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Ulrich Lotzmann

I was born in December 1956 and live with my wife Martina and son Christian in Marburg, Germany. There I work at the Medical Faculty of the Philipps-University as a full-time professor and chair of the Department of Prosthodontics and Orofacial Pain.

I have had a fascination for astronomy and space exploration since my childhood in the good old Apollo days. In my spare time I do such things as painting, high-resolution astrophotography, and work on a book that will focus on the Apollo 12 mission.

Ulli Lotzmann The upper photo shows Al Bean (right), Christian, Martina and me on March 15 2002 in the Bean residence. The lower photo shows one of my latest paintings, titled 'Meeting Point Surveyor III'. Al's influence is clearly visible .

December 2002

Editor's note, added 1 September 2008: The picture below shows the Lotzmanns during an early stage of renovating their new home, the demolition of an interior wall. (Click on the images for a larger version.)

Ulli Lotzmann