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Apollo 16

Day 8, Part 2: LM Liftoff and Rendezvous

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2006-2022 by W. David Woods and Tim Brandt. All rights reserved.
Last updated 2022-08-07
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Acquisition of Signal and Start of Chapter 175:02
LM Liftoff 175:31:49
Ascent Burn Termination 175:38:36
Tweak Burn details 175:40:14
Rendezvous Radar Acquisition 175:45:21
Loss of Signal 176:11
APS Burn 176:26:02
Start of Lunar Rev 53 176:47
Acquisition of Signal 176:58
Station-keeping 177:12:09
Inspection of LM 177:13:57
Inspection of CSM 177:20:12
Docking 177:40:37
Flight Plan Changes 177:42:51
Loss of Signal 178:12
Start of Lunar Rev 54 178:46
Acquisition of Signal 178:59:33
Transfer to CSM and LM Closeout 179:08:05
Loss of Signal 180:09
Start of Lunar Rev 55 180:45
Acquisition of Signal 180:55
TEI-60 PAD 181:04:43
End of Day 8 182:17:07
End of Chapter 187:12
Acquisition of Signal at about 175:02.
There is no recorded communication between Mission Control and Ken Mattingly until 175:44:23, after the LM Ascent Burn has been completed.
175:31:49 Duke (LM onboard): Lift-Off. There we go!
175:31:52 Young (LM onboard): Auto start; engine Start pushbutton.
175:31:53 Duke (LM onboard): Engine Start.
175:31:55 Young (LM onboard): Seven, 8, 9, 10, pitchover.
175:31:59 Duke (LM onboard): Pitchover.
175:32:00 Young (LM): Pitchover on time.
175:32:02 Irwin: Roger. We saw lift-off.
175:32:04 Duke (LM onboard): What a r...
175:32:05 Young (LM onboard): Okay; she's right on.
175:32:06 Duke (LM): What a ride! What a ride!
175:32:08 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; 18 seconds, John; 30 seconds, looking for 308.
Thirty seconds, elevation rise rate coming up as predicted, 1,563 feet above the lunar surface.
175:32:12 Young (LM onboard): Right on; it's right on the H-dot.
175:32:19 Duke (LM onboard): Lot more wallowing than I thought.
175:32:21 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
Forty seconds, all systems looking good at this time.
175:32:22 Duke (LM onboard): 308, looks good. 4800, 91, 1800, looking good. AGS is following; Key Release; coming up on a minute.
175:32:42 Young (LM onboard): There we go.
Coming up now on 1 minute; velocity reading 366 feet per second.
175:32:50 Young (LM onboard): One minute, 305.
175:32:51 Duke (LM onboard): One minute, 305, looks good. 124 on the H-dots 50 ...
175:32:54 Irwin: Orion, you're Go at one [minute].
175:32:55 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, looking good.
175:32:57 Young (LM): Roger; looking good here.
175:32:58 Duke (LM onboard): AGS and PGNS agree.
One minute, 20 seconds. 7,072 feet in altitude, moving up.
175:33:11 Duke (LM onboard): Quite a bump, huh? 01:30, you need 302 on the ball, John.
175:33:15 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:33:20 Duke (LM onboard): It's that VHF noise again.
175:33:22 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:33:23 Duke (LM onboard): 302, 4 - 151, out of 9000. Looking great.
175:33:25 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:33:26 Duke (LM onboard): AGS and PGNS agree. Hey, we're really going down range. Look how we pitch, can't even see the horizon.
Mark. One minute, 40 seconds. Ascent thrust looking stable, moving up.
175:33:35 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:33:37 Duke (LM onboard): I can out the overhead window. Coming up two minutes.
Coming up on two minutes. Trajectory looks perfect, reports FIDO.
175:33:47 Irwin: Orion, you're Go at two.
175:33:48 Young (LM onboard): Two minutes and 299; it's right on.
175:33:54 Duke (LM onboard): [Garble.]
175:33:55 Young (LM): Looks good.
175:33:56 Duke (LM onboard): 299, 170, 14,000; looks great. AGS and PGNS are right on, John.
175:34:01 Young (LM onboard): Right.
Mark. Two minutes, 15 seconds. 15,810 feet in altitude. Range to go to insertion 154 nautical miles.
175:34:14 Duke (LM onboard): 02:30, we're looking for 296.
Two minutes 30 seconds. The velocity [is] now reading 1,299 feet per second.
175:34:18 Duke (LM onboard): Mark it: 02:30, 183, 19,000; within 400 feet, and 2 feet a second. AGS and PGNS are looking great. Okay, I'll check the targeting. That's a good number.
175:34:36 Young (LM onboard): Good.
175:34:11 Duke (LM onboard): Four minutes, it says.
Two minutes, 50 seconds. Altitude now 22,460 feet above the lunar surface. Velocity now reading 15,096 feet per second.
175:34:44 Young (LM onboard): Get that - get those displays out of there, Charlie [laughter].
175:34:48 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, coming up on three minutes -
175:34:50 Duke (LM onboard): Mark.
175:34:51 Irwin: Orion, you're Go at 3.
175:34:52 Young (LM): Roger; looking good.
175:34:53 Duke (LM onboard): 190, 25; looking good.
175:34:58 Duke (LM): AGS and PGNS tracking right together, Houston.
175:35:02 Irwin: Roger.
That's Charlie Duke reporting both guidance systems functioning right together. Three minutes, 25 seconds, 29 000 feet in altitude.
175:35:12 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, at 03:30, we're looking at 289.
175:35:17 Young (LM onboard): 289, right on.
175:35:18 Duke (LM onboard): Right on.
175:35:21 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; 03:30, and we're at 190 H-dot; 30,000, looking great.
175:35:24 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
Three minutes, 40 seconds. 31,710 feet in altitude; range to go 131 nautical miles.
175:35:29 Duke (LM onboard): This beeby - this baby is flying it right on! AGS and PGNS agreeing. At 4 minutes, John, we're looking for 285.
175:35:39 Young (LM onboard): We got it; 285.
175:35:40 Duke (LM onboard): Okay [garble] some RCS.
175:35:47 Irwin: Orion, you're Go at 4.
175:35:50 Young (LM): Roger; Go at 4.
Velocity now reading at 2,450 feet per second.
175:35:51 Duke (LM onboard): Four minutes, 184, 36,000; within 300 feet, cameras off. I'm gonna let it run out. No, I better not. I've got to get some of Ken. I forgot about that. Okay. At 04:30, looking for 282.
175:36:14 Young (LM onboard): Roger.
Mark, four minutes 30 seconds. 41,385 feet in altitude above the lunar surface. Range to go now 110 nautical miles.
175:36:19 Duke (LM onboard): Right on; 282. Okay; at 184 - Okay, 04:30 was 173, 41; looking good. Going to 500 on the AGS; 2300 to go, John.
Four minutes 50 seconds. Velocity now reading 3,090 feet per second.
175:36:42 Young (LM onboard): Five minutes, 278.
175:36:43 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:36:44 Young (LM onboard): Right on! Beautiful.
175:36:47 Irwin: Orion, you're Go at 5.
FIDO reports two minutes to go. [A slightly late call by the PAO.]
175:36:50 Duke (LM onboard): Mark. Five minutes. 278, 157; right on! Within 1000 feet; 2000 to go; 05:30, we're looking for 274.
175:37:14 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:37:15 Duke (LM onboard): Really picking up speed now; VI. Okay, at 05:30, 135, 51,000; looking great. Six minutes, 269.
Mark of 5 minutes, 25 seconds. Velocity now reading 3,642 feet per second. Altitude now 51,039 feet above the Lunar Surface. Range to go 78 nautical miles.
175:37:48 Irwin: Orion, you're Go at 5.
175:37:48 Duke (LM onboard): Must be the roll transients he's talking about. Six minutes, 109, 54. Okay; we're right on, John. 1000 to go. Okay; let me slew the - Stick that breaker in over there.
Mark. Six minutes 10 seconds; altitude 55,085 feet above the lunar surface, range [now] to 48 nautical miles. Velocity now reading 4,536 feet per second.
175:38:11 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:38:12 Duke (LM onboard): Forgot this. Okay, I won't worry about it now.
175:38:16 Young (LM onboard): Okay, Charlie, we're 700 to go.
175:38:17 Duke (LM onboard): Yep. Okay; 600 to go. Looking good. Okay, Ascent Feeds are coming open.
175:38:33 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
Seven minutes, 59,795 feet.
175:38:36 Duke (LM): Okay. Ascent - terminated, Ascent Feed, Houston.
175:38:41 Irwin: Roger.
We have shut down. Houston cop[ies] shut down.
175:38:41 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, stand by for Engine Arm, John.
175:38:42 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:38:45 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, there's 200. Engine Arm, Off.
175:38:47 Young (LM onboard): Engine Arm is Off.
175:38:49 Duke (LM onboard): Stand by for Abort Stage, Reset. And Stop. See if we get Auto shutdown. Stop. Shutdown.
175:38:58 Young (LM onboard): Shutdown. Pro, Charlie.
175:39:01 Duke (LM onboard): Pro. Super, no trim.
175:39:04 Young (LM): Okay,
175:39:07 Duke (LM): Insertion!
175:39:08 Young (LM): Insertion, Houston. On time, minus 0.3, minus 1.0, and plus 1.7.
175:39:08 Young (LM onboard): Okay, Charlie. Let's get into this book right here.
175:39:17 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; let me have it. Okay, Verb 82, we don't need that.
175:39:21 Young (LM onboard): No.
175:39:22 Duke (LM onboard): Verb 76?
175:39:23 Young (LM onboard): I don't...
175:39:24 Duke (LM onboard): AGS Mode Control, Att Hold.
175:39:25 Irwin: Orion, stand by for tweak.
175:39:26 Young (LM onboard):... I don't want a Verb 76.
175:39:27 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. I know it. Let's go to LGC.
175:39:31 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:39:32 Duke (LM onboard): Rendezvous Radar. Up here; Radar Monitor, Rendezvous Radar.
175:39:37 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:39:38 Duke (LM onboard): Shaft/Trunion, Plus Or Minus 5; Rate Scale, 5.
175:39:40 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:39:44 Duke (LM onboard): Range/Altitude Monitor, Range/Rate Rate.
175:39:46 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:39:47 Duke (LM onboard): Going to Forward on the VHF.
175:39:56 Irwin: A reminder to hit the Stop button, John.
175:40:01 Young (LM onboard): Say again? Over.
175:40:03 CC: You're okay.
175:40:09 Duke (LM): Say again, Houston.
175:40:14 Irwin: Never mind. You're standing by for tweak. I have the tweak for you.
175:40:21 Young (LM): Okay; go ahead.
175:40:28 Irwin: 175:54:05, minus 2.0, minus 0, minus 10.0. Over.
175:40:39 Duke (LM): Copy at 175:54:05, minus 2.0, minus 0, minus 10.0.
175:40:50 Irwin: Good readback.
175:40:51 Young (LM onboard): Two - two back and 10 away from the Moon, right?
175:40:53 Duke (LM onboard): Ten and - Yeah. Uh-huh. Two down, and two back.
175:40:59 Young (LM onboard): No, two down...
175:41:01 Duke (LM onboard): Two back.
175:41:02 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, that's what I mean, two back.
175:41:08 Duke (LM onboard): And - and two down. To us. Our feet. X, minus X, is two down.
175:41:13 Young (LM onboard): Two down.
175:41:14 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:41:15 Young (LM onboard): Two retrograde.
175:41:16 Duke (LM onboard): That's right.
175:41:17 Young (LM onboard): And 10 away from the Moon.
175:41:18 Duke (LM onboard): Two here, minus two, and a minus 10.
175:41:19 Young (LM onboard): Yeah; I know it.
175:41:20 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
175:41:22 Young (LM onboard): When is it?
175:41:25 Duke (LM onboard): At 1 - 54:05. We got another minute.
175:41:28 Young (LM onboard): Okay; what's the - on - rest on the checklist there ?
175:41:30 Duke (LM onboard): I'm getting it now. It's over here on my side. Plus 03979.
175:41:57 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; stand by to burn.
175:42:10 Duke (LM onboard): Look at those PIPAs, would you?
175:42:12 Young (LM onboard): Yeah. I just re - I just redid them.
175:42:14 Duke (LM onboard): Oh, you did.
175:42:15 Young (LM onboard): Yeah. 01:50 - 01:50...
175:42:16 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; two aft, John, now.
175:42:30 Duke (LM onboard): Look at all that dust. Okay. Minus 10.
175:42:50 Duke (LM onboard): Little bit more.
175:42:52 Young (LM onboard): Okay?
175:42:53 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. That looks good. Okay?
175:42:54 Young (LM onboard): Yeah; let's go.
175:42:56 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; Pro. Okay. Get me Inverter - check Inverter 2 - C - Okay, I got Inverter 2; you can open Inverter 1 breaker. Logic Power, Open; and Cabin Fan, Close. Okay.
Apollo Control Houston. We copied the Ground Elapsed Time for tweak burn at 175 hours 54 minutes 5 seconds. We now show an orbit of 42 nautical miles by 8.9 nautical miles. Standing by now for the results of the tweak burn. Ground monitoring reports the tweak burn is completed.
175:43:20 Duke (LM): Tweak's complete, Houston.
175:43:25 Irwin: Roger. Copy.
175:43:26 Duke (LM onboard): Did you get your Cabin Fan?
175:43:29 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, we need that one bad, don't we?
175:43:31 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, John. We get an auto maneuver -
175:43:33 Young (LM onboard): Okay. Well, I got to call up P20 again to get it.
175:43:39 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. I know it. Why don't -
175:43:49 Irwin: Orion, we'd like you to use the - B System, so open the Crossfeed and close the Main SOV on System A.
175:43:59 Young (LM): Roger.
175:44:01 Duke (LM): Okay, Jim. You got it. We're crossfeeding System Bravo...
175:44:05 Irwin: Roger.
175:44:06 Duke (LM): ... for a P20 auto maneuver pitching up.
175:44:09 Irwin: Roger.
175:44:15 Young (LM onboard): We'd better leave our helmets and gloves on.
175:44:18 Duke (LM onboard): I think we better leave our helmets and gloves on. Did you get the Cabin Fan, John?
175:44:22 Young (LM onboard): Cabin Fan circuit breaker is in.
175:44:23 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; good.
175:44:23 Mattingly: And, Houston, Casper. Will need a state vector for a - [garble] to be ready?
175:44:35 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. It says we're there. Enter. Check the AGS needles. AGS wants to pitch down to get him.
175:44:47 Young (LM onboard): No, he's - he's right out there.
175:45:06 Mattingly: Houston, Casper.
175:45:08 Hartsfield: Go ahead, Casper.
175:45:12 Mattingly: Roger. I'll need a state vector. How soon do you expect to have one?
175:45:15 Hartsfield: Stand by.
This is Apollo Control Houston at 175 hours, 57 minutes aboard Orion and the crew has programmed - computer programmed 20 punch tone [sic] and this the rendezvous navigation program.
175:45:21 Duke (LM onboard): Look at that signal strength, John.
175:45:23 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:45:25 Duke (LM onboard): Look at that beautiful thing. Okay. We got him.
175:45:33 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:45:34 Duke (LM onboard): Down four degrees. Okay? I'm gonna accept it.
175:45:36 Young (LM onboard): Well, I don't know - I sure don't see...
175:45:37 Duke (LM onboard): Well, that was the last manoeuvre we had, see?
175:45:38 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:45:39 Duke (LM onboard): He's holding attitude. It'll give us a new maneuver here.
175:45:41 Young (LM onboard): Okay, go. Here's some...
175:45:48 Duke (LM onboard): See. here we go. Now look, look at the radar needles. And the AGS needles are centered too. Right on.
175:45:53 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:45:54 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, I see him. He's 12 o'clock, a bright star.
175:45:57 Young (LM onboard): You see him, Charlie?
175:46:00 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah, uh-huh.
175:46:03 Young (LM onboard): I got him, too.
175:46:06 Young (LM onboard): Okay. There's a data point. That's a 166 miles in the sunset.
175:46:08 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. Okay. Verb 80 - P20 auto maneuver, Verb 80.
175:46:15 Young (LM): Okay, Casper. We have you visually.
175:46:18 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, did you get the Verb 80 in?
175:46:20 Young (LM onboard): Verb 80 Enter.
175:46:23 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. That's a - we - let's do a Verb 32 on that one.
175:46:23 Mattingly: Glad to hear that. I don't have you yet.
Apollo Control Houston. That - John Young speaking to Ken Mattingly, both in orbit. Young reports Orion has [the] Command Module visually.
175:46:27 Duke (LM onboard): That - that was a good update. We could have taken that one. Okay, 417 plus 10000 Enter, 411 plus 10000.
175:46:39 Mattingly: Houston, Casper is standing by.
175:46:42 Hartsfield: Roger. We're still working on it, Ken.
175:46:49 Duke (LM onboard): He's gone, now.
175:46:51 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, it's sunset.
175:46:53 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:46:54 Young (LM onboard): I still got him.
175:46:55 Duke (LM onboard): You do?
175:46:56 Duke (LM onboard): You do?
175:46:57 Young (LM onboard): Yep. I can't see him in the COAS, but I can see him outside of it.
175:47:02 Duke (LM onboard): Oh, yeah. I see him. Yeah. 411 Enter, 621 readout.
175:47:11 Duke (LM): Okay. We got the AGS and Auto update, Jim?
175:47:14 Irwin: Roger.
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We show the two spacecraft 126 nautical miles apart. Closure rate 452 feet per second.
175:47:21 Duke (LM onboard): T minus 38 minutes.
175:47:33 Young (LM onboard): Okay. We're gonna accept that, Charlie?
175:47:35 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. It was a good update.
175:47:54 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken, if you'll go to Accept, we'll send an up-link for you.
175:48:06 Young (LM onboard): Okay. The Engine Arm is Off; Stop pushbutton is going to Reset.
175:48:08 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. You don't have to worry about that, really. Okay. Ten, set Det. Look at all that dirt. 303 is 25 degrees, the AGS says, John.
175:48:09 Mattingly: You have it.
175:48:10 Hartsfield: Roger. Should be on its way.
175:48:24 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:48:25 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. We got one set of marks already. Okay. I guess we could do a Verb 83 to set the Ordeal.
175:48:32 Young (LM onboard): Let's hold off until we get to the next...
175:48:34 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, P -
175:48:35 Young (LM onboard):... mark, Charlie.
175:48:37 Duke (LM onboard): You could call P34.
175:48:39 Young (LM onboard): Yeah. I'll do that, too.
175:48:40 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. Hope that cabin fan works. Look at that beautiful sunset, would you?
