View the story Spirit Marks One Year on Mars (One Martian Year, that is)
Spirit Marks One Year on Mars (One Martian Year, that is)
Since Spirit's landing on January 3, 2004, Mars has completed one orbit around the Sun. That's one martian year - about twice as long as a year on Earth. With this anniversary in mind, it's time to celebrate the rover's accomplishments.
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 Read the story: Meet the First Woman to Drive on Mars!
Meet the First Woman to Drive on Mars
From working with prototype rovers in an Earth-bound sandbox, to driving on the actual red sands of Mars, Dr. Ashley Stroupe gets the best of both planets.
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 Ice Beneath Mars Is Asking, 'Can You Hear Me Now?'
Ice Beneath Mars Asking, "Can You Hear Me Now?"
What could have been dismissed as "just static" in a radio signal is actually an echo from Mars that might reflect the shape of hidden ice and rock structures beneath the martian surface.
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 Read the article 'Earthlings Will Get a Better View of Mars'
Earthlings Will Get a Better View of Mars
In fall of 2005, Mars will outshine most of the stars in the night sky.
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 Read the article 'Journals of the Rovers' Journeys'
Journals of the Rovers' Journeys
As the rovers keep journeying across the surface of Mars, scientists are busy churning out journal articles that herald the new discoveries revealed by their robot geologist partners.
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 Read the Article 'A Broader Vision of Discovery'
A Broader Vision of Discovery
Blind students explore Mars with computer skills and adventurers' hearts.
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 read the article 'Spirit's Steep Climb to the Top'
Spirit's Steep Climb to the Top
Spirit backs off from its first attempt to reach the top of the "Columbia Hills."
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 Read the article 'Opportunity Discovers Tiny Craters on Mars'
Opportunity Discovers Tiny Craters on Mars
The largest of the two is less than a foot wide.
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 Read the article 'Dust Devils on Mars'
Dust Devils on Mars
Spirit spies a swarm of dust devils wheeling across the plains of Gusev Crater.
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 An artist's concept of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Red Planet Reconnaissance
This summer, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will embark on a mission to examine the surface of Mars in more detail than ever before.
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 Doug Jerolmack talks to students and scientists about wind-driven processes on Mars at an American Geophysical Meeting in San Francisco.
Reading the Environment in the Sand
Camera images from Mars tell a story about wind.
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 Rob Manning
The Tension and Triumph of Spirit's Landing
Rob Manning, leader of the landing team for the Mars Rovers, recalls the thrills and chills of Spirit's historic arrival.
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 An artist's conception of a Mars rover on the surface.
A Job Well Done!
And now, for Spirit and Opportunity, it's time for the bonus round.
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 The Mars Exploration Rovers panoramic cameras are capable of taking color images such as this one of Opportunity's lander, the Challenger Memorial Station, at Meridiani Planum, Mars.
Mars in Focus
How do you get a picture-perfect day on Mars? By conducting tests, tests and more tests on Earth.
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 Mars on Earth
Mars on Earth
Learn how scientists can interpret Mars by following geologist Jim Garvin on a virtual tour of a recently formed volcanic island in Iceland.
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 Mars and Earth Comparison
Sibling Rivalry: A Mars/Earth Comparison
Mars opens a new window on our own planet.
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 Mars quote at Disney
Disney Salutes NASA with Mars Quote
Administrator's "we're back" enshrined at Mission:SPACE thrill ride.
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 Mars Express
Mars Express Finds Methane in Atmosphere
The European Space Agency spacecraft's discovery raises the exciting question -- "Where does the methane come from?"
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 Artist's concept
Rover and Track: Check Out These Wheels
The engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, home of some of the best six-wheeled exo-atmospheric off-roaders anywhere, have really done it this time.
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 Mars rock called Dells
Opportunity Hits the Beach
Earth might not be the only planet in our solar system to have hosted salty seas.
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+ Drive the Rovers
+ Complete Rover Coverage
 Screen capture from NASA's M2K4 Drive the Mars Rovers! program.
In The Martian Driver's Seat
NASA's M2K4 puts you behind the wheel of the Rovers.
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 The martian moon Phobos passes across the face of the Sun.
Moon Dance
Elusive, awe-inspiring...and now, martian: What's the deal with eclipses, anyway?
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 Rover driver
Slip Sliding Away
Driving a rover on Mars isn't easy, as indicated by some 'rover and track' stories.
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 image from Mars
Rover Finds Signs of Wet Martian Past
NASA's Opportunity rover is showing indications that water once flowed on Mars.
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 'Bunny' on Mars
Rover Fans Go On 'Bunny' Chase
Like a rabbit in a hat, the identity of an oddity that looks like "bunny ears" in a picture from Mars has eluded the science and engineering teams.
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 NASA's biggest Web event ever
Two Little Rovers, One Big Audience
Mars Exploration Rover mission becomes NASA's biggest Web event ever.
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 trench dug by Spirit
Spirit Science Advances
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has achieved several scientific firsts, but may still have its best "Eureka!" moments in front of it.
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 Artist concept of rover wheels
Tales in the Tracks
Rover wheels aren't just for driving anymore! They help scientists study a part of Mars that time has covered up.
