground Elapsed Time, our Flight Director in the Control Center today is Phil Shaffer, relieving Gene Kranz on this shift.
190:58:56 Mattingly: Okay. I got the time changed on the page. Now you can read me some times.
190:59:01 Hartsfield: Okay; 194:49, "The Noun 81 becomes minus 2.0 and 00." The CSM sep[aration] is at 2-foot-per-second retrograde. This is so we can get the CSM out in front of the LM for TEI.
190:59:29 Mattingly: Okay. Is the LM not going to impact before we do TEI?
190:59:38 Hartsfield: I think the planning is now for about 3 hours after TEI. What they need to do is wait for the 210 antenna to come up so they can get data ...
190:59:47 Mattingly: We're not even going to get pictures of it, huh?
190:59:51 Hartsfield: That's affirmative; no pictures. Okay; at 195:18 [195:06] ...
191:00:01 Mattingly: All right.
191:00:04 Hartsfield: ... after "Roll (4), off," - that's the completion of the little block following the sep, you can insert a remark "Doff PGA's," and at this time, we jump back over to what was ...
191:00:20 Mattingly: Wait a minute. I haven't found "Roll (4), off" yet.
191:00:22 Hartsfield: Okay, that's in the block after P00, after CSM sep 195:17 [195:05].
191:00:31 Mattingly: 195:17 [195:05] - I have as the first number on the top of the page.
191:00:39 Hartsfield: That should be 195:07 [194:55].
191:00:45 Mattingly: Okay; I mislabeled it. Thank you. Let me redo them.
191:01:10 Mattingly: Okay; now, at 195:17 [195:05], say again?
191:01:13 Hartsfield: Okay; 195:18 [195:06], after the completion of that little block, - that ends with "Roll (4), off," enter a little comment, "Doff PGAs," and go to Page 327. That was originally 217 hours in the Flight Plan.
191:01:42 Mattingly: If I ever find my way through here.
191:01:56 Mattingly: Okay; I've got Page 327
191:02:01 Hartsfield: Are you there, now?
191:02:07 Mattingly: Yes, sir. Now, we want to do all these steps the that are down here at 195:20 or so, don't we? It says doff PGAs there, but we really want to do all these things do so in that group, right?
191:02:28 Hartsfield: Stand by.
191:03:04 Mattingly: I tried to dry them out.
191:03:10 Mattingly: There's a towel that's right over your left shoulder, if you need it. If your wrap round there.
191:03:43 Mattingly: Oh, isn't space flight glamorous.
191:04:03 Mattingly: Tuck them into there...
191:04:10 Hartsfield: Ken, I guess I meant for you to do everything there except doffing the biomed harness, and the - of course, delete the uplinks and the other stuff..
191:04:26 Mattingly: Okay. Then, we go to Page 327.
191:04:30 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.
191:04:31 Mattingly: Is that right?
191:04:32 Hartsfield: And 217 hours becomes 195:10 [194:58], and that's the time bias from then on, if you want to start updating your times. And, where we come back in there is at the place - place where were supposed to uplink the vector. Where we start there is 195:18 [195:06].
191:04:56 Mattingly: Okay. Now 217 is what?
191:05:01 Hartsfield: 217 becomes 195:10 [194:58].
191:05:17 Mattingly: Okay. And then we follow the rest of the flight plan All the way out?
191:05:20 Hartsfield: Roger. We start at 195:18 [195:06], actually. We don't do those up-links. And, we pick up there at 195:18 and then from then on, we just follow sequentially - with all those little ...
191:05:36 Mattingly: Why is it that there is no up-link in that?
191:05:45 Hartsfield: Well, I've been advised that there's another Flight Plan change coming that's going to move the subsat blocks back a little bit, and to get in some mapping camera stuff. Okay; I got it straight now. We will not track the subsat.
191:06:05 Mattingly: You will not track the subsatellite. Not even a little bit. Is that correct?
191:06:13 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. They're going to run the cameras to try to use the film.
191:06:35 Mattingly: All right, Hank. How about doing one thing for us, then? If this is going to be the basic time line, and we're going to use these pages, is it reasonable to get you to give us a clock sync somewhere - so we - I'm afraid if I keep scratch - scratching out times and all in here, I'm going to miss something important.
191:06:57 Hartsfield: Well, Ken, to fill you in on a little bit here, we originally planned a clock sync and that's why some of the confusion this morning. Then we found out that it wouldn't work, because it put the lift-off time prior to time of midnight and wasn't sure it would work, and we couldn't find out in time enough before we had to start giving you this up through the LM jett, so we're going to work on that possibility.
191:07:24 Mattingly: Well, okay. But for the time being, let's - let's just take one plan and run with it, and that is to update the times on every page.
191:07:32 Hartsfield: That's what we're doing.
191:07:34 Mattingly: Once we have - Yeah, okay. Okay. All right ...
191:07:28 Hartsfield: You have your Nouns 93, Ken?
191:07:49 Mattingly: ... you want to talk to the LM guys while I do some page updatings? Huh?
191:07:52 Hartsfield: Do you have your Noun 93s from the P52?
191:07:50 Mattingly: What do you need, Hank? Oh, you want our - Well, let me find it. I don't know what page that's on now.
191:08:21 Mattingly: You out them up there, how's the Delta-P?
191:08:32 Mattingly: Okay.
191:08:52 Mattingly: Here we go, Hank. There was minus 0.1, plus 0.002, plus 0.095. That was torqued at 190:21:00 [190:09:10].
191:09:05 Hartsfield: Roger; copy. And, we need barber pole, plus 4.
191:09:20 Mattingly: Yes, sir. Yes.
191:09:26 Hartsfield: And, Ken, the last thing, if you can give us A/C Roll, and we're - then we'll be ready for the LM updates.
191:09:38 Mattingly: Okay. A/C Roll.
191:10:17 Hartsfield: 16, Fredo's going to read up the LM changes if you give us the word whenever you're ready to copy.
191:10:26 Mattingly: Okay, stand by. You ready to copy the - the - Yeah -
191:13:35 Mattingly: Hank, I'm a little confused, it looks like in places we've got a 12-minute difference, and in other places we've got a 10-minute difference from the times that are marked on here. Is that correct? Did I interpret that properly?
191:13:49 Hartsfield: Yeah, that's affirmative. We go back to the - to the LM jett procedures. There's just - you know, we fitted in to fit with the actual jett time, so that time difference is correct.
191:14:06 Mattingly: Okay. Does that mean things like AOS and all that will move the same amount, or is that different?
191:14:14 Hartsfield: We plan to give you updates on those as we go along.
191:14:21 Mattingly: Okay.
191:14:54 Hartsfield: 16, Houston.
191:15:00 Mattingly: Go ahead. Go ahead, Fredo.
191:15:03 Haise: Okay; we got quite a batch to give you here out of the Contingency Book in the time line. And I guess you'll have to drag out a different color writing utensil than you used yesterday, because you're going to be writing over some things you already did on the Time Line Book.
191:15:24 Mattingly: Well, right now, Fredo, we'll - we'll have to stand by for a minute.
191:15:29 Haise: Okay.
191:15:50 Mattingly: We've got all colors, especially black, Fredo.
191:16:00 Haise: That's nice.
191:16:20 Duke: Okay, Fred.
191:16:24 Haise: Okay. Is this Charlie?
191:16:39 Duke: How's that, Fred? How are you reading now?
191:16:42 Haise: Okay; loud and clear, Charlie. And, where you need to be is on page 2-1, phase 1, of the Module Activation.
191:16:55 Duke: That's where I am.
191:16:58 Haise: Okay. Right at the top there, when you IVT to the LM, there's a note that says "Use the CSM comm umbilical." As bad as that LM's comm has been, we're not really going to be in good shape there until almost before LOS, when we get to steerable attitude. Okay; and otherwise there ...
191:17:20 Duke: Okay; what do you mean?
191:17:22 Haise: Okay; in Step 1, you can scratch the second line, and write in "Carry CSM O2 hose across."
191:17:39 Duke: Okay.
191:17:40 Haise: Okay at the end of Step 2 - And incidentally, we need the hose because we're not going to bring on the suit fans - At the end of Step 2 there, put a note in that says to give us the CB configuration on 11 and 16. And I guess all we really need is the ones closed, because there shouldn't be too many that are closed.
191:18:13 Duke: Okay.
191:18:16 Haise: Okay; Item 3, first line, make that "Ascent H2O," and the second line, make it the ...
191:18:26 Duke: Okay. That's reasonable.
191:18:28 Haise: Yes. And likewise, second line is number 1 Ascent O2.
191:18:36 Duke: Okay.
191:18:37 Haise: Okay; you can scratch the "Cabin Repress to Auto," the next line, and substitute "Press Regs A and B to Egress," and that is indicated as being a verify.
191:18:55 Duke: Okay.
191:18:57 Haise: We'd like to retain the next line there, that "Cabin Repress breakers," so you've got the caution and warnings.
191:19:07 Duke: Go ahead.
191:19:09 Haise: Okay. Another little block you might write out to the left there, label it "Transfer Items." And, maybe you've already done some of these, but this will take care of some of the ones we missed having you do yesterday. And they're the PTK(?), the Flight Kit, the purse with the unused food, and the used fecal-urine bags, and lastly the DSEA.
191:19:57 Duke: Okay.
191:19:59 Haise: Okay; beside the subheading near "Power transfer" write in 192:15.