175:48:54 Duke (LM): Boy, Jim, the sunset is spectacular.
175:48:58 Irwin: Bet it is.
175:49:06 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; we must have it, John. Okay, P34. Okay, load TPI time of 176:37:52.00.
175:49:34 Young (LM onboard): What's the AGS say to -
175:49:37 Duke (LM onboard): What does AGS say...
175:49:39 Irwin: Orion, there will be no PIPA update.
175:49:42 Young (LM): Understand, No PIPA update.
175:49:44 Duke (LM onboard): Well, we got a couple of marks, and I destroyed our solution. None out of plane. 81...
175:49:49 Hartsfield: Casper, the computer's yours.
175:49:52 Duke (LM onboard):... that's probably a pretty good number. Plus 81 plus 14.
175:49:54 Mattingly: Thank you.
175:50:02 Duke (LM onboard): Oh, marks already. Fantastic!
175:50:06 Young (LM onboard): Okay. Charlie, why don't we get a - whatever it is you do to get a Verb 86.
175:50:09 Mattingly: And, Orion, I've got about 2.2 volts on the signal - on the radar. Can you give me a better reading?
175:50:17 Young (LM): Roger. We're at 113 miles.
175:50:29 Young (LM): And I have you visually opposite the bright star.
175:50:35 Duke (LM onboard): I see his beacon! It's flashing at us. Down a little bit.
175:50:36 Mattingly: Okay. We need to try to reacquire. I'm several miles off from you. We'll reacquire on the A Channel.
This is Apollo Control Houston. A discussion between the two spacecraft indicated a distance of 113 miles. We show a closure rate now of 424 feet per second.
175:51:03 Duke (LM): Houston, what time is LOS?
175:51:06 Irwin: Stand by.
175:51:25 Irwin: We have a 176:23, Charlie.
175:51:32 Young (LM ): Okay. Thank you.
175:51:XX Young (LM onboard): 176:23 for LOS, Charlie.
175:51:39 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
175:51:40 Young (LM onboard): Twenty minutes.
175:51:42 Duke (LM onboard): Five marks in, John. Okay. You can - can I get a Verb 83?
175:51:52 Young (LM onboard): You can touch my computer today.
175:51:53 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
175:51:54 Mattingly: How about another range check when you get a chance to, please.
175:51:58 Young (LM): Okay. We're at 106.5 miles on the tapemeter. That could be a couple miles off, Ken.
175:52:06 Mattingly: Okay.
175:52:08 Duke (LM onboard): We ought to check that.
175:52:14 Young (LM): Okay. A Verb 83 says we're at 105.72 miles, with five marks in.
175:52:18 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; 23 on ORDEAL, John.
175:52:22 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
175:52:28 Duke (LM onboard): That cabin fan is cleaning it out in here.
175:52:37 Young (LM onboard): It ain't moving, Charlie.
175:52:41 Duke (LM onboard): Are you in Power Off?
175:52:43 Young (LM onboard): No. The power is on Lunar. It's in Slew, Down. Here you go.
175:52:50 Duke (LM onboard): There we go. Okay, 23. Stop. That's good. That's 24. That's close enough.
175:53:02 Young (LM onboard): Operate/Slow.
175:53:04 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. Got three marks.
175:53:07 Young (LM onboard): Okay. Let's see what we're in.
175:53:11 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. The AGS says 315. It says a 410. (Cough) By 76. That's probably biased with some marks. Okay, Ken. We see your tracker - your light's flashing.
175:53:42 Mattingly: Okay. You go ahead ...
175:53:49 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. 41 by 77. Okay. We need a Verb 48, John. There's some food. Did you get a Verb 32?
175:54:19 Young (LM onboard): No, I didn't do a Verb 32. I Pro'ed on that thing. Verb 48 Enter, 21 Enter, what?
175:54:29 Duke (LM onboard): Oh, excuse me. 12012.
175:54:37 Young (LM onboard): Okay, Pro. Okay, Pro.
175:54:44 Duke (LM): Jim, we got 5988 on the weight. Does that look okay?
175:55:14 Young (LM onboard): We in darkness?
175:55:15 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. Think that must be him, that bright star up there.
175:55:22 Young (LM onboard): That's him, Charlie. He'll be at - he'll disappear in a second when he goes into night-time.
175:55:27 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. Okay. Coming up on 30 minutes for my chart R and R-dot.
This is Apollo Control Houston at 176 hours 6 minutes ground elapsed time. We show the two spacecraft at a distance of 103 nautical miles apart and a closure rate of 402 feet per second.[PAO is 11 minutes ahead of true GET].
175:55:48 Young (LM onboard): The COAS is doing pretty good, Charlie. I got it right in the middle of the COAS. Look at the needle.
175:55:52 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. Fantastic.
175:55:54 Young (LM onboard): That's good, isn't it?
175:55:56 Duke (LM onboard): Super, John.
175:56:05 Duke (LM onboard): Mark. 365 and 90.5.
175:56:22 Duke (LM onboard): He disappeared.
175:56:23 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:56:48 Mattingly: Okay. Do you have your tracking light on [garble]?
175:56:50 Duke (LM): Yes, sir. I'll cycle it - cycle it, but it was on. I can't tell whether it's working, though, Ken.
175:56:58 Young (LM onboard): I don't see nothing. I don't see any fla...
175:57:01 Duke (LM onboard): I - I could barely see it on the footpad - even on - just on the footpad, the only way I could tell it was working, the...
175:56:56 Mattingly: Okay. Tallyho.
175:57:07 Young (LM onboard): Okay; he's got us.
175:57:08 Mattingly: Tally ho.
175:57:10 Young (LM): Good show, Ken.
175:57:11 Duke (LM onboard): Great. Great, Ken.
175:57:20 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston with TPI solution.
175:57:26 Duke (LM): Okay. We're all ears.
175:57:28 Irwin: Okay. Delta-Vx, plus 77.6; Delta-Vy, plus 3.8; Delta-Vz, plus 3.1; for a total of 77.7. TPF is 29. Over.
175:57:55 Duke (LM): Roger. Copy plus 77.6, plus 3.8, plus 3.1, TPF 29.
175:58:03 Irwin: Good readback.
Apollo Control, Houston. We now show the two spacecraft at a distance of 79 nautical miles apart and a closure rate of 330 feet per second.
175:58:21 Duke (LM onboard): Man, that lift-off was something, wasn't it?
175:58:23 Young (LM onboard): That was neat.
175:58:25 Duke (LM onboard): For a while there, I did - I did - I thought we - I heard it go poop and it sort of - it sort of sat. Before it lifted off.
175:58:38 Young (LM onboard): It's a sweet little flying machine.
175:58:39 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:58:43 Young (LM onboard): [Garble] all that stuff.
175:58:45 Duke (LM onboard): Scissors floated out. Hmm.
175:58:54 Young (LM onboard): See how much dirt has disappeared so far?
175:58:56 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
175:59:26 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. I'm going to break out the -
175:59:29 Young (LM onboard): Okay, we Verb 32 it right here somewhere.
175:59:31 Duke (LM onboard): Fifteen marks it says, John, but -
175:59:34 Young (LM onboard): I don't need that. Verb 32 it.
175:59:35 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
175:59:36 Young (LM onboard): [Garble] many minutes. Verb 32 Enter.
175:59:45 Young (LM): Okay, Houston. Okay, Houston. We're Verb 32, and we ought to have pretty good numbers.
175:59:52 Irwin: Roger. We copy.
176:00:00 Young (LM): Ah, this is a sweet flying machine, I'll tell you.
176:00:12 Irwin: We'll read it down here, John. We can't read you very well. It's just excessive noise on the loop.
176:00:20 Young (LM): Okay.
176:00:24 Duke (LM onboard): (Cough) Okay, there it is; 30.6, John.
176:00:29 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:00:36 Duke (LM onboard): Pro. Noun 58 coming up. Okay; 40.2, 78.1, 27.7. Noun 81s, plus 78.0, plus 2.7, minus 0.2.
176:00:56 Young (LM onboard): What's the ground say?
176:00:58 Duke (LM onboard): Huh?
176:00:59 Young (LM onboard): What did the ground say?
176:01:01 Duke (LM onboard): The ground says minus 77.6 - plus 77.6, plus 3.8--
176:01:09 Irwin: Okay. We copied it, John.
Apollo Control Houston. About 10 minutes away now from Loss of Signal with Casper. We show a range between the two spacecraft of 74 nautical miles. Closure rate 313 feet per second.
176:01:54 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken. We did a recycle. We're looking at 78.0, plus 2.7, and minus 0.2 on the ...
176:01:06 Irwin: Roger. We copied.
176:01:12 Duke (LM onboard):... plus 3.1.
176:01:14 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:01:19 Duke (LM onboard): And the ACS says plus 70 - 78.4, plus 2.0 plus 2.6. It's got a good solution also, John.
176:01:41 Young (LM onboard): It's closer to the ground than we are.
176:01:43 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:01:54 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken. We did a recycle. We're looking at 78.0, plus 2.7, a minus 0.2 on the PGNS.
176:02:07 Young (LM onboard): Okay, Charlie. Tell me again what ...
176:02:08 Irwin: We copy.
176:02:09 Young (LM onboard): Tell me again what the AGS - AGS says in regards to the ground.
176:02:12 Duke (LM onboard): It's - the AGS says 78.4 versus 77.6. It says 2.0 versus 3 point - 8, and it says 2.6 versus 3.1.
176:02:29 Young (LM onboard): Understand.
176:02:40 Duke (LM onboard): Seventy miles out, John. Get on the chart at 25 degrees. Seventy miles and 25 degrees. We're right on the line. Golly, what is that? Want some tears ?
176:03:01 Young (LM onboard): No, thank you, Charlie.
176:03:02 Duke (LM onboard): [Laughter.]
176:03:12 Duke (LM onboard): You notice our 40-g [?] bags didn't come out with two snaps on them?
176:03:22 Young (LM onboard): Great.
176:03:35 Duke (LM onboard): What a sweet machine.
176:04:33 Duke (LM onboard): Got you some lunar dust.
176:04:36 Young (LM onboard): [Garble.]
176:04:40 Duke (LM onboard): [Laughter.] How's your eye?
176:04:41 Young (LM onboard): Fine.
176:04:42 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
176:04:43 Young (LM onboard): It's the sunshine.
176:04:45 Duke (LM onboard): Oh.
176:04:47 Young (LM onboard): It's all in one eye. That doesn't bother you?
176:04:49 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. I had to close it. Uh-huh.
176:05:03 Young (LM onboard): What a heck of a time for something like that to happen to you.
176:05:06 Duke (LM onboard): I know it. I see his tracking light, John. Flashing. 12 o'clock. Hope that wasn't a dadgum - Oh, that might have been a little particle.
176:05:30 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, that's a particle floating by us that we're lighting with our -
176:05:32 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. Yeah, right.
176:05:34 Young (LM onboard): With our - we're lighting it with our strobe.
176:05:38 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:05:40 Young (LM onboard): Matter of fact, I think that's what we were tracking the other day when we first saw Ken.
Apollo Control Houston. 176 hours 17 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. We show a range of 65 nautical miles between the two spacecraft and a closure rate of 277 feet per second.
176:05:57 Duke (LM): Hey, Houston; Orion. How do we look for an APS TPI?
176:06:06 Irwin: Orion, you're Go for an APS TPI.
176:06:13 Duke (LM): All right, what's your estimate of the burn time?
176:06:20 Young (LM onboard): Four seconds.
176:06:25 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. Check the RCS. Looking good. EPS is looking good.
176:06:39 Irwin: Orion, are you requesting burn time? Over.
176:06:45 Duke (LM): Affirmative.
176:06:47 Irwin: Roger. Stand by.
176:07:04 Duke (LM onboard): That - John, that fan's giving a lot of circulation. Look at - Watch this.
176:07:08 Young (LM onboard): Yeah. It was supposed to have cleaned the place out. Man, we already done more work today than I do in a month normally, Charlie. I can't believe it.
176:07:25 Duke (LM onboard): How you feeling?
176:07:27 Young (LM onboard): I feel great.
176:07:28 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah, me too.
176:07:29 Young (LM onboard): That's really an exhilarat...
176:07:30 Irwin: Okay, Orion. Burn time for TPI should be about 2.5 seconds.
176:07:39 Duke (LM): Roger. Thank you, 2.5.
176:07:41 Young (LM onboard): Trouble is my eyes was tearing so bad I couldn't look out and watch it. Dadgummit!
176:07:45 Duke (LM onboard): Oh, that was a - that was some lift-off. There was a piece of the MESA blanket went out there about 300 meters. I'm glad we put the ALSEP over where we did. That thing would have - could have wiped it out. And it hit the ground with a big - ton of bricks.
176:08:02 Young (LM onboard): I didn't even see the ALSEP.
176:08:25 Young (LM onboard): Okay, ascent.
176:08:42 Duke (LM onboard): [Laughter.] We're going to have lots of marks.
176:08:46 Young (LM onboard): I'm not so sure I shouldn't Verb 93 it.
176:08:50 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, give them - That might be a good idea.
176:08:55 Young (LM): Hey, Houston. With 21 marks and 17 minutes, you want to just keep marking as opposed to Verb 93ing, right?
176:09:05 Irwin: Stand by.
176:09:10 Young (LM): The answer to that, Jim, is yes, I'm sure. Just want to make sure somebody thunked [sic] about it.
176:09:21 Irwin: Okay. Just continue marking, John.
176:09:25 Young (LM): Understand.
176:09:32 Irwin: Okay, you're coming up on two minutes to LOS, and you're looking good.
176:09:38 Young (LM): Sure am, man.
176:09:39 Irwin:... and all solutions have converged.
Apollo Control Houston. We show a range, now, of 52 nautical miles, a closure rate of 215 feet per second. Less than two minutes, now, from Loss of Signal, as Orion and Casper's pass behind the Moon.
176:09:54 Duke (LM onboard): We used about - we haven't used hardly any RCS.
176:10:03 Young (LM onboard): I'm just trying to keep your needles close enough to get good marks, Charlie.
176:10:07 Duke (LM onboard): That's great, John; thank you. Okay; 50 miles at 28 degrees.
176:10:22 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; riding slightly inside, but not much. Excuse me.
176:10:31 Young (LM onboard): Sure.
176:10:33 Irwin: Orion, you could do your final comp at 10 instead of eight. Your preference.
176:10:41 Duke (LM onboard): That might be a good idea.
176:10:44 Young (LM): Okay.
176:10:45 Duke (LM onboard): (Coughing)
176:10:52 Crew (LM onboard): [Garble].
176:10:53 Duke (LM onboard): We're probably gonna break lock. With all of this Z.
176:10:58 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, we are gonna break lock.
176:11:00 Duke (LM onboard): All this X and no Z.
176:11:02 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:11:11 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, my comm is set. There they go.
176:11:20 Young (LM onboard): Hey, Ken, how are you doing?
176:11:31 Mattingly: Orion, this is Casper on Victor Hotel. How do you read?
176:11:34 Duke (LM): Read you loud and clear, Ken.
176:11:38 Mattingly: Hey, this stuff is working pretty good today, isn't it?
176:11:40 Young (LM onboard): It really is, Ken.
176:11:43 Young (LM onboard): The ground - MSFN says all solutions are converging.
176:11:47 Mattingly: Man, I could see that thing - light of yours at 70 miles on the telescope, even.
176:11:52 Duke (LM): Yeah, I can see you ...
This is Apollo Control, Houston. We've had Loss Of Signal, now, with both spacecraft - Orion now in hot pursuit of Casper as they both pass behind the Moon. We heard at least half of the conversation as the two spacecraft were talking before we had LOS with Casper. We're at 176 hours, 24 minutes Ground Elapsed Time; and this is Apollo Control, Houston.
176:11:52 Young (LM): Yeah, I could see you visually right after liftoff, when we were supposed to be like 150 miles away.
176:11:58 Mattingly: [Garble].
176:12:01 Young (LM): Charlie and I both saw you.
176:12:03 Young (LM onboard): That's a good data point. We been asking and nobody has the answer. You can't see it through the COAS, but you can if you look around the side.
176:12:10 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, you got to be in the - ... down ... here; that'll ... it up.
176:12:14 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, that's right. That's the answer.
176:12:22 Mattingly: John, why don't you give me a mark at 12 minutes to go or something ....
176:12:27 Young (LM): Okay.
176:12:30 Duke (LM): Man, Ken, we got a load of rocks.
176:12:33 Mattingly: Well, that's fine. We got lots of room for them.
176:12:35 Young (LM onboard): Why? What did you do?
176:12:38 Mattingly: Man, we got the world's two biggest trash cans you've ever seen.
176:12:41 Young (LM): I bet.
176:12:44 Duke (LM): Well, you ought to see the two pig pens over here. You ain't gonna let us in!
176:12:48 Mattingly: [Laughter.] ... you guys really did get ...
176:12:55 Young (LM): It was - it was - Geez, it's a lot of fun, Ken.
176:13:00 Duke (LM): I never had so much fun in all my life, Ken. And old FDO put us right on the spot. Did you ever see the LM - tracking?
176:13:14 Mattingly: I never had a tracking pass on you.
176:13:16 Duke (LM): Oh, that's too bad.
176:13:17 Mattingly (LM): I saw - I saw a glint off the - the LM once, and I saw a glint off the Rover when you were over on Stone Mountain - with the binoculars.
176:13:26 Duke (LM): They told us that once.
176:13:31 Young (LM): Okay, Ken, we got 12:30, 3, 2, 1 -
176:13:33 Young (LM): Mark it...
176:13:34 Mattingly (LM): ... I'm right with you ...
176:13:35 Young (LM onboard):[Garble] Mark.
176:13:38 Mattingly: [Garble] I don't know whether it's this - this VHF comm or the [garble].
176:13:41 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:13:43 Duke (LM): Yeah, you're a little garbled over here, but I think it's our receiver.
176:13:46 Young (LM onboard): 44 at 30 degrees.
176:13:46 Young (LM): Well, you know, you've had one rendezvous, now we need one.
176:13:55 Mattingly: Okay. I just [garble] you do this one.
176:13:58 Young (LM): Yeah.
176:14:00 Duke (LM): How's your RCS looking, babe?
176:14:05 Mattingly: [Laughter.] Well, after we got through with that first fiasco, we've been - rather meager - meager in our usage.
176:14:11 Young (LM): I bet.
176:14:13 Mattingly: [Garble] in town.
176:14:27 Young (LM onboard): This is like Gemini X. A dual orbit - a dual - no, I don't want to talk about it.
176:15:03 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; 11 minutes.
176:15:22 Duke (LM onboard): You want to Pro at 10, John?
