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AGU Press Conference: NASA-NSF Scientists Discover Space Weather "Cold Fronts"
Dr. Barbara Giles / LWS Geospace Program Scientist, NASA

Image of Dr. Barbara Giles Dr. Giles is the Living with a Star (LWS) Geospace Mission Program Scientist at NASA Headquarters. Her research interests have focused on the transport, dynamics, and source of charged particle populations within the terrestrial magnetosphere with particular emphasis on the ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling due to the ionospheric plasma contribution.

Dr. Jerry Goldstein / Principal Scientist, Southwest Research Institute

Image of Dr. Jerry GoldsteinDr. Goldstein came to the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in 2003 after completing a three-year postdoc position at Rice University. His Ph.D thesis at Dartmouth College was a study of plasmaspheric cavity modes. At Rice, he studied the structure and dynamics of the plasmasphere using data from the IMAGE and Polar missions. Since arriving at SwRI, Dr. Goldstein has continued to study the inner magnetosphere including plasmasphere, ring current, and ionosphere.

Dr. Anthea J. Coster / Research Scientist, MIT Haystack Observatory

Image of Dr. CosterDr. Coster is a member of the Atmospheric Science staff at the MIT Haystack Observatory where she is coordinating a number of GPS ionospheric projects. She received her Ph.D. in Space Physics and Astronomy from Rice University in Houston, Texas in 1983. Dr. Coster has been involved with developing ionospheric correction systems based on GPS for the U. S. Space Command, with measuring atmospheric disturbances over short baselines (GPS networks smaller than 100 km) for the U.S. FAA, and has coordinated meteor research using the ALTAIR dual-frequency radar for NASA. Her professional interests include physics of the ionosphere, magnetosphere, and thermosphere, GPS positioning and measurement accuracy, space weather and storm time effects, and magnetosphere and ionosphere coupling.

Tony Mannucci / Supervisor, Ionosphere and Atmosphere Remote Sensing Group

Image of Dr. MannucciDr. Anthony J. Mannucci is group supervisor of the Ionospheric and Atmospheric Remote Sensing Group at JPL, Project Scientist for NASA's GPS Atmospheric Limb Sounding mission, responsible for science returns from the NASA-supplied GPS receivers onboard the CHAMP and SAC-C missions, and a member of the COSMIC and C/NOFS science teams. Recent research interests include the early-phase positive ionospheric response to large geomagnetic storms, solar wind-ionosphere coupling during high-speed streams, the response of the ionosphere to solar flares, fundamental physics of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, and high vertical resolution remote sensing of the Earth's atmosphere. He has played a major role in developing the FAA's GPS navigation system for aircraft (WAAS) and is a charter member of the WAAS Integrity Performance Panel. He is lead author on a review article concerning the use of GPS receivers for ionospheric measurements published in 1999, and holds patents pertaining to the design of differential GPS systems.

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