191:20:10 Duke: Okay.
191:20:12 Haise: Okay, now that whole block that says "If no CSM power", we're going to use to effect the transfer except we're kind of changing it around, so you can just scratch that "If no CSM power." Go down ...
191:20:28 Duke: Okay.
191:20:30 Haise: ... go down to the fourth line and change the "Ascent ECA Control, Close" to "Ascent ECA, Close."
191:20:45 Duke: Okay.
191:20:46 Haise: After that, add a step that is "Cross Tie Bus and Balance Loads, Open."
191:21:03 Duke: Okay.
191:21:04 Haise: Now, that's gonna temporarily wipe out the LMP bus, but don't worry about it. The next step is "Bat 5 Normal Feed, On," so we'll get it back there. Okay ...
191:21:14 Duke: Okay.
191:21:16 Haise: ... after the "Bat 5 step," add in, and you'll have to write it out to the left there, I guess, "CSM LM Power, Off," followed by "Bat 6 Normal Feed, On, talkback gray."
191:21:39 Duke: Okay.
191:21:41 Haise: Okay. Out beside "CB (11) and (16) EPS," scratch the first line there. That's "Descent ECA Control, two, Close."
191:21:52 Duke: Okay.
191:21:55 Haise: Okay, and then starting two lines down: where it's "Bat 1 Low Voltage, On," et cetera, just scratch the whole rest of those lines in that box.
191:22:07 Duke: Okay.
191:22:10 Haise: Okay, below that, Step 1, "Transfer to LM power," you can scratch all of those lines, all five.
191:22:19 Duke: Okay.
191:22:21 Haise: Step 2, "Flood Light to All," but then scratch the next three lines.
191:22:31 Duke: Okay.
191:22:34 Haise: Okay. Page 2-2, under step 1 you can scratch everything in parentheses.
191:22:44 Duke: Okay.
191:22:46 Haise: Under Step 2, Line 2, scratch "Descent ECA Control, Close.
191:22:57 Duke: Okay.
191:22:58 Haise: Then all four items that are under "CB(16) Stab/Control," from there on, these four lines, scratch.
191:23:10 Duke: Okay.
191:23:13 Haise: Okay. Now, the next Step 3 items, plus the block there about "When bus volts less than 27, high voltage taps," scratch all that clear on down on down to "ECS activation."
191:23:27 Duke: Okay.
191:23:29 Haise: "ECS activation," Step 1, third line, CB (11) you can scratch - Stand by one.
191:24:00 Haise: Okay, Charlie. That's correct. "CB (11) ECS Suit Fan 1, close," scratch that line.
191:24:08 Duke: I got it scratched.
191:24:10 Haise: Okay; and the circuit breaker below that, "Glycol Pump, two, Close," change the two to a one.
191:24:20 Duke: Okay.
191:24:22 Haise: Okay; then the next two lines at the bottom there, "Press Reg A and B," "Suit Gas Diverters," scratch those.
191:24:32 Duke: Okay.
191:24:33 Haise: Add a line below that, "Glycol to Pump 1."
191:24:41 Duke: Okay.
191:24:43 Haise: Okay, ready for 2-3, and Step 2, you can scratch the first line about "If LM is to be active", et cetera. And, just the Prime Evap "Flow 1, Open." That's Step 2, now.
191:25:04 Duke: Okay.
191:25:06 Haise: Okay. "Configure Audio" block here, delete Steps 1 and 2.
191:25:15 Duke: Okay.
191:25:18 Haise: Okay; Step 3, the second line, "Commander Audio, Close," scratch that one.
191:25:30 Duke: Okay.
191:25:32 Haise: In its place, write in "Secondary Power, Amp, Close."
191:25:40 Duke: Okay.
191:25:43 Haise: Next line, "Signal Sensor, Close," scratch that one.
191:25:48 Duke: Okay.
191:25:50 Haise: Okay; let's go to Step 4. On the S-Band at ...
191:25:54 Duke: Okay.
191:25:56 Haise: ... across there, it should read "PM Secondary" and change "Primary to Secondary."
191:26:09 Duke: Okay.
191:26:11 Haise: Okay; the second line there, rather than "Off/RESET," make it "Range."
191:26:19 Duke: Okay.
191:26:20 Haise: And, rather than "Lo," make it "Hi."
191:26:27 Duke: Okay.
191:26:29 Haise: And, since you're not gonna be plugged in, you can scratch that "Hot mike to MSFN."
191:26:36 Duke: How about that.
191:26:41 Haise: Yeah, we'll really miss that. Okay, Charlie. The next line "S-Band Antenna," we want "Forward." So, you can scratch the "or AFT."
191:26:56 Duke: Okay.
191:27:01 Haise: Next block, "Caution and warning turn on." Under the "Warning" light, the "RCS A Reg" - Then put a parenthesis here; it's possible, you can scratch "RCS B Reg."
191:27:21 Duke: Okay.
191:27:23 Haise: Under "Caution" lights, you can scratch "Pre Amp."
191:27:28 Duke: Okay.
191:27:31 Haise: Okay; and under the "Glycol" note, you can add two more caution lights, "RCS and ECS."
191:27:44 Duke: Okay.
191:27:48 Haise: Okay; let's go to the circuit breaker Page 2-4.
191:27:56 Duke: Okay.
191:27:58 Haise: Let's go third row down. The change...
191:28:04 Duke: Okay.
191:28:06 Haise: ... the change there will be "Attitude Direct Control breaker should be open," and "Logic Power A should be Open."
191:28:12 Duke: Okay.
191:28:14 Haise: So, your "Five closed" will be "Three closed."
191:28:21 Duke: Okay.
191:28:23 Haise: Okay, the next row down, the fourth row, Suit Fan 1 breaker should be Open.
191:28:33 Duke: Okay.
191:28:36 Haise: Sounds like you're not quite awake yet there, Charlie. And, one more on that row ...
191:28:43 Duke: Everybody else is putting me to sleep.
191:28:46 Haise: (Laughter) Okay. Secondary S-Band Power Amp should be Close.
191:28:54 Duke: Okay.
191:28:56 Haise: Okay; the bottom row, Charlie. The "Descent ECA Control" and the "Descent ECA, both Open."
191:29:06 Duke: Okay.
191:29:11 Haise: Okay the next page, Panel 16.
191:29:18 Duke: Go ahead.
191:29:21 Haise: Second row, Logic Power B should be Open; ASA, Open.
191:29:28 Duke: Okay.
191:29:32 Haise: Third row, "Suit Fan (2), Open, Diverter Valve, Open, CO2 Sensor, Open.
191:29:43 Duke: Okay.
191:29:47 Haise: Okay; and the bottom row, "Descent ECA and Descent ECA Control, Open" ...
191:29:55 Duke: Go ahead.
191:29:55 Haise: ... and the "Cross Ties, Close" ...
191:30:01 Duke: Okay.
191:30:02 Haise: "Cross Ties Bus and Bal Loads, Close."
191:30:07 Duke: Okay.
191:30:08 Haise: Okay, and, do you have a docking tunnel index? I'd like to get started to work on something there.
191:30:21 Duke: Okay, stand by. John is going to get it.
191:30:25 Haise: Okay.
191:30:28 Young: Plus - plus 4.5, Fredo.
191:30:31 Haise: Okay, plus 4.5. Roger. Okay, let's go to 2-6, which is a pretty easy page.
191:30:43 Duke: Here I am.
191:30:45 Haise: Okay; all you do is retain the top line, the "RCS System A/B to Auto." Scratch the whole rest of the page.
191:30:56 Duke: Okay.
191:30:59 Haise: 2-7.
191:31:06 Duke: Go ahead.
191:31:07 Haise: Okay; a note at the top is "CSM maneuver to steerable attitude," if not there.
191:31:07 Duke: Okay.
189:31:21 Haise: Okay; jump down to the "S-Band steerable antenna activation," Step 2.
189:31:27 Duke: Okay.
189:31:29 Haise: Scratch "High Gain Pitch and Yaw angles" there.
191:31:36 Duke: Okay.
191:31:38 Haise: You can scratch the "Wait 30 seconds after Slew." We've tried that trick several times. And, write in "A Pitch angle of 155 and a Yaw of minus 12." The only one you can get.
191:31:59 Duke: All right. Okay.
191:32:02 Haise: Step 3, scratch "Track Mode to Auto."
191:32:10 Duke: Okay.
191:32:14 Haise: Okay. Down at "PGNS turn-on" now, Step 1.
191:32:21 Duke: Go ahead.
191:32:22 Haise: Starting with the "V35 Enter," scratch the rest, including the "V35 Enter."
191:32:31 Duke: Okay.
191:32:34 Haise: Okay; the next page, 2-8.
191:32:40 Duke: Go ahead.
191:32:41 Haise: Scratch the whole "PGNS self-test" section there, Steps 1 through 5.
191:32:50 Duke: Okay.
191:32:53 Haise: Okay; let's go to circuit breaker Page 2-9.
191:32:59 Duke Okay.
191:33:01 Haise: Row - row 3, "ATCA PGNCS, Close and Attitude Direct, Open, Logic Power A, Open."
191:33:04 Duke: Okay.
191:33:16 Haise: Next row down, the fourth row, "Suit Fan 1, Open, Updata Link, Close."
191:33:27 Duke: Okay.