176:15:24 Young (LM onboard): [Garble.]
176:15:29 Duke (LM): I don't think we're going to need a chart solution, but I'll take the numbers down anyway.
176:15:31 Mattingly: Standby numbers are the same as the ground numbers.
176:15:38 Young (LM): Okay. Okay, Ken, we're gonna break lock here when we pitch around, because of this - all of this Z we got. I mean X.
176:15:53 Mattingly: Okay; [Garble] pressure numbers?
176:15:57 Young (LM onboard): Right.
176:15:58 Duke (LM onboard): We haven't recycled yet.
176:15:59 Young (LM): We haven't recycled yet.
176:16:01 Mattingly: Okay, why don't you just copy my finals?
176:16:02 Young (LM): Okay.
176:16:04 Mattingly: Minus 78.4...
176:16:06 Young (LM): Okay...
176:16:07 Mattingly:[Garble] Minus 2.4, plus 3.8.
176:16:12 Young (LM): Okay.
176:16:16 Mattingly: And I got a control mode so I'm going to set my computer now.
176:16:21 Young (LM): Okay...
176:16:22 Mattingly: Can you afford that?
176:16:23 Young (LM): Yeah; oh, yeah.
176:16:24 Mattingly: In other words, you got plenty of marks. All righty.
176:16:25 Young (LM): We got plenty. We're gonna - we're gonna start ours, too.
176:16:29 Duke (LM onboard): Want to Pro?
176:16:30 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, Pro at 09:30, Charlie.
176:16:32 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. Okay, I'll stop updating on the AGS.
176:16:38 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:16:41 Duke (LM onboard): The AGS says 78.1. It's 30 46. Pro.
176:17:02 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; 40.2, 78.0, 27, 0.7. That hadn't changed a bit. Okay, Noun 81's a plus 78.0, plus 2.7, plus 0.7. Okay, there's a Pro.
176:17:47 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, John. The only one we're off on is in Z. Minus - that'd be plus -
176:18:04 Young (LM onboard): How much are we off?
176:18:08 Duke (LM onboard): About 2 feet a second. And you're about 3 - about 2.5 feet a second from the ground. And the Z comparison is 9 feet a second, so AGS and PGNS are both good.
176:18:20 Young (LM onboard): Okay. Well, we're righter than they are, I'm sure of that.
176:18:25 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. Well, the AGS says - the only one we're really bad on is - the AGS is minus 3.7.
176:18:35 Young (LM onboard): What's the PGNS?
176:18:36 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, I'll -
176:18:40 Young (LM onboard): Z is not important.
176:18:42 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:18:43 Young (LM onboard): How are we on X?
176:18:45 Duke (LM onboard): X is right on.
176:18:47 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:18:48 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken, we're gonna burn the PGNS solution; we're within a foot a second.
176:18:52 Mattingly: Okay.
176:18:54 Duke (LM onboard): We didn't break lock. We haven't pitched.
176:18:56 Young (LM onboard): We ain't maneuvered to the attitude, Charlie.
176:18:58 Duke (LM onboard): Oh, that's why, huh? Okay, 404 is going to zero.
176:19:16 Young (LM onboard): We may not break it as it is. Are you ready for this maneuver, Charlie?
176:19:21 Duke (LM onboard): Yes, sir.
176:19:23 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, we're gonna break it.
176:19:41 Duke (LM onboard): We're not either. Look at that!
176:19:51 Young (LM onboard): Well, we might. We're right on the ragged edge, I think.
176:20:14 Young (LM onboard): Tried that before. It worked on the ground. You know something?
176:20:21 Duke (LM onboard): What?
176:20:22 Young (LM onboard): I feel like we're still in one-sixth gravity with these restraints.
176:20:26 Duke (LM onboard): I know it.
176:20:27 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, John, I'm set up over here. We got Noun 86, let's see, check Noun 86- 410 plus 5, and I'm not gonna load the Delta-Vs.
176:20:57 Young (LM onboard): You gonna check Noun 86?
176:20:58 Duke (LM onboard): No, they're all right. It's just - see, they want me to keep my solution independent here. See how it does. 35, 104; it's pretty close. Is that okay with you? Or you want me to load Noun 86?
176:21:11 Young (LM onboard): No, that's all right.
176:21:12 Duke (LM onboard): Huh?
176:21:13 Young (LM onboard): That's okay, we can burn anyway. Who want - who wanted you to do that? Are you doing this for Jerry Thomas?
176:21:20 Duke (LM onboard): No. It's just in the procedures. It's been that way. They said that - that if the solutions agree close enough to pass the test, to keep them independent.
176:21:30 Young (LM onboard): Oh, okay.
176:21:46 Duke (LM onboard): How about a little shot of aqua?
176:21:49 Young (LM onboard): Man, that's the best idea I ever heard of.
176:21:54 Mattingly: Did they tell you that they changed our schedule a little bit?
176:21:58 Young (LM): Yeah, we get to keep the Lunar Module.
176:22:04 Mattingly: Yeah, they also said we're going home a day early.
176:22:07 Duke (LM): They didn't tell us that.
176:22:09 Mattingly: Well, I didn't get any answers as to why. I just got this cryptic "No [garble} P62." No - no shaping burn and come home a day early.
176:22:24 Duke (LM): Okay, see a little gitchy.
176:22:26 Mattingly: I - I thought they [garble] to do something about it, but I guess there's [garble] been any reason to talk to anybody about it.
176:22:32 Duke (LM onboard): We ought to Pro, John, get on to the ...
176:22:33 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:22:42 Duke (LM ): Okay, Ken -
176:22:43 Duke (LM): Mark. 03:30 until the burn.
176:22:45 Mattingly: Okay, I [garble] you [garble] and I'm all set.
176:22:49 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. Okay, at one minute, John, we go to AGS Mode Control to Auto -
176:22:52 Young (LM onboard): All righty.
176:22:54 Duke (LM onboard): At 30 seconds, Abort Stage.
176:22:55 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:22:56 Duke (LM onboard): Then you Manual Ullage.
176:22:57 Young (LM onboard): 10 seconds' worth.
176:22:59 Duke (LM onboard): 10; uh-uh. And I'll get the Pro. (Cough) about a 2-½, one-potato, two-potato, shutdown-type thing.
176:23:08 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:23:38 Young (LM onboard): Make sure that's in there. I'm trimming the residuals.
176:24:05 Duke (LM): That means we're leaving tomorrow.
176:24:07 Young (LM onboard): No, we ...
176:24:09 Mattingly: [Garble] the day after.
176:24:11 Duke (LM): Huh?
176:24:16 Mattingly: I think it's the day after.
176:24:17 Young (LM): The day after tomorrow? Is that a day early?
176:24:18 Mattingly: I think so.
176:24:19 Duke (LM): Tuesday's not -
176:24:20 Mattingly: Let's - we'll worry about it later.
176:24:21 Duke (LM): Yeah, okay.
176:24:23 Mattingly: [Garble].
176:24:39 Young (LM onboard): Super.
176:24:54 Young (LM onboard): Is that your orb rate, Charlie?
176:24:57 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:24:58 Young (LM onboard): Okay - without the angle. That's right on.
176:25:02 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. Local horizontal.
176:25:08 Young (LM onboard): What was ours? PGNS solution? I forgot...
176:25:12 Duke (LM onboard): PGNS was 78.0, 2.7; point - plus 0.7; AGS was 78.3, 2.9, minus 3.7.
176:25:22 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:25:23 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, 50 seconds AGS Mode Control is going to Auto; stand by on Abort Stage.
176:25:32 Young (LM onboard): Okay, I'll get the Manual Ullage; then you Pro.
176:25:33 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. And I get the Pro. Okay?
176:25:35 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:25:37 Duke (LM onboard): Well, we (cough) we've only been at it 14 hours. (Cough) Okay, Abort Stage. Stand by for 10 seconds.
176:25:43 Duke (LM): Mark, 20 seconds, Ken.
176:25:45 Mattingly : All set.
176:25:47 Duke (LM onboard): We look in good shape.
176:25:52 Young (LM onboard): This is what gets me.
176:25:54 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. Ullage.
176:25:55 Young (LM onboard): 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ...
176:25:56 Duke (LM onboard): Broke lock.
176:25:57 Young (LM onboard): 5, 4 ...
176:25:58 Duke or Young (LM onboard): Pro.
176:25:59 Young (LM onboard): 3, 2 ...
176:26:00 Duke (LM onboard): Stand by.
176:26:01 Young (LM onboard): 1 -
176:26:02 Duke (LM onboard): Engine ignite.
176:26:03 Young (LM onboard): 1, 2, 3 [garble],[garble].
176:26:10 Duke (LM onboard): Shut - Wow! Burn complete, Ken. Pro. Okay, we're trimming. Great, John!
176:26:25 Young (LM onboard): Shoot, look at it!
176:26:27 Duke (LM onboard): It's fast, isn't it?
176:26:39 Duke (LM onboard): Dadgum. Okay, great. That thing really - that's great, John.
176:26:46 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:26:47 Duke (LM onboard): Minus 2, minus 0, minus 0.2.
176:26:51 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:26:52 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, we can Pro out of there. AGS has got minus 0.3 - minus 4 - plus 39. That's right. Okay. Stop that. Turn the page. Okay. AGS Mode Control, ATT Hold. P37 - Max Noun 49's a 0.8 and 0.5 - and 5.0. Okay, do you want to do a Verb 67?
176:27:39 Young (LM onboard): Do I want to do a Verb 67?
176:27:41 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. For 2002, change the W-matrix.
176:27:45 Young (LM onboard): I will in a second, hear?
176:27:47 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
176:27:50 Mattingly: Okay, can I reacquire [garble]?
176:27:54 Young (LM): Wait until we get pointed at you, Ken; it'll be 2 seconds.
176:27:57 Mattingly: Okay.
176:27:59 Young (LM): Okay, we're about there, go ahead.
176:28:00 Mattingly: All right. And I'll tell you when I've got it.
176:28:20 Mattingly: Okay, I got you at 27 miles.
176:28:29 Young (LM onboard): [Garble][garble].
176:28:30 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, we haven't got a lock-on yet.
176:29:06 Young (LM onboard): Come on, radar. There it goes.
176:29:08 Duke (LM onboard): There she comes.
176:29:09 Young (LM onboard): It was taking a long time to designate.
176:29:15 LMP/CDR (LM onboard): Agh!
176:29:29 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, 2000.
176:29:56 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken, we read 25 miles.
176:29:59 Duke (LM onboard): Mark.
176:30:01 Mattingly: Okay.
176:30:05 Young (LM): Okay.
176:30:23 Duke (LM): Wonder what that noise is? That sounds like the evil winds blowing.
176:30:29 Mattingly: I thought that was just on this side.
176:30:31 Duke (LM onboard): No, it's terrible over here.
176:30:35 Mattingly: It comes in - it must be the VHF [garble].
176:30:48 Mattingly: It probably picked up when you [garble] lock.
176:31:15 Duke (LM onboard): Twenty-four miles and 37 degrees.
176:31:31 Young (LM onboard): Hey, look up in the G&N Dictionary, how to Enter that thing.
176:31:35 Duke (LM onboard): Verb 67, and just Load it and Enter.
176:31:37 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, that's what I did. Then I had to Pro out of it.
176:31:41 Duke (LM onboard): That's right.
176:31:43 Young (LM onboard): I never had to Pro out of it before.
176:31:44 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, wait a minute; let me look.
176:31:47 Young (LM onboard): It'll tell you right there.
176:31:49 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. "Verb 67 Load." That's all it says.
176:31:53 Young (LM onboard): I don't think it's loaded.
176:31:57 Duke (LM onboard): Z ...
176:31:58 Mattingly: [Garble] again with the [garble] values in there. And then after that [garble] zero on it, I think.
176:32:14 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, we got them.
176:32:16 Duke (LM onboard): You ought to Verb 34 on that.
176:32:17 Young (LM onboard): What do you do on that? Verb 34?
176:32:18 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:32:19 Mattingly: [Garble] too many zeros, or do you have another one?
176:32:21 Young (LM onboard): We have another register.
176:32:22 Mattingly: Okay.
176:32:24 Young (LM onboard): Verb 34?
176:32:28 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. That'll kill it.
176:32:56 Young (LM onboard): I see him.
176:32:57 Duke (LM onboard): You see him?
176:32:58 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:33:00 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah, there he is.
176:33:01 Young (LM onboard): We got your light, Ken.
176:33:04 Mattingly: Okay.
176:33:15 Duke (LM onboard): Boy, this is neat. That APS is a pretty big boot, isn't it?
176:33:28 Young (LM onboard): Sure is.
176:33:46 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; at nine minutes, I need a theta.
176:35:18 Young (LM onboard): 43 6.
176:35:48 Duke (LM): Ken, you should have seen old Percy Precision, here, plant this beauty down! I'm tellin' you!
176:35:58 Mattingly: [Garble] by Double Spot?
176:36:00 Duke (LM): About 100 meters off - 200 meters, maybe.
176:36:09 Young (LM): I do one precision at a time. See if you really got -
176:36:19 Duke (LM onboard): Really got what?
176:36:21 Young (LM onboard): Trying to see if I really got drift up there.
176:36:25 Duke (LM onboard): I see him out there.
176:36:27 Young (LM onboard): I do, too.
176:36:28 Duke (LM onboard): That - that spot's been in the same place flashing. Is that what you said?
176:36:30 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:36:31 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:36:34 Young (LM onboard): I - some milliradians there.
176:36:38 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:36:41 Young (LM onboard): Wish that cabin fan would suck all this dirt out of here.
176:36:42 Duke (LM onboard): It's doing a pretty good job.
176:36:46 Young (LM onboard): But what happened when we lit the engine?
176:36:47 Duke (LM onboard): I know it. It came all off the floor; that's the Velcro down.
176:36:52 Young (LM): Ken, we're gonna need that vacuum cleaner something bad.
176:36:55 Mattingly: Oh, okay.
176:36:58 Duke (LM): You won't even want to put on these OPSs, Ken.
176:37:01 Young (LM): That's right.
176:37:09 Duke (LM): I only fell down six times.
176:37:12 Young (LM): Charlie - Charlie was laying down more than he was standing up.
176:37:18 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, coming up on - final comp.
176:37:20 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:37:22 Duke (LM): Okay, we'll give you a mark countdown of final comp, Ken.
176:37:24 Mattingly: Okay.
176:37:25 Duke (LM): Okay, about 45, 40 seconds - 50 seconds.
176:37:37 Duke (LM): Can you imagine that, 18 more hours of consumables with three revs of high power?
176:37:39 Mattingly: You could have gone 18 more hours?
176:37:41 Duke (LM): On the electrical.
176:37:42 Young (LM): On the electrical.
176:37:54 Mattingly: How long was your EVA today?
176:37:57 CDR/LMP (LM): Five -
176:37:58 Young (LM): 05:30. They wouldn't let us do a full one.
176:37:59 Duke (LM): 05:31.
176:38:03 Young (LM): For some reason.
176:38:04 Duke (LM): We - Okay. Stand by, Ken.
176:38:06 Mattingly: All set.
176:38:09 Duke (LM): 3, 2, 1 -
176:38:12 Duke (LM): Pro.
176:38:14 Mattingly: Okay [garble]. And that's - minus 0.2, minus 0.1, and minus 0.4.
176:38:30 Young (LM): That's funny. We got minus 0.3, minus 0.1, and plus 0.9. Let's see.
176:38:40 Mattingly[identified in transcript, but probably Young]: What did you get, Ken?
176:38:43 Mattingly: Minus 0.2, minus 0.1, minus 0.4.
176:38:49 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, AGS is ...
176:38:50 Young (LM onboard): Three milliradians at 12 minutes.
176:38:53 Duke (LM onboard): AGS is 0, plus 0.9, plus 0.8.
176:39:06 Young (LM onboard): Well, if we don't get more than one axis, it'll - in - in P41, we won't do it. If that doesn't root something, square up to 1 something -
176:39:15 Duke (LM onboard): (Cough) No. It doesn't.
176:39:16 Young (LM onboard): Huh?
176:39:17 Duke (LM onboard): No, it does not. Whenev - you know - We gonna burn?
176:39:23 Young (LM onboard): Not unless that makes more than 1.
176:39:25 Duke (LM onboard): It doesn't.
176:39:27 Young (LM onboard): Maybe we ought to do the 0.9, Charlie.
176:39:29 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
176:39:32 Mattingly: Which one do you put the 0.9 in?
176:39:34 Duke (LM onboard): Z. Well -
176:39:38 Mattingly: Okay.
176:39:49 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, you want to call?
176:39:50 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:40:32 Young (LM onboard): I guess I'm going with that. What you got on the AGS ?
176:40:35 Duke (LM onboard): The same thing. In Z, we had almost the same number, John; AGS had 0.8 and 0.9.
176:40:42 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:40:45 Duke (LM onboard): But I had a little out of plane, which I think is probably wrong.
176:40:47 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; 20 seconds, Ken.
176:40:48 Mattingly: Okay.
176:41:19 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. Go ahead, John.
176:41:29 Duke (LM onboard): (Cough) You know, there's no doubt when you have a thruster struck on in the real world, is there?
176:41:35 Young (LM onboard): Nope.
176:41:36 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken, our residuals are minus 0, plus 0, minus 0.1.
176:41:41 Mattingly: Okay, what was it you put in?
176:41:44 Duke (LM): Z of plus 0.9.
176:41:47 Mattingly: Okay.
176:41:59 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, a Verb 93 here, John - Yeah.
176:42:32 Young (LM onboard): What was our transfer angle, Charlie?
176:42:35 Duke (LM onboard): 30 degrees.
176:42:37 Young (LM onboard): That's what I figured. So a 30-degree transfer angle - at 15 minutes, we should have 2 milliradians ...
176:42:56 Duke (LM): Man, you're in the Sun, Ken, and you're the brightest thing I've ever seen in my life!
176:43:04 Young (LM onboard): This thing is right on. We've got a 1-milliradian bias, and it says it's 2½ milliradians, and it should be 2 milliradians.
176:43:13 Duke (LM onboard): Instant sunrise!
176:43:19 Young (LM onboard): Absolutely spectacular!
176:43:22 Duke (LM): Okay; my tracking light's off, Ken.
176:43:30 Mattingly: You make a pretty good-size star.
176:43:36 Duke (LM): You're bri ...
176:43:37 Mattingly: By golly, in the sextant, I can even tell what you are.
176:43:44 Young (LM onboard): Okay. We're at 60 degrees, huh, Charlie?
176:43:48 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:44:01 Young (LM onboard): I hope we get there before this lunar dust eats us alive.
176:44:09 Duke (LM onboard): Me, too.
