Apollo 16 Lunar Surface Journal


John's Station 1 Pan

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 1996 by Eric M. Jones.
All rights reserved.
Last revised 18 September 2009.


John takes a pan on the opposite side of Plum Crater from the Rover. A VR version is also available. Assemblies by Mike Constantine, who has used two of the frames that show Charlie, who was moving while John was taking the pan. The TV record shows this sequence quite clearly. Dave Byrne has assembled a different version using only one of the Charlie frames.

The frames are AS16-114- 18415) to 18432.

Frame 18415 shows several patches of white soil they have uncovered with their feet.

Frame 18419 shows the shadowed east wall of Flag Crater.

In frame 18420, which John took across the partially-buried boulder, Plum is beginning to come into view at the right.

Frame 18421 shows the interior of Plum Crater and, possibly, a bench in the far wall that might mark the bottom of the regolith layer.

Frame 18422 (scan by Kipp Teague) shows the Rover on the far side of Plum Crater.

In 18423 and 18424, we see Charlie watching John from the site where he took photos of the lineations he has been describing. He used the scoop for scale.

In 18427 to 18429, John catches Charlie as he moves south to examine some angular blocks. Evidently, John saw Charlie moving after taking 18426 and waited until he entered the next field-of-view before taking 18427.

In 18428, Charlie is kicking soil ahead of his left foot as he goes. South Ray Crater is in the background.

David Harland has assembled the portion of the pan showing the isthmus between Flag and Plum, with the Rover in the background, Charlie at the right, and the boulder in the foreground.


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