191:33:29 Haise: The last row, "Descent ECA Control, Descent ECA, both Open.
191:33:37 Duke: Okay.
191:33:38 Haise: Panel 16, second row from the top, "Logic Power B, Open, ASA, Open."
191:33:48 Duke: Okay.
191:33:50 Haise: Okay; the third row, we want the "A Transmitter and B Receiver, Close." We're going to get some VHF ranging.
191:34:03 Duke: Okay.
191:34:04 Haise: And the "Prim S-Band Power Amp, and Transmitter Receiver breakers, both Open."
191:34:13 Duke: Okay.
191:34:14 Haise: Way over to the right there, "Suit Fan 2 and Diverter Valve and CO2 Sensor, all three, Open."
191:34:25 Duke: Okay.
191:34:26 Haise: Bottom row, it's "Descent ECA, Descent ECA Control, Open, and the Cross Tie Bus and Balance Loads, both Closed".
191:34:41 Duke: Go ahead.
191:34:44 Haise: Okay, fantastic. Page 2-11 doesn't have any changes.
191:34:52 Duke: Amazing.
191:34:54 Haise: Let's go to 2-12.
191:34:59 Duke: Go ahead.
191:35:00 Haise: The "VHF checkout" section, scratch the whole thing, Steps 1 through 4.
191:35:10 Duke: Okay.
191:35:12 Haise: Okay; 2-13 is another easy one. You can scratch the whole page.
191:35:22 Duke: Okay.
191:35:23 Haise: Let's go to 2-14 and "PGNS/AOS align." You can scratch that whole section there, all four lines.
191:35:37 Duke: Okay.
191:35:38 Haise: And before you turn the page - before you turn the page there, we need to write in down at the bottom of that page, "Updata Link to Data."
191:35:54 Duke: Okay.
191:35:55 Haise: Followed by a "MSFN Up-link," and if you're interested in what that is, it's a state vector on LGC time. A P30 and a P99 load.
191:36:14 Duke: Okay.
191:36:15 Haise: Okay; after we get done with the up-links, put CSM maneuver to jett attitude and select Forward Omni."
191:36:25 Duke: Okay.
191:36:29 Haise: Okay. You got the Select Forward Omni?
191:36:34 Duke: Yeah.
191:36:35 Haise: Okay. At...
191:36:36 Duke: Okay; to go to jett attitude ...
191:36:38 Haise: Go ahead.
191:36:39 Duke: Wait a minute, Fredo. We maneuver to jett attitude and select Forward Omni?
191:36:44 Haise: That's affirmative, Charlie.
191:36:48 Duke: Okay.
191:36:49 Haise: We just went to the steerable attitude, so we can get all these up-links in.
191:36:59 Haise: Okay; then we - next note is "Verify jett attitude, CSM Narrow Dead Band, Att Hold.
191:37:10 Duke: Okay.
191:37:12 Haise: Then it's "Window Shades, three, Closed." That's to keep the heat leak down for that 8 hour loiter time the LM has to do.
191:37:28 Duke: Okay.
191:37:29 Haise: Then we'll go the LM Timeline Book, Page 14, right hand column.
191:37:28 Duke: Stand by.
191:37:42 Haise: Hey, you ought to write that note there, Charlie, so...
191:37:46 Duke: Okay.
191:37:55 Duke: Yeah, I got it.
191:37:56 Haise: Okay. The whole left column there is just scratched, and I guess they need to know what kind of shape you're in over on the right side. I understand you scratched through a bunch of this already.
191:38:12 Duke: Yeah, but I think I know what to do. Just target the PGNS and get a Go for closeout, looks like it's all I got to do.
191:38:23 Haise: Yeah. Okay. If you're ready, then at Step 1 there, delete...
191:38:31 Duke: Go ahead.
191:38:37 Haise: Stand by one, Charlie. Ken, is about 30 seconds to start bringing up the SIM bay configuration.
191:38:50 Mattingly: Well, if the hats can do that for us; okay. I'll sure get it on there as fast as I can and I'd like to have some clarification. I just turned off the two hydrogen fans - their heaters, and I had nothing in the way of fans on Tank 3.
191:39:10 Duke: Watch it, John. Don't let that big hatch [garble].
191:39:13 Haise: Okay; I'll continue on here while they're thinking about that, Ken. Charlie, Step 2 there, scratch the "V47 Enter," et cetera, and substitute with the Verb 77 Enter."
191:39:35 Duke: Okay.
191:39:36 Haise: Scratch Step 5.
191:39:40 Duke: Okay.
191:39:41 Haise: Under "Target PGNS" there, Step 1 ...
191:39:43 Duke: Are you going to read it?
191:39:44 Haise: ...Add after the third line there, "P00," "V96 Enter."
191:39:55 Duke: Okay.
191:39:56 Haise: Scratch the "Configure AGS" Step 1 there.
191:40:05 Duke: Okay.
191:40:07 Haise: Go to Page 15.
191:40:12 Duke: Go ahead.
191:40:13 Haise: Okay; "Configure LM for jett," Step 1, "AGS Mode Control, Att Hold," fourth line down, scratch it.
191:40:24 Duke: Yeah, okay.
191:40:26 Haise: And line 6, Inverter 2, "Verify Inverter 2," scratch that one.
191:40:33 Duke: Okay.
191:40:34 Haise: Go - go to Step 4 now.
191:40:38 Duke: Okay.
191:40:41 Haise: Scratch the third line. "CB (11) Comm."
191:40:50 Duke: Okay.
191:40:51 Haise: Scratch the fourth line, and the fifth line, and the sixth line.
191:41:00 Duke: Okay.
191:41:01 Haise: Okay. Then Cabin Gas Return to Egress." You have to write that in.
191:41:13 Duke: Okay.
191:41:14 Haise: And the "Suit Gas Diverter" to Egress.
191:41:22 Duke: Okay.
191:41:26 Haise: Okay; that's it on that page. Let's go to Page 16.
This has been Fred Haise, the backup commander of Apollo 16 passing up these changes.
191:41:35 Duke Okay.
191:41:36 Haise: Panel 11, top row, "S-Band Antenna, Open. AGS AC Bus B, Open.
191:41:46 Duke: Okay.
191:41:47 Haise: Fourth row down, "Secondary S-Band Power Amp, Closed.
191:41:55 Duke: Okay.
191:41:59 Haise: Let's go to Panel 16 on Page 17, second row. It's "ASA, Open." I'm sorry. Let's back up one. It's "AEA, Open," first, then "ASA."
191:42:20 Duke: Yeah; okay.
191:42:21 Haise: Then "ATCA."
191:42:22 Duke: Yeah.
191:42:23 Haise: "ATCA, Open," and "ATCA (AGS), Open."
191:42:28 Duke: Okay.
191:42:30 Haise: Third row down, the "Primary S-Band Power Amp, Open; S-Band Antenna; Open."
191:42:38 Duke: Okay.
191:42:39 Haise: And the one on the far right.
191:42:40 Duke: Okay.
191:42:41 Haise: Far right one, "CO2 Sensor, Open."
191:42:47 Duke: Okay.
191:42:48 Haise: And the bottom row. "S-Band Heater" - under "Heaters," "S-Band Antenna, Open."
191:42:59 Duke: Okay.
191:43:04 Haise: Okay; and then Inverter 2 should be Open.
191:43:08 Duke: Okay.
191:43:21 Haise: Okay; and I guess you've - you've got the idea here, Charlie, that everything else that's indicated on this, you're going to have to configure. Like a bunch of these you're going to be closing.
191:43:34 Duke: Yeah, I know.
191:43:35 Haise: Okay. Okay; Page 18.
191:43:43 Duke: Okay.
191:43:45 Haise: Under "IVT to CSM," delete Step 1.
191:43:54 Duke: Yeah. Guess so.
191:43:56 Haise: Okay; Step 2. I guess the way you want to suit, with that "Transfer to CSM" step, fifth line there under Step 2, you can scratch and write it as "Don suits and then transfer."
191:44:16 Duke: Okay.
191:44:18 Haise: Okay; then everything "LM to CSM transfer list," the rest of that column on the left side, and the whole right side, we can scratch. If you wanted to, I guess you ...
191:44:30 Duke: Okay.
191:44:31 Haise: ... You could use it for one final verification there, Charlie, but we should have picked all those items.
191:44:39 Duke: Okay.
191:44:21 Haise: And that's it.
191:44:42 Duke: I got one question, Fred. Have - On the PPKs, I took a peek at them yesterday, and there was only one bag in there, and it says three here. Are we only supposed to have one bag?
191:44:56 Haise: I'll check that, Charlie. Stand by.
191:45:07 Haise: Okay; the word I get, Charlie, is there is only one PPK pack.
191:45:15 Duke: Yeah, I thought so, but I just wanted to make sure.
191:45:20 Haise: Must have been a small cannon ball.
191:45:25 Duke: Yeah. (Laughter) Okay; look, I'm going on over to the LM and get started on this stuff. Okay?
191:45:36 Haise: Okay. That sounds excellent, and I guess we need to talk to Ken now.
191:45:44 Duke: Okay.
191:45:59 Duke: Hey, Ken, could you turn off my Vox, please? Okay, open hatch.
191:46:21 Hartsfield: Ken, I don't know where you are on the procedures now, but it's about time to start that maneuver, if you get a chance.