176:44:30 Young (LM onboard): What a heck of a thing to have happen to you at lift-off.
176:44:32 Duke (LM onboard): What? Yeah, I know it.
176:44:34 Young (LM onboard): I mean, I couldn't see out of it.
176:44:35 Duke (LM onboard): I was worried.
176:44:37 Young (LM onboard): Well, there's noth - no need to worry. I was going - I was going to [garble] [garble].
176:44:40 Duke (LM onboard): 277, 62 degrees, and we've got 60,000 feet.
176:45:05 Duke (LM): Just about right on the line, John. Okay. You - we got you 59,000 feet, Ken; 72 feet a second.
176:45:13 Young (LM onboard): Look at this thing. It hasn't fired a thruster in three minutes, Charlie.
176:45:16 Duke (LM onboard): I know it.
176:45:18 Young (LM onboard): Fantastic. If you'll hold still, it won't fire any, once it figures out where the cg is. What a machine.
176:45:34 Young (LM onboard): [Garble][garble].
176:45:35 Mattingly: You've still got some particles dangling along with you.
176:45:40 Young (LM): Man, I wouldn't be surprised! Wait until you open the hatch.
176:45:44 Duke (LM): [Laughter.]
176:45:52 Young (LM): Yeah, this is sort of a travelling dog and pony show.
176:45:59 Duke (LM): You ought to have seen old A. J. Foyt and Barney Oldfield all rolled into one on that Rover, Ken. I mean he really put it through its paces.
176:46:09 Young (LM): You ought to see that flat - lands out there.
176:46:13 Duke (LM): Whoever called that the Cayley Plains was an idiot.
176:46:17 Young (LM): Yeah, man. There isn't a flat spot in the whole place!
176:46:19 Mattingly: [Laughter.]
176:46:22 Duke (LM): There were - there were some deep sinkholes out there, Ken, that must have been 70, 80 meters deep, and they weren't even on the maps.
176:46:28 Mattingly: I believe that. Yeah.
176:46:31 Young (LM): You saw them?
176:46:32 Mattingly: No, but I just - that sounds like what you'd - about - how close we could come on a [garble].
176:46:44 Duke (LM): And old deadeye, here, picked the only flat spot within 2 kilometers to land on.
176:46:50 Young (LM): That was luck, I think, more than anything else.
176:46:54 Duke (LM): Fifty meters in any direction, John, and we'd have had a 10-degree tilt.
176:46:59 Young (LM): Yeah, we would have.
176:47:00 Duke (LM): No, well, maybe 5, but -
176:47:04 Young (LM onboard): Heck, 50 meters backwards and we'd have been a lot worse than that.
176:47:09 Duke (LM): We'd have been in deep trouble. Ken, 10 - 10 feet behind the aft footpad was about a 12-foot-deep crater about 20 feet across.
176:47:22 Mattingly: [Laughter.] Could you see it on the approach?
176:47:27 Young (LM): Yeah.
176:47:28 Mattingly: Yeah.
176:47:29 Duke (LM): He says he did.
176:47:31 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, I did. I inched over it. I saw the dang - I saw the - I saw - I saw the ground all the way to touchdown, Ken. These guys have been saying they can't see the ground. I saw it.
176:47 Start Lunar Rev 53
176:47:43 Duke (LM): I - Yeah.
176:47:44 Young (LM): I didn't have any trouble nulling the velocity.
176:47:46 Duke (LM): I was amazed, John, that - really that - that we -
176:47:51 Young (LM onboard): Did you see it?
176:47:52 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah, I did. But there wasn't - that there was not as much dust because of the soft regolith there. It was really spongy.
176:48:00 Young (LM): [Garble] [garble].
176:48:01 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, 46,000 at 72 - 46.
176:48:18 Young (LM): Hey, listen, they reported some data that Izzy got; said the - said that the Cayley Plains was salithic [?] but not as much as the eastern highlands that you guys got. And they said that your gear was working good except for the laser altimeter, which was doing something.
176:48:35 Mattingly: Yeah. That's when we'd been rewriting the Flight Plan.
176:48:40 Young (LM): Yeah, I know it.
176:48:42 Duke (LM): I can imagine.
176:48:43 Young (LM): You should have seen what the heck's been going on - Well, I'm sure you know.
176:48:48 Duke (LM): Okay, we got 43,000 feet, Ken.
176:48:51 Mattingly: Okay.
176:48:56 Duke (LM): You are really bright, babe.
176:49:08 Mattingly: [Garble] against the lunar surface.
176:49:13 Duke (LM onboard): What?
176:49:14 Mattingly: You really look pretty against the lunar surface.
176:49:16 Duke (LM onboard): Oh.
176:49:18 Mattingly: You got the little split imagery in through there.
176:49:21 Young (LM onboard): You do? The red against the - the star against a red background?
176:49:22 Mattingly: Yeah.
176:49:23 Young (LM onboard): When I first saw that on Apollo 10, I thought I was in 2001. I couldn't figure out what was happening, because the - the guys I was tracking were up above me at the time, for some reason.
176:49:39 Mattingly: Now we've moved [garble] Now I'm seeing the - the Moon through the [garble] behind you, I think. It's not red anymore, anyhow [garble] looks like cartoon characters someone would draw.
176:50:03 Young (LM onboard): I really think we ought to let that all get out of here before we try to take our helmets and gloves off, if we can - if we can possibly help it. Golly, what an approach angle; 68 degrees at -
176:50:16 Duke (LM onboard): We're right - almost right on the line.
176:50:18 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:50:30 Young (LM): Listen, I don't care if they're bringing us home, because we got a [garble] or what - you know, if that's what the reason is. If it's for some other reason, then I'm mad.
176:50:36 Mattingly: I think it's for some other reason.
176:50:38 Duke (LM): Such as that gimbal motor.
176:50:41 Mattingly: I'm sure of it.
176:50:42 Young (LM): It's probably - it's probably starting to grind on the manager.
176:50:44 Mattingly: Yep [garble] go home [garble] could say that.
176:50:59 Young (LM): It ain't - you didn't make the dang gimbal motor. You did the right thing. Boy, and - if - if it had been me up there, I probably would have aborted the whole bloody thing. I don't care what they'd have said.
176:51:10 Duke (LM): Okay, two minutes to go, Ken.
176:51:11 Mattingly: Okay. Man, this tracking's so much fun, let's do it all over again.
176:51:14 Young (LM): Yeah.
176:51:15 Mattingly: [Garble] pretty.
176:51:16 Young (LM): First time you ever got a set that worked, huh?
176:51:17 Mattingly: Yeah. [Laughter.]
176:51:18 Young (LM): [Laughter.]
176:51:19 Mattingly: I haven't had a red light now in so long, I don't know what it means.
176:51:20 Young (LM): Yeah. You know, these optics are beautiful. This AOT in here is just like - just fantastic.
176:51:36 Mattingly: Good. I'd never believe that this [garble] could be so nice.
176:51:38 Young (LM): Yeah. What time's AOS? I never asked.
176:51:45 Mattingly: [Laughter.] I never did, either.
176:51:47 Duke (LM): We get rendezvoused before we get AOS.
176:51:48 Young (LM): Do we?
176:51:49 Duke (LM): Yeah. We're not docked, but we're rendezvoused.
176:51:50 Young (LM): Hopefully.
176:51:51 Mattingly: [Garble], or did they scrub that?
176:51:54 Young (LM): They didn't say scrub it. I'm going to take them until they say scrub it. Nobody told me.
176:51:58 Duke (LM): We got the film.
176:52:00 Mattingly: All righty.
176:52:02 Duke (LM): I saved you some on this roll. It's ...
176:52:04 Mattingly: Okay, how about taking a good look at that dude right up - right up there on top of that [garble].
176:52:10 Young (LM): Okay. And I'll tell you what we'll do, Ken. We'll - When we come to dock, we'll go to the docking attitude. Once we get lined up, go to the docking attitude, and I'll try to maneuver in to where it's - All you got to do is translate forward. Would that be all right? Save you some RCS?
176:52:26 Mattingly: Well, at this point, the RCS isn't that [garble].
176:52:30 Young (LM): Okay - okay, well, however ...
176:52:34 Mattingly: [Garble.]
176:52:35 Young (LM): Yeah, but, you know, RCS is midcourse fuel.
176:52:39 Mattingly: Yeah, I know.
176:52:42 Young (LM): And this thing has got a barrelful of it.
176:52:44 Duke (LM): Okay; 20 seconds, Ken.
176:52:45 Mattingly: Okay.
176:52:59 Duke (LM): You bas - you crummy thing.
176:53:00 Young (LM onboard): What did it do?
176:53:05 Duke (LM onboard): Pro. I thought I had a stuck key, but it came out.
176:53:12 Young (LM onboard): Okay, did you get that Pro, Ken?
176:53:16 Mattingly: Yes, sir.
176:53:17 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:53:29 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; plus 0.5, plus 0.2, plus 0.7.
176:53:32 Young (LM onboard): Well, I don't know. The last one was so good, I might as well do this one, too.
176:53:34 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:53:35 Mattingly: I've got plus 0.5, minus 0.5 and plus 2.2.
176:53:37 Young (LM onboard): Oh, yeah?
176:53:39 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, we'll burn this.
176:53:40 Mattingly: Okay.
176:53:44 Duke (LM onboard): We're going to burn plus 0.5, plus 0.2, plus 0.7.
176:53:48 Mattingly: All righty.
176:54:11 Duke (LM onboard): 90 degrees at 26.5. We're coming right in there, John. Perfect. You want a lunar rock as a souvenir? They'd never miss it.
176:54:17 Young (LM onboard): I'll give it to Ken. No, I don't - I don't know what to do with it at this point. Oh, first igneous rock I've seen.
176:54:24 Duke (LM onboard): Man, we've got some nice crystalline rocks.
176:54:26 Young (LM onboard): Hope so. Here we go, Charlie.
176:54:27 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
176:54:29 Young (LM): One minute to go, Ken.
176:54:30 Mattingly: Okay.
176:54:32 Young (LM onboard): And he said 29 foot a second on the braking, which sounds about right. What'd it say?
176:54:36 Duke (LM onboard): PGNS said 27.
176:54:39 Young (LM onboard): Okay, we'll take it.
176:54:40 Duke (LM onboard): Ground said 29.
176:54:49 Mattingly: Well, in case you don't have enough [garble], I'll give you [garble].
176:54:53 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:54:59 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, average g is on.
176:55:22 Duke (LM onboard): This is some flying machine, boy.
176:55:24 Young (LM onboard): Isn't it?
176:55:30 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, John, it's flashing at you.
176:55:32 Young (LM onboard): Okay, 0.4.
176:55:33 Duke (LM onboard): Up, up.
176:55:37 Young (LM onboard): Minus 0.8.
176:55:38 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:55:48 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken, there they are; minus zero, minus 0.1, minus zero.
176:55:52 Mattingly: Okay.
176:55:56 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, John, go to P00. Verb 48, when that gets up.
176:56:09 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:56:29 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, 11002. Okay. Okay, Pro and a P47. And a Verb 63.
176:56:55 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:56:57 Duke (LM onboard): Want me to key that for you?
176:56:58 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
176:57:06 Duke (LM): Okay, we're at 3.15 miles, Ken; 33 feet a second.
176:57:10 Mattingly: Okay.
176:57:14 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, the AGS is set. Hey, here comes the AO - AOS. Good show. I was wrong on that.
176:57:39 Duke (LM onboard): Hello, Houston; Orion. Over.
Acquisition of Signal at 176:58.
176:58:12 Duke (LM): Houston, Orion. Over.
176:58:15 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston. Go ahead.
176:58:19 Duke (LM): Okay, Jim, we're 3 miles out and closing. We did a TPI of plus 78.0, plus 2.7, plus 0.7, and we burned two mid-courses of minus 0.3, minus 0.1, plus 0.9; plus 0.5, plus 0.2, plus 0.7, and we got a visual.
176:58:44 Irwin: Roger; I copied all that.
176:58:52 Duke (LM): Guess we don't need to tell you, but this is a sweet machine.
176:58:58 Irwin: You're so right.
176:58:47 Duke (LM onboard): Look at that bright spot up there, will you. Okay, John, I'll get the - you got the burn report? Up-Link Squelch is coming Off, PCM is Hi, Bit Rate is Left [sic]. Okay, set up the camera. I'll just hold it in my hand.
176:59:08 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
176:59:36 Duke (LM): Orion, You are just a little tiny black dot to the unaided eye.
176:59:38 Duke (LM): Well, you look brighter than any star or planet I've ever seen. Against that black sky.
176:59:53 Young (LM onboard): Either that or we're rendezvousing with Venus.
176:59:55 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah, we're coming to Venus. [Laughter.]
177:00:03 Young (LM onboard): Okay; 15,000 feet, 2.42 miles, and 31 feet a second. And the line-of-sight rates are essentially nulled.
177:00:23 Duke (LM onboard): You lost a screw, John. I guess that - I guess they left them out on purpose.
177:00:27 Young (LM onboard): Probably had this panel off and back on so many times, they didn't know what else to do.
177:00:30 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:00:32 Young (LM onboard): I want that sign.
177:00:33 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, I'll - We'll remember...
177:00:34 Young (LM onboard): If there's any way. I don't know how to get it.
177:00:36 Duke (LM onboard): Well, we can peel - it'll peel off of there. It's just a piece of tape. Okay, get - I'll put it on your good side.
177:01:15 Duke (LM): Two miles, Ken.
177:01:18 Mattingly: Okay.
177:01:35 Young (LM onboard): We may have to not do any line-of-sight corrections.
177:01:37 Duke (LM onboard): I don't think there's going to be a bit. Isn't that amazing?
177:02:06 Young (LM onboard): He is right in the middle of the COAS and he is not moving one iota.
177:02:12 Mattingly: Okay, I've got you at 28 foot per second.
177:02:15 Young (LM): That's what we've got us at 28.3.
177:02:32 Young (LM onboard): You might - When he starts to grow - He's growing now.
177:02:42 Duke (LM): Yeah. You can make out an outline now, Ken.
177:02:50 Mattingly: Okay. I still have you at 28 feet per second on the [garble].
177:02:55 Duke (LM): Okay.
177:03:36 Young (LM onboard): Look at that white rock coming at us.
177:03:38 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:03:39 Young (LM onboard): There you go, Charlie; there's a white rock for you.
177:03:41 Duke (LM onboard): Seen lots of them.
177:03:45 Young (LM onboard): Okay, 8000 feet; 27 feet a second.
177:04:24 Young (LM onboard): Charlie, don't cover up my DSKY.
177:04:27 Duke (LM onboard): I was just looking at that dirt on that hatch down there.
177:04:44 Mattingly: Okay , I see you; you are a little white dot.
Tech transcript gives Mattingly: "Okay. I show you as a little black [garble]".
177:04:37 LMP/CDR (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:04:38 Young (LM onboard): Show me [garble].
177:04:40 Duke (LM onboard): It's on the needle.
177:04:42 Young (LM onboard): Up down [garble] about out of plane. Here, Charlie, you'll need this for your [garble].
177:04:47 Duke (LM onboard): That's what I was looking for. I dropped that beauty.
177:04:51 Young (LM): Okay, Ken, we're approaching [garble], and we're going to brake to 20.
177:04:55 Duke (LM onboard): No, 30 at a mile, 20 at 3.
177:04:59 Young (LM onboard): Okay, I'm going to get this vertical out.
177:05:03 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. We got a little - Radar says a little to the left, John.
177:05:11 Young (LM onboard): Okay, just hold it a little.
177:05:22 Mattingly: I think that's right. You need to go to your [garble] need to go to your [garble].
177:05:25 Duke (LM onboard): Be north. Okay, 5,000 feet. 5,000 out, Houston.
177:06:03 Mattingly: Looks like it could be a little more to the north.
177:06:10 Young (LM): Hey, listen, who's vectoring who around here?
Tech transcript has Mattingly: "That's negative."
177:06:20 Mattingly: I thought the idea was we'd take turns.
177:06:16 Young (LM onboard): Oh, okay.
177:06:19 Duke (LM onboard): Okay; 4,000 feet, Ken, and we got 7 feet to kill off.
177:06:30 Mattingly: Okay.
177:06:45 Duke (LM onboard): Twenty at 3, John?
177:06:46 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:07:05 Duke (LM): Okay, 3000 at 21, Ken.
177:07:14 Mattingly: Okay.
177:07:36 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, John. We want 10 at 1500.
177:07:40 Young (LM): Okay. And you're getting big, Ken.
177:07:45 Duke (LM onboard): Sure is. Growing like a-
177:07:50 Young (LM onboard): Okay, we got 2,000 feet now, Ken.
177:07:56 Mattingly: Okay. Man, that looks good.
177:08:02 Young (LM onboard): What a beautiful machine.
177:08:05 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, we need to take 10 off, John.
177:08:08 Young (LM onboard): Okay, we'll take 10 off, Charlie.
177:08:24 Duke (LM): Okay, 0.2 at 9.4, Ken.
177:08:39 Duke (LM onboard): At 600 feet, we want 5, John.
177:08:40 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
177:08:57 Duke (LM): Boy, you are beautiful, Ken.
177:09:00 Mattingly: That's the nicest thing anyone's said.
177:09:01 Duke (LM onboard): Casper ...
177:09:02 Young (LM onboard): What a rendezvous machine this is.
177:09:07 Duke (LM onboard): Casper is really beautiful. Okay, we're at 800 feet at 10 feet per second, John.
177:09:13 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
177:09:33 Duke (LM onboard): 650 at 10.
177:09:36 Young (LM onboard): Okay, going to 5, Charlie.
177:09:37 Duke (LM): Okay. Okay, we're at 5, Ken, at 600 feet. Make it 540 feet.
177:09:56 Mattingly: You look a lot smaller in the daytime. At the same range.
177:10:04 Young (LM): What a flying machine this is, Ken. Okay, 400 feet; we're going to 4.
177:10:23 Mattingly: My, you look good. Your forward firing thrusters look like little flashlights when they fire.
177:10:30 Duke (LM): Ken, you're clean. You don't have a boom out.
177:10:34 Mattingly: Okay, well, wait until you get back around there and take a look. We know they aren't out very far, but want you to look at the covers.
177:10:39 Duke (LM): Okay. We're 240 feet.
177:10:45 Mattingly: Beautiful.
177:10:45 Duke (LM onboard): 280 feet, it says. Sure looks like we're closer than that to me.
177:10:53 Young (LM onboard): No.
177:11:01 Duke (LM onboard): Man, that big dish looks great. I couldn't get mine to work in yaw.
177:11:16 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, 200 feet, John?
177:11:18 Young (LM onboard): Yep.
