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Recent Updates and Additions

These are updates that have been made to the Apollo 12 Flight Journal in recent months.


The cofing and restructuring of the Apollo 12 Flight Journal is complete. This includes the splitting of a previously large chapter around LM jettison into smaller chapters.


Revamp of the Apollo 12 Flight Journal continues with coding improvements and restructuring. The flight plan links have been tidied to remove some inconsistencies.


After a long period of stasis, the Apollo 12 Flight Journal is undergoing a revamp. To begin, the first chapter, Day 1: Launch and Reaching Earth Orbit, has been updated. Also, the document list has had dead links removed or updated and the Launch Operations Checklist has been separated into pages to allow individual linking where appropriate.


Additional audio added to Chapter 13.


Thanks to Colin Mackellar for his suggestions at 063:36:14.


The Bernie Scrivener Audio Tapes have been added to the Flight Journal.


CMP Solo Book, CSM Rescue Book, LM Data Card Book, LM G&N Dictionary and the LM Rendezous/Abort Book added to the Apollo 12 documents.


LM Timeline Book added to the Apollo 12 documents.


Thanks to Bryan Gurney for his suggestions and typos spotted at 145:17:41 and 145:17:58.


Technical Crew Debrief added to


Flight Plan updates include Table Of Contents, Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 divided into PDF format.


Various typos corrected in the following chapters


Voice from the Command Module onboard recorder Data Storage Equipment (DSE) added to the following chapters


First typo spotted!! Thanks to Brian Lawrence for getting the name of racing driver Don Dallenbach correct in section 8.


Apollo 12 Flight Journal goes online. The current journal only consists of the core transcript without commentary. This has been constructed from the merged technical, PAO and onboard transcripts. Also included are the following documents: The Flight Plan and Launch Operations Checklist were created from the microfilm copy provided by Kent Carter at the US National Archives, Fort Worth.

The following chapters have corrections made after tapes of the Apollo 12 air/ground communications came to light in Australia.

We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to Rosemary Scrivener, whose late husband, Bernie, recorded these tapes at the Honeysuckle Earth Station in Australia during the Apollo 12 mission. Rosemary passed the tapes on to Mike Dinn who digitised them and subsequently sent the resultant files to the Apollo 12 Flight Journal.


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