191:40:32 Mattingly: All right, Henry. I'll be there in just a minute. I just finished your SIM Bay stuff. And, Henry, could you have an EECOM check and see if our sensor and accumulator looks like it's been working properly in the last hour?
191:47:04 Hartsfield: Okay; will do. Okay, EECOM says that they can see it's receiving the stroke signal, but they have no way of telling if it really does stroke.
191:47:25 Mattingly: Okay. Seems like it has gotten a little stuffy and the humidity has built up a little bit, and I was just wondering is there some way I could verify that it is working without having to watch this high O2 Flow on - watch the O2 Flow sensor. Can they - they have the Flow sensor; can they tell if it - if it's been getting its flow pulse?
This is Apollo Control Houston 192 hours [191:48] Ground Elapsed Time. Mattingly will shortly be maneuvering Apollo 16 to a LM Comm attitude.
191:48:01 Hartsfield: Ken, EECOM says that he can see the flow pulse, but he has no way of checking that it's working or stroking. He suggests maybe go over to Auto 2 and see if that improves things.
191:48:14 Mattingly: Okay; I'm in Auto 2 now. And I'm changing the DAP to Narrow Dead Band.
191:48:26 Hartsfield: Roger.
And the other two crew members apparently transferring equipment from the Lunar Module.
191:48:35 Duke: Houston, 16 - Orion.
191:48:38 Hartsfield: Go ahead.
191:48:46 Duke: Okay; the CBs are in - as per page 3-13 and 3-14, staged deactivation, that we left them last night at Moon. [?].
191:49:00 Hartsfield: Roger; copy.
191:49:04 Duke: No. I thought I had my own.
191:49:58 Hartsfield: Ken, it only took your Mapping Camera 2 minutes and 28 seconds to retract, that time.
191:50:08 Mattingly: Yeah, we noticed that.
191:50:36 Hartsfield: Ken, while you are maneuvering there I'd like to get a quick check on the cryo configurations.
191:50:43 Mattingly: Okay.
191:50:45 Hartsfield: What we'd like to have is O2 Heaters 1 and 2, Off, 3, Auto.
191:50:56 Mattingly: O2 Heaters 1 and 2 are Off, and 3 is in Auto.
191:50:59 Hartsfield: And Hydrogen Tank Heaters 1 and 2 in Auto. And all three fans, Off.
191:51:11 Mattingly:Okay; Hydrogen Tank Heaters 1 and 2 in Auto, and all three fans, are Off. Thank you.
191:51:17 Hartsfield: Okay, and we should be on the 100-watt heaters.
191:51:23 Mattingly: Yeah, that's what, we've been running on - I don't ...
191:51:48 Hartsfield: Ken, the LiOH canister you had trouble with, has it already been put in the LM for good?
191:51:57 Mattingly: No, sir. I've got it stowed on board.
191:51:59 Hartsfield: Okay, real good. We'd like to bring that thing home.
191:52:00 Mattingly: It was the one I took out last night; Okay; I had a little trouble with the one yesterday morning, but not so much, and it's already in the LM. Last night I was getting concerned that we picked up some humidity and it was swelling.
191:52:17 Hartsfield: Roger.
191:52:29 Hartsfield: Okay. Ken, what we'd like to do, is get Canister 13 to the LM in place of the one we're bringing home.
191:52:43 Mattingly: Say again, Henry.
191:52:45 Hartsfield: I said did you make a substitute for the one that you're going to keep there or ...
191:52:55 Mattingly: I'm sorry, I still haven't understood you. Say again, one more time, please.
191:53:01 Hartsfield: Okay; we're going to keep the canister that's bad. We're going to bring it home so we can look at it, so did you substitute another one to be jettisoned with the LM?
191:53:13 Mattingly: No, sir. I packed all that stuff yesterday sometime, and it's over in the LM in a jett bag, and if we have extra canisters, I'd just as soon leave it that way if we could.
191:53:24 Hartsfield: We concur.
191:53:28 Mattingly: We're having enough trouble staying up the time line, without digging through a jett bag looking for a canister.
191:53:31 Hartsfield: We don't want to do that.
191:53:37 Mattingly: Easy on that baby [garble]. Okay, Hank. You got the one that stuck last night. It's down in - in A - A-3, I believe it is the first one. And let's leave it at that.
191:53:53 Hartsfield: We concur.
191:54:39 Mattingly: Okay; and Orion's back on internal power at 192:06.
191:54:46 Hartsfield: Roger. Copy.
191:56:37 Mattingly: Man, Henry, we're not going to be in attitude until 192:14. Is that acceptable?
191:56:44 Hartsfield: That's okay.
191:58:14 Hartsfield: 16, Houston. We have a block data we need to get up before LOS. Okay, 16, we're about 2 minutes from LOS. I don't think we can get it in now. We'll give it to you next rev. AOS will be at 194 - 193 - 192:58 [192:46].
191:59:18 Mattingly (onboard): Four open [garble]. Four closed [garble].
Loss of Signal at about 192:00.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. At 192 hours, 13 minutes [192:01] Ground Elapsed Time. We've had Loss of Signal with Apollo 16. As the spacecraft and crew pass over the backside of the Moon on the 60th revolution. This is Apollo Control, Houston.
192:00:00 Mattingly (onboard): And we're coming through here. We're about on the time line, but the trouble is, they didn't allow enough time. If we don't get ahead somewhere, we'll never make it.
192:00:11 Young (onboard): I know it.
192:00:13 Duke (onboard): I - I think we'll catch up over here, Ken.
192:00:15 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah, but when we get to that suit-donning business, that's where the whole world falls on its ears.
192:00:17 Duke (onboard): That's right.
192:00:18 Mattingly (onboard): I can't follow that. I keep trying. So we're right down here, now. Jettison comes up - Let's see, have you got it? Got this 30 minutes, here's 30, there's an hour. But most of this is gonna get taken up with suit donning. And I've got to reconfigure the cockpit here. And then we close the hatches and do the jettison over here. And then I know good and well they're gonna have - they're gonna have us do all kinds of stuff in here. It won't be nice and clean like this. They're gonna be rolling left, reading updates, and all that bull. During the eat period, you're gonna take your suit off. I'm almost at the point of just saying, forget it, I'll keep my suit on for EVA.
192:01:27 Mattingly (onboard): No. No. (Laughter) Sometime tonight about 200 and - 200 and - that's not far away. 210? 220? No. It was normally 220. So it ain't very far. There's - 200 hours; 8 hours from now.
192:01:54 Duke (onboard): What, TEI?
192:01:55 Mattingly (onboard): Yes, sir.
192:01:56 Duke (onboard): You're kidding.
192:01:57 Mattingly (onboard): No, I'm not. You know, I - and there's - I even threw out where that time is to sit down and take an hour and get ready for TEI. And I'm ready to tell them to delay it a rev, if they don't give us one. I just can't seem to do a TEI in a - hurry with a whole lot of things dangling.
192:02:31 Duke (onboard): Yeah, you can come over here and cut this cord, John.
192:02:53 Mattingly (onboard): I thought we had such a good chance of completing the mission. And then go home. At least you guys got all your work done.
192:03:01 Young (onboard): Yeah, but that ain't fair to you.
192:03:04 Mattingly (onboard): Well, it ain't individual fairness that counts in this program. The program has never tried to do that.
192:03:10 Duke (onboard): Okay. You're maneuvering to steerable attitude, right?
192:03:13 Mattingly (onboard): I'm there.
192:03:14 Duke (onboard): Okay.
192:03:15 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. You said sharp, VHF, I guess.
192:03:26 Mattingly (onboard): You can start moving these ACAs, if you want to. I got a - I got a procedure for you. (Laughter) Wait. There 's a change.
192:03:40 Duke (onboard): Huh?
192:03:41 Mattingly (onboard): I'm sure there's a change, Charlie. You don't want to do it yet. I'm sorry, John. What? No. Well, to check the procedure, it moves power to them.
192:04:00 Young (onboard): We might have some power right now, but it removes power.
192:04:44 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Look here.
192:04:57 Young (onboard): Make sure of that, Charlie. Ace performance on backing it out of - I think I'll just go right through here. This shorting plug's dimmer.
192:05:08 Duke (onboard): Well, that doesn't matter. We're not gonna have any power. That was because it was - it'd do that so they would see you removing power off of it on the front side; but we don't have power on it anyway.
192:05:21 Young (onboard): [Garble] one [garble].
192:05:36 Mattingly (onboard): Okay; go ahead.
192:05:40 Young (onboard): Okay. Well, see, push them all back in over here, anyway.
192:05:43 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble].
192:05:47 Young (onboard): You can leave that - you can leave all your breakers in.
192:06:01 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
192:06:09 Young (onboard): Huh?
192:06:12 Duke (onboard): Yeah, we're on the back side, aren't we, Ken?
192:06:14 Mattingly (onboard): Yes, sir.
192:06:15 Duke (onboard): Okay.
192:06:18 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
192:06:19 Duke (onboard): What?
192:06:20 Mattingly (onboard): Okay, both the same.
192:06:33 Young (onboard): [Garble] these two right here? [Garble]. It's real hard; you just got to really pull.
192:06:54 Young (onboard): Okay.
192:06:56 Mattingly (onboard): Let's see, there's a little clips here you can use, John.
192:07:31 Mattingly (onboard): Huh?