177:11:19 Duke (LM onboard): Give you a little cooling. How's that? Closing at about 4.
177:11:27 Young (LM onboard): More like about 2, Charlie.
177:11:29 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah, probably. I was just looking at the radar. Okay, John, I'm going to go to P00.
177:11:46 Mattingly: It is looking more like an animated cartoon as we go along.
LM transcript has Mattingly "[Laughter.] [Garble] these cartoons in the real world."
177:11:50 Young (LM onboard): Isn't it something?
177:11:53 Duke (LM): Okay, I'll go to dock.
177:12:05 Mattingly: Okay, I'm ready to go to attitude whenever you are.
177:12:09 Young (LM): Okay, wait until I get this thing where I want it, Char - Ken.
177:12:09 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston. When you're station-keeping, let me know. We have some words for you.
177:12:18 Young (LM): Okay, we're station-keeping.
177:12:20 Irwin: Okay. John, looking at the pictures of the liftoff, it appeared that something might have come loose - skin on the - the back of the vehicle so, for that reason, we want Ken to take some pictures of the LM, so we have a slight modification to the Flight Plan. We'll be asking you to do a yaw 360 after Ken does his Verb 49 manoeuvre to the docking attitude. Over.
177:12:52 Young (LM): Roger; I see - Yaw 360 after Ken does a Verb 49 to the docking attitude.
177:13:04 Mattingly: Okay, then. Okay, right here I've got good lighting
177:13:10 Irwin: There's a lot of noise so we can't hear you well- well, but ...
177:13:07 Mattingly: Okay, right here I've got good lighting, if - if you want me to get some pictures, if John could just do a [garble] [garble].
177:13:13 Mattingly:[garble] [garble] pitchover or something here.
177:13:16 Young (LM onboard): Let me pitch up 90, Ken, and you hold station. Can you do that?
177:13:21 Mattingly: Stand by, I'm - let me get my camera [garble] [garble].
177:13:20 Mattingly: Stand by. Let me get my camera out and ready, and I'll take it - see if I can -
177:13:25 Young (LM onboard): Hey, Houston ...
177:13:23 Irwin: 16, this is Houston. Let me just recap here the procedure...
177:13:31 Young (LM onboard): Okay. Okay, Houston. We're in perfect position to get ...
177:13:34 Irwin: ... Ken, we want you to do the - Ken, do the Verb 49 maneuver to the SIM bay attitude per Flight Plan and then do the 360-degree roll and, of course, following that, you do the Verb 49 maneuver to the docking attitude. Then I have a change for the Flight Plan whenever you're ready to copy.
177:13:57 Mattingly: Okay. We're in perfect position to take pictures of the LM right now. All they've got to do is to pitch. He prefers to go to the other sequence, is that correct?
177:14:08 Hartsfield: Okay. If you're in a position to take pictures of the LM we wanted the LM to do a 360-degree yaw, and you're to take pictures of the - the minus-Z portion of the ascent stage, using the same camera setting that you have on the DAC and the EL, except the focus on the EL should be changed to infinity. Over.
177:14:37 Mattingly: Okay, we'll just take you up on that, Hank, and take pictures of the - where's minus Z? Let's see that's - that's ...
177:14:46 Duke (LM): That's the back part, Ken.
177:14:46 Hartsfield: Okay. Ken, it's the back side of the LM.
177:14:53 Mattingly: Roger. I'm with you and I'll turn the DAC on, and I'll a - fix the EL [garble] station-keeping now.
177:15:04 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
177:15:03 Irwin: Okay. And, Ken, if you observe anything there, will you please relay your observations?
177:15:14 Mattingly: Yes, sir; certainly will.
177:15:26 Duke (LM): Oh, Houston. On lift-off, one of the MESA blankets flew out in front of the LM and hit the ground about 200 meters in front of the LM. Over.
177:15:37 Irwin: I understand a portion of the MESA blanket's still on the - on the front.
177:15:45 Duke (LM): Yeah, that might have been what you saw. It came pretty high in the air and it went straight out to the west.
177:15:XX Duke (LM onboard): Look at that crater down there, would you?
177:15:51 Irwin: Okay. We copy.
177:15:56 Mattingly: Okay, everything on the plus-Y side looks clean - just the surface is a little flaky with paint [garble].
177:16:08 Duke (LM onboard): Look at that maria out there, John. In that highland.
177:16:10 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:16:19 Mattingly: Okay, on the - on the back side ...
177:16:20 Young (LM onboard): Get the pictures ...
177:16:22 Irwin: Orion, will you go Forward Omni?
177:16:23 Mattingly: [Garble] it looks like the - the -
177:16:26 Young (LM onboard): Forward Omni, Charlie.
177:16:28 Duke (LM onboard): Okay.
177:16:36 Mattingly: Looks like some of the thermal blanket around the ECAs ["Descent Engine" in LM transcript.] on the back end there is pretty badly chewed up.
177:16:46 Irwin: Okay. We copy.
177:16:47 Mattingly: Some of the stuff is torn - a couple of panels are torn off. And some of the stripping in between it is - it looks like it was struck by something, but it looks like all the mylar blankets underneath are still intact.
177:17:03 Irwin: Roger.
177:17:05 Young (LM onboard): These guys are crazy [laughter].
177:17:06 Duke (LM onboard): They are. Well, that's - that's a data point.
177:17:11 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, they have a [garble] doing 360-degree yaws. Ken's going to do one.
177:17:16 Duke (LM onboard): [Laughter.]
177:17:19 Young (LM onboard): I don't know. I don't know. When we first got in this program...
177:17:26 Mattingly: Okay, we got some more stuff on the other side [garble]...
177:17:29 Irwin: Ken, can you observe whether it's possible for sunlight to directly impinge on portions of the spacecraft equipment?
177:17:40 Mattingly: No, sir; it's not possible from the back; I can't tell about the bottom; but, on the back side, the Mylar blankets are still intact - it's only that outer covering that's broken.
177:17:56 Young (LM onboard): I tell ...
177:17:54 Irwin: Okay, we copy.
177:17:58 Duke (LM): I - I tell you, this thing really flies beautifully.
177:18:03 Irwin: Orion, Aft Omni.
177:18:07 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
177:18:11 Young (LM): Sure wish airplane flying was this easy.
LM transcript attributes this to Ken Mattingly - more believable given his current manoeuvring.
177:18:13 Duke (LM): You better believe it.
177:18:14 Duke (LM onboard): There's old - What's the big crater down there? It looks like Theophilus.
177:18:23 Mattingly: What's your range?
177:18:24 Irwin: Okay, 16; we assume you're pressing on with the Flight Plan?
177:18:25 Mattingly: Okay, I'm ready to go to my attitude.
177:18:32 Young (LM): Roger, we're pressing.
177:18:34 Mattingly: Okay, John, are you ready for me to go to my attitude?
177:18:38 Young (LM): That's a - wait a second, until we get in position.
177:18:42 Mattingly: Okay, I'm just going to do a little - it'll be a roll and [garble][garble].
177:18:47 Irwin: Orion, will you go Normal Voice?
177:18:49 Young (LM): Okay, I pitched down.
177:18:52 Duke (LM): Okay.
177:18:54 Mattingly: Okay, it will be a half degree a second. Are you all set?
177:18:59 Young (LM onboard): Wait until we get up here.
177:19:01 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, you got us Normal Voice, Houston? You got Orion?
177:19:04 Young (LM onboard): Are you ready, Charlie?
177:19:05 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah, I'm ready.
177:19:06 Young (LM onboard): Okay, go to it, Ken.
177:19:07 Mattingly: Okay, you have station-keeping; I'm maneuvering.
177:19:09 Young (LM onboard): Shoot, I thought I had the station-keeping long before this.
177:19:22 Irwin: Casper, we need Rate 2 on the BMAG.
177:19:27 Mattingly: You've got it.
177:19:29 Irwin: Roger; you're fast.
177:19:35 Young (LM onboard): Okay, I'm gonna keep him - keep him in the middle, Charlie.
177:19:41 Duke (LM onboard): What is it - what are we going to see with him rolling like that?
177:19:46 Young (LM onboard): He's maneuvering to some attitude - he's maneuvering - he's doing a three-axis maneuver to the SIM bay attitude.
177:19:52 Duke (LM onboard): Oh. Well, I got a peek at the SIM bay as we came up under it; clean.
177:20:03 Young (LM onboard): Now, Charlie, you want me to maneuver and get a little closer to him?
177:20:06 Mattingly: Hey, Charlie, have you got a Forward VHF there?
177:20:10 Duke (LM): Yeah, I'm on it.
177:20:12 Mattingly: Okay, the things I'd like for you to look at are - you remember on the aft shelf of the SIM bay, there's two booms back there.
177:20:20 Duke (LM): Yeah.
177:20:21 Mattingly: The one on my - the most- plus-Y one is the Mass Spec - It's got a white cover and it - it's kind of a rectangular shape cover. The one on the left or - it's really in about the center of the SIM bay - at the aft end and it has a silver cover and that's the Gamma Ray. Would you take a look and see if either of the covers are not quite closed because we have indications in the spacecraft that they're not closed and indications on the ground that they are.
177:20:48 Duke (LM): Okay.
177:20:57 Duke (LM): [Young in LM transcript] Are you maneuvering, Ken?
177:21:00 Mattingly: Yes, sir.
177:21:01 Young (LM): Oh.
177:21:04 Mattingly: This is one of the fastest maneuvers I've made in a long time.
177:21:06 Duke (LM): Are you gonna sit - are you gonna pitch some more, so we can see the SIM bay?
177:21:12 Mattingly: Well, I'm not there yet, Charlie.
177:21:14 Duke (LM): Okay.
177:21:15 Mattingly: I'll tell you when I get there.
177:21:31 Mattingly: Got about 20 degrees of pitch and about 30 degrees of roll.
177:21:43 Duke (LM): Okay, what do you do after that?
177:21:45 Mattingly: Now then, I wait for you to take a look. And then, after you do that, why, I will do a 360-degree rotation about my X-axis while you take pictures of the thermal coating.
177:21:57 Duke (LM): Okay, I can see around the - the thrusters now that it's blistered and peeled. They want Om - they want ...
177:22:02 Irwin: Omni Delta, Casper.
177:22:09 Duke (LM):[garble] Omni Delta.
177:22:09 Mattingly: Houston, did you call Casper?
177:22:10 Irwin: Yes, Omni Delta.
177:22:14 Young (LM): They want your Omni Delta, Ken.
177:22:16 Mattingly: Okay, thank you.
177:22:20 Young (LM onboard): Well, you'd probably be blistered and peeled, too, if you were as hot as they are.
177:22:25 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken, at the aft end, down next to the engine bell, there's a black cover that appears to be partially opened.
177:22:38 Mattingly (LM): Can you tell me which side of the LM SIM bay?
177:22:40 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, it's on the side away from the hatch.
177:22:46 Mattingly: Okay, it's a dark Inconel cover.
177:22:50 Duke (LM): Okay, and it's partially open.
177:22:51 Duke (LM): Looks like it to me.
177:22:53 Mattingly: Okay, can you - you don't see anything white sticking out from under it?
177:22:56 Duke (LM): No.
177:22:57 Mattingly: Okay, because the inconel shield on the Mass Spec is - black. Okay, do you see the Gamma Ray door?
177:23:06 Duke (LM): Yeah.
177:23:04 Duke (LM): That's silver, isn't it?
177:23:05 Young (LM onboard): Let's go on up there, Charlie.
177:23:06 Duke (LM): It's closed.
177:23:08 Mattingly: Okay.
177:23:10 Young (LM): Are you there yet, Ken?
177:23:12 Mattingly: [Laughter.] [Duke in tech transcript] No, no. I'll - I'll tell you.
177:23:15 Duke (LM): Are we there yet, daddy?
177:23:18 Mattingly: [Laughter.]
177:23:27 Duke (LM onboard): I think f/8 is too bright; I think we need f/11.
177:23:30 Young (LM onboard): Yeah, the Sun is shining on it. This is a lousy attitude for picture taking. Are you taking pictures now?
177:23:36 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:23:48 Duke (LM onboard): Ain't gonna be doing any good with the Sun shining on it like that though, John.
177:23:53 Irwin: Orion, you have 32 minutes until darkness.
177:24:02 Mattingly: Okay.
177:24:07 Duke (LM): Okay, start - Okay, Ken, the paint is blistered on the quad above the SIM bay, too, pretty badly.
177:24:24 Mattingly (CM): On the quad above the SIM bay - do you mean the A quad?
177:24:27 Duke (LM onboard): Not A quad, I mean the panelling above the SIM bay. You know, as you come out the hatch, you grab the handles and walk down to the two handles on the SIM bay?
177:24:37 Mattingly: Yep.
177:24:38 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, that along the wide - those - that silver paint in there is really badly ...
177:24:45 Young (LM onboard): Here's a door that's not closed there back there in the back end.
177:24:48 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah, that's what I said. Yeah, that's the one - Okay, you - The - the mass - the Gamma Ray door is partially open, Ken.
177:24:59 Mattingly: Okay, good; can you get some pictures of those, too?
177:25:02 Duke (LM): Yeah.
177:25:03 Mattingly: Okay, and I'm ready to start my 360 roll when you get some pictures of those things.
177:25:06 Duke (LM): We got them; go ahead.
177:25:09 Mattingly: Okay, I'm going to roll left.
Apollo Control Houston [at] 177 hours, 37 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. Ken Mattingly aboard Casper doing a 360 degree roll per the Flight Plan. Orion and Casper now station keeping.
177:25:53 Mattingly: You guys are pretty bad; there's even debris outside up here. It was nice and clean before you came back.
177:25:11 Young (LM onboard): Okay. I'm gonna back up here. I don't want to run into high gain, Charlie.
177:25:18 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah. You're zapping the - the SIM bay, too, with the thrusters. John, I can't see my - Okay, there we go. Looks good.
177:26:00 Young (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:26:04 Duke (LM): Part of the "United States" has peeled off, Ken.
177:26:05 Young (LM): What are you doing to your High Gain there, Ken?
177:26:08 Mattingly: I'm [garble].
177:26:10 Young (LM): Oh.
177:26:12 Mattingly: [garble]?
177:26:13 Young (LM): Yeah.
177:26:17 Mattingly: I'll pick it up.
177:26:18 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken, the umbilical thing is really - I don't see how you get any thrust out of that thruster that's pointed right at that umbilical thing. Shoot, it fires right on it.
177:26:30 Young (LM onboard): That make you a little nervous, Charlie?
177:26:32 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:26:33 Young (LM onboard): Me, too.
177:26:43 Young (LM onboard): Is this close enough, Charlie, or do you want to be closer?
177:26:44 Duke (LM onboard): No, that's fine, John. I don't believe I could get it all in the field of view if you were any closer.
177:26:53 Young (LM): Okay, Ken, I can - as soon as we get around here, we better go dock, because we got 32 minutes to darkness, and I don't want to have another one of them night dockings.
177:27:02 Mattingly: Okay. Well, We're almost there. The next event on our schedule is for me to go to the docking attitude.
177:27:11 Young (LM): Okay.
177:27:14 Mattingly: And then, I guess you can slide around in front of me. [Garble] inspect the engine.
177:27:24 Young (LM): Okay, go to it. What is - Your attitude and my attitude docking-wise is compatible? It's the same ...
177:27:34 Mattingly: They had been in the simulator, and I'm sure they will be today.
177:27:38 Young (LM): I'd be surprised. The only thing nominal so far is the rendezvous. I hope the rest of it turns out that way.
177:27:49 Duke (LM onboard): We want to go to 180, 282, 300 on the ball, John.
177:27:53 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
177:28:05 Duke (LM): Okay, Ken, the a - Out your - your window, off behind you on the High Gain side, it's real nice and clean; on the other side of the spacecraft, the - the 180 opposite that, starting at about the middle of the hatch around, is pretty badly blistered and peeled. Not peeled, but blistered; around about the umbilicals.
177:28:41 Mattingly: Okay.
177:28:50 Young (LM): Okay, what? Maneuvering to ...
177:28:54 Mattingly: Okay, I'm getting ready to - to spin over to - to a new attitude.
177:29:01 Young (LM): Well ...
177:29:02 Mattingly: ...Very close to the attitude we came up in.
177:29:03 Young (LM): Okay.
177:29:04 Mattingly (CM): All set?
177:29:05 Young (LM): All set.
177:29:08 Duke (LM onboard): That's enough pictures. I'm getting tired of holding that button.
177:29:18 Young (LM onboard): What were you shooting at? One frame a second?
177:29:20 Duke (LM onboard): Well, I don't mean holding the button, I mean holding the camera.
177:29:32 Young (LM onboard): I'm not used to this zero g.
177:29:34 Duke (LM onboard): I know it. [Laughter.]
177:29:35 Young (LM onboard): It raises Cain with us.
177:29:46 Duke (LM onboard): Hey, that is some crater, right down there.
177:29:50 Young (LM): Are you going to undocking now, Ken?
177:29:54 Mattingly: Beg your pardon, John.
177:29:55 Young (LM): Are you at the undocking attitude now?
177:29:58 Mattingly: Yes, sir; I'm going to docking attitude. And it - it's almost identical to our rendezvous attitude.
177:30:03 Young (LM onboard): Okay. We go to 180 what?
177:30:11 Duke (LM onboard): 180 roll, 282 pitch, and 300 yaw.
177:30:19 Young (LM onboard): Okay.
177:30:41 Duke (LM onboard): Okay. There we go. Now I'm zero gravity, took my...
177:30:47 Young (LM onboard): Oh, man!
177:31:00 Duke (LM onboard): John, this place still looks like a pig sty.
177:31:01 Irwin: Casper, go Omni Alfa.
177:31:07 Duke (LM): Hey, Ken, are you - are you about there now?
177:31:12 Mattingly: Well, I got 90 degrees of roll to go.
177:31:13 Young (LM): Okay. But your pitch is okay, huh?
177:31:17 Mattingly: Well, I got about 10 degrees in pitch.
177:31:19 Young (LM): That's what I thought. It looks pretty good.
177:31:29 Mattingly: Houston, did you [garble]?
177:31:28 Mattingly: ...get me on Logic Go and the Omni?
177:31:39 Young (LM): Houston. Casper wants the Logic Go and Omni.
177:31:44 Irwin: Roger; you're Go.
177:31:50 Young (LM): Yeah, they gave you Go, Ken.
177:31:53 Mattingly: Okay.
177:31:58 Irwin: Casper, Omni Alpha.
177:32:14 Irwin: Casper, let's hold up on the Pyro A.
177:32:20 Duke (LM onboard): Hold on the Pyro Arm, Ken.