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 3-D image of Mars
Make Your Own Eye-Popping 3-D Pictures
Make Mars and other "vacation spots" come alive when you create 3-D images using your photos, a computer and photo-editing software.
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 Mariner 4 is depicted against the backdrop of the planet Mars.
21 Photos, and a Big First
Mariner 4 made history in 1965 by capturing Mars up close
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 Mars scientist
A Day in the Life
Wearing two watches, Jim Rice works in three time zones on two different planets simultaneously.
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 Columbia hills
Mars Landmarks Honor Columbia Crew
NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe today announced the Martian hills, located east of the Spirit Mars Exploration Rover's landing site, would be dedicated to the Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 crew.
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 Mars' True Colors
Revealing Mars' True Colors: Part One
Scientists, engineers and imaging specialists work hard to provide a human-scale view of images taken by Spirit and Opportunity.
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+ Part Two: Painting By Number
 Challenger Memorial Station
Challenger Crew Memorialized on Mars
The site where Opportunity landed will be named the Challenger Memorial Station.
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 Spirit's image of Martian soil and rocks in Gusev Crater
Rover "Digs" the Dirt
Spirit's first soil sampling creates excitement here on Earth.
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 Apollo 1 hills on Mars
NASA Dedicates Martian Hills To Apollo 1
NASA memorialized Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee by dedicating the hills surrounding Spirit's landing site to the Apollo 1 astronauts.
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 a potential mouse-astronaut
Mars Mice
Mice-astronauts will orbit Earth inside a spinning spacecraft to learn what its like to live on Mars
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 Opportunity to land in Meridiani Planum.
Destination: Meridiani Planum
On January 24, 2004, NASA's Mars rover Opportunity is scheduled to land on a Martian plain in search of evidence for water.
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 Mars Express finds water ice at southern polar cap
Mars Express Sees Water
The European Space Agency says its Mars Express orbiter has revealed the presence of water ice at the red planet's southern polar cap.
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 Missions offer clues in hunt for new worlds
Is There Another Mars Out There?
Missions offer clues in hunt for new worlds
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 Photo from Mars Express
Mars Express' First Spectacular Photos
The European Space Agency's Mars Express has sent back stunning high-resolution images of the planet's massive canyon, Valles Marineris.
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 Spirit transmits an image of its tracks in Martian soil after rolling off the lander.
Exploring with Spirit's Robotic Eyes and Arms
Landing on Mars was the first success. Now comes the fun of discovery with Spirit's on-board instrumentation.
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 Mars time watch
Watchmaker With Time to Lose
Master watchmaker Garo Anserlian is perfecting a timepiece for hundreds of Earthlings bound to Mars' irregular day.
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 Color photos from Spirit on Mars
Scientists Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
"Scientists have a crush on Mars, and it's hard not to look only for things we want to see," says Mars Exploration Rover scientist, John Grant.
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Spirit Stands Up, Looks Around in Infrared
Traces of carbonate minerals showed up in Spirit's first survey of the site with its infrared sensing instrument, known as Mini-TES.
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 Schoolhouse Rocks!
Schoolhouse Rocks!
Mars scientists are asking students from around the world to send in rocks to compare to the ones found on the red planet.
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 Students land on Mars
High School Students Land on Mars
While their peers sweat out their next quiz, high school students Courtney Dressing and Rafael Morozowski are sweating out the Mars mission.
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 Columbia memorial plaque on Mars
Columbia Crew Memorialized On Mars
NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe today announced plans to name the landing site of the Mars Spirit Rover the Columbia Memorial Station.
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 Thumbnail of celebration after Spirit landing
Mars: "We're Back!"
Jan. 3, 2004, saw a celebration worthy of a second New Year's Eve as NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit reached the surface of Mars and signaled that it was safe.
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 Thumbnail of Gusev crater
Gusev Crater
Spirit's landing site may be a dried-up lake bed
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 Spacecraft entering Mars atmosphere
The Challenge of Mars
If getting to Mars is hard, landing there is even harder
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 Simulated view of Mars in an ice age
Ice Age on Mars
The red planet may be emerging from an icy recent past
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 Simulation of Mars Exploration Rover bouncing on Mars inside its protective covering of airbags
Tones Break Silence
On the phone, tones can signal a connection. On paper, they can add shape and dimension. On Mars, they can do both.
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 Delta on Mars
Mars: Did A River Run Through It?
Images of numerous eroded gullies.
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Rover Test Drive at Rogers Dry Lake
NASA engineers went to the edge of a dry lakebed in California to test navigation software aboard a prototype Mars rover.
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 rover wheel
Wheels Going to Mars
Engineers designing wheels for the Mars Exploration Rovers had a tall order to fill.
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 Microscopic Imager with lens at left and frame for MI electronics at right.
Mars Up Close
A sophisticated imaging instrument aboard each Mars Exploration Rover will bring Mars into focus for scientists on Earth.
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 The rock abrasion tool, or RAT.
Mars History: Written in Stone
A goal for the Mars Exploration Rovers, reaching the red planet in January, is to study rocks in order to learn more about the planet's history.
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