192:07:40 Young (onboard): Ken, you've already done it. Won't go forward? Yeah, uh-huh. It's cross sliding [garble]. Here are the screwdrivers and the -
192:08:31 Mattingly (onboard): These two right here. This one right here. There's one - there's one back up under here.
192:08:39 Young (onboard): Ken, you probably need a flashlight. They're cross sliding. Do you have your flashlight? They're cro - I think you've got the wrong screwdriver.
192:09:24 Duke (onboard): Huh?
192:10:11 Young (onboard): There you go.
192:11:13 Mattingly (onboard): I need to defecate. Key, I was gonna suggest, if you guys need to take one, you ought to do it before we get rid of the LM.
192:11:17 Duke (onboard): I agree. Let me get over here.
192:11:27 Mattingly (onboard): Does anybody have any desire to keep this URA?
192:11:29 Duke (onboard): I don't. Doesn't look like we'll get to use it.
192:11:32 Mattingly (onboard): Well, even if we did, the thing doesn't work.
192:11:35 Duke (onboard): Yeah.
192:11:37 Mattingly (onboard): I'd just as soon get rid of it. It's just that much more volume we have to play with.
192:11:39 Duke (onboard): Bring her over.
192:11:41 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
192:11:45 Young (onboard): I might - I'm gonna keep this bag, though. I think that might be a good trash bag. Got a zipper on it.
192:12:28 Young (onboard): Won't turn? Which one - which screw? Can't get this screw out?
192:12:36 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
192:12:44 Young (onboard): It's this one right under here - you can't - no? There you go.
192:13:06 Mattingly (onboard): Okay, torque that dude, will you?
192:13:26 Mattingly (onboard): Let me try it.
192:14:09 Duke (onboard): Let me hold it, maybe you can push on it, you know. Okay, you're not quite [garble].
192:14:24 Mattingly (onboard): You're on internal power, aren't you, Charlie?
192:14:25 Duke (onboard): Yeah, uh-huh. I got bats on.
192:14:30 Mattingly (onboard): I was wondering - you suppose there's any reason to save these - the umbilicals?
192:14:32 Duke (onboard): No.
192:14:33 Mattingly (onboard): You don't want them?
192:14:34 Duke (onboard): Uh-huh.
192:14:35 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
192:14:37 Young (onboard): [Garble] on that.
192:14:41 Mattingly (onboard): I guess we can leave them in, then. Latches and all are gonna go, so that doc - that electrical connection should go, too. It should sever right here.
192:14:51 Young (onboard): There they go on their trip to the Moon.
192:14:54 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, sure.
192:14:58 Young (onboard): Huh? Yeah. You want to go on through - well, I'm - I've got the CBs dumped and - We're right here for the docked IMU align. I'm gonna let you do that. Let me try and stop. Okay.
192:15:17 Duke (onboard): Hey, Ken. Are you in Min Dead Band, Attitude Hold?
192:15:20 Mattingly (onboard): Yes, sir. Use the thumb switch.
192:15:25 Duke (onboard): Okay, you need a [garble].
192:15:34 Mattingly (onboard): Whoops! Is this your - this isn't a - this is your transfer items bag, huh?
192:15:37 Young (onboard): Yeah.
192:15:39 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter) I don't want to throw my trash in there.
192:15:49 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Well, you got - What did you do with those jettison bags? You tied them down, huh?
192:15:58 Duke (onboard): Yeah, they're all tied down. Just - I can stuff them down -
192:16:02 Mattingly (onboard): Just give me that stuff - there's plenty of places to stuff. Good old 06 20. All right.
192:16:17 Young (onboard): Can you imagine in - in orbit?
192:16:21 Duke (onboard): I can't believe EVA, John. Those guys! Suppose we'd had a short in your thing?
192:16:31 Mattingly (onboard): Okay; you ready for the 06 20, John?
192:16:42 Mattingly (onboard): Hey, John? Oh, 323.17. Oh, heck. We're - we're moving around. Just call it 323, 116 and 305.
192:16:56 Young (onboard): [Garble].
192:16:59 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah, I know. But there ain't no sense in counting hundredths when I got a half-degree dead band. It's 323.17, 116.36, 305.00.
192:17:14 Young (onboard): [garble] 305.00?
192:17:16 Mattingly (onboard): Yep. But those numbers are changing.
192:17:18 Young (onboard): Huh?
192:17:19 Mattingly (onboard): Those last two digits are changing. Okay.
192:17:27 Young (onboard): [Garble].
192:17:34 Mattingly (onboard): We were doing it with an 06 20 of a mark and an Enter right then and there that'd correct it. Huh? Oh, wait a minute. Let me go to SCS, I can get you a smaller dead band with that.
192:17:53 Young (onboard): [Garble] that's fine.
192:17:56 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Do whatever you want.
192:17:59 Duke (onboard): John, I can't budge mine either. I don't know how big of a screwdriver the guy had, but he must of had a monster [garble]. Can't even come close to it.
192:18:36 Duke (onboard): Well, guess what.
192:19:00 Young (onboard): We don't get to bring our ACAs back.
192:19:19 Duke (onboard): I can't budge it. I just cannot budge it.
192:19:55 Young (onboard): Yeah.
192:20:11 Duke (onboard): Okay. It'll be plus 45, 361, 304 - What's the Command Module?
192:20:46 Duke (onboard): That's 304. This is 304, minus 323. Be a minus number [garble] in the 300s. 300 plus 4 is 304.
192:21:30 Young (onboard): Add 360 to that one [garble]. Yeah. Make it - yeah, why not? Okay.
192:21:46 Duke (onboard): [Garble].
192:21:47 Young (onboard): Now subtract ...
192:21:48 Duke (onboard): Okay.
192:21:49 Young (onboard): ... 33, 3, 1, 4, 3 - 341.
192:21:58 Duke (onboard): Yeah. I do, too. Okay, now this one is plus 160 and [garble] is straight forward to [garble] 6. Okay, that looks okay. Well, John, don't get to [garble].
192:22:45 Young (onboard): Huh?
192:22:56 Young (onboard): Look I - I can't understand you. Oh, you wanted this right here.
192:23:13 Duke (onboard): I don't know what you're gonna do with that. Can't roll it, stick it on itself. You could put a piece of tape on the back of it, John. Here, let me do that.
192:23:20 Young (onboard): Oh, yeah. I'll - I'll -
192:23:22 Duke (onboard): You do this, and I'll (laughter) [garble].
192:24:01 Duke (onboard): [garble] this thing [garble] this neat.
192:24:29 Duke (onboard): Hey, Ken, [garble] on my mark - on your mark.
192:24:38 Mattingly (onboard): Say when.
192:24:40 Duke (onboard): Tell me what GET it is. Up the GET and give me a mark. Okay? O - Okay, Ken. On the comm.
192:24:49 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. I'll do it on the comm at 192:36:40 [192:24:50]. Stand by-
192:24:53 Mattingly (onboard): Mark. Got it? You got the time?
192:24:58 Young (onboard): Yeah.
192:25:00 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. And the angles are ...
192:25:01 Duke (onboard): Wait a minute, say the time again.
192:25:02 Mattingly (onboard): 192 ...
192:25:03 Duke (onboard): Okay ...
192:25:04 Mattingly (onboard): 36.
192:25:05 Duke (onboard): 192:36 ...
192:25:06 Mattingly (onboard): 40.
192:25:07 Duke (onboard): 40.
192:25:08 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
192:25:09 Duke (onboard): Okay.
192:25:10 Mattingly (onboard): The 06 20s are 322.94.
192:25:11 Duke (onboard): 322.94.
192:25:13 Mattingly (onboard): 116.31.
192:25:16 Duke (onboard): One decimal, what?
192:25:18 Mattingly (onboard): 116.31.
192:25:21 Duke (onboard): 116.31.
192:25:23 Mattingly (onboard): 304.99.
192:25:24 Duke (onboard): 304.99. Thank you.
192:25:26 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble].
192:25:27 Duke (onboard): Thank you.
192:25:37 Duke (onboard): Crummy things. That upsets me. Really [garble] beat.
192:26:01 Duke (onboard): Not in this attitude. Why does it have to?
192:26:18 Duke (onboard): Let me try this again, John.
192:26:54 Duke (onboard): You want to give up on those things?
192:26:57 Young (onboard): Huh?
192:27:01 Duke (onboard): You want to give up on those things?
192:27:04 Young (onboard): Give up?
192:27:06 Duke (onboard): On the ACAs?
192:27:41 Duke (onboard): Yeah. Uh-huh. All that's in there. You can do the Tephem. Ken's got the Tephem. You can do all this stuff. Bring up the numerics lighting; you can get the [garble] count; [garble] just like we did on the activation.
192:28:12 Mattingly (onboard): You probably have the right Tephem in there, don't you?
192:28:15 Duke (onboard): Probably.
192:28:17 Mattingly (onboard): That won't change just because you powered down.
192:28:20 Duke (onboard): No. Un - unless they've changed yours since we powered down.
192:28:25 Mattingly (onboard): No, we haven't changed anything like that.
192:28:28 Duke (onboard): I didn't think so.
192:28:38 Young (onboard): Ken, what's the GET?
192:28:39 Duke (onboard): What's the GET, Ken? Give us a mark at - Okay.
192:28:42 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. It's 192:40:30 [192:28:40]now, and you can have a mark at 192:41 [192:29].
192:28:50 Duke (onboard): Okay. 192:41, John.