177:32:25 Young (LM onboard): Don't tell me.
177:32:34 Duke (LM): You copy that, Ken?
177:32:35 Mattingly: Yes, sir.
177:32:36 Duke (LM): Okay.
177:32:35 Mattingly: Yes, sir. I thought you just gave me a Go; but I guess not.
177:32:49 Irwin: Okay. Casper, let's take the Logics, Off, and we'll go through it again.
177:32:55 Duke (LM onboard): Oh, no.
177:32:55 Mattingly: Okay. Logics, Off.
177:32:58 Irwin: Stand by.
177:33:13 Young (LM onboard): I can't believe it.
177:33:14 Irwin: Say, Ken. You're Go for Pyro Arm - I'm sorry, Logics, On.
177:33:18 Mattingly: Okay. The Logics are coming on. There's Number 1, and there's Number 2.
177:33:31 Irwin: Okay, Casper. You're Go for Pyro Arm.
177:33:37 Mattingly: Okay. Pyro Arms coming on. 1; there's 2.
177:33:46 Irwin: Roger. Looks good here.
177:33:50 Duke (LM onboard): Okay, John, you want to pull the Rendezvous Radar breakers?
177:34:00 Young (LM): Okay, Ken. You there?
177:34:02 Mattingly: I'm about 5 degrees from it. You can go ahead and start your maneuver, I'll take station-keeping.
177:34:07 Young (LM): Okay. You have it.
177:34:08 Young (LM onboard): 282.
177:34:38 Young (LM onboard): And yaw 300, Charlie?
177:34:39 Duke (LM onboard): Yeah.
177:34:49 Young (LM onboard): And yaw, 300, which is over there.
177:35:32 Mattingly: Okay. I'm approaching. Your attitude looks good.
177:35:40 Mattingly: I'll tell you when we have capture.
177:36:38 Young (LM onboard): What is this thing lined up with? Whew!
177:36:47 Duke (LM onboard): How's he look?
177:37:04 Young (LM onboard): I never got the true picture of this before today.
177:37:08 Duke (LM onboard): [Laughter.]
177:37:13 Young (LM onboard): He's right on, about a degree off. There's no way you can see it, Charlie.
177:37:19 Duke (LM onboard): No, I can't see him.
177:37:21 Young (LM onboard): I want - I - I just want to be able to do something intelligent, like shut the thrusters off when we get capture.
177:37:32 Duke (LM onboard): It's only 09:30, John; we've been up since - 15 hours. Not bad.
177:37:42 Young (LM onboard): Ken, you look beautiful to me.
177:37:46 Mattingly: Say again.
177:37:46 Young (LM onboard): You look right on to me. My optical sight is coming right into your docking window.
177:38:05 Young (LM onboard): Don't hit my arm, Charlie.
177:38:07 Duke (LM onboard): I'm sorry.
177:38:08 Young (LM onboard): [Garble.]
177:38:35 Young (LM onboard): How would you like to do a EVA transfer?
177:38:39 Duke (LM onboard): How would you like a kick in the behind?
177:38:42 Young (LM onboard): Hot mike to Houston. [Laughter.]
177:38:48 Duke (LM onboard): No, we're normal voice. But we got our tape recorder running. [Laughter.]
end of LM transcript for mission.
177:38:58 Mattingly: Okay, about 5 feet.
177:40:37 Mattingly: Doesn't look like it. I don't have any barber poles. There we go. Took a couple of extra blurps to get you. Okay. Are you free?
177:40:52 Mattingly: Okay.
177:41:00 Mattingly: Okay, it looks - looks pretty fair. How about if I just retract you?
177:41:25 Mattingly: I believe we're there.
177:41:27 Young: Casper's captured Orion!
177:41:30 Irwin: Very good. We were wondering what took you so long.
177:41:35 Young: Yeah, he's all locked on.
177:41:38 Young: We - we were doing these fancy maneuvers up here. Hardly anybody ever gets to do a 360-degree yaw on the Moon.
177:41:52 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston. We're about 28 minutes to LOS, and I have about five pages of time-line changes, whenever you're ready to copy.
177:42:03 Young: Yes, sir. Charlie's about ready.
177:42:08 Irwin: And, Orion, you can close the Crossfeed and open A Main SOV.
177:42:36 Irwin: Casper, let's hold off on the P20. We need good comm to get all these changes up.
177:42:43 Mattingly: Okay. Is this attitude good?
177:42:46 Irwin: Very good.
177:42:48 Duke: Okay, Jim, go ahead.
177:42:51 Irwin: Okay. Timeline book changes - start on page 13 and change 173:55 to 177:54. And under "Configure S-band," Item 1, change CS - "CSM maneuver to jettison attitude" to "CSM maneuver to SIM bay minus-X forward attitude" and delete "Proceed with prep "et cetera. Over.
177:43:34 Duke: Roger. We copy. Go ahead.
177:43:36 Irwin: Okay. Item 2, delete Item 3, change "Prim" to "Secondary" first line, change "Right" to "Off" and "Hi" to "Lo." Add a second line, "S-Band antenna, Aft"; and delete remainder of Step 3. Add the following: "Exterior Light, Off; perform docked deactivation (staged), Steps 1 to 7 of the Contingency Checklist, page 3-9." Over.
177:44:22 Duke: Okay. Delete all of Step 2. That's the "Verify jet attitude." Step 3, sec - "S-Band, Secondary, Off, and Lo." Delete - mixed - all the steerable stuff, and add "External Light - Exterior Light, Off," which it is, and "Docked deactivation (staged), Steps 1 through 7" in the Contingency Book.
177:44:49 Irwin: Okay. Next is change 1 - 174 hours to 177:59 under "Prep for transfer" and step 3, change line 4 to read "LMP purge valve (1, aft LHSSC)"
177:45:30 Duke: Okay. That's - all I did was add in "LMP purge valve." All the - all the rest was there.
177:45:36 Irwin: Okay, I have a - a question here, Charlie, but then, on the next line, it's - under neck ring, they said add "Stow commander's purge valve" - oh, that's "Serial number 194 in ISA bottom pocket."
177:46:00 Irwin: Okay, your purge valve apparently is serial number 197, and John's is 194. That make sense to you?
177:46:09 Duke: Yeah, I got it. I know which one.
177:46:12 Irwin: Okay, if you've got that, I'm doing a Step 5 - it's delete first two lines. Over.
177:46:24 Duke: Hey, we've been using the purge valves interchangeably. I don't know who was using whose when we were out on the Moon.
177:46:33 Irwin: Okay, we'll talk about that later. Let me get the - the rest of the change to you. Under Step 9, after "SE Audio, Open," add "ECS LCG Pump, Open." Delete remainder of step. Insert the following: "Cabin Gas Return, Open; Suit Circuit Relief to Auto - that's a verify; Suit Isol Valve, both, to Suit Disconnect. Both, disconnect hoses and stow. Both, doff suits - suits, install PGA electrical connector covers from the purse, and stow LCG plugs in suits from the purse. Install neck ring dust covers in the purse. Transfer suit to CMP." Then configure circuit breakers per 3-10 and 11 of Contingency Checklist. Over.
177:47:40 Duke: Okay, copy. "Cabin Gas Return," add after "SE Audio, Open." "LCG, Open" - correction, "LCG Pump, Open; Cabin Gas to Open; Suit Circuit Relief to Auto; Suit Disconnect - Suit to Hose Disconnect; doff suits; put on electrical connectors, the LCG plugs, dust covers." And then go to 3-10 for the CBs on Contingency Checklist.
177:48:11 Irwin: Okay. Then on page 14, step 11, delete "PPKs, three, on the left-hand midsection and the aft SRCs." That's in parentheses. The next item is the flag kit. Next item is flight data file. Then add Timeline Book and LM Contingency Checklist. Over.
177:48:56 Duke: Okay. Scratch PPKs, the flag kit, the flight data file, and add the Timeline Book and the Contingency Checklist.
177:49:05 Irwin: Okay. Step 14, delete. And delete "MSFN up-link, update, target PGNS, and configure AGS, step 1." Over.
177:49:22 Duke: Okay, "MSFN up-link, modulate, delete step 1."
177:49:29 Irwin: Okay, then on page - we'll delete page 15, 16, and 17, and then on page 18, under "IVT to CSM," delete step 2, and prior to "LM to CM transfer list," add "Perform final deactivation per Contingency Checklist, Page 3" [garble].
177:49:55 Duke: Hey, hold on a minute - hold on a minute - hold on, Jim.
177:49:58 Irwin: Okay.
177:50:02 Young: You're going faster than he can move.
177:50:05 Duke: I can't turn the pages that fast. I'm on - I've deleted page 16 and 17, and I'm on page 18. Go ahead.
177:50:14 Irwin: Okay, under "IVT to CSM," delete step 2, and prior to "LM to CM transfer list," add "Perform final deactivation per Contingency Checklist, page 3-12 to 3-15." Over.
177:50:55 Duke: Okay, on "IVT to CSM," delete step 2. Perform final deactivation per 3-12 to 15 in Contingency Checklist.
177:51:08 Irwin: Okay, and then under the transfer list, delete "DSEA, PPKs, flag kits flight data file in the jettison bag, purse and contents, unused food, used urine bag, and used fecal bags." Over.
177:51:39 Duke: Okay. We copy that.
177:51:41 Irwin: Okay. And then go back to Page 14, Charlie. Let me know when you're there. I think we've missed something there.
177:52:02 Duke: Okay, go ahead.
177:52:04 Irwin: Okay, on the right-hand side of that page, we want to delete, essentially, three blocks there; the "MSFN up-link/update," all the steps under that - the five steps; then the next, "target PGNS"; and then "Configure AGS." All that portion is to be deleted.
177:52:23 Duke: Yeah. I got you. Go ahead.
177:52:29 Irwin: Okay, under "Configure AGS," all those AGS - the four AGS entries there are - are deleted. We pick up there with Step 2.
177:52:39 Duke: I got you.
177:52:40 Irwin: Okay, then the - the following are changes in the LM Contingency Checklist on page 3-9. Step 4, add "Verify" - Do you want me to wait until you get to the Contingency Checklist, Charlie?
177:52:59 Young: Yeah. You - you better wait until he floats over there to it.
177:53:02 Irwin: Okay. Let me know. We've got 17 minutes to LOS. Shouldn't take us long to go through the Contingency Checklist changes ...
177:53:10 Young: What page did you say?
177:53:12 Irwin: Starting at Page 3-9.
177:53:44 Duke: Okay, go ahead.
177:53:46 Irwin: Okay, on Page 3-9, Step 4, add "Verify" after "Master Arm Off." Then delete "Audio, Commander"; and Step 6, add "Verify" after "Mode Control, Both, Off." Then Step 7, delete first two lines. And then on - why don't you repeat up to that point? Over.
177:54:24 Duke: I got it all, Jim. Step 4: "Verify Master Arm, Off"; delete "Audio, Commander; Mode Control, Both, Off, Verify." "Window Shades and Commander transfer," delete. We'll just leave him over here, huh?
177:54:38 Young: Hey; Jim, I - I - I guess I think that to verify the Master Arm, Off, is kind of a silly change to make Charlie copy, if you got 25 pages of that.
177:54:50 Irwin: No, listen, John; we've just about one more page, and we'll be finished.
177:54:55 Young: Okay.
177:54:56 Irwin: Okay, on Page 3-10, Secondary Power Amp, Close. And then on Page 3-11 - let me know when you're there.
177:55:20 Duke: You speak.
177:55:22 Irwin: Okay, row 3, SE Audio, Open, and Primary Amp, Open. Row 4, S-Band Antenna, Open. And then we'll go to Page 3-12. Let me know when you're there.
177:55:49 Duke: I'm there.
177:55:51 Irwin: Okay, Step 2, change "Audio, LMP" to "Audio, Both." Change line 2 to read "VHF B and VHF A Transmitter and Receiver, Off." Then Step 4, add, after "Secondary S-Band Transmitter and Receiver, Open," "Secondary Power Amp, Open, and delete "Primary Power Amp, Open." Then Step 5, delete three lines and add "Connect LM/CM umbilicals." Over.
177:56:32 12 Duke: Okay, what was that last one?
177:56:35 Irwin: The last one was Step 5 to delete three lines and and "Connect LM/CM umbilicals." Over.
177:56:52 Duke: Okay, copy.
177:56:58 Irwin: Okay, then on step 6, under "To use CSM Power," and "LM power dash 1 and LM power dash 2, Main B, circuit breakers, Closed, and CSM- in parentheses." Over.
177:57:32 Duke: Okay, we copy.
177:57:34 Irwin: Okay then, Page 3-13, looks like we just have about three or four more changes here.
177:57:44 Duke: Go ahead.
177:57:46 Irwin: Okay, on 3-13 on - und - under row 3, Open Utility Light. On row 5, open Translunar Bus Tie, and then the next change is on Page 3-14. Over.
177:58:07 Duke: Go ahead.
177:58:12 Irwin: On 3-14, row 2, Open ASA; row 4, Open S-Band Antenna and Translunar Bus Ties. Over.
177:58:30 Duke: Roger. Go ahead.
177:58:32 Irwin: Okay, next, and the last is on Page 3-15, Charlie. Let me know when you're there.
177:58:40 Duke: Turn the page; I'm there.
177:58:42 Irwin: Okay. Step 9, add, after "Ascent Water, Close," "Cabin Gas Return to Egress," and last change is Step 9 - Delete the first line. Over.
177:59:03 Duke: I got you.
177:59:05 Irwin: That's it.
177:59:10 Duke: Okay, what's the plan, Jim? Just to power this moose down, and then come back in tomorrow and fire it up again for jettison?
177:59:22 Irwin: That's affirmative, Charlie, and will you get the AGS Mode Control, Off?
177:59:34 Duke: It's Off.
177:59:35 Irwin: And, Orion, if you'd like, I'll go through the - the basic plan here, post-docking, so it's - be clear in your minds. The first step, of course, is to doff suits in the LM, and, of course, we're going to postpone some of the LM transfer until after you wake up. We're powering down the LM, and we are going to - we're drying out the water boiler. And we'll be ready to close out the LM at - at 179:20. That's AOS plus 10 minutes on this next pass. And then Step 5 is - we'll - y'all will get in the LM tomorrow and complete the transfer and LM jettison, and you will need the LM Timeline Book and the LM Contingency Checklist at docking to accomplish the deactivation. Over.
178:00:29 Young: I got you.
178:01:34 Mattingly: I'll be with you in just a minute.
178:01:47 Mattingly: Okay, I got the drogue out - I mean the probe and the hatch out and I'm ready for the drogue, so if you're going to do anything that affects the pressurization, let me know.
178:02:02 Mattingly: Yeah, I read you.
178:03:03 Duke: Houston, Orion. Over.
178:03:05 Irwin: Go ahead, Orion.
178:03:09 Duke: Okay, that first part, "Docked deactivation stage," was that just Steps 1 through 7 or the whole thing?
178:03:17 Irwin: No, Steps 1 through 7.
178:03:28 Duke: Okay.
178:04:27 Mattingly: Yeah, you'll have to open the door and find out.
178:04:41 Duke: Okay, Houston -
178:04:42 Duke: Mark. Primary Evap Flow is Close.
178:04:45 CC: Okay, we copy. And, Casper, you can go into your P20 attitude, minus-X forward.
178:05:00 Duke: John verifies that the Master Arm is Off.
178:05:04 CC: All right [laughter].
178:05:13 CC: And, Casper; this is Houston.
178:05:19 Mattingly: Go ahead.
178:05:20 CC: Roger, Ken. We're finished with that update, so you can press on with the minus-X forward.
178:05:28 Mattingly: Okay.
178:10:04 Irwin: Okay, 16, we're about 30 seconds from LOS. And AOS, 1 ...
178:10:14 Young: Okay, when you see us next time, we'll be [garble].
178:10:18 Irwin: Okay. And AOS time, 179:08; and your angles are zero - zero and 170.
178:10:30 Young: Okay. Thank you, Jim.
This is Apollo Control Houston, at 178 hours, 23 minutes Ground Elapsed Time [178:12 actual GET]. We've just had Loss of Signal with Casper as the spacecraft passes behind the Moon on its 53rd revolution. We'll take the line down at this time and bring it back up at that time when we reacquire. This is Apollo Control Houston.
178:13:36 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay.
178:13:37 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. Thank you.
178:17:51 Young (CM onboard): Get out of your suit.
178:17:52 Mattingly (CM onboard): Never put it on. No, I - don't know why. I - decided I didn't need to put it on. It may have - I don't think I've done a thing that was in the Flight Plan, since you left.
178:18:08 Young (CM onboard): Really? [Garble.]
178:18:11 Mattingly (CM onboard): It's really been grim as far as that kind of stuff.
178:18:15 Young (CM onboard): I think it's made up ...
178:18:17 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah.
178:18:18 Young (CM onboard): [Garble] [garble] camera.
178:18:19 Mattingly (CM onboard): Hey ...
178:18:20 Young (CM onboard): Hey, [garble] You're in mine.
178:18:21 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah.
178:18:22 Duke (CM onboard): It's already in there. Bet you 5 dollars.
178:18:23 Mattingly (CM onboard): They've been - they just driving me up the wall. So far, I ain't lost my cool. Which is - for me is very unusual. I think I'm -
178:19:18 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.]
178:19:20 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:19:39 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah, we do need their waist tether. That's one - Okay.
178:20:03 Mattingly (CM onboard): Ah. I bet Grumman pays a guy something for a special tool to do this.
178:20:26 Mattingly (CM onboard): How come you've been to a - you've been in the minstrel [?], huh? You've been in the minstrel [?]. You look ...
178:20:45 Young (CM onboard): Hey, Ken, let me tell you something. After touchdown - [garble] Ken! [garble] Right after touchdown, the President's gonna call me... [Laughter.]
178:21:02 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.]
178:21:04 Duke (CM onboard): Man, that's really funny.
178:21:10 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:21:14 Mattingly (CM onboard): Kind of a shame to throw it away, isn't it?
178:21:27 Mattingly (CM onboard): Oh, you son of a gun!
178:21:45 Mattingly (CM onboard): Ah - what kind of camera is it? What kind of camera you got? Yes, sir. Sure do.
178:23:03 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah. Throw it. Okay.
178:25:24 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah. I don't have any place to pulse [?] as yet.
178:25:35 Mattingly (CM onboard): Oh. You going to be able to take those tonight? Oh, oh, okay. That's not so bad because I'm sitting here with - with no place to go. I don't - I don't understand the - There's so much bull in there that I don't understand what's going on.
178:28:54 Mattingly (CM onboard): Charlie, what piece of gear would you like first?
178:29:13 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay.
