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Make a Star Finder

You can learn your way around the night sky by finding some of the constellations.

Print out the Star Finder pattern for June.

Color or decorate the Star Finder. Then, cut it out on the solid lines.

Fold it like this:

Steps on folding the starfinder.

Play the Star Finder game:

  1. Described in step 1Stick your thumbs and first two fingers into the four pockets on the bottom of the Star Finder.
  2. Ask another person to choose one of the top four squares. Then, depending on the number on the square she chose, open and close the Star Finder that many times (open up and down, close, open side to side, close, etc.). For example, if she chose number six, open and close the Star Finder six times.
    Described in step 2
  3. Then, ask the person to look inside the Star Finder and pick one of the four visible constellations. This time, open and close the Star Finder once for each letter to spell out his choice. For example, if he chose "Lyra," you would open and close the Star Finder four times, once for each letter: L - Y - R - A.
  4. Ask the player again to pick one of the four constellations visible. Open the panel to see the name of a constellation she will try to find in the sky for this month.
This activity is adapted from NASA’s Space Place. You can find the complete activity at http://spaceplace.jpl.nasa.gov/st6starfinder/st6starfinder.htm

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