192:29:09 Mattingly (onboard): 4, 3, 2, ...
192:29:11 Duke (onboard): Not gonna make it.
192:29:12 Mattingly (onboard): ... One. Okay. How about 41:30?
192:29:15 Duke (onboard): That's good, 41:30, John. Okay; we're ready.
192:29:19 Mattingly (onboard): All right.
192:29:33 Mattingly (onboard): Ten seconds to go.
192:29:37 Duke (onboard): Okay, 10 seconds, John.
192:29:39 Duke (onboard): 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
192:29:43 Duke (onboard): Mark.
192:29:44 Mattingly (onboard): Enter. Okay, we got it going.
192:29:46 Young (onboard): Okay.
192:29:54 Young (onboard): And we need a Tephem, Ken.
192:30:01 Duke (onboard): Yeah. Let's - Okay. Why don't you read it out and see ...
192:30:06 Young (onboard): Okay, Verb ...
192:30:10 Mattingly (onboard): Why don't you read out what you got - Verb [garble] compare them. I hate to change it. Okay. He's got the clock update now.
192:30:35 Duke (onboard): Hey, Ken. There's a - there's a towel over in - in my TSB that's got a red stripe on it. Will you put some water on it and - and throw it across, please?
192:30:46 Mattingly (onboard): Yes, sir.
192:30:47 Duke (onboard): Thank you.
192:30:50 Mattingly (onboard): Surely will. You want cold or hot water?
192:30:58 Duke (onboard): Cold. I just want to clean off this jett bag.
192:31:01 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, oh, okay. That's right.
192:31:03 Young (onboard): [Garble] face [garble] or something?
192:31:10 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.
192:31:11 Duke (onboard): Huh? You need what?
192:31:21 Duke (onboard): He said he needs a Tephem, Ken.
192:31:24 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Before we change it, why don't we check it? I - I hate to change it.
192:31:28 Duke (onboard): How do you read lookout octal? Verb 04? Okay; let's look at it and see what it is.
192:31:45 Duke (onboard): What you got, Ken?
192:31:47 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter) I'm one of those darn octopies [?]. I ...
192:31:52 Duke (onboard): Yeah. I know.
192:31:53 Mattingly (onboard): ... [garble] just a second. Excuse me. He'll be there in a minute, Charlie. Here comes your rag.
192:31:59 Duke (onboard): Okay; thank you. Huh? Don't know whether it's good or bad.
192:32:17 Mattingly (onboard): Got 47651, 70362, and 67651.
192:32:24 Duke (onboard): That's not even close to what we got.
192:32:26 Mattingly (onboard): What you have?
192:32:27 Duke (onboard): We got 11, 000, 11. Give us the numbers.
192:32:32 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. I'll ...
192:32:33 Duke (onboard): Wrong one. Let me make sure I got this out right now before you change all that. I just looked up 1703.
192:32:40 Young (onboard): [Garble] 1706. I can tell you that for sure.
192:32:52 Mattingly (onboard): Okay, three balls 11.
192:32:56 Duke (onboard): Okay.
192:32:57 Mattingly (onboard): 13347.
192:32:58 Duke (onboard): Okay.
192:32:59 Mattingly (onboard): 65620.
192:33:00 Duke (onboard): Okay; same. We got it. Yeah. Go ahead.
192:33:22 Duke (onboard): Is it bad?
192:33:33 Duke (onboard): That was really a dumb decision. And it was all because the docs got them panicked.
192:33:42 Mattingly (onboard): It goes further than that, Charlie. The docs may have caused the panic, but somebody had to realize - someone operationally should have realized that - that no matter how panicked they were, they couldn't do any better than what they had already planned.
192:33:55 Duke (onboard): Yeah.
192:33:56 Mattingly (onboard): They should've seen that.
192:33:57 Duke (onboard): Do what, John? Yeah. Go ahead; whatever it says do. You do ahead and do. We're not gonna get the edge. Go ahead. Just push them all in.
Start of Lunar Rev 61 at 192:36.
This is Apollo Control Houston at 192 hours 58 minutes [192:46] Ground Elapsed Time. We're less than a minute away now from reacquiring Apollo 16. We'll leave the line open, standby and monitor. We are now receiving data from Apollo 16. Apollo 16 now on its 61st revolution around the Moon.
Acquisition of Signal at 192:47.
192:47:53 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston.
192:47:59 Mattingly: Go ahead, Henry.
192:48:01 Hartsfield: Roger. How is it going?
192:48:06 Mattingly: Well, we're waiting for some LM - stuff, I guess.
192:48:11 Hartsfield: Okay. PADs and everything are in the work. Maybe we could clean up a few things now. We need the Noun 20s on page 212 in the Contingency Checklist. That's from the LM.
192:48:31 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. Here we go with the 212. The Noun 20s were for the Command Module: 33294, 11631, 30499. In the LM, 34091, 29673, 05443. Over.
192:48:56 Hartsfield: Roger. Copy and the GET?
192:49:04 Mattingly: Okay. At 192:36:40 [192:24:50].
192:49:09 Hartsfield: Roger, copy.
192:49:29 Duke: Okay, Hank. We're ready for the up-links. We're sitting in Hi bit rate, we've got Data and good signal strength. You should be able to sock it to us.
192:49:43 Hartsfield: Roger, Charlie. And they are not quite ready with those up-links.
192:00:49 53 Duke: Okay. Hank, let me ask a question. Over.
192:50:04 Hartsfield: Go ahead.
192:50:08 Duke: Okay. Did it occur to anybody down there that last night if we'd stayed powered up, we could have gotten rid of this contraption, and it wouldn't have taken up all this time today? Or was that ever discussed?
192:50:23 Hartsfield: It was discussed, and the decision was made to power down.
192:50:30 Duke: Yeah. Well. we're gonna be about four times the work to do whatever it is they would have done. And I'm not really 100 percent sure we're going to be right on this, because we never practiced it.
192:50:45 Hartsfield: Roger. Understand. And we'd like to get the S-Band Voice Function switch Off in Orion.
192:50:59 Duke: It's Off. And the comm configuration you read up was the Down Voice Backup.
192:51:10 Hartsfield: Roger. We want to get a little ranging, and we'd like to verify who was on biomed last night.
192:51:22 Young: I guess all of us were, weren't we? I think we all were, Hank.
192:51:28 Hartsfield: Okay. Understand all three.
192:51:36 Duke:Can't you tell?
192:51:47 Hartsfield: I guess for some reason, they didn't copy the CDR.
192:51:56 Young: Well, it was plugged in.
192:52:02 Mattingly: Hank, we've got a - the vacuum cleaner stalled out sometime on us, and if you guys want it back for failure analysis, we'll bring it back. Otherwise, we're gonna toss it out. Do you have any thoughts on that?
192:52:18 Hartsfield: We'll check into it, Ken. And would you by chance have a crew status report?
192:52:34 Mattingly: No, Henry. I haven't gotten around to doing that kind of bookwork yet. Can we just sort of let it go for a while?
192:52:40 Hartsfield: Affirmative.
192:52:43 Mattingly: We're all here.
192:52:44 Hartsfield: Okay. I have a TEI-63 PAD I'd like to get up, block data.
192:53:13 Mattingly: All righty. Go right ahead.
192:53:17 Hartsfield: Okay. TEI-63, SPS/G&N; 38491; plus 0.67, plus 0.97; 198:33:20.08; plus 3186.7, plus 0731.6, minus 0118.9; 181, 083, 015; the rest is NA; ullage, 2 jets, 17 seconds; ascent REFSMMAT, assumes sep maneuver.
192:54:33 Mattingly: Okay. TEI-63, SPS/G&N; 38491; plus 0.67, plus 0.97; 198:33:20.08; plus 3186.7, plus 0731.6; minus 0118.9; 181, 083, 015; two jets for 17 seconds on the ascent REFSMMAT and that's assuming Sep maneuver.
192:54:55 Hartsfield: Good readback, Ken.
192:55:10 Mattingly: I have a Hi O2 Flow and I can't figure out why. No, it's been just been sitting there.
192:55:20 Young: [Garble].
192:55:22 Mattingly: At four. I turned it off a long time ago, John.
192:55:37 Mattingly: Well, if - if that's the only problem, you're right; but - but high O2 flows are caused by things not - not - I don't care about the end result.
192:55:53 Young: Why don't you change the [garble]?
192:55:55 Mattingly: I've already done that. Our cabin has dropped to - I guess that's the prob - that's why the flow is up.
192:56:08 Young: [Garble].
192:56:12 Mattingly: Maybe last night, which I think you got something this morning.
192:56:15 Young: [Garble].
192:56:18 Mattingly: That ought to - that ought to tighten it up. Self-sealing tanks.
192:56:44 Hartsfield: Ken, if you - wanted to get your Flight Plan in order, if you took Pages 283 through 286 and just stuck them between 326 and 327, they should all be in order.
192:57:01 Mattingly: Okay.
192:57:16 Mattingly: Take 283.
192:58:02 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. That's Page 283 through 285 and -
192:58:09 Hartsfield: Roger. And just insert those between 326 and 327, and then - then you'll be in order just to flip the pages.
192:58:20 Mattingly: That's a good plan; wish I'd thought of that.
192:58:37 Hartsfield: And, Charlie, I have your fine align torquing angles for Page 214.
192:58:47 Duke: Would you stand by just for a second, please? Okay, Hank.
192:58:56 Hartsfield: Roger. Plus 02620, plus 07950, plus 04770.
192:59:37 Duke: Is that a good readback, Hank?
192:59:39 Hartsfield: I didn't read you, Charlie.
192:59:45 Duke: Okay. I read back plus 02620, plus 07950, plus 04770. Over.
192:59:56 Hartsfield: Roger. Good readback. And we'd like to get another set of Noun 20s after you torque those.
193:00:13 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. Our book is rearranged per your suggestion. That should help a great deal.
193:00:20 Hartsfield: Roger.
193:00:24 Mattingly: And can you give me a jettison PAD, yet?
193:00:29 Hartsfield: They're working on the PADs, Ken. Looks about like 10 more minutes.
193:00:40 Mattingly: Okay. I just noticed I'm supposed to be there already.
193:01:12 Hartsfield: And, Ken, the decision is to bring the vacuum cleaner home with you.
193:01:21 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. I'll bring the vacuum cleaner home.
193:01:33 Hartsfield: And, Charlie, when you get to Noun 20, just hold them ...
193:01:35 Duke: Okay, Hank. Here's the Noun ...
193:01:36 Hartsfield: ... and we'll copy.
193:01:40 Duke: Okay. I was just going to read them to you. We got them.
193:02:36 Hartsfield: Charlie, we have the Noun 20s.
193:02:43 Duke: Okay.
193:03:12 Mattingly: Hank, I'd also like to verify that it's okay to leave the CSM-to-LM umbilicals hooked up in the tunnel.
193:03:21 Hartsfield: Okay. I'll check that out.
193:03:36 Hartsfield: And, Ken, to give you a few more words on that - cancelling that subsat tracking. We're trading that off for photography - Mapping Camera, Pan Camera, and X-ray. And we're getting 16 degrees more of the lunar surface that's never been photographed before.
193:03:52 Mattingly: Okay.
193:04:02 Hartsfield: And, Ken, it's okay to leave the umbilicals hooked up.
193:04:07 Mattingly: All right. Thank you.
193:05:50 Hartsfield: 16, Houston.
193:06:10 Mattingly: Go right ahead, Henry.
193:06:13 Hartsfield: Roger. We'd like to verify once again the docking angle.
193:06:23 Mattingly: Okay. We'll read it one more time. Turn to your right. Your right. There it is.
193:06:40 Young: Plus 4.5 degrees!
193:06:44 Hartsfield: Roger. Copy. Plus 4.5.
193:07:15 Hartsfield: What the problem is there, John, is we're still getting a torquing angle required, and we're having a little trouble with it. And we're just trying to figure out what's wrong.
193:07:31 Young: Right. You want to check our arithmetic? That's probably a possible problem.
193:07:44 Hartsfield: Roger. We did another Noun 20, so we got a problem with the X - X-axis.
193:12:01 Hartsfield: 16, Houston. Charlie, I got a new set of torquing angles for you.
193:12:12 Duke: Okay. Stand by a second.
193:12:26 Duke: Go ahead, Hank.
193:12:29 Hartsfield: Okay. Minus 02900, minus 08320, minus 02930. And we'd - after you've torqued that, would you get us another set of Noun 20s on the DSKY?
193:12:50 Duke: Okay. I copy minus 02900, minus 0820 - minus 08320, minus 04930.
193:13:02 Hartsfield: Good readback, Charlie.
Apollo Control, Houston, at 193 hours, 26 minutes [193:14] Ground Elapsed Time. The Mission Control Center working with the crew of Apollo 16 as they go through their LM activation procedures. Shortly, they should be donning their suits and preparation for hatch closure and LM jettison.
193:14:57 Duke: Okay, Ken. You have the Noun 20s on both DSKYs at 193:26:35.
193:15:07 Hartsfield: Roger. We're copying them.
193:17:29 Hartsfield: Orion, verify Data A. We're ready with the up-link.
193:17:39 Duke:That's verified, Hank.
193:18:07 Hartsfield: Orion, your alignment's Go.
193:18:16 Duke: Roger.
193:18:19 Hartsfield: And, Casper, I have a LM jettison PAD.
193:18:25 Mattingly: Ready to copy.
193:18:27 Hartsfield: Roger. 195:10:all zips [00:00]; 137, 020, 016.
193:18:45 Mattingly: 195:10:00.00 [194:58:10]; 137, 020, 016, and -
193:18:54 Hartsfield: Roger. And if you'd flip the page, I'll give your sep time.
193:19:03 Mattingly: Okay.
193:19:04 Hartsfield: Sep TIG is 195:15:all zips[00:00] [195:07:10].
193:19:22 Hartsfield: And, Casper, don't do this Verb 49 until we tell you to, please.
193:19:30 Mattingly: Oh, very well.
193:19:32 Hartsfield: We need to keep the LM comm up is the reason.
193:19:38 Mattingly: Roger. I understand.
193:19:43 Hartsfield: And if you'd flip the page again, I'll give you your subsat jett PAD.
193:19:54 Mattingly: Okay.
193:19:55 Hartsfield: 196:13:46 [196:02:56]; 089, 246, 000.
193:20:09 Mattingly: Okay. 196:13:46 [196:02:56]; 089, 246, and all zeros.
193:20:16 Hartsfield: Good readback, Ken.
193:20:22 Mattingly: Okay. Can you give me some of these photo PADs so I can get them going, because this time after jettison is going to be pretty crowded, too?
193:20:30 Hartsfield: They're in work.
193:20:31 Mattingly: I'd like to get those down right now, before we get all suited up and ready to go.
193:20:35 Hartsfield: That's a good plan. I'll try to have them for you in a couple of minutes. And, for Orion, I have the LM deorbit PAD.
193:20:56 Mattingly: Okay, he'll be with you in just a second, Hank. He's halfway in a suitwork.
193:21:01 Hartsfield: Roger.
193:21:12 Duke: Okay. Speak to us, Henry, with the PADs.
193:21:16 Hartsfield: Roger. LM deorbit, 203:08:09.50 [202:56:19.50]; minus 0238.9, minus 0103.1, plus 0254.5; NA down to FDAI inertial, 197, 023; the rest is NA; LM weight, 5275.
193:21:52 Duke Hank, Hank, stand by. Stand - Hey, stand by. I ran out of ink. Stand by.
193:22:00 Hartsfield: [Laughter] Roger.
193:22:04 Young: What'd you do with the pencil I gave you? It doesn't run out.
193:22:11 Duke: [Laughter] Okay. Go ahead. Start with - I got the Delta-Vs, but everything after that I missed.
193:22:15 Young: [Laughter] That ought to tell them something about the changes.
193:22:18 Hartsfield: Okay. FDAI is 197, 023. The rest is NA; LM weight, 5275.
193:22:37 Duke: Roger. I copy 202:08:09.56[202:56:19.50]; minus 0238.9, minus 0103.1, plus 0254.5; 197, 023; NA; LM weight, 5275.
193:23:00 Hartsfield: Roger. And on the Noun 33, the seconds is 09.50.
193:23:07 Duke: Okay, 09.50. Is that running out of ink tell you something about the changes we've had, Ken, I mean, Hank.
193:23:19 Hartsfield: Roger. It does.
193:23:41 Young: Yeah, but don't get behind the power curve because this cooling loop down here ain't got much.
193:23:50 Mattingly: Okay.
193:23:53 Hartsfield: Ken, which PAD is it that you want? Those on page 324 don't - don't apply.
193:24:06 Mattingly: Okay. You mentioned something about we're gonna get a whole lot of Mapping and Pan Camera stuff in there in those revs between there and TEI. And I just thought that, if we had some idea of what's coming, we could do a better job of getting ready for it.
193:24:28 Hartsfield: Roger. This all occurs on the rev after next.
193:24:34 Mattingly: I know. I'd - I'd like to be able to plan a little further ahead. If you don't get ahead - plan ahead, you just run a real good chance of not getting all the things done the way you'd like to.
193:24:45 Hartsfield: We agree. And I'll try to have some words for you here in a few minutes.
193:24:51 Mattingly: Okay. I understand your problems. That's - that's no sweat.
193:25:42 Hartsfield: And, 16, for your information, LOS is at 194:11.
193:25:54 Mattingly: Okay.
193:27:53 Hartsfield: Orion, all your loads are in.
193:28:01 Duke: Okay. Can we start to maneuver to the jett attitude?
193:28:06 Hartsfield: Stand by.
193:30:10 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. We'd - we'd like for you to start on the callouts that are at 193:46 [193:34].
193:30:21 Mattingly: Okay. I'll do those now.
193:30:24 Hartsfield: Roger. We want look at data on telemetry before we start to maneuver because, when we do that, we go into Low Bit Rate and an Omni.
193:30:34 Mattingly: Okay.
193:30:49 Mattingly: Okay, the Mass Spec Ion Source is Off. The Experiment is Standby. Gamma Ray goes to Retract.
193:30:56 Mattingly: Mark. Barber pole; X-Ray to Standby.
193:31:48 Mattingly: Okay, the Alpha and X-ray covers are coming closed.
193:31:53 Mattingly: Mark.
193:31:55 Hartsfield: Roger.
193:31:56 Mattingly: They're closed.
193:32:40 Hartsfield: Orion, Houston.
193:32:47 Mattingly: I haven't got time right now, Charlie. He's calling you.
193:32:52 Duke: Go ahead.