178:30:06 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. What do you want to give me now? The LEVAs?
178:30:37 Mattingly (CM onboard): Be a good way to get dirty. Yeah.
178:33:32 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:33:38 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.]
178:33:42 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble] on that total.
178:33:44 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.] I believe you.
178:34:07 Mattingly (CM onboard): (Sneeze)
178:35:24 Mattingly (CM onboard): Can I sell you guys some bags?
178:35:44 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:35:50 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.]
178:35:57 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:36:01 Mattingly (CM onboard): I - Have - have they been all messed up with you guys? Man, it's like - it's like they'd never flown a flight before. Like the very first sim. Couldn't believe it. And I kept hoping that maybe you guys weren't getting the same stuff.
178:36:21 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:36:22 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. What -
178:36:23 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:36:24 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.] That one's not even filled.
178:36:30 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:36:36 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.] I've been practicing. Here, I'll get the bags out of your way. Trying to get rid of something because I ain't sure where you're going when you get here.
178:36:49 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:36:50 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.]
178:37:02 Young (CM onboard): [Garble] real bad.
178:37:08 Mattingly (CM onboard): What - what are you - what have you got to work with there, John. Okay. I got your - I got your new clothes in here. Do you want them? You ain't gonna get any better.
178:37:35 Mattingly (CM onboard): Did you - did you find any big rocks that were con - that were consolidated? Did you find any big rocks that weren't breccias?
178:37:43 Crew (CM onboard): SC [Garble.]
178:38:01 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. [Laughter.] You were what? I feel like - if you want to hand me the probe, I'll lay down here while you get it. We is sort of full right now. I hate to see that thing go. Yeah.
178:38:51 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. Wait a minute, John. You're hung - Okay. You're clear.
178:39:07 Crew (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:39:12 Mattingly (CM onboard): You want a drogue? This is the [garble] that keeps [garble] This is - this is a tight fit. Well ...
178:39:51 Mattingly (CM onboard): Some smart man just stepped on his own cable.
178:40:06 Mattingly (CM onboard): Chas, can I interest you in something else?
178:40:57 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, I guess I 'm supposed to take LEVA bags from Charlie.
178:41:38 Mattingly (CM onboard): I got one.
178:41:51 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.]
178:43:16 Mattingly (CM onboard): Are you ready for the decon bags?
178:43:35 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. All right. [Laughter.] No. None of us are going very far.
178:44:13 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. Let's see. Where was that supposed to go?
178:44:44 Mattingly (CM onboard): Here. Here's what I was gonna- Okay. Oh. Okay. I'm gonna have to - I'm gonna have to get under there to get to those for you.
178:45:01 Mattingly (CM onboard): The bag is getting - The whole purse? The whole purse. Okay.
178:45:45 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. I'd sure like to get rid of something out of here. Good grief! Why don't I just - throw that in the corner. [Laughter.] We can sort that out tomorrow. Okay. You don't need the purse back, do you? All right. Okay. Seven - 70 millimeter - How about taking this and throwing them to me, and tell me where they go? And I'm gonna - As long as we're throwing trash in there, we might as well throw it all. [Laughter.] That'll fix it. [Laughter.] Okay. Three of those must go in A-8, huh? Just one of the three.
Start of Lunar Rev 54 at about 178 46.
178:48:53 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay, you got those 16s? Got another pack like that of 16? You don't say, That's all the film? Sure took a lot more than that out of here.
178:49:15 Crew (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:49:27 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, it gives them a serial number.
178:50:13 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
178:50:29 Mattingly (CM onboard): What - where do they go, John? Yeah.
End of CM transcript until 180:03:20.
178:59:33 Irwin: 16, this is Houston. How do you read?
178:59:39 Mattingly: Loud and clear, Jim.
178:59:42 Irwin: Roger. There's still excessive noise. We can just barely hear you.
178:59:54 Mattingly: Well, we're here.
178:59:56 Irwin: Okay.
179:00:19 Irwin: Orion, we'd like for you to switch Omni antennas.
179:02:11 Irwin: Ken, do you know whether John and Charlie still have their comm carriers on? Are they monitoring comm with us?
179:02:19 Mattingly: No, Jim, they're not. And Charlie just said that he's got a [garble] bus off-scale low, but the battery looks okay.
179:02:37 Irwin: Okay. Ken, will you have them close the circuit breaker on Panel 11, Signal Conditioner 1, on row 3?
179:02:46 Mattingly: Okay.
179:03:56 Mattingly: Jim, is there something in particular that you want? I'll see if I can get them for you.
179:04:01 Irwin: No. We're just interested in getting data from the LM to - so we can go ahead with the closeout.
179:04:12 Mattingly: Okay.
This is Apollo Control in Houston [at] 179 hours, 16 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. We presently show Apollo 16 with an apolune of 65.5 nautical miles perilune of 54.3 nautical miles on the 54th revolution around the Moon.
179:07:31 Duke: Houston, Orion. How do you read?
179:07:34 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston. We read you loud and clear.
179:07:42 Duke: Okay. Somebody wanted me up for comm for some data or something, Jim.
179:07:46 Irwin: Roger. We just - they just wanted to look at the LM status.
179:07:49 Mattingly: Okay, Jim, I guess he's not copying you.
179:07:56 Irwin: And, Orion. We were wondering, you know, whether you began the ...
179:08:00 Duke: Okay.
179:08:01 Irwin: [Garble] post-docking checklist.
179:08:05 Duke: Yes, sir. We're down - we're transferring gear. We've completed the deactivation - dock to deactivation sta- stage, rather. Over.
179:08:20 Irwin: Can you confirm PCM - PCM Bit Rate, Lo?
179:08:32 Duke: It's Lo now.
179:08:43 Irwin: And, Charlie, you did call Primary Evap Flow Number 1, Closed, I believe. Do you confirm?
179:08:59 Duke: That's right, Jim. It was Closed. I gave you a mark on that.
179:09:03 Irwin: Roger. I copied.
179:11:27 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston. Verify that you have Ascent Water selected and verify Primary Evap Flow Number 2, Closed. And verify Descent Water, Closed. Descent Water selected.
179:11:77 Duke: Okay. It's all Closed.
179:12:16 Duke: Jim, that Primary Evap Flow 1 and 2 that just went Closed, I got the wrong valve. I'm sorry. It's Closed.
179:12:23 Irwin: Okay. We copy.
179:13:28 Irwin: Casper, this is Houston. Verify that you're in SIM Bay attitude. Are you ...
179:13:36 Mattingly: [Garble.]
179:13:37 Irwin: [Garble] in the proper RCS configuration for SIM bay operation?
179:13:44 Mattingly: Well, that may not be. I'll see.
179:14:10 Mattingly: Okay. It is now. It was not.
179:14:13 Irwin: Okay.
179:14:23 Irwin: And, Orion, this is Houston. Could you tell us where you are in the Timeline Book?
179:14:33 Duke: Yeah, I'm putting the buddy - the BSLSS rock bag in the - Ken's stowage thing here.
179:14:41 Irwin: Okay. You didn't get down to Step 9 in the post-docking time line yet, did you?
179:14:54 Duke: John's got his suit off. I've still got mine on. And the - everything else has been done.
179:15:02 Irwin: Okay. I'm looking under Step 9. I gave you some changes there, which included configuring circuit breakers per the Contingency Checklist.
179:15:19 Duke: No, I haven't done that. I was going to wait until I got my suit off. You want me to do that now?
179:15:24 Irwin: No, just stand by ...
179:15:25 Duke: [Garble] 310.
179:15:27 Irwin: Okay. We know where you are now, Charlie.
179:15:34 Duke: Okay. Can I press on?
179:15:40 Irwin: Yes, go ahead, Charlie.
179:20:05 Irwin: Casper, this is Houston.
179:20:10 Mattingly: Yes, sir.
179:20:12 Irwin: Roger. We'd like to verify Mass Spec Experiment switch: On, and Ion Source to Standby. We're not receiving any data down here.
179:20:28 Mattingly: I thought that the Experiment was On but it looks like it's Off. I don't know whether we didn't turn it on or it got knocked off. But it's On now and Source is in Standby.
179:22:35 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston.
179:22:45 Mattingly: Go ahead.
179:22:48 Irwin: Roger. It's going to take some load to dry out that water boiler. So, don't do Step 9 yet. And, we're thinking of bringing some more equipment back on to reduce that dry-out time. Over.
179:23:09 Duke: Roger.
179:23:28 Irwin: Casper, will you go Auto on High Gain?
179:23:37 Mattingly: Who did you call, Jim?
179:27:53 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston.
179:28:01 Duke: Go ahead, Jim.
179:28:03 Irwin: Roger. A few things that we want you to activate here so put a load on that water boiler. Have five items, if you're ready to copy.
179:28:23 Duke: Why don't you just read them to me and I'll turn them on?
179:28:26 Irwin: Good idea. Suit Diverter valve to Cabin.
179:28:36 Duke: Go ahead.
179:28:38 Irwin: Suit Fan Number 1 circuit breaker on Panel 11, Closed. While you're at panel 11 ...
179:28:47 Duke: Go ahead.
179:28:49 Irwin: ... get Inverter 1, Closed, on Panel 11.
179:28:55 Duke: Go ahead.
179:28:56 Irwin: And, then on panel 16, Inverter Number 2, Closed, and ATCA, Closed. Over.
179:29:05 Duke: Roger. Roger. Got them. That all?
179:29:13 Irwin: Yeah, that's all. For now.
This is Apollo Control, Houston [at] 179 hours, 42 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. That was Jim Irwin reading up procedures to Lunar Module Pilot Charles Duke for speeding the drying process of a water boiler aboard Orion. The two spacecraft [are] now docked and in the 54th revolution around the Moon.
179:31:46 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston. If it's convenient, Charlie, will you put the Biomed into the Right position?
179:32:01 Duke: How's that?
179:32:04 Irwin: Stand by.
179:32:15 Duke: Sure looks like a duststorm in this cockpit right now.
179:43:17 Duke: Hey, Jim, all the gear has been transferred into [garble] and we're gonna - I'm getting out of my suit now. We'll be off comm for about 10 minutes.
179:43:27 Irwin: Okay. Very good.
179:51:18 Irwin: Casper, this is Houston.
179:51:28 Mattingly: Go ahead, Jim.
179:51:30 Irwin: Okay, Ken. We'd like you to advise John and Charlie that we'd like them to be on biomed tonight. Tell them we'd just like to make sure that - get a comparison of their good performance on the surface. See if it's the same in orbit. Over.
179:51:56 Mattingly: Roger.
179:55:32 Irwin: Casper, this is Houston.
179:55:37 Mattingly: Go ahead, Jim.
179:55:38 Irwin: Yeah, Ken. Is Charlie gonna get back on comm again shortly in the LM? If not, I have a short procedure here for you to give to him.
179:55:53 Mattingly: I think ...
179:55:54 Duke: Jim, I'm back on.
179:55:57 Irwin: And we want Mass Spec Ion Source, On, in Casper.
179:56:05 Mattingly: Okay.
179:56:10 Irwin: Yeah, Charlie. We want you to ...
179:56:11 Mattingly: It's On.
179:56:12 Irwin: [Garble] open those four circuit breakers which you've closed. And I'll repeat them for you. That's Suit Fan Number 1 on Panel 11, Inverter 1 on Panel 11, and then on Panel 16, Inverter 2 and - and ATCA. Those four circuit breakers, open.
179:56:41 Duke: Okay, Jim. They're all open.
179:56:23 Irwin: Roger.
179:56:45 Duke: And looks like the boiler's drying out. The glycol temp's up to 55. We got a Glycol light.
179:56:52 Irwin: Roger. We'll advise you on that in a few moments.
Apollo Control, Houston [at] 180 hours, 9 minutes Ground Elapsed Time, Flight Director Gene Krantz now polling this flight control team for go for Lunar Module close out.
179:59:39 Irwin: Orion, this is Houston.
179:59:50 Duke: Go ahead.
179:59:52 Irwin: Roger, Charlie. You have a Go for closeout. However, dry-out will not be complete until 180:30, at which time you can continue with your deactivation.
180:00:15 Duke: Okay, Jim. What - what do you mean, a Go for closeout, then? You want me to wait until the water boiler dries out before I do anything else?
180:00:26 Irwin: Before you pull any more power off. In other words, do your circuit breakers. We want you to wait on that until 180:30, which is about 18 minutes from now.
180:00:43 Duke: Roger. We copy. Only thing we got left over here is the suits, and we'll get them over now.
180:00:50 Irwin: And at that time, Charlie, you should be on Page 3-12 of the Contingency Checklist.
180:01:04 Duke: Roger.
CM transcript restarts.
180:03:20 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Garble] What are we gonna do with our suits now? I hate to waste all the effort to wad them up. How about -
180:03:37 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, I guess [garble] We can put a - we can put the LEVAs and probably one of the suits up here and lay the other ones down here athwartships. And Charlie can use his rack, and you can use this one, and I'll use this one. Down here under his three rock bags. I'll get them out tomorrow. I'll get it out tomorrow. I'm not that tired, I just don't feel like fooling with it [Laughter.] Because whatever they do, I know it's gonna be changed.
180:04:25 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, I bet you you don't. You know, it would be a - because they ain't gonna tell us. I think about the only way we're gonna get a straight answer out of them is to say, "All right, you guys, now knock that off and tell me what you're doing." And I suspect that would - that wouldn't buy us anything. And it would probably upset all the program.
180:04:34 Duke: Okay, Jim. Give me that time again for water boiler dry-out. And I'll start taking off the comm and stuff.
180:04:46 Irwin: Roger, Charlie. That was 180:30.
180:04:52 Duke: Okay. 180:30. What time is it now? We don't have a clock.
180:04:54 Mattingly (CM onboard): That's right. Well, I guess I really don't object to that way of operating, as long as I have my day in court when we get back. Jim, did you call?
180:04:58 Irwin: 180:16.
180:05:04 Duke: Okay. I'm gonna go off comm over here, then, and - but won't pull any more breakers until 30. Over.
180:05:13 Irwin: Okay. That sounds good.
180:09:06 Irwin: Okay, we're going LOS in about 10 seconds.
This is Apollo Control [at] 180 hours, 21 minutes Ground Elapsed Time [180:10 actual GET]. We've had Loss of Signal as Apollo 16 went around the corner on Revolution 54. The Gold Team of flight controllers taking over here in the control room. As the White Team headed up by Gene Kranz prepares to leave, get some sleep because they have a quick turnaround and relieve the Gold Team in turnaround 8 o'clock later this morning. There will not be a change of shift press briefing with the White Team. 44 minutes till next Acquisition of Signal. Flight Plan showing rest period to begin around 181:30 about an hour and 10 [to] 12 minutes; an hour and 8 minutes from now. At 180:22 [180:11 actual GET], this is Apollo Control.
180:05:15 Mattingly (CM onboard): We just have LOS? No. I don't know. Got any signal strength there? No? Okay [garble]. Okay.
180:05:38 Mattingly (CM onboard): You know, it's a shame you don't get to fly these things more often, because - well, I could do it so much better if I - with some experience. You know, I - now I got some i - up to now, it's been all imagination. And now I got some idea what's real and what 's bull.
180:06:16 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah. Yeah, I - There's just so much you could do to make it better. But you can't tell somebody else, because they've got to go through that learning period.
180:06:38 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:06:41 Mattingly (CM onboard): Huh? [Laughter.] Thirty minutes after the next hour.
180:06:48 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:06:51 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. I got 180:18. Okay. Well, I guess we ought to go ahead and try to stow those suits somewhere. Wait a minute. Let me make room for it, and then I'll - Hang on a second, Charlie, let me -
180:07:41 Mattingly (CM onboard): I'll tell you what, John. We could sure put one of these in here.
180:07:58 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay, I'll get it. Why don't we just put one of them in there, John? Well, they ain't gonna get any cleaner. I mean - we got to live with this stuff.
180:09:21 Mattingly (CM onboard): Hey, John, you want to throw these away? You want to throw these fecal bags away? No. Those are brand new. Those are brand new. I don't - it's - I don't know how much you guys have been defecating; I've been - I defecate once a day [laughter]. Yeah. We got - Man, we don't have an overabundance of these things.
180:10:03 Mattingly (CM onboard): Why - why don't we - why don't we just keep this? Let me keep it.
180:11:07 Mattingly (CM onboard): You know, if we just put that one in here - that'll be okay.
180:12:08 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay, John, just slide the leg ...
180:12:10 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:12:18 Mattingly (CM onboard): No, daddy.
180:12:25 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. Did you just - I am?
180:12:43 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.] It's a lot better looking than what's supposed to be there. [Laughter.] See if you - if you perform as well as your outstanding performance on the ground, or some such bull.
180:13:04 Duke (CM onboard): Might be.
180:13:06 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, maybe that's what - Those guys are so dingaling, they might want to see if you really - if you do good there - if you really could do good - I don't know. I - You got one more suit to go, huh?
180:13:21 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:13:43 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:18:15 Mattingly (CM onboard): Tell Charlie it's 30. It's 30.
180:18:18 Young (CM onboard): It's 30, Charlie.
180:18:37 Mattingly (CM onboard): I sure am impressed with how easy these things control. I'm also impressed with how fast the fuel goes away. That part of the simulation's right. You get rid of gas so fast you can't believe it. I - think so. I'm ready to try.
180:19:15 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, I'm sure sorry. I felt like I - I - blew that thing. Okay? Make good and sure these breakers are in. I'll check that. I'm sitting here with my hands folded. Okay, I might - Wait, wait, let me see here. Okay, they're in.
180:19:49 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay, have I got it? Still haven't gotten 7 - B. It says I got a volt and a half now. Down to 0.4. Looks like I got all the batteries cycled and stuff. I put it in the top of your - of your helmet stowage bag. Which is - either this one - yeah. The one you just gave me. It's in there. Say again? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. As far as I know, I do. I'm getting you power some way. That'll be a twist. [Laughter.] Well, it's a good way to get dirty.
180:21:14 Mattingly (CM onboard): You're right; same old food. [Laughter.] I'd recognize it anywhere. [Laughter.] I ain't sure where that is. We're at - we're LOS now. Aren't we? [Laughter.] [garble] Yeah. Yeah. Well, once they powered up your loop, why - that was it. Well, I'm just looking for a place to put it, John.
180:22:03 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah, but there ain't many ways to get to it. I'll tell you what we could do, we could put some rock bags back there for the night. Let me do that.
180:22:46 Mattingly (CM onboard): Let's see. I can probably get one more back in here.
180:22:59 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, I'll tell you what I could do is put the - Well, I was gonna say, I'll put the fecal bag back there; but, if I do that, sure as heck we'll need it. I'll shove one more - maybe this guy will go back there [garble]. He's too big.
180:23:53 Mattingly (CM onboard): Ah, no way.
180:25:01 Mattingly (CM onboard): Just hold off for a minute. Just hold that there a minute. Yeah.
180:26:01 Mattingly (CM onboard): Ah-ha!
180:26:26 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:26:31 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yep. We'd be jettisoning the LM in another 30 minutes. We'd be jettisoning the LM in another 30 minutes. 175:43.
180:27:03 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay. John, what I was gonna suggest is, we just crumple this thing up athwartship here. Is that all right? Instead of putting it in the bag? Because we just got to get it out tomorrow morning, sometime.
180:27:33 Mattingly (CM onboard): What? About 45.
180:27:39 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:27:41 Mattingly (CM onboard): No, 180 something. 180 - 180:40.
180:28:04 Mattingly (CM onboard): I doubt it. Not when you consider the fact that we got to get - how many hours it's gonna take to get suited up and jettison the LM tomorrow. It's gonna take all day to do that. Well, what do you got to do now?
180:28:23 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:28:24 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah. Let's close up, get some chow, and - Yeah. Yeah, but - let's get that tomorrow.
180:28:48 Mattingly (CM onboard): You - Well - Don't hang the DeBakey [?] [probably dohicky] against the switch panel. Oh, that's what it was. That thing. I knew there was something. Now, where was I? I had a place all in mind for that thing. Figure out where it was. Okay.
180:29:39 Mattingly (CM onboard): I'd suggest, if anybody's got to defecate, that you go over to the LM to do it.
180:30:26 Mattingly (CM onboard): They get tired. But they're fresh. [Laughter.]
180:30:52 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
180:30:58 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble.]
180:31:05 Mattingly (CM onboard): Charlie, if you got to defecate or something, I'd suggest you use the LM. Yeah.
180:31:14 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, that's a change. Last time, they let them oversleep.
180:31:32 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, that - that's the name of the game right now. I don't understand it, but that's the way it is. I - I guess I'll just learn to accept that.
180:31:50 Mattingly (CM onboard): Looks like those straps on your - on your right shoulder there are catching, Charlie.
180:32:32 Mattingly (CM onboard): Are you gonna scare me again?
180:32:45 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah. You get - you get colder. Yeah. Okay. Now, babe - for the time being, why don't you lay in my couch here for a minute.
180:33:16 Mattingly (CM onboard): Okay, John, just - don't - [Laughter.]
180:33:23 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:33:25 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.] I never would have guessed.
180:33:37 Mattingly (CM onboard): Huh? Well, I thought we had - thought we had just made our first lunar abort. Yeah. Ever since then, I've had this terrible feeling that maybe they should have aborted us. [Laughter.]
180:35:14 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:35:28 Mattingly (CM onboard): I got the distinct impression they weren't very happy with our questioning. Well, I thought the thing to do was do nothing. You know? Because then if they decide to go, we're probably still not that - we're within phasing capability. If they decided not to go, then we could afford to use the gas. The thing I couldn't see was why we were still questioning and pressing on, and wasting all that gas to accomplish nothing. Now that one really puz - that - On the first rev, that was okay. That would have cost me maybe 50 pounds. Oh, yeah. Well, we almost were. And that's the reason I asked you, "Should I tag up?" And you said, "No." Well, I didn't either. And- no, I - I was just saying, you know, I ...
180:36:23 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:36:28 Mattingly (CM onboard): You got to phase it.
180:36:42 Mattingly (CM onboard): Yeah, but I just didn't like the idea of doing it the expensive way. Brute force is never the way to do anything in a marshmallow. Are you looking for a place to stow that, Charlie? Oh, okay. Yeah. I was gonna say - Hey, there's a - plenty of room down here.
180:37:35 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Laughter.] No. I tell you what, for a temporary thing for tonight - down in the bottom of John's TSB over there, I put in those - those two - plastic over - urine overwrap bags; let's use them tonight, and I'll start on the other g - other jettison bag after we get rid of the LM.
180:37:54 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:38:10 Mattingly (CM onboard): Well, how big a bag do you need for that?
180:38:12 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:38:20 Mattingly (CM onboard): The DEDA? Did you say the DEDA? Oh. I was gonna say - I wouldn't mind having your platform, but I really don't care about having your - [Laughter.] Go ahead. Well, here's one we can certainly afford to throw away. That's the most worthless piece of junk. Yeah, it does spin, but that's all it does.
180:38:58 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:39:01 Mattingly (CM onboard): No.
180:39:02 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
180:39:17 Mattingly (CM onboard): What do you say we - we - Well, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna pump the cabin up and make sure I got a little Delta-P, and make sure the hatch is - [Laughter] yeah. I haven't copied this - this - hour yet. You know ...
No Comm For 54 Minutes.
180:45 start of Lunar Rev 55.
This is Apollo Control [at] 181 hours, 6 minutes [180:55 actual GET] into the mission of Apollo 16. Less than a minute away from acquisition of the combined Apollo 16 spacecraft, Orion and Casper, docked after successful stay on the Moon, coming up on lunar orbit number 55. Flight planners here in the Control Center are devising a revised Flight Plan for the period up to Trans-Earth Injection at which time we should be back on the pre-mission flight time. This will take forcing of the Ground Elapsed Time, what they call a GET update of some 22 hours. The revised flight plan should be completed by around 8:00 am this morning. Standing by for first call to Apollo 16. The Apollo 16 crew will be put to bed fairly early through this front side pass. They've had a rather busy day today and will have an equally busy one tomorrow with sub-satellite jettison, Lunar Module jettison, and Trans Earth Injection, coming up in fairly rapid succession. No word yet from the crew of Apollo 16. Spacecraft communicator, Tony England, standing by for their call, checking with [the] Flight Director on some manoeuvre PADs, timelines to be read up to the crew. The communications engineer reporting to flight that we may be slightly late in getting signal locked up because of the antenna position on the spacecraft. Let's just stand by on air [to] ground until the first call is made.
180:55 Acquisition of Signal.
181:03:13 England: Okay, Apollo 16, Houston.
181:03:32 Mattingly: Houston, Casper.
181:03:35 England: Oh, hello there, Ken. We'd like you to go to Accept, and we'll st - send up a revision to your state vector, and we'll send up your jet monitor and activate it.
181:03:50 Mattingly: Houston, Casper.
181:03:56 England: Casper - Apollo - this is Houston. You copy?
181:04:03 Mattingly: Yes. That's the first we'd heard from you.
181:04:05 England: Okay.
181:04:28 England: Okay. Ken, we're having a little trouble with our comm link, here. We'll be back to you in a minute.
181:04:38 Mattingly: Okay.
181:04:43 England: And we have a TEI-60 PAD here, whenever you want to take it.
181:05:57 Young: Okay Tony. Ready for your TEI-60 PAD.
181:06:00 England: Okay. TEI-60, SPS/G&N; 38581; plus 0.67, plus 0.98; 192:34:58.71; plus 3035.0, plus 0582.1, minus 0127.8; roll's 181, 088, 013. The rest is NA. Comments: GDC align, Sirius and Rigel; roll align, 131; pitch, 029; yaw, 016. Ullage, two jets, 17 seconds. And the longitude at TIG is minus 171.96. That's it.
181:07:36 Young: Okay, Tony. TEI-60 PAD, SPS/G&N; 38581; plus 0.67, plus 0.98; 192:34:58.71; plus 3035.0 plus 0582.1, minus 0127.8; 181, 088, 013. Sirius and Rigel are set stars; roll align, 131; pitch, 029; yaw, 016. Two jets, 17 seconds. Longitude at TIG, minus 171.96.
181:08:19 England: Okay. Good readback. And we'd like you to go Accept, and we'll update your state vector and send up the jet monitor. And we'll go ahead and activate it.
181:08:32 Young: Okay. Understand you'll update the state vector and activate this jet monitor when you get it set up.
181:08:42 England: Roger.
181:08:49 Young: Are you going to spend all day there, Tony?
181:08:54 England: Oh, my wife's gotten so tired of me being around the house, she just sent me out. I might as well stay here. Gee, I was in 2 hours today.
181:09:03 Young: Get serious. I'll be darned.
181:09:15 England: Gerry, here says he hasn't had a chance to congratulate you on an outstanding job up there, so the - this whole team's sending up a 'Well done'.
181:09:28 Young: Hey, man. We really appreciate the stuff they've been doing for us, I'll tell you. We're gonna have to get a thing going at the - at the place down there when we get back.
181:09:40 England: Roger. Everybody - everybody agreed with that in a here.
181:09:53 England: He calls it a happening.
181:10:15 England: Okay. And, John, could you go Accept, please?
181:11:58 Duke: Houston, 16.
181:11:59 England: Go, Charlie
181:12:04 Duke: Hey, Tony, now about a few words on what the general plan is for tomorrow?
181:12:10 England: Okay; stand by one, and I'll get them ready.
181:13:08 England: Okay, Apollo 16. For tomorrow, we'll give you a Flight Plan update in the morning, but just a resumé here. We'll have you wake up at 189:30. That'll give you a good night's sleep, there. And we'll transfer back over the LM and get the rest of the gear back over and activate the LM. Come back to the Command Module and don the suits, and jettison the LM, and jettison the satellite. And towards the end of the day, we'll do a TEI. We've got a plan for using the Mapping Camera and Altimeter most of the - I think it's most of the day. And we have some Pan Camera passes also. We'll get the details on that up tomorrow.
181:14:11 Mattingly: Okay, we're not going home with any blank film, are we, Tony?
181:14:26 England: Okay, Ken. All the Pan [Camera film] will be used up, but it looks like we'll have several hundred feet of the Mapping Camera [film].
181:14:36 Mattingly: Okay.
181:15:10 Young: Well, one thing about it, Tony with one suit on and one suit off a day, if - you don't have to worry about your exercise periods.
181:15:20 England: You're not going to wear out the ropes tomorrow, huh?
181:15:32 Young: Doing the suit donning and doffing is the equivalent of wearing out a set of ropes.
181:15:37 England: I believe it. You guys will be all set for a Houdini act.
181:15:45 Duke: Hey, Tony, did - Tony, did you say we get up at 8 - 189:30?
181:15:54 England: That's affirmative, it's 181:27.
181:16:01 Duke: That's amazing. That's what I was just looking at.
181:16:08 England: Don't you think you can sleep that long? Golly, I'd think you'd sleep 12 hours.
181:16:21 England: And y'all have an estimate on when you'd be ready to go to bed?
181:16:35 Duke: Probably - I - we just started eating.
181:16:39 England: Okay. And you can go back to Block, and your EMP is running.
181:17:07 England: And our plan here is - once you get to bed, we'll do all we can to not disturb you until it's necessary to meet the schedule for tomorrow.
181:17:25 Young: Which is 189:30, right?
181:17:30 England: We may have to ...
181:17:31 Young: If we stay up all night, tomorrow morning we're gonna be awake at 189:30.
181:17:36 England: Okay.
181:17:43 England: There's some slop in that, John. We may be able to even slide that some.
181:17:56 Young: I'd just as soon get up a couple of hours earlier and use the Mapping Camera film.
181:18:09 England: You're really socking it to us here
181:19:23 England: I wonder if you could give us an estimate on how much time you're going to need in the LM tomorrow before you get to the LM activation.
181:19:42 Young: Around 30 minutes would probably do it, Tony.
181:19:46 England: Okay.
181:20:24 Young: [Garble] tomorrow, this [garble].
181:21:30 England: Incidentally, John, you got three dots from the Cape.
181:21:39 Young: Now you're talking.
181:22:24 Crew: [Laughter.]
181:22:32 England: Apollo 16, somebody may be on VOX, there. Every once in a while, we have you keying down here.
181:23:58 Duke: Thank you, Tony. We appreciate it.
181:24:23 England: And, Apollo 16, we were a little late on acquisition, there. We'd like you to verify that your High Gains's set up on zero Pitch and Yaw 170.
181:24:39 Mattingly: That's where she is. We saw you with a low signal strength, and -
181:24:50 England: Okay.
181:24:52 Mattingly: Okay, but we're - we're in Auto instead of React [sic].
181:24:58 England: Okay. Understand.
181:25:01 Mattingly: Which accounts for it.
181:32:07 England: Okay, Apollo 16, if you have a chance, there, we'd like an E-Mod.
181:32:19 Mattingly: On the way.
181:32:21 England: Okay.
181:35:14 England: And, Apollo 16, we've got all we need for the night. Why don't you press on through there and then, your pre-sleep, just record the read-outs. Don't bother sending them down, and we won't bother you anymore. Just hit the sack. See you in the morning.
181:35:41 Mattingly: Roger. As the Sun sinks slowly in the west, we bid a fond farewell to all MCC.
181:35:50 England: Roger.
This is Apollo Control. Still about 30 minutes remaining on this front-side pass, [on] Revolution 55. However, the crew of Apollo 16 has essentially signed off for the next 8 hours. Apollo 16 now in an orbit measuring 54.1 by 65.4 nautical miles. Cabin pressure aboard Casper 5.5 pounds per square inch. Cabin temperature 75 degrees Fahrenheit. At 181:50, this is Apollo Control.
182:02:22 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble.]
182:02:31 Young (CM onboard): [Garble] stuff [garble] against the wall.
182:02:47 Duke (CM onboard): Yeah [garble].
182:02:52 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
182:03:07 Duke (CM onboard): Well, [garble] when you get - when you get through, you better complain about it because [garble] you got to get that around [garble] [garble]? You'll never believe [garble] you're practicing.
182:04:43 Young (CM onboard): Did you get it?
182:04:45 Duke (CM onboard): Yeah.
182:04:46 Mattingly (CM onboard): If you [garble] feel like it, before you go to bed, I'll show you something.
182:06:41 Young (CM onboard): [Garble]?
182:06:42 Duke (CM onboard): No, I didn't.
182:06:44 Young (CM onboard): [Garble] off [garble]. off?
182:06:56 Duke (CM onboard): No.
182:07:00 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
182:07:11 Duke (CM onboard): I already [garble].
182:07:13 Young (CM onboard): [Garble] all the [garble]?
182:08:04 Crew (CM onboard): (Sneeze)
182:08:27 Young (CM onboard): Okay, [garble].
182:08:36 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble] the first one.
182:08:44 Young (CM onboard): [Garble] the first one [garble], second [garble]. Thinking about all the [garble] Okay, that's all down [garble].
182:09:31 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Garble] you can't get - you can't get [garble] you can do with something. Bunch of this stuff [garble] 3 days in a row, every hour [garble] If they [garble] I got one whole hour [garble] think of something [garble], eat my sandwich [garble] records [garble]. Man, I love those [garble].
182:10:13 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble].
182:10:15 Mattingly (CM onboard): I don't have any i - [Laughter.] I don't have any idea. I hope not - they don't make this 11 against one. He really likes them.
182:11:03 Young (CM onboard): [Garble].
182:13:17 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble] back over there.
182:13:25 Young (CM onboard): Have to do that today [garble]. Ow! [Garble].
182:13:45 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble]. last button.
182:14:38 Duke (CM onboard): Think it ought to be about [garble] pounds [garble].
182:14:45 Young (CM onboard): [Laughter.]
182:14:59 Duke (CM onboard): I feel like [garble] on top of [garble]. Any man who could do that [garble]. I don't understand [garble] this stuff and [garble] one on top of the other and then shake them up [garble].
182:15:23 Young (CM onboard): [Garble.]
182:16:03 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Garble] Take a look, dad [garble]. Open [garble].
182:16:17 Duke (CM onboard): Well, I ain't sure - I ain't sure that circuit breaker was open, you know?
182:16:22 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Garble.]
182:16:32 Duke (CM onboard): [Garble.]
182:17:07 Mattingly (CM onboard): [Garble.]
182:43 [Start of Lunar Rev 56.]
This is Apollo Control at 183 hours, 12 minutes Ground Elapsed Time into the mission of Apollo 16; now to start in the front-side pass on revolution number 56 in lunar orbit. Orbit is now measuring 54.8 by 66.1 nautical miles. Another hour and five minutes remaining on this front-side pass before the spacecraft goes around the corner to begin revolution 57. Revolution count starts at 180 degrees longitude, which is directly opposite the Earth's side of the Moon. Orbital weight at the present time is 43,856 pounds, a little more than 21 tons. Six hours and 16 minutes remaining in the sleep period until the crew is awakened for a rather busy day. Meanwhile, here at the Control Center, the Gold Team, those who aren't busy with planning for the subsequent days' activities, are watching a rerun of the EVA-3 video tape. At 183:14, this is Apollo Control.
This is Apollo Control [at] 186 hours, 12 minutes Ground Elapsed Time; some four minutes away from Loss Of Signal as the sleeping crew or Apollo 16 nears the end of their 57th lunar orbit. That orbit at the present time measuring 54.5 by 66.2 nautical miles. Cabin pressure during this pass holding 5.3 pounds per square inch at a temperature of 72 degrees. All three crewmen apparently fairly sound asleep at this time. They have some 3 hours, 16 minutes remaining before reveille call. And then a rather busy day continuing to close out the Lunar Module, [and] prepare it for its de-orbit and impact manoeuvre, jettisoning the Ascent Stage, jettisoning of the sub-satellite to be left in lunar orbit and then the Trans Earth Injection burn late in the day, propelling the Command Service Module onto [an] Earthward track. At 186:14 this is Apollo Control.
186:39:02 Mattingly (CM onboard): Isn't that good? Nice and cold?
186:40 Start of Lunar Rev 58.
This is Apollo Control; 187 hours, 12 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. Two hours, 17 minutes remaining in the crew rest period. Apollo 16 currently early in its 58th lunar revolution front-side pass around the Moon. By medical data on the Command Module pilot Ken Mattingly and Lunar Module Pilot Charlie Duke being received, mean heart rates running in the 40's for both men. Cabin temperature in the Command Module showing 68 degrees. Cabin pressure, 5.2 pounds per square inch. New Flight Plan update is out up through the end of Trans Earth Injection. Stand by please. Flight Plan update had been published up through beyond Trans Earth Injection. There will be a GET update, that is the Ground Elapsed Time will be forced to agree with [the] pre-flight plan. At 191 hours Ground Elapsed Time will suddenly become 212 hours, 48 minutes Ground Elapsed Time, for a change of 21 hours, 48 minutes. In other words, [time] during revolution 76 of the pre-flight plan will agree with the real time Revolution 65. I trust everyone is sufficiently confused! Trans-Earth Injection burn will be at 222 hours, 21 minutes under the new GET. Delta-V [will be] 3,368.9 feet per second. At 187:16 this is Apollo Control.
End of Day 8.
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