193:32:57 Hartsfield: Okay, Charlie. in that setup, we forgot to get things configured for auto transfer protection on the glycol system there. So I've got a short read-out here to make sure that's configured.
193:33:13 Duke: Okay. Go ahead.
193:33:15 Hartsfield: Okay. On Panel 11, and I think you're already there - you checked, you got Pump 1, Pump 2, and the Auto Transfer breakers closed.
193:33:30 Duke: That's affirm. It's set up.
193:33:33 Hartsfield: Okay. Switch to Pump 2.
193:33:45 Duke: Okay. Pump 2.
193:33:46 Hartsfield: Okay. Open the Auto Transfer circuit breaker and then switch back to Pump 1.
193:34:01 Duke: You're back to Pump 1.
193:34:03 Hartsfield: Okay. And, lastly, Charlie, close the Auto Transfer breaker, and we're back in business.
193:34:11 Duke: Okay.
193:35:39 Hartsfield: Casper, we're ready for Mass Spec, Retract.
193:36:14 Mattingly: Okay. The mass spec is coming now.
193:36:18 Hartsfield: Roger.
193:37:20 Hartsfield: Orion, Houston. Did you load your DAP before you started the P30?
193:37:51 Hartsfield: We need Auto on the High Gain, Casper.
193:38:55 Hartsfield: And, Ken, our plan for the - for the camera work is, at about 196:45 [196:33], somewhere in there, it's sunrise. We plan to run the Mapping Camera/Laser Altimeter throughout the - the daylight part of that Rev, up to about 197:50 [197:38]. And we'll bring the Pan Camera on at about - oh, a third of the way through that daylight portion, about 197:15 [197:03], and run it until darkness. And we'll do a Solar Corona just prior to that, and maybe some handheld photography, which we'll read up to you after you doff your suits on the next rev.
193:40:30 Mattingly: Houston, Orion.
193:40:35 Hartsfield: Go ahead.
193:41:04 Hartsfield: Ken, it looks like the Mass Spec is jammed. Would you give a 15-second Deploy...
193:41:07 Mattingly: Houston, Orion.
193:41:08 Hartsfield: ...and then a Retract?
193:41:16 Mattingly: Houston, Apollo 16.
193:41:19 Hartsfield: Go ahead. Apollo 16, Houston. Go ahead.
193:41:40 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston. Go ahead.
193:41:52 Mattingly: Houston, Apollo 16. Over.
193:41:55 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston.
193:42:18 Comms Technician: Madrid comm tech, Houston comm tech, Net 1 voice check.
193:42:20 Mattingly: Hey, Hank, you read us? 16?
193:42:22 Hartsfield: Roger, 16. Houston's reading you.
193:42:25 Comms Technician: Got a voice? Houston Comm Tech, Net 1.
193:42:27 Comms Technician: Got a voice?
193:42:28 Comms Technician: Okay. We seem to be out with Madrid.
193:42:31 Comms Technician: Roger; stand by.
193:42:45 Comms Technician: Casper, this is -
193:43:01 Mattingly: Okay. We'll just stand by until they get through with it. Thank you very much, sir.
193:43:06 Comms Technician: You're welcome. I enjoyed it.
193:43:07 Mattingly: How's everything in Madrid?
193:43:09 Comms Technician: Everything's fine here.
193:43:15 Mattingly: Good.
193:43:16 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston.
193:43:21 Mattingly: Hello, Henry. Glad to have you back.
193:43:23 Hartsfield: Roger. We had a little trouble with the network there. It appears that the Mass Spec boom is jammed, and we'd like for you to give it a 15-second Deploy and then back to Retract.
193:43:38 Mattingly: Okay. 15-second Deploy and back to Retract. Stand by.
193:43:43 Mattingly: Deploy.
193:43:50 Mattingly: How far did it look like it went before it jammed?
193:43:55 Hartsfield: About a third of the way in.
193:44:01 Mattingly: Okay. There's 15 seconds, and I'm going to Retract.
193:44:28 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. Charlie has a visual on it, and it stopped again.
193:44:34 Hartsfield: Our data confirms that, Ken.
193:44:39 Mattingly: Okay.
193:44:57 Mattingly: I've got the switch in the Off position now.
193:45:03 Hartsfield: Roger. Ken, would you give us one more of those 15-second Deploy and back to Retract?
193:45:15 Mattingly: Okay. How about if I just take it all the way out?
193:45:32 Hartsfield: Okay. Why don't you go ahead and try it? We have data shows it's stalling both ways.
193:45:42 Mattingly: It's going out now.
193:46:32 Hartsfield: Orion, we'd like you to verify Forward Omni before you secure the LM.
193:46:47 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. It - it didn't go all the way out and Charlie can visually verify that it is not all the way out.
193:46:56 Hartsfield: Okay. Would you try another Retract?
193:47:02 Mattingly: It's going to Retract now.
193:48:43 Mattingly: Houston, can we start the new maneuver to the jett attitude? Over.
193:48:49 Hartsfield: Stand by 16.
193:49:25 Hartsfield: 16, Houston. Give us the SIM bay roll-jet configuration and start your Verb 49. I think that's what you've got in there now.
193:49:38 Mattingly: Yes, sir. It is.
193:49:44 Hartsfield: And you are No Go for coupled jets. I think we're going to have to jettison that boom. We're look at that now.
193:49:56 Mattingly: Okay. Is that a requirement for - the LM jettison, you mean?
193:50:10 Hartsfield: We'll get you an answer to that.
193:50:32 Hartsfield: Okay. We're gonna keep the boom for LM jett, but keep the SIM bay jet configuration, so we don't go coupled.
193:50:46 Mattingly: Okay. If we stay in the SIM bay jet configuration, what's this gonna do to our translation capability for the maneuver? We gonna have to line it all up in one axis?
193:51:32 Hartsfield: Roger, Ken. Minus X is what we want to do on that sep maneuver, anyhow.
193:51:39 Mattingly: Roger. But that's probably not going to line up with the - with the attitude I'm unlocking in, is it? Normally that turns out to be a three-axis burn.
193:51:54 Hartsfield: Maneuver to get it all in minus-X, and then do it.
193:52:05 Mattingly: Okay. So you want me to maneuver to the minus-X attitude first.
193:52:12 Hartsfield: Roger. We want to get the sep maneuver all in X, and I've got FDO trying to get you an attitude for that.
193:52:20 Mattingly: Well, I can probably figure that out from Noun 41, I mean, P41.
193:54:30 Hartsfield: Casper, FDO says the maneuver attitude to get that minus-X thruster is pitch, 327; yaw, 0; and roll, whatever you have.
193:54:52 Mattingly: Okay. That'll be whatever roll we have, pitch of 327, and a yaw of 0.
193:54:58 Hartsfield: Roger. And we'd like to remind you we will need Omni Delta for AOS next time and to change the "verify" to a "configure the DSE after LOS to Low Bit Rate; Record; Forward."
193:55:15 Mattingly: Roger.
193:55:59 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston. You're looking good at LOS, and AOS will be at 194:57 [194:45].
193:56:10 Mattingly: Roger. And we're feeling good, too.
193:57:11 Hartsfield: And, Ken, to reiterate: as far as that boom is concerned, it's the roll jets we're concerned with. They're the only ones we have to keep single jet on.
193:57:26 Young: Ken is off comm; he's suiting up.
193:57:28 Hartsfield: Roger.
193:57:38 Hartsfield: Hey, John, would you - would you tell Ken that on that boom out, our only concern is going coupled on the roll. So when he gets ready to do this burn, if he just wants to use X and Z and just leave his Y-translation - you know, make a 90-degree roll and burn a Z. Now, Ken can handle it any way he wants, but just let him know our only concern is coupled jets in roll.
193:58:09 Young: Okay. Understand.
Loss of Signal at about 193:58.
No recording for this backside pass.
This is Apollo Control, Houston; at 194 hours, 12 minutes [194:00] Ground Elapsed Time. We've had a Loss Of Signal with Apollo 16. As the spacecraft passes over the backside of the Moon on its 61st revolution the recalcitrant boom referred to as the Mass Spectrometer boom. This item [is] approximately 25 feet in length from its stowed position. It is formed by tempered steel tape. It is electrically connected to the SIM bay via [a] cable at deployment. If the boom cannot be retracted due to malfunction the boom activating mechanism, boom and experiment can be jettisoned. Its location in the Service Module is in close proximity to the point of subsatellite deployment so we would not want the boom extended at the time of subsatellite deployment. Also because of the limited mechanical strains of the boom, the boom must be retracted before any Service Propulsion System firings. I repeat, if the boom cannot be retracted due to malfunction the boom activating mechanism, boom and experiment can be jettisoned. We're at 194 hours, 14 minutes [194:02] Ground Elapsed Time and this is Apollo Control, Houston.
This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 194 hours, 19 minutes [194:07] Ground Elapsed Time. A new data [sic] from our experiments controller indicates that we will be able to launch the subsatellite with [the] boom extended, it does not represent a constraint. The only constraint we're presently faced is the burning of the Service Propulsion System engine so our cutoff time for retraction or jettison will be the Trans-Earth Injection burn when the Service Propulsion System engine would be used. We're at 194 hours, 20 minutes [194:08] Ground Elapsed Time and this is Apollo Control, Houston.
Start of Lunar Rev 62 at 194:35.
End of Day 9 